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The East High Alumni Page presents:

Alphabetical Index
of Alumni submitting profiles to The East High Alumni Page

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Listed by the names by which they were known at East, if available.
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Be sure to take note of those new to our pages. New participants' names are
marked with for about a month.

Please also visit our faculty/staff page since they are not indexed here. Faculty/staff
Also, this is an index of names of alumni who have submitted profiles. Names of alumni may appear elsewhere and not be indexed here (i.e. in the "In the news..." section, sympathy section, etc.).




Aakbar, Miata   Class of 1991
Abendroth, Barbra   See class of 1973
Abendroth, Debra   Class of 1971
Acey, Adrienne   Class of 1992
Adair, Woodie   Class of 1975
Adams, Glenda   Class of 1991
Adams, Jasmine   Class of 1995
Adams, Nancy   Class of 1957
Adkins, LaQuita   Class of 1998
Agnew, Robert   Class of 1959
Agnew, Shae   Class of 2005
Aguilar, Terri   Class of 1974
Akram, Delorane   Class of 2007
Alexander, Cornelius   Class of 1994
Alexander, Michelle   Class of 1989
Alexander, Sheryl   Class of 1970
Allen, Alexia   Class of 2001
Allen, Andrea   Class of 1996
Allen, Candace   Class of 2003
Allen, Kahalia   Class of 1994
Allen, Kimbrell   Class of 1993
Allen, Michael   Class of 1997
Allen, Prudence   Class of 1989
Allen, Suzi   Class of 1967
Almo, Beverly   Class of 1980
Altick, Elaine   Class of 1965
Ambrose, Casey   Class of 2003
Ambrose, Sparkle   Class of 1995
Anderson, Christine   Class of 1989
Anderson, Lisa   see Class of 1983
Anderson, Peggy   Class of 1963
Anderson, Waymon   Class of 1982
Appleton, Tom   Class of 1967
Appling, Nia   Class of 2005
Arnold, John   see Class of 1956
Arnold, Robert   Class of 2000
Arnold, Rosalynne   Class of 1995
Ashcraft, Rebecca   Class of 1971
Ashmore, Marcus   Class of 1994
Austin, Andrea   Class of 1999
Austin, Keith   Class of 1988
Austin, Roshun   Class of 1989
Averyhart, Aisha   Class of 2000
Averyhart, Kamilah   Class of 1996
Axelrod, Vanessa   Class of 1973
Ayres, Janie   Class of 1967
Bacchus, Candace   see Class of 1999
Bailey, Arthaniel III  Class of 2000
Bailey, Robert Lee, III   Class of 1990
Bailey, Susanne   Class of see Class of 1975
Baine, Micheal   Class of 1969
Baker, Chandra   Class of 1993
Baker, Linda   see Class of 1960
Baker, Louis   Class of 2004
Baldwin, Pat   Class of 1962
Ballentine, Autumn   Class of 1998
Barnard, Bill   Class of 1970
Banks, Bobby D.   Class of 1983
Banks, Tanya   see with Class of 1997
Banks-Flake, Sherita    Class of 1993
Barba, David   Class of 1968
Barber, Anthony    Class of 1997
Barber, Charles   Class of 1994
Barcroft, Jim   Class of 1974
Barnard, Jeanne   Class of 1968
Barnard, Sue   Class of 1975
Barnett, Larry   Class of 1967
Barret, Bobby   Class of 1958
Bateman, Bill   Class of 1956
Batten, Helen   Class of 1964
Baxley, Amber   Class of 2004
Beason, Marcus   Class of 1993
Beard, Antwoine   Class of 1998
Beard, Lashnada   Class of 1995
Beard, Phil   Class of 1976
Beaty, Stan   Class of 1972
Beckford, Johnathan   Class of 2001
Beecher, Mario   Class of 1996
Belcher, Pam   Class of 1973
Bell, Barbara   Class of 1962
Bell, Beth   See Class of 1977
Bell, Kamauri   Class of 1998
Bell, Sandra   Class of 1992
Bell, Shani    Class of 1999
Bell, Tamika   Class of 1994
Bennett, Tamica    Class of 1991
Benson, Larry Jr.   Class of 2004
Benton, Gerry   Class of 1970
Benton, Pamala   Class of 1989
Bernardo, Deborah   Class of 1971
Berryhill, Beverly   Class of 1951
Bethany, Sherrie   Class of 1983
Betts, Glenda   Class of 1969
Betts, Joyce   Class of 1971
Bibbs, Patrice   Class of 2002
Bickford, David   Class of 1990
Billingsley, Estella   Class of 1981
Birse, Anita   Class of 2000
Bjorklund, Bill   Class of 1965
Black, Ashley   Class of 2007
Black, Jimmy   Class of 1961
Black, Pat    Class of 1956
Blakemore, Cody   Class of 1994
Blakemore, Courtney    Class of 1998
Blakemore, Toni    Class of 1978
Blakney, Deborah   Class of 1975
Blakney, Janet   Class of 1985
Blakney, Kena   Class of 1994
Bland, KerSheena   Class of 1993
Blevins, Sherika   Class of 2001
Bloodworth, Rusty   see Class of 1963
Blumer, Robert   Class of 1955
Boatwright, Sylvester   Class of 1996
Bobo, Arnesha   Class of 2006
Bohannon, Oakley   Class of 1974
Bolden, Adrianne   Class of 2000
Bolden, Keya    see Class of 1995
Bolden, Mary   Class of 1982
Bolding, Tommye   Class of 1969
Bollinger, Cy   see Class of 1956
Bolton, Christi   Class of 1997
Bolton, Gary   Class of 1964
Bond, Jan   Class of 1973
Bond, William   Class of 1967
Bonner, Margaret   Class of 1972
Bonner, Parrish   Class of 1984
Booker, Kay   Class of 1955
Boone, Charles   Class of 1953
Booth, Ereskine   Class of 1991
Borda, Bob   Class of 1959
Borod, Ronnie   Class of 1959
Boston, Jacqueline   Class of 1962
Boswell, Tasha   Class of 1998
Bougard, Brandon   Class of 2000
Boulton, Cassandra   see Class of 1991
Bowden, Dujuan   Class of 1991
Bowen, Nicole   Class of 1996
Bowers, Jack   Class of 1970
Bowie, Tamara   Class of 1991
Bowles, Rodricus   Class of 2001
Bowling, Marquis   Class of 1994
Bowls, Charlie   Class of 1969
Boxley, Dee   Class of 2006
Boyce, Bill   Class of 1967
Boyce, Everett ("First Sergeant ")   Class of 2012
Boyd, Anfra ("Ann")   Class of 1979
Boyd, Cara   Class of 2002
Boyd, Gail   Class of 1953
Boyd, Pamela   Class of 1982
Boyer, Elaine   Class of 1960
Bozeman, Ed   Class of 1971
Braddy, Connie   Class of 1989
Braden, Sandy   Class of 1972
Bradford, Bennette   Class of 1993
Bradford, Sarah   Class of 1959
Bradley, Jean   Class of 1969
Bradley, Nikki   Class of 1996
Bradley, Torvia   Class of 1990
Brady, Kimberly   Class of 2003
Bragg, Derrick   Class of 1991
Bragg, Juran   Class of 1998
Brakefield, Jack   Class of 1968
Brakefield, Linda   Class of 1965
Branch, David   Class of 1973
Brandon, Ted   Class of 1973
Braswell, Monica   Class of 2006
Brazell, Melissa   Class of 1973
Brewer, Janetta   Class of 1999
Briggs, Anthony   Class of 1985
Briggs, Judy   Class of 1967
Brim, Adrian   Class of 1978
Brinkmann, Fred   Class of 1959
Britt, Al   Class of 1966
Brooks, Brandi   Class of 2001
Brooks, Cedric   Class of 1994
Brooks, Cynthia   Class of 1995
Brooks, Dre   Class of 1992
Brooks, Eric Michquell   Class of 1992
Brooks, Irena   Class of 2001
Brooks, Jamie   Class of 2004
Brooks, Katrina   Class of 1993
Brooks, Nikki   Class of 1993
Brooks, Paul   Class of 1972
Brooks, Vicki   Class of 1993
Brooks, Wesley   Class of 1969
Brough, Sam    Class of 1965
Brough, Terry   Class of 1971
Brower, Sidna   Class of 1959
Brown, Catherine   Class of 1999
Brown, LaShawn   Class of 1995
Brown, Marcus   Class of 1982
Brown, Mario   Class of 1987
Brown, Nicole   Class of 1996
Brown, Reggie   Class of 1972
Brown, Shirley   Class of 1987
Brown, Shondra    Class of 1998
Browning, Carol    Class of 1961
Broyles, Gregory   Class of 1982
