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The East High Alumni Page presents:
  History of East High 
"In the beginning ..."

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

See opening day video of East High School, September, 1948!

The First
History of
East High
What's In
A Name?
East High
East at 50
(Sept. 1998)
A description of the school and its purpose by its distinguished first principal, J. P. Snider. From the Student Handbook, circa 1961. A more complete history, in timeline form, but also always a work in progress. Did you know you almost went to Prescott High? East High School is unique for many reasons, not the least is its architecture. Current details about the school. An expression of appreciation for those who have made East what it has been, offered on the occasion of the 50 year anniversary of the first day of classes at East.

Slide show of significant history of East prepared for the 13th anniversary of The East High Alumni Page

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