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The East High Alumni Page presents:

East High Class Reunions
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

This page will provide headlines and links to details for class reunions. Be sure to send in any information you have about your class reunion plans so we can post it here. Don't miss the mini-reunion section and coverage of past reunions below the major reunion headlines. If you have a text report or photographs of your reunion, send those, too.
Everyone might be interested a list of some things to do in the Memphis area on our Visiting Memphis page. 

Submit Reunion Announcements and Information - Click here

For all alumni:
Reunion Schedules & Reports

An alumnus wrote, "I was actually not even considering attending the reunion until I read all the updates on everyone....so, now, I will DEFINITELY BE THERE!!!" (Capitalization hers.)

Upcoming Major Anniversary
Reunion Events

Class of 1969

It appears the known reunions occuring in 2015 have been completed.

Mini-reunions (reunion events between major anniversary dates)
Class of 1953 - Dinner meeting every month!
Class of 1956 - Lunch meetings every month!
Class of 1965 - Bi-monthly dinners!

Coverage of Past Reunions
If your class reunion isn't listed, send us pictures and text reports of your reunions,
even ones before the public Internet existed.
Class of 1951 Reunions
Class of 1952 Reunions
Class of 1953 Reunions Class of 1954 Reunions
Class of 1955 Reunions Class of 1956 Reunions
Class of 1957 Reunions Class of 1958 Reunion
  Class of 1959 Reunions Class of 1960 Reunions
Class of 1961 Reunions Class of 1962 Reunions
Class of 1964 Reunions Class of 1965 Reunions
Class of 1966 Reunions Class of 1967 Reunions
Class of 1969 Reunions Class of 1968 Reunions
Class of 1970 Reunions Class of 1971 Reunions
Class of 1972 Reunions Class of 1975 Reunions
Class of 1973 Reunions
Classes of 73, 74, 75 Joint Reunion
Class of 1978 Reunions Class of 1987 Reunions
Class of 1988 Reunions Class of 1990 Reunions
Class of 1992 Reunions Class of 1993 Reunions
Class of 1994 Reunions Class of 1995 Reunions
Class of 1998 Reunions Class of 1999 Reunions

If your class has had a reunion which is not covered here, you may submit a report about and/or photographs of the reunion. Contact us at editor@EastHigh.org.

For reunion organizers:
Tips, Ethics, Publicity