Bruce, Mia   Class of 1993
Bruno, Christy   Class of 1964
Bryant, David   Class of 1959
Buchanan, Nakia   Class of 1993
Buford, Angela   Class of 1978
Buford, Earnest   Class of 2003
Bullard, Exye   Class of 1970
Burgess, Michelle   Class of 1998
Burks, Marvin   Class of 1980
Burks, Vickey   Class of 1989
Burnette, James   Class of 1988
Burns, Allison   Class of 1970
Burns, Mark    see Class of 1975
Burns, Phyllis   Class of 1971
Burton, Michael   Class of 2001
Butts, Roger   Class of 1972
Bynum, Toni   Class of 1988
Byrd, Eddie   Class of 1970
Byrd, Peggy    see Class of 1957
Caffey, Lonzo   Class of 1993
Caldwell, James    Class of 2003
Caldwell, Veronica   Class of 1981
Calhoun, Barbara    Class of 1962
Callahan, Melinda   Class of 1992
Callicott, Billy   Class of 1951
Calliham, David   Class of 1969
Calliham, Margaret (Peggy)   Class of 1969
Campbell, Chiquita   Class of 1996
Campbell, Nancy   Class of 1961
Campbell, Tequilla   Class of 1996
Canady, Brittney   Class of 2005
Cannon, Kathy   Class of 1968
Cannon, Kristen   Class of 2001
Caples, Jimmy   Class of 1970
Capon, Kathleen   Class of 1972
Carden, Bill   Class of 1954
Carey, Jim   Class of 1959
Carpenter, Cordelia   Class of 1971
Carpenter, Regina   Class of 1998
Carr, Candias   Class of 2001
Carr, Rodney   Class of 1984
Carr, Tisha   Class of 2002
Carrigan, Harmony   see Class of 2000
Carson, James   Class of 1984
Carter, Alaetra   Class of 2010
Carter, Alyssa   Class of 2006
Carter, Christine   Class of 1985
Carter, Eugene   Class of 1953
Carter, F   Class of 1997
Carter, Franchester   Class of 2000
Carter, Melvina   Class of 1987
Carter, Umekia   Class of 1993
Carter, Wyatt   Class of 1961
Cason, Charles   Class of 1975
Castlemun, Steve    Class of 1967
Caudle, Kathy   Class of 1975
Caughley, Douglass    Class of 1969
Chagaris, Athena   Class of 1973
Chalmers, Kristen   Class of 2000
Chalmers, Lazandra Denise   Class of 1994
Chamberlain, Laurie   Class of 1974
Chambers, Arvelia   Class of 2000
Chambers, Carolyn   Class of 1985
Chambers, Deon   Class of 1991
Chambers, Larry   Class of 1973
Chambliss, John   Class of 1969
Chandler, Alec   Class of 1989
Chandler, Brenda    Class of 1966
Chaney, Joseph   Class of 2002
Chaney, Mark   Class of 1976
Chapman, Charles T.   Class of 1973
Chatman, Corey   Class of 1989
Cheely, Linda    Class of 1961
Cheers, Regina   Class of 2001
Christian, Donald   Class of 2001
Chumney, Jim   Class of 1953
Clark, Angela Hale   Class of 1981
Clark, Kevin   Class of 1996
Clark, Nancie   Class of 1968
Clark, Sandra   Class of 1990
Clark, Sippia   Class of 1995
Clay, Audrey   Class of 1978
Clay, Sankedra   Class of 2002
Clay, Sherderricka   Class of 2006
Clayborne, Monica   Class of 2002
Claybourn, Ricky   Class of 1984
Clayton, Monique   Class of 1998
Cleaves, Jarryn   Class of 2003
Cleaves, Jasmyn   Class of 1999
Cleaves, Terrill   Class of 1995
Clemons, Jesse   Class of 1994
Clifton, Toremika   Class of 1994
Cobb, Demetrice   Class of 2004
Cockrell, Claude O. Jr.   Class of 1955
Coger, Dal Leslie   Class of 1972
Cohen, Bobi Sue   Class of 1956
Cohen, Jennifer    see Class of 1964
Cole, Delma   Class of 1980
Cole, Don   Class of 1973
Cole, Kevin   Class of 1978
Cole, Robert   Class of 1992
Cole, Stephen   Class of 1996
Coleman, Aubrey   Class of 1960
Coleman, Jerome   Class of 1988
Coleman, Karen   Class of 1989
Coleman, Terry   Class of 1994
Collier, Clarence (C.C., Buck)   Class of 1991
Collins, Kenneth   Class of 1987
Collins, Ronald   Class of 1952
Collins, Veda    Class of 1991
Collins, Yolanda   Class of 1986
Conaway, Alex   Class of 1969
Cook, Kathy   Class of 1975
Cooke, Sheila    Class of 1970
Cooley, Gail   Class of 1961
Cooper, Adrienne   Class of 1999
Cooper, Mike   Class of 1976
Copeland, Andy   Class of 1967
Copeland, Pat   Class of 1969
Corbett, Bill   Class of 1978
Corbett, Linda   Class of 1967
Council, Doris   Class of 1969
Courtney, Bill   Class of 1965
Cox, Ladeia   Class of 1998
Cox, Teia   Class of 1999
Cox, Towanda   Class of 1993
Coyle, Debbie   Class of 1970
Coyle, Susan   see Class of 1972
Craft, Bridgette   Class of 2000
Craft, Dontrell   Class of 2001
Craig, Tarsha   Class of 1995
Crawford, Gary   Class of 1969
Crawford, James   Class of 2001
Crawford, Mary Frank   Class of 1961
Crawford, Monica   Class of 1994
Crawford, Shun   Class of 1997
Crowl, Patty   Class of 1968
Crump, Chris   Class of 1969
Crump, Linda   Class of 1951
Crutchfield, Rachel   Class of 2008
Cuenca, Leo    see Class of 1977
Cummings, Randy   Class of 1973
Cunningham, Debora   Class of 1980
Dailey, DeAntoinette ("Dee")   Class of 1999
Dailey, Kenneth   Class of 1983
Daley, Richard   Class of 1958
Dandridge, George    see Class of 1975
Daniels, Harold    see Class of 1980
Darden, Danielle   Class of 2004
Davenport, DeShawn   Class of 2004
Davidson, Tennile   Class of 1997
Davie, Steve   Class of 1962
Davin, Paul   see Class of 1957
Davis, Antonio   Class of 2000
Davis, Brian   Class of 1973
Davis, Colonious   Class of 1976
Davis, DeMond   Class of 1995
Davis, Diane   Class of 1964
Davis, Erica   Class of 1997
Davis, Jernario   Class of 1999
Davis, Joe   Class of 1959
Davis, La'Trese   Class of 1999
Davis, LaToya   Class of 2003
Davis, Lee   Class of 1960
Davis, Marne    Class of 1955
Davis, Peter   see Class of 1975
Davis, Ralph   Class of 1974
Davis, Ron   Class of 1967
Davis, Roy   Class of 1965
Dawson, Tederick   Class of 1993
Day, Susan   Class of 1972
de Moya, Adriana   Class of 1967
Dean, Jimmy   associated with the Class of 1977
DeArmey, Michael   Class of 1962
Deaton, Bobby   Class of 1970
Dee, Adrienne   Class of 1993
DeGregory, Jerry   Class of 1963
deMoya, Yoly   Class of 1968
Denny, Nancy   Class of 1973
Dent, Phoebe   Class of 1954
Denton, Erika   Class of 2000
Derksen, David   Class of 1955
Devlin, James   Class of 1971
Diamond, Dick   Class of 1958
Dilworth, Anne   Class of 1962
Dinwiddie, Parker   Class of 1973
Dixon, Agnes   Class of 1967
Dixon, Buddy   Class of 1960
Dixon, Caroline   Class of 1964
Dixon, Parks   see Class of 1969
Doland, Tara   Class of 2002
Donald, Lyn ("Lynette")   Class of 1971
Donelson, Mishone   Class of 1997
Dortch, Adriane   Class of 1998
Dortch, Marcus   Class of 1994
Dortch, Sammie   Class of 1978
Dotson, Kimberly   Class of 1994
Dotson, Robin   Class of 1980
Dotson, Tory   Class of 1994
Douglas, Julio   Class of 1996
Douglas, Timika   Class of 2003
Douglass, Brenda   Class of 1965
Douglass, Janet   see Class of 1969
Dowdy, Gwendolyn   Class of 1996
Dowdy, Jo   Class of 1964
Dowell, Terri   Class of 1999
Dowling, Clyde   Class of 1960
Drane, DaShena   Class of 1991
Drane, LaSaundra   Class of 1996
Draper, Nancy   Class of 1967
Duck, James   Class of 1971
Duck, John   Class of 1969
Duck, Mark   Class of 1975
Dumas, Bill   Class of 1964
Dumas, Jerry   Class of 1958
Duncan, Brenda   Class of 1986
Duncan, Faynelle   Class of 1951
Duncan, Patricia   Class of 1968
Dunlap, Cleveland   Class of 1989
Dunn, Chuck   Class of 1969
Dunn, Marilyn   Class of 1971
