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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 1979     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Anfra Boyd ("Ann") [last updated July, 2009]
I currently live in Novi, Michigan. I have a 26 year old son named Cameron. I'm also a best selling author. Please visit my website at: www.youaremysister.com

Jim Hutchison [last updated February, 1998]
Jim and Pam Hutchison. Married 13 years
Angela Hutchison
Amy Hutchison
I work for Boeing Comercial Aircraft in Wichita Ks., and have been since 1987. I am still being sent to college by the Boeing Company who picks up and pays all costs.
December 29th is our wedding aniversary. October 4th is my birthday. August 4th is my wife Pam's Birthday.
http://www2.southwind.net is my Home page
ftp.southwind.net/u/jrh/incoming is my ftp site
More to come

Connie Lemonds [last updated November, 2011]
I have traveled a good part of the world. Started having children so I quit getting into trouble so much. Started working harder and it has giving it rewards. I have 2 children, a son who is paralyzed from a gun shot wound to the neck and a teenage daughter in high school and my husband of 30 years is deceased from a car wreck. I am currently in a relationship with a fun kinda guy.

Alberta Lowe [last updated August, 2003] [E-mail address updated October, 2007]
I am currently living in Dallas,Texas, where I have been since 1985. I am a Christian and I am very proud to be a child of God. I am a Customer Service Representive for a Dallas telephone company. I have been married for 18 years. I am the parent of two boys, 25 and 21 years old. I have two grandchildren that I love dearly. I am in Memphis at least 3 to 4 times a year.

Sandra Mabon [last updated August, 2002]
I am currently employed with Memphis Park Services and has been for 22 years. I am the mother of one son, Tarrik D'Onta Mabon, who will graduate with the Class of 2003, where he will serve as class president. Marital status -still available and will be until the Lord says differently. I really enjoyed our 10 year class reunion and is looking forward to our gathering. Feel free to contact me at 901-327-7102 or 901-324-2639. One last tidbit you may fellowship with me at Oak Grove Baptist Curch -7317 Hwy 64-Bartlett, Tenn. I am still in the Binghampton community loving and nurturing our children. to the class of 1979, LOVE YA.
E-mail: not available

Brenda Mccrackins [last updated September, 2011]
I have 4 kids (three girls and one boy). I have 13 grandkids and one on the way. I've been employed with Fedex for the last 18 years.

Frederick Mckinney [last updated May, 2009]
I have two children:1 son and 1 daughter,currently employed with MPD,retired military(army)

Curtis McNeal ('79) - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

William Kevin Richardson [last updated July, 2013]
After graduating I spent a number of years the DJ business all over the country. I became a teacher and coach in 1991. I taught English and coached wrestling at Westside High School. I have been at Millington since 2008. I have written two novels--"The Grappler" and "The Pugilist." I am working on a non-fiction book now.

Alice Saines [last updated October, 2001]
Married for 16 1/2 years
Two children: Jermaine = 16 years old
              Dominique = 14 years old
I have been living in Jackson, MS for approximately 18 years.

Anita Tatum [last updated May, 2006]
I'm married to a God sent man name Frank L. Harris for 12 years, and been together for 25 years. We have one Child: Isaac D. Harris=13yrs old. I am still in Memphis and working for M.L.G.W. 15 years. My husband is a Warehouse Manager at Samuels Furniture. I am very disappointed because the first class reunion of "79" had I did not receive an invitation. I have not heard about class of "79" having anything. If class of "79" decides to get together place don't hesitate to call me or E-Mail me. I will love to see my class mates. On December 11, 2005 God called my husband home to be with him. So it's me and our son. We desire your prayers. My e-mail address are () and ().

People who attended East with the class of 1979 but were not graduated with it.

John Gatson [last updated February, 2008]
I am Married with 4 daughters, One in her 2nd year of college, two in high school, and a 4 year old. I have been in radio most of my life as well as working as a voice-over artist for some National ad accounts, as well as local radio programming.
I was also in the first trilogy of the movie "Candyman" where I was a Chicago Police Office.
Today, I own a mobile production house and party promotions company where we specialize in high end event planning.
I would LOVE to see all of you, so PLEASE include me in your next 79 or 70's reunion planning.
John (Johnnie Gee) Gatson

Willie C Scott, Jr. [last updated August, 2002]
Graduated with the class of 1978. See his profile at Class of 1978 page.

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