Dyer, Teresa   see Class of 1978
Earl, Kellon   Class of 1989
Early, Laurie   see Class of 1970
Early, Leondra   Class of 2000
Easley, Moriah    Class of 1993
Eason, Mark    see Class of 1974
Eaton, Beth   Class of 1971
Echols, Amber   Class of 2002
Echols, Daalon B.   Class of 1992
Echols, Danyel   Class of 1998
Echols, Gene   Class of 1964
Edwards, Evette   Class of 1994
Edwards, Frank   Class of 1955
Edwards, LaVica   Class of 1993
Eggleston, Beth    see class of 1972
Eggleston, John   Class of 1967
Egwuekwe, Meka   see Class of 1991
Elder, Doris Jean   Class of 1959
Eldridge, Joann   Class of 1951
Eldridge, Tori   Class of 1994
Ellington, Bruce ("Ken")   Class of 1972
Elliott, Jimmy   Class of 1960
Ellis, Asharkii   Class of 1997
Ellis, Bill   Class of 1969
Ellis, Kearea   Class of 2003
Ellis, Milton   Class of 1964
Ellzey, Jana   Class of 1970
Engle, Dan   Class of 1966
Enos, Beth   Class of 1969
Epps, LaSabra   Class of 1997
Ervin, Eric   Class of 1995
Eubank, John   Class of 1968
Eubanks, Elise   Class of 1999
Evans, Elaine   Class of 1971
Evans, Joy    Class of 1996
Everett, Neely   Class of 1965
Evers, LaTosha   Class of 1996
Evers, Ovell   Class of 1994
Ewart, Bob   Class of 1960
Ewart, Nancy   Class of 1963
Ezzell, Carol    Class of 1961
Ezzell, Frances   Class of 1966
Ezzell, Mason   Class of 1962
Fakes, Roger   Class of 1956
Falls, Ursula   Class of 1985
Fargotstein, Shep   Class of 1972
Farmer, Lakesha   Class of 2000
Fason, Demond   Class of 1993
Faulkner, Ken   Class of 1983
Faulkner, Michael   Class of 1978
Faulkner, Ruby Diane   Class of 1983
Fields, Christopher   Class of 1991
Fields, Michael, Jr.   Class of 2001
Fields, Tymothy   Class of 1995
Fields, Volatrina   Class of 1994
Finley, Lakisha   Class of 1996
Fischer, Clark   Class of 1973
Fisher, Jack   Class of 1959
Flaniken, John   Class of 1967
Fleming, Denise   Class of 1994
Fleming, Doris   Class of 1991
Fleming, Greg   Class of 1999
Fleming, Richard   Class of 1972
Flemmons, Karona   Class of 1985
Flinn, Sonny   see Class of 1961
Floyd, Janis   Class of 1968
Ford, LaToya   Class of 1996
Fortner, Judy   Class of 1968
Foster, Freeman   Class of 1996
Fowlkes, Danari   Class of 1990
Fox, Derrick   Class of 1989
Fox, Tina   Class of 1983
Francis, Jodi   Class of 1962
Frank, Bob   Class of 1962
Franklin, Adrienne N.   Class of 1991
Franklin, Albert   Class of 1992
Franklin, Courtney   see Class of 1997
Franklin, Erica   Class of 2003
Franklin, Megin   Class of 1997
Franklin, Morgan   Class of 2002
Fransioli, Jane   Class of 1959
Fraser, Shelley   Class of 1962
Frazier, Greg   Class of 1982
Freeman, Katrina   Class of 1996
Freeman, Martharene   Class of 1973
Freeman, Rebecca   Class of 2001
Freeman, Tracy   Class of 1990
Freeman, Vincent   Class of 1983
French, Barbara   Class of 1966
Frye, Jan   Class of 1973
Frye, Kaye   Class of 1968
Fulghum, Mara   Class of 1966
Fullerton, Sam "David"   Class of 1967
Fullilove, Lawanda   Class of 1999
Fulton, Aisha   Class of 1995
Fulton, James   Class of 1992
Fulton, Samantha   Class of 2000
Fultz, Lamisha   Class of 1997
Fultz, Terrika   Class of 2004
Gaines, Demarcus   Class of 1995
Galey, James Roy   Class of 1972
Gardner, Adrian   Class of 1992
Gardner, Tiffany   Class of 2002
Garner, Jim   Class of 1969
Garner, Leila   Class of 1994
Garner, Lynesha   Class of 1993
Garrett, Coleman   Class of 1995
Garrett, Shanndolyn    Class of 1998
Gates, Ken   Class of 1956
Gates, Sandy   Class of 1969
Gatewood, Jacqueline   Class of 1993
Gatewood, Timothy Terrel   Class of 1989
Gatewood, Yulonda   Class of 1989
Gatson, John   see Class of 1979
Gearhart, Steve   Class of 1966
Geeter, Timothy   Class of 1991
Gentry, Tony   Class of 1986
Gholson, Katina   Class of 1991
Gibbons, Tonya Elaine   Class of 1973
Gibson, David   Class of 1956
Gipson , Arecko   Class of 1996
Gladney, LaShondra   Class of 1998
Glassman, Alan N.   Class of 1968
Glassman, Rickey   Class of 1964
Glover, Shatylon ("Shay")   Class of 2001
Godfrey, Tim   Class of 1976
Goldberg, Lynne   Class of 1969
Golden, Terrian    Class of 2006
Goldsmith, Lester   Class of 1970
Goldstein, Suzette   Class of 1970
Gooch, Beth   Class of 1975
Gooch, Nancy   Class of 1966
Gooch, Wanza   Class of 1961
Goodman, Adrienne   Class of 2002
Gordon, Jim   Class of 1956
Gordon, Kimbal, II   Class of 1970
Gordon, Lisa   see Class of 1965
Gotten, Nickey   see Class of 1956
Gouldin, Trevor   Class of 2002
Govan, Karlton   Class of 1996
Govan, Keyla   Class of 1999
Gowan, Wade    Class of 1971
Graham, Angela "Angee"   Class of 1990
Graham, Tyanna   Class of 2009
Granberry, Vanessa   Class of 1975
Grandberry, William III   Class of 1999
Grant, Donna   Class of 1972
Grashot, Louie   Class of 1967
Graves, Carl ("Rusty")   Class of 1972
Gray, Allyson   Class of 1993
Gray iii, Johnny   see Class of 1971
Gray, Kathy   Class of 1971
Green, Sonsehia   Class of 1996
Green, Teneshia   Class of 1998
Green, Zebron   Class of 1992
Greer, Yemeya   Class of 2007
Griggs, Julia   Class of 1993
Grout, Bobby   Class of 1962
Grout, Jimmy   Class of 1962
Gunn, Marian   Class of 1996
Gutman, Luci   Class of 1962
Guy, Levitta   Class of 1990
Guyton, Ames   Class of 1959
Gwinn, Patricia   Class of 1999
Hadaway, Susan   Class of 1969
Hale, Coasy   Class of 1996
Haley, Lynda   see Class of 1965
Hall, Jacques'   Class of 1997
Hall, Janay   Class of 2006
Hall, Mary   Class of 1975
Hall, Ronnie   Class of 1967
Hall, Tricia   Class of 1993
Hall, Webber   Class of 1956
Halliburton, Shaundria   Class of 2004
Hallock, Dan   Class of 1972
Hamer, Darreon   Class of 2006
Hamer, Diannah   Class of 1994
Hamer, John   Class of 1994
Hamer, Sara   Class of 1955
Hamilton, Cay   Class of 1961
Hamilton, Terry   Class of 1966
Handwerker, Ronnie   Class of 1967
Handy, Telly   Class of 1993
Hanson, Felicia   Class of 1987
Hapes, Bonnie   Class of 1962
Hardaway, Deandra   Class of 2004
Hardeman, Shastie    Class of 1998
Hardison, Robert   Class of 1974
Harpole, Jerry   Class of 1972
Harris, Ashley   Class of 1997
Harris, Chantay   Class of 1995
Harris, Gloria   Class of 1985
Harris, Kay    Class of 1972
Harris, Kenya   Class of 1999
Harris, Michelle   Class of 1998
Harris, Renee   see Class of 1993
Harris, Robert   Class of 1981
Harris, Selena   Class of 2008
Harris, Taj   Class of 2001
Harris, Timothy   Class of 1988
Harris, Tori   Class of 2000
Harrison, Margaret   Class of 1951
Hart, Jamie   Class of 2000
Harwell, Johney Faye   Class of 1952
Harwood, Kathy   Class of 1977
Hassell, Schnika   Class of 1994
Hasselle, Bob   Class of 1960
Hastings, Betsy   Class of 1972
Hawkins, Debra   Class of 1980
Hawkins, Harry   Class of 1966
Hawkins, Laquita   Class of 2003
Hawkins, Rachel   Class of 1999
Hawkins, Sharlotte   Class of 2003
Hawkins, Terry   Class of 1975
Hawkins, Yolanda   Class of 1993
Hayes, Eva   Class of 1971
Hayes, Justin   Class of 1997
Hayes, Latonya  Class of 1988
Hayes, Lynora   Class of 1998
Haynes, Johnny    Class of 1992
Haynes, Nancy   Class of 1958
Haynes, Robert   Class of 1975
Haynes, Sue   see Class of 1965
Hays, Debbie   Class of 1971
Hayslett, Andrea   Class of 1984
Hayslett, Chasity   Class of 1995
Hayslett, Regina   Class of 1998
Healey, Marquis   Class of 1994
Healy, Cindi   Class of 1971
Heeren, Jaye   Class of 1962
Heiss, Lee Anne   Class of 1970
Henderson, Ann   Class of 1975
Henderson, Brandice   Class of 1995
Henderson, Erin   Class of 2005
Henderson, Jamesha   Class of 1998
Henderson, Tanya   Class of 1997
Hendren, Mark   Class of 1974
Henley, Tiffany   Class of 1997
Henry, Kathy   Class of 1975
Herring, Barbara   Class of 1966
Herring, Damon   Class of 1972
Herring, Dorothy   Class of 1971
Herrington, Jessica   Class of 1972
Hibler, April Denise   Class of 1998
Hicks, Janayah   Class of 2000
Hicks, Kenitha   Class of 1989
Hicks, Terry   see Class of 1970
Hilbun, Larry   Class of 1952
Hill, Barbara   Class of 1999
Hill, Karen   Class of 1986
Hill, LaToya   Class of 1994
Hill, Paula   Class of 1983
Hill, Quinisia   Class of 1999
Hill, Tee   Class of 2001
Hiller, Richard   Class of 1965
Hinton, Keelon   Class of 1995
Hinton, Tejwana   Class of 1996
Hix, Glynda   Class of 1967
Hobbs, Cornitta Elizabeth   Class of 2002
Hobson, Kenneth   Class of 1989
Hodge, LaSonja   Class of 1988
Hodges, Ashley   Class of 2001
Hodges, Patsy   Class of 1956
Hoehn, Debbie   Class of 1974
Hollaway, Jeff   Class of 2006
Holley, Patty   Class of 1951
Holman, Kim   Class of 1988
Holmes, Gregg   Class of 1995
Holmes, Mary Owens   Class of 1954
Holston, Julian   Class of 1989
Holt, Clarence   Class of 1980
Hoof, Ashley   Class of 2005
Hooker, Karen   Class of 1971
Hooker, Mary Doris   Class of 1968
Hookings, Pete   Class of 1951
Hopkins, Nicole   Class of 1991
Hopson, Monshonree   Class of 1995
Horvath, Stephanie   see Class of 1969
Housley, Jacquelyn   Class of 2004
Houston, Angela   Class of 1984
Houston, Kenneth   Class of 1989
Houston, Kimberly   Class of 1996
Houston, Pamela    Class of 1983
Howard, Meg   Class of 1973
Howell, Shameka   Class of 1996
Hoxie, Donny   Class of 1976
Hubbard, Tom   Class of 1966
Hudson, Henry A., Jr.   Class of 1966
Hudson, Phillip   Class of 1996
Hudson, Sigmund   Class of 1954
Hughes, Tevin   Class of 2009
Hull, Truman   Class of 1991
Hull, Yoriann   Class of 1995
Humphreys, Kay   see Class of 1976
Hunt, Marsha   Class of 1968
Hunt, R L   see Class of 1954
Hunt, Tammara   Class of 2003
Hunt, Quaneshia   Class of 1995
Hunter, Dominique   Class of 2006
Hunter, Marisa   Class of 1994
Hunter, Zella   Class of 1990
Hurd, Omarr   Class of 1997
Hurteau, Bill   see Class of 1962
Hutchison, Jim   Class of 1979
Hutson, Sanford   see Class of 1961
Hyde, Milo   Class of 1971
Ingram, Christopher   Class of 1997
Ingram, Jack   Class of 1975
Ingram, Kenneth   Class of 1991
Irving, LaTarsha   Class of 1995
Isbell, Vickie   Class of 1971
Ivy, Harris   Class of 2004
Jackman, Patricia   Class of 1970
Jackson, Angel   Class of 1990
Jackson, Bobby   Class of 2002
Jackson, Bonnie   Class of 1967
Jackson, Courtney   Class of 2015
Jackson, George   Class of 1985
Jackson, Iysha    Class of 2006
Jackson, Jennifer   Class of 1997
Jackson, Joyce   see Class of 1997
Jackson, Kenneth T.    See class of 1957
Jackson, LaFlatis    Class of 1993
Jackson, LaShandra    Class of 1997
Jackson, Marrisa   Class of 2007
Jackson, Patrice    Class of 1995
Jackson, Rosalyn   Class of 1999
Jackson, Sammy L. Jr.   Class of 1983
Jackson, Sandra   see Class of 1986
Jamerson, Reginald   Class of 1984
James, Richard   Class of 1963
Jameson, Gary   Class of 1969
Jeffries, Bridgett    Class of 1997
Jeffries, Burgess (BJ)  Class of 1998
Jenkins, Brandon   Class of 2002
Jennings, Stephanie   Class of 1970
Jerit, Marikay   see Class of 1976
Jett, Christopher   Class of 1999
Johnson, Angela   Class of 1998
Johnson, Ann   Class of 1974
Johnson, Betty   Class of 1951
Johnson, Bob   Class of 1964
Johnson, Centerial   Class of 2010
Johnson, David   Class of 1971
Johnson, Dewayne   Class of 1982
Johnson, Diana   Class of 1997
Johnson, Ervin C.   Class of 1975
Johnson, Felisha   Class of 1990
Johnson, Jessica   Class of 1999
Johnson, John   Class of 1976
Johnson, Keri   Class of 1996
Johnson, Kristina   Class of 2004
Johnson, Marlon   Class of 1994
Johnson, Millicent Danielle   Class of 1997
Johnson, Quinetta   Class of 2002
Johnson, Ragan   Class of 1996
Johnson, Senetra   Class of 1998
Johnson, Sherry Rene'   Class of 1995
Johnson, Teirney   Class of 1997
Johnson, Tewaner   Class of 1998
Johnson, Thaddeus   Class of 1996
Johnson, Yoshi   Class of 1998
Johnson, Zandra   Class of 1990
Jones, Alvin   Class of 1996
Jones, Amelia   Class of 2006
Jones, Angela   Class of 2001
Jones, Barbara   Class of 1953
Jones, Camille  Class of 1999
Jones, Cetera   Class of 2005
Jones, Christopher Emmanuel   Class of 1987
Jones, Crystal   Class of 1999
Jones, Dana   Class of 1998
Jones, Derek A   Class of 1984
Jones, Deronda   Class of 1992
Jones, Dianna   Class of 1992
Jones, Gerald ("Prince")   Class of 1986
Jones, Grady   Class of 1960
Jones, Homer   Class of 2001
Jones, Kimberly   Class of 1988
Jones, LaQuilla   Class of 2001
Jones, Lequite   Class of 1996
Jones, Michael   Class of 1999
Jones, Peggy   Class of 1961
Jones, Rena   Class of 1995
Jones, Rhoda   Class of 1991
Jones, Rochell   Class of 2005
Jones, Shelia   Class of 1991
Jones, Shelia   Class of 1996
Jones, TaMishka   Class of 1993
Jones, Tiffanie   Class of 2006
Jones, Tim   Class of 1986
Jones, Tom   see Class of 1970
Jones, Valerie   Class of 1981
Jones, Vanessa   Class of 1993
Jones, Waddrick   Class of 1995
Jones, Zanndrea    Class of 2004
Jordan, Julie   Class of 1971
Jordan, Katrena   Class of 1996
Jordan, Patrick Houston   Class of 2004
Jordan, Tolbert   Class of 1999
Jordan, Winston   Class of 1997
Joy, Norma Jean   Class of 1975
Joyce, Jay   Class of 1976
Joyce, Kendrick   Class of 1989
Kahn, Jeri Lynn   Class of 1962
Karchmer, Cliff   see Class of 1964
Kassinger, Ken   Class of 1971
Katzen, Joy   see Class of 1976
Kearney, LaQuita   Class of 2000
Keegan, Stephanie   Class of 1960
Keel, Raymond   see Class of 1966
Kelly, Eric   Class of 1989
Kenner, Jack   Class of 1971
Kennon, Terry   Class of 1965
Kenny, Lisa   Class of 1975
Kenworthy, Nancy   see Class of 1968
Keough, Margaret   see Class of 1966
Kersh, Mary Ann    Class of 1976
Kesler, Donna   Class of 1951
Kessler, Sandy    Class of 1966
Key, Linnett   Class of 2002
Kidd, Chip   Class of 1971
Killebrew, Judy   Class of 1964
Kilpatrick, Nikara   Class of 1994
Kimble, Venus   Class of 1994
Kimbrough, Tom   see Class of 1955
King, Barry   Class of 1987
King, Daniel   Class of 2002
King, Herbert   Class of 1994
King, Meah   Class of 1997
Kinnard, Monica   Class of 2001
Kinsey, Charlotte   Class of 1962
Kneeland, Chantell   Class of 2000
Kneeland, LeKeith   Class of 1995
Knox, Monica   Class of 1990
Koenig, Susan   Class of 1970
Koon, Wade   Class of 1975
Kraemer, Janet   Class of 1955
Krivcher, Harriet   Class of 1956
Kuhlenkamp, Liz   Class of 1970
Lackey, Linda   Class of 1977
Lackey, Patricia   Class of 1972
LaFon, Dawn   Class of 1973
Laird, Rhonda   Class of 2005
Lambert, Alicia   Class of 1997
Lambert, Jemar   Class of 1994
Lambert, Marje   Class of 1996
Lambert, Tandalyn   Class of 1994
Lamon, Rhonda   Class of 1989
Landers, Ashley   Class of 2002
Lane, Willie   Class of 2004
Langford, Celika   Class of 1991
Langford, Wali Dawud   Class of 1993
Langford, Zakiyyah Mafae   Class of 1995
Langston, Ben   see Class of 1972
Langston, LaShunda   see Class of 2005
Langston, Lynda   Class of 1968
Latham, David   Class of 1973
Laws, Bryan   Class of 1984
Lawson, Victoria   Class of 1963
Lawson, Wes   Class of 1968
Lay, Jordan    Class of 2006
Layman, Laura   Class of 1964
Layman, Tommy   Class of 1969
Leake, Divalyn   Class of 1991
Leake, TaWanda    Class of 1998
Lebovitz, Paul    Class of 1970
Ledbetter, Gerald Allan   Class of 1955
Lee, Corey    Class of 1990
Lee, Sylvelen    Class of 1976
Lehr, Frances   Class of 1971
Lemonds, Connie   Class of 1979
Leonard, Charlotte   Class of 1970
Lester, Crystal   Class of 2002
Lester, Ojay   Class of 1994
Letcher, Frecedes   Class of 1997
Levi, Barbara   Class of 1963
Lewis, Antonio   Class of 1998
Lewis, Brian   Class of 1956
Lewis, Georgi   Class of 1972
Lewis, Mallory   Class of 2003
Lewis, Raven   Class of 1997
Lewis, Terri   Class of 1968
Liebenrood, Lisa   Class of 1971
Lillard, Cheyney   Class of 1997
Lindsey, Mario   Class of 1995
Locke, Crystal   Class of 2002
Locke, Donna   Class of 1959
Lockett, Jennelle   Class of 1999
Lockridge, Shelia   Class of 1975
Lofties, Deidre   Class of 1999
Lofties, Tarneka   Class of 1997
Lofton, Dale Denise   Class of 1975
Logan, Chris   Class of 1971
Logan, Jack   Class of 1967
Logan, Robert    Class of 1956
Long, Trina   Class of 1992
Love, Mike   Class of 1991
Lovvorn, Linda   Class of 1968
Lowe, Alberta   Class of 1979
Lowe, Anais   Class of 2003
Lowe, Nancy   Class of 1962
Lowery, Adrian   Class of 2000
Lucas, Spencer   Class of 1987
Lyles, Desiree   Class of 1992
Lynn, Andrea   Class of 1959
Lynn, Jim Bill    Class of 1986
Mabon, Sandra   Class of 1979
Mabon, Tarrik   Class of 2003
Macdonald, Ann   Class of 1959
Macdonald, Mim   Class of 1968
Macklin, Paula    Class of 1981
Macklin, Tiffiany   Class of 1989
Madden, Toni   Class of 1959
Madison, Jennifer   Class of 2001
Madkins, Shalando   Class of 1996
Madlock, Shawanda   Class of 1995
Madyun, Rasul   Class of 1993
Magruder, Bill   Class of 1952
Majors, Dave    Class of 1970
Malkin, Arthur B. Jr   Class of 1955
Malkin, Lynn   Class of 1968
Mallory, Jeanette   Class of 2003
Malone, Muriel   Class of 1994
Malone, Thomas   Class of 1996
Mandanna, Nita   Class of 1998
Mann, Patti   Class of 1960
Mann, Raymond   Class of 1972
Manning, Jimmie   Class of 1999
Manning, Rose   Class of 1973
Manning, Tammy   Class of 1996
Manzione, John   Class of 1971
Markham, Sandy   Class of 1965
Marks, Kim    Class of 1993
Marks, Sadia   Class of 1995
Marshall, Anita   Class of 1961
Marshall, Raven    Class of 1996
Martin, Eric   Class of 1997
Martin, Gerry Lynn   Class of 1970
Martin, John   see Class of 1971
Mason, Bob   Class of 1959
Mason, Jim   Class of 1961
Mason, Rodney F. Sr.   Class of 1991
Massey, Carolyn    Class of 1951
Matheson, Barbara   Class of 1954
Matheson, Eric   Class of 1958
Mathieu, Heather   Class of 1959
Matlock, Shaundralyn   Class of 1999
Matthews, Pam   Class of 1976
Matthews, Terrance   Class of 1995
Matz, Randy    Class of 1969
Maury, Barbara   Class of 1957
Maxwell, Deidra   Class of 1999
May, Pam   Class of 1975
Mays, Tanyas    Class of 1991
McAllister, Christopher   Class of 1989
McAllister, Edward   Class of 1993
McBride, Judi   Class of 1958
McBride, Pam   Class of 1966
McCarley, Lynn   Class of 1968
McCarty, Kay   Class of 1969
McCarty, Martha   Class of 1970
McClinton, Alicia   Class of 1999
McCool, Martha   Class of 1961
McCormack, Joe   Class of 1960
McCormack, Sharon   Class of 1964
Mccrackins, Brenda   Class of 1979
Mccurdy, Deby   Class of 1974
McCutchen, Dick   Class of 1951
McDaniel, Larry   Class of 1969
McDaniel, LaToya   Class of 1996
McDonald, Kathy   Class of 1963
McDonald, Paul   Class of 1970
McDowell, Jenny   Class of 1976
McDowell, Patty    Class of 1968
McDuffie, Michael   Class of 1996
McGhee, Brandy   Class of 1998
McGhee, Kevin   Class of 1996
McGovern, Jeff   Class of 1971
Mcintosh, Billy    Class of 1956
McIntosh, John   Class of 1958
Mckinley, Greg    Class of 1999
Mckinney, Antionette   Class of 2001
Mckinney, Frederick   Class of 1979
McKinney, Janis   Class of 1956
Mckinney, Tony   Class of 2005
McKinney, Wayne    see Class of 1959
McKinzie, Aki   Class of 1989
McKinzie, Gyasi   Class of 1992
McKnight, Lee   Class of 1964
McLeod, Valeria   Class of 2006
McMillan, Becky   Class of 1968
McNeal, Sylvia   Class of 1976
McNeary, Altonio   Class of 1990
McNeary, Latonya   Class of 1990
McNeese, Kathy   Class of 1973
McNeese, Kathy   see also Class of 1972
McNeil, Blue   Class of 2001
McNeil, Glenn   Class of 2000
McNeil, Quincy   Class of 1996
McNew, Cathy   Class of 1972
McRae, Tock   Class of 1975
Means, Rickie, Jr   Class of 1999
Medford, Pam   Class of 1971
Mendelson, Sidney   Class of 1968
Merrill, Jerry   Class of 1951
Merriweather, Dorinita   Class of 1994
Merriweather, Rod   Class of 1989
Meyer, David   Class of 1975
Michel, Jana   Class of 1976
Midgett, DaVeeta   Class of 1997
Miles, DeBorah    Class of 1989
Miller, Desmond   Class of 1998
Miller, Frederick   Class of 2004
Miller, Harmon ("Bubba")   Class of 1971
Miller, Mark   see Class of 1976
Miller, Quan   Class of 1999
Miller, Suzanne   Class of 1971
Milligan, Bill   Class of 1970
Milow, Kimberly   Class of 1989
Mitchell, Chelsea   Class of 2003
Mitchell, Corey   see Class of 1997
Mitchell, Cornelius   Class of 1990
Mitchell, George   Class of 1960
Mitchell, Keith   Class of 1989
Mitchell, Kendra   Class of 2008
Mitchell, Margaret   see Class of 1976
Mitchell, Mike   Class of 1987
Mitchell, Shana   Class of 1990
Mitchell, Shannon   Class of 1998
Mixon, Sally   Class of 1961
Montgomery, John   Class of 1964
Montgomery, Mike   Class of 1966
Moody, Mario   Class of 1997
Moody, Tisha   Class of 1999
Moore, Artrice   Class of 1995
Moore, Billy   Class of 1992
Moore, Danielle   Class of 1994
Moore, Dorothy   Class of 1975
Moore, Harry    Class of 1957
Moore, Jakata   Class of 1996
Moore, Joyce   Class of 1961
Moore, Lizzie   Class of 2001
Moore, Selena   Class of 1990
Moore, Tamara   Class of 1993
Moore, Terry   see Class of 2003
Moore, Victor   Class of 1976
Morey, Angelia   Class of 2001
Morgan, Bob   Class of 1956
Morgan, Chris   Class of 1995
Morgan, Michelle   Class of 1971
Morgret, Andrew   see Class of 1960
Morgret, Frank    Class of 1956
Mormino, Michael   Class of 1988
Morris, George   Class of 1954
Morrison, Billy   Class of 1966
Morrison, Jean Anne   Class of 1961
Morton, Shana   Class of 2003
Morton, Tiffany   Class of 1997
Mosby, Letitia   Class of 1997
Moss, Corey   see Class of 1996
Moss, Steven Fitzgerald   Class of 1986
Moss, Tarius   Class of 2006
Moten, Kendra   Class of 2005
Mounce, Jimmy   Class of 1971
Muhammad, Sudi Rudi   Class of 2002
Mull, Marshea   Class of 1997
Mullen, Michelle   Class of 1971
Mullinax, Beverly    Class of 1975
Munn, Monika   Class of 1989
Murray, Rosser   see Class of 1966
Murrell, Danielle    Class of 1998
Nall, Donna   Class of 1965
Nandlal, LAMont   Class of 2006
Nash, Nancy   Class of 1970
Nathaniel, Ernest    Class of 1998
Neal, Marva   Class of 2000
Neal, Ray   Class of 1970
Neiman, Tom   see Class of 1970
Nelson, Brian   Class of 1995
Nelson, Duane   Class of 1970
Nelson, Greg   Class of 1991
Nelson, Mackenzi    Class of 1997
Nelson, Tim   Class of 1976
Nemetz, Mary Catherine   Class of 1963
Nevilles, Chon   Class of 1999
Newell, Ginger   Class of 1963
Newell, Linda   Class of 1959
Newson, Kiesha   Class of 1996
Nichols, Jane   Class of 1962
Nichols, Jerry   Class of 1951
Nichols, Richard   Class of 1964
Nichols, Tommy   Class of 1959
Niell, Barry   Class of 1961
Niell, Fred   see Class of 1966
Noblett, Steve   Class of 1974
Nolen, Freddie    Class of 1992
Norfleet, Marquet   Class of 1997
Norfleet, Yulanda   Class of 1990
Norman, Yolanda   Class of 1989
Novitzki, Frank   Class of 1969
Noyes, Ralph   Class of 1968
O'Connor, Sandy   Class of 1954
O'Neal, Elvin    Class of 2003
Oeding, Sally   Class of 1971
Oestreicher, Debby   Class of 1970
Okunoren, Wande   Class of 1994
Oliver, Ken   see Class of 1963
Oliver, Shelton   Class of 2004
Oliver, Shirley   Class of 1952
Orloff, Irene "Renee"   Class of 1955
Orr, Gordon   Class of 1954
Ortasic, Diana   Class of 1968
Ortasic, Lisa   Class of 1974
Ortiz, Ingrid   Class of 1971
Otey, Reuben   Class of 2004
Overholser, Barbara   Class of 1963
Overton, Marcus   Class of 1998
Owens, Latisha   Class of 1995
Owens, Sandra    Class of 1995
Page, James   Class of 1994
Paige, LaTarasha   Class of 1990
Parchman, Patsy    Class of 1960
Parish, Mike   Class of 1973
Parker, James   Class of 1991
Parker, Nicole   Class of 1989
Parker, Sabrina   Class of 1994
Parker, Stephanie   see Class of 1994
Parker, Wyndi   Class of 1996
Parks, Judith Lynn ("Judy")    Class of 1959
Parks, Patrick   Class of 1997
Parks, Vic   Class of 1972
Parrott, La-Toya    Class of 2001
Pattee, Jill   Class of 1985
Patten, Carl   Class of 1998
Patten, Marsha   Class of 2001
Patton, Andrew   Class of 1993
Patton, Demetris    Class of 1995
Patton, Samuel   Class of 1994
Payne, Marcus   Class of 1987
Payne, Tondia   Class of 2003
Payton, DeVonte'   Class of 2006
Pearson, Lennon    Class of 1981
Pearson, Liz   Class of 1968
Pearson, Tameco   Class of 1995
Peaton, Lynn   Class of 1966
Peete, Christopher    Class of 2003
Peete, Inglish    Class of 2003
Pennington, Pam   Class of 1968
Peppers, Annshawn   Class of 2000
Perry, Gregory   Class of 1998
Perry, Marilyn Elayne   Class of 1994
Perry, Martin   see Class of 1984
Peters, Jodi   Class of 1974
Petty, Harold    see Class of 1951
Petty, Shirley   Class of 1952
Pharr, Markisha   Class of 1996
Phelps, Patricia   Class of 1974
Phillips, Crystal   Class of 1987
Pierce, Sandy   see Class of 1964
Pigues, Ebony   Class of 1996
Pilcher, Jimmy   Class of 1968
Pipkin, Audrea   Class of 1994
Pirtle, Rictrell    Class of 2003
Plummer, Cynthia Denise   Class of 1976
Plunk, Mike   Class of 1964
Pointer, Courdria   Class of 2001
Polk, Angela   Class of 1995
Pollion, Ke'renn   Class of 2006
Porter, Cedric   Class of 1993
Porter, Ronald   Class of 2001
Powell, Robert Lee   Class of 1968
Price, Shanetria   Class of 1996
Prince, Quinnella   Class of 2003
Pruitt, Valerie    see Class of 1998
Pryor, Tarsula   Class of 1990
Pugh, Ashley   Class of 2004
Pugh, Sandy   Class of 1972
Pugh, Tre   see Class of 1998
Pund, Barbara   Class of 1964
Puryear, Jennifer   Class of 2001
Rader, Steve   Class of 1968
Rabb, Virginia   Class of 1966
Ramsey, Philip   Class of 1976
Ramsey, Robert   Class of 1966
Randall, Susan   Class of 1975
Randolph, Korhonda   Class of 1993
Randolph, Lisa   Class of 1993
Ransom, Kima   Class of 1993
Ranson, Bob   Class of 1967
Ranson, Peggy   Class of 1966
Ray, Keysha   Class of 1999
Reddick, Bo   Class of 1993
Reddick, Tametrius   Class of 1989
Reed, Bianca   Class of 1999
Reed, Jean   Class of 1972
Reed, Marco   Class of 1998
Reed, Shequita   Class of 2006
Reid, Lisa   Class of 1974
Reitz, Betsy   Class of 1968
Renfroe, Pat   see Class of 1961
Reynolds, Bob   Class of 1976
Reynolds, Nancy   Class of 1971
Rhodes, Danielle   Class of 1993
Rhodes, Joi   Class of 2002
Rhodes, Vicki   Class of 1984
Rice, Jane   Class of 1951
Rich, Ron   Class of 1959
Richardson, Angel   Class of 2009
Richardson, Cortney   Class of 2007
Richardson, Dale   Class of 1959
Richardson, Deneice    Class of 2004
Richardson, Ellie   Class of 1996
Richardson, Lee   Class of 1967
Richardson, William Kevin   Class of 1979
Richbourg, Fontaine    Class of 1968
Richmond, Janet   Class of 1974
Richmond, Jerry   Class of 1971
Richmond, Linda   Class of 1970
Richter, Bob   Class of 1952 Rickard, Bob   Class of 1952
Ridley, Jim   Class of 1989
Riles, Jamille   Class of 2002
Riley, Nathaniel   Class of 1994
Riley, Sha   Class of 1999
Roberts, Cassandra   Class of 1993
Roberts, Dan   Class of 1971
Roberts, Georgia   Class of 1970
Roberts, Marcus   Class of 1999
Robertson, Adawa   Class of 1998
Robertson, Joseph   Class of 1992
Robinson, Alicia   Class of 2001
Robinson, Anwar   Class of 1999
Robinson, Erika   Class of 1998
Robinson, Jennifer    Class of 1995
Robinson, Jordan   Class of 2003
Robinson, Karen   Class of 1995
Robinson, Keva   Class of 2002
Robinson, Kontessa   Class of 1996
Robinson, Maynard   Class of 1969
Robinson, Rogers   Class of 1998
Robinson, Vakeena   Class of 2003
Robison, Bruce    Class of 1957
Roddy, Ann   Class of 1973
Rodefer, Mary Evelyn    Class of 1977
Rodgers, Annie   Class of 1997
Rodgers, Deborah   Class of 1970
Rodgers, TJ   Class of 2001
Rogers, Andre   Class of 1993
Rogers, Belita   Class of 1980
Rogers, Erica   Class of 2001
Rogers, Stanley   Class of 1969
Rogers, Tiffany   Class of 2004
Rogers, Tramaine   Class of 1998
Rond, Charlie   Class of 1957
Rooks, Dennis   Class of 1975
Rooks, Tremayne   Class of 1992
Ross, Elizabeth    Class of 2007
Rosser, Cornelius   Class of 2006
Roth, Bill   Class of 1975
Rowlett, Shanika    Class of 1998
Russell, Jim (Russ)   Class of 1955
Rutland, Eugene Dell Jr.    Class of 1953
Ryan, Chandell   Class of 1992
Sails, Rodney   Class of 1990
Saines, Alice   Class of 1979
St. John, Dixie   Class of 1966
Salazar, Justus   Class of 1992
Salm, Robert   Listed with the class of 1986
Samuels, Karen   Class of 1990
Sanders, Deidra   Class of 2007
Sanders, Gladis P.   Class of 2000
Sanders, Jackie   Class of 1983
Sanders, James   Class of 2004
Sanders, Terrance   Class of 1988
Sandoval Ruiz, Erika   Class of 2000
Sarber, Johnny   Class of 1960
Saulsberry, Elise   Class of 1996
Saulter, John   Class of 1986
Saulter, Mae lee   Class of 1982
Savage, Danny L   Class of 1980
Savage, Ralph   Class of 1971
Sawyer, Crystal   Class of 2004
Scaife, LaToysa S.   Class of 1992
Scherer, Kay   Class of 1958
Schmidt, Cliff   Class of 1989
Schwaiger, Susan    Class of 1967
Scott, Clyde ("Buddy")   Class of 1958
Scott, Robert   Class of 1966
Scott, Roy    see Class of 1968
Scott, Sharon   Class of 1962
Scott, Tadasha   Class of 2004
Scott, Walter (Scotty)   Class of 1954
Scott, William    Class of 1988
Scott, Jr., Willie C.   see Class of 1979
Scull, Sue   Class of 1954
Scyster, Sylvia   Class of 1959
Seaton, Robert   Class of 1974
Senter, Judy   Class of 1964
Settle, Kim   see Class of 1993
Settle, Lisa   see Class of 1995
Seymour, J. R.   Class of 1995
Shaheed, Zaheerah   Class of 1996
Sharkey, Adrianna   Class of 2007
Sharpe, Linda   Class of 1971
Shaw, Antoinette   Class of 1980
Shaw, Herman    Class of 1999
Shaw, Miska   Class of 2000
Shaw, Tekisha   Class of 1996
Shearer, Joseph   Class of 1955
Sheegog, Steven   Class of 2006
Sheffield, Sue   Class of 1962
Shelton, April   Class of 1988
Shelton, Carey Jr.   Class of 2000
Shelton, Frank    see Class of 1962
Shelton, Holly   Class of 1973
Shelton, Kathy   Class of 1968
Shelton, Martha   see Class of 1964
Shepard, Randall   Class of 1959
Shepherd, Evelyn   Class of 1954
Sheppard, Barbara   see Class of 1969
Sherman, Patrick   Class of 1980
Sherman, Sheron   Class of 1969
Shields, Calvin   Class of 2001
Shindler, Buddy    Class of 1956
Shorter, Kelvin   Class of 1999
Shorter, Marlena   Class of 1997
Shotwell, Alicia   Class of 1990
Shuck, Bernard   Class of 1965
Shumaker, Bobbye Jo   Class of 1956
Shute, Nancy   Class of 1963
Sidney, Frank   Class of 1973
Siggers, Stephanie   Class of 1992
Sills, Carmela   Class of 1996
Simelton, James   Class of 1984
Simes, Andre   Class of 1997
Simmons, Catrina   Class of 1991
Simmons, Laura    Class of 1968
Sims, Barry   Class of 1975
Singleton, Joneau   Class of 1999
Sirait, Ronald   Class of 1997
Skinner, Ed   see with Class of 1966
Skinner, Terry   Class of 1960
Skipworth, Carl   Class of 1966
Smart, Tina   Class of 1980
Smith, Antwone   Class of 1996
Smith, Betty Jane   Class of 1952
Smith, Bill   Class of 1965
Smith, Billy P.   Class of 1989
Smith, Cindy   Class of 1973
Smith, Dasha   Class of 2004
Smith, Dermel L.   Class of 1999
Smith, Ebonie   Class of 2003
Smith, Erica   Class of 2001
Smith, Frances   Class of 1969
Smith, George   Class of 1988
Smith, Gerrifrances Darnay   Class of 1995
Smith, Glen   Class of 1971
Smith, Howard    Class of 1993
Smith, Jerri   Class of 1999
Smith, Katherine   Class of 1990
Smith, Kathy   Class of 1971
Smith, LaTrisha ("Tree")   Class of 1984
Smith, Margaret   Class of 1951
Smith, Richard ("Dickie")   Class of 1970
Smith, Tabitha   Class of 1994
Smith, Tamika   Class of 2003
Smith, Tasha   Class of 2003
Smith, Tom   Class of 1969
Smith, Treba   Class of 1994
Smith, Van   Class of 1965
Smith, Ziara   Class of 2006
Snider, Billie Jean   Class of 1955
Snyder, Tiffany   Class of 1998
Solomon, Steven   Class of 1967
Speed, Charles   Class of 1959
Spencer, Dianna   Class of 2009
Speros, Sandy   Class of 1970
Spicer, Vivi   Class of 1971
Spires, Teresa   Class of 1974
Springfield, Jeddie   Class of 1960
Stahl, Richard   Class of 1975
Staples, Diane   Class of 1969
Starks, Eric    Class of 2003
Starks, Karmen   Class of 1999
Starratt, Charley   Class of 1964
Starr, Sonya   Class of 1976
Stehle, Bettye   Class of 1963
Stehle, David   Class of 1960
Stein, Linda   Class of 1957
Stein, Ricky   Class of 1961
Stephens, Michael   Class of 1964
Stephens, Ricky   Class of 1968
Stephens, Sandy   Class of 1971
Stepp, Bill   Class of 1965
Stern, Anne   Class of 1969
Stevens, Martavious   Class of 1993
Stevens, Sandra   Class of 1960
Stewart, Bobby   Class of 1967
Stewart, Ed   Class of 1973
Stewart, Glen W., Jr.   Class of 1962
Stewart, James   see Class of 1977
Stewart, Tammy   Class of 1984
Stewart, Viviana   Class of 1997
Stigall, Anastasia   Class of 2004
Stone, Rob    Class of 1969
Stone, Tynearia   Class of 1994
Story, Xaviery   Class of 1986
Stout, Marcus   Class of 2001
Stovall, LaKesha   Class of 1996
Stribling, Adeirdre LaCheryl   Class of 1992
Strickland, Sid   Class of 1964
Stringer, Pelda   Class of 1955
Strong, Bill   Class of 1961
Strong, Kay   Class of 1967
Strong, Maurice   Class of 1995
Styers, Mary Ann   Class of 1959
Styers, Wayne   Class of 1964
Sugars, Alkeyon   Class of 2003
Sugars, Melanie    Class of 1994
Suggars, Kenyetta   Class of 1998
Sullivan, Alexus   Class of 1995
Sullivan, David   Class of 1965
Sullivan, Jim   Class of 1962
Sullivan, Tex   see Class of 1955
Sun, Johnson   Class of 2002
Sutherland, Henry   Class of 2002
Sutherland, Terrell   Class of 2000
Sutliff, Susan   Class of 1958
Tables, LaKesha    see Class of 1994
Tacket, Carol   Class of 1970
Tackett, Jim   Class of 1959
Tashie, John   Class of 1970
Tate, Damien   Class of 2011
Tate, David   Class of 1997
Tate, Rena   Class of 1998
Tatum, Anita   Class of 1979
Taylor, Anna   Class of 1981
Taylor, Brian   Class of 2004
Taylor, Jameka Ritrece   Class of 2000
Taylor, Kathryn   Class of 1989
Taylor, LaTasha   Class of 1999
Taylor, Marcellus   see Class of 2000
Taylor, Marcus   see Class of 1998
Taylor, Martha   see Class of 1971
Taylor, Michael   Class of 1982
Taylor, Rickey   Class of 1967
Taylor, Robin   Class of 1998
Taylor, Sharita   Class of 2002
Taylor, Sharonda Vanessa   Class of 2006
Taylor, Shirleatha   Class of 1998
Taylor, Talise   Class of 1993
Taylor, Theseus   Class of 1999
Terrell, Dennis   Class of 1982
Terrell, Robert   Class of 1981
Terry, Charles   Class of 1953
Terry, Lashaunda   Class of 1997
Thaxton, Deadrick   Class of 1996
Thaxton, Deirdra   Class of 2000
Thayer, Mark Dale   See Class of 1998
Thigpen, Yolanda   Class of 1989
Thomas, Alice   Class of 1991
Thomas, Bonnie   Class of 1956
Thomas, Carole   see Class of 1997
Thomas, Cordell    Class of 2010
Thomas, Chandra   Class of 1993
Thomas, Diane   Class of 1964
Thomas, Donald ("Donwayne")   Class of 1987
Thomas, Elizabeth    Class of 1988
Thomas, Kenny   Class of 1993
Thomas, Leslie   Class of 2003
Thomas, Richard   Class of 1972
Thomas, Sheila   Class of 1981
Thompson, Clif   Class of 1951
Thompson, Don   Class of 1972
Thompson, Sharon   Class of 1996
Thornton, Aisha   Class of 1998
Thornton, Norma Sue   Class of 1951
Thorpe, David   Class of 1976
Thorpe, Janet   Class of 1975
Thrasher, Amber   Class of 2007
Thrower, Ray   Class of 1973
Thweatt, Donna   Class of 1969
Tielens, Tami   Class of 1976
Tiffin, Carol   Class of 1972
Tiffin, Joy   Class of 1974
Tillman, Lynne   Class of 1971
Tinnon, Hermanda   Class of 1999
Tolliver, Juanita   Class of 2003
Toombs, Wanda   Class of 1972
Townes, Antroine   Class of 2001
Townsend, Lakeshia   Class of 1998
Trantham, Stacey   see Class of 1987
Trenor, Ginger   Class of 1954
Troth, Suzanne   Class of 1964
Trotter, Lewis   Class of 1959
Truesdale, Maurisha   Class of 1996
Truitt, Felicia   Class of 1998
John Trusty   Class of 1972
Tucker, Kimberly   Class of 1998
Tucker, Lakiesha    Class of 1997
Tucker, Tommie   Class of 1952
Tuggle, Reginald   Class of 1999
Tullis, Tom   Class of 1970
Tunstall, Elgin   Class of 1987
Turnage, Karen   Class of 1994
Turnbull, Jessica   Class of 1968
Turnbull, Peter   Class of 1971
Turner, Alana   Class of 1994
Turner, Alberta   Class of 2009
Turner, Cheronda    Class of 1996
Turner, Elizabeth   Class of 1964
Turner, Elvin   Class of 1987
Turner, Gary   Class of 1989
Turner, Kamilah   Class of 1995
Turner, Lakeithra   Class of 1994
Turner, Pam   Class of 1975
Turner, Pat   Class of 1971
Turner, Quinton   Class of 2002
Twaddle, Rob   Class of 1964
Twaddle, Roy   Class of 1960
Tyus, Aisha   Class of 1995
Udelsohn, Frank   Class of 1975
Upchurch, Ashley   Class of 2004
Upchurch, Carlos   Class of 1994
Valentine, Belinda   Class of 1982
Valentine, Ponnie   Class of 1993
Valentine, Robert III   Class of 1993
Valvik, Bill   Class of 1952
Valvik, Gail   Class of 1956
Valvik, Kay   Class of 1959
Van Valkenburgh, Gary   Class of 1971
Vance, Bill   Class of 1965
Vanderable, Barry   Class of 2002
Vann, Warren   Class of 1971
Vaughn, Chianta   Class of 1992
Veals, Kenon   Class of 1988
Veals, La Chelle   Class of 1990
Vickery, Sherri    Class of 1964
Vieh, Gene   see Class of 1956
Vieron, Lee   Class of 1968
Vookles, John   Class of 1955
Vornes, TraMaine   Class of 2002
Wachter, Gary   Class of 1967
Wachter, Paul   Class of 1964
Wade, Judy   Class of 1957
Wade, Kevin   Class of 1993
Wade, Kimeli   Class of 1989
Wade, Reginald   Class of 1996
Wadlington, Kerrie   Class of 2004
Wagner, Lynn   Class of 1962
Waite, N   Class of 1960
Walker, Billy   Class of 1999
Walker, Cindy   Class of 1973
Walker, Jernarra   Class of 1995
Walker, Kristin   Class of 1999
Walker, Martha   Class of 1971
Walker, Nicole ("Nikki")   Class of 1998
Walker, Tamara   Class of 1995
Wallace, Fred   Class of 1964
Wallace, Otis   Class of 1998
Wallace, Richard Allen   Class of 1967
Wallace, Takisha   Class of 1999
Wallace, W.G. (Butch)   Class of 1956
Wallace, Wanda   Class of 1951
Walls, Latacha   Class of 1989
Walls, Paul   Class of 1996
Walton, Daniel   Class of 1998
Walton, Diane   Class of 1969
Walton, Harry   Class of 1955
Ward, Clinton   Class of 1998
Ward, Jessica   Class of 1988
Ward, Julian    Class of 1999
Ward, Margaret   Class of 1955
Ward, Michael   Class of 1992
Warner, Sally   Class of 1952
Warren, Alisha   Class of 1998
Warren, Cheree   Class of 2001
Washington, Dawaun   Class of 1996
Washington, Jack   Class of 1961
Washington, Martha   Class of 1978
Washington, Taurean   Class of 1999
Washington, Tommy   Class of 2002
Washington, Victoria    Class of 2003
Watkins, Timothy   Class of 1987
Watson, Andrea   Class of 1996
Watson, Clayton   Class of 1969
Watson, Jeremy   Class of 1998
Watson, Thomas   Class of 1988
Weatherly, Jimmy   Class of 1970
Weathersby, Ray   Class of 1952
Webb, Christin   Class of 1999
Webb, Clark   Class of 1967
Webb, Martel   Class of 1996
Webber, Terri   Class of 1999
Webster. DeMario   Class of 2006
Webster, Gregory   Class of 1982
Weeks, Paula   Class of 1970
Weiner, Arnold    Class of 1970
Weinman, Jeff    Class of 1967
Weintraub, Jeff   Class of 1967
Weiss, Dick    Class of 1956
Welch, John   Class of 1962
Welch, Ken   Class of 1968
Welch, Lee   Class of 1958
Wells, Anthony   Class of 1978
Wells, Calandria   see Class of 1996
Wells, TyRon   Class of 1999
Wesely, Holly   Class of 1985
West, Allen   Class of 1971
West, Dick   Class of 1965
West, John   Class of 1956
West, Mercer   Class of 1971
West, Monte   Class of 1963
West, Roy   Class of 1975
White, Albert F.   Class of 1972
White, Angela   Class of 2002
White, Billy D.   Class of 1951
White, Ralph   Class of 1995
White, Richard   Class of 1962
White, Richard   Class of 1966
White, TyeLisa   Class of 2006
Whiting, Tolissia    Class of 2003
Whitney, Eunice   Class of 1999
Wicks, James   Class of 1996
Wicks, Micko   Class of 1999
Wilbanks, Linda   Class of 1960
Wilburn, Clarissa   Class of 1984
Wilburn, Kristie   Class of 1987
Wilkes, Shirley   Class of 1951
Wilkins, Billy   Class of 1996
Wilkins, Chante'   Class of 2003
Wilkins, Christy   Class of 1997
Wilkins, Erica   Class of 2004
Wilkins, Kathy   Class of 1969
Wilkins, Keith    Class of 1961
Williams, Andrea   Class of 1998
Williams, Annette   Class of 1980
Williams, Christopher (Kit)   Class of 1961
Williams, David   Class of 1971
Williams, DeeDee   Class of 2001
Williams, Dicky   Class of 1964
Williams, Erica   Class of 1998
Williams, Frederick   Class of 1989
Williams, Greg    see Class of 1997
Williams, James C.   Class of 1974
Williams, Janet   Class of 1963
Williams, Jennifer   Class of 2002
Williams, Jessica   Class of 2001
Williams, Jim   Class of 1971
Williams, Julee    Class of 1999
Williams, Kenna   Class of 1995
Williams, Lain   Class of 1968
Williams, Lakisha   Class of 1997
Williams, Marietta   Class of 2009
Williams, Martha   Class of 1980
Williams, MiMi   Class of 2004
Williams, Reginald Jr.   Class of 1998
Williams, Robert (Bobby)   see Class of 1975
Williams, Rodney   Class of 1995
Williams, Rotunda   Class of 1989
Williams, Sherrie   Class of 2002
Williams, Sue   Class of 1961
Williams, Tamara   Class of 1996
Williams, Zavion   Class of 2001
Willis, Barry   Class of 1974
Willis, Charlie   Class of 1968
Willis, Jim   Class of 1963
Willis, Nora   Class of 1972
Wilson, Alexus   Class of 2014
Wilson, Bob    Class of 1965
Wilson, Elisa   Class of 1989
Wilson, Jessica   Class of 1970
Wilson, Joe   Class of 1968
Wilson, Laura   Class of 1974
Wilson, Tom   Class of 1959
Wilson, Tony    Class of 1990
Wilson, Ty   Class of 2013
Wimberly, Marcus   Class of 1992
Winston, Nikesha   Class of 1995
Winton, Tonya   Class of 1988
Winton, Toya   Class of 1990
Wiseman, Jimmy   see Class of 1970
Wiseman, Mary Ann   Class of 1965
Withers, Susan   Class of 1971
Witherspoon, Debbi   Class of 1966
Witherspoon, Ricky   Class of 1968
Witherspoon, Stephanie   Class of 1971
Wolfe, Anita    see Class of 1975
Woodard, Sonya   Class of 1996
Woodard, Whitney   Class of 2003
Woods, Antigua   Class of 1998
Woods, Liza   Class of 1995
Woods, Stephanie   Class of 1999
Woolner, Ann   Class of 1968
Wooten, JaVita   Class of 1998
Worrell, Jason   Class of 1995
Worsham, Malcolm    Class of 1974
Wortham, Angela   Class of 1995
Wortham, Mike   see Class of 1964
Wright, Angela   Class of 1998
Wright, Angie   Class of 1988
Wright, Jack   Class of 1967
Wright, Kevin   Class of 2003
Wright, Marcus   Class of 2002
Wright, Victoria   Class of 1999
Wyatt, Kametris   Class of 1991
Yandell, Howard   see Class of 1972
Yerian, Bill   Class of 1968
Young, Alvin   Class of 1996
Young, Carole   Class of 1963
Young, Clay   see Class of 1965
Young, Danny   Class of 1982
Young, Dorcas   Class of 1995
Young, Patia   Class of 1959
Young, Raymond   Class of 1956
Young, Susan   Class of 1970
Ziefle, Mary   Class of 1970
Zubulake, Richard   Class of 2001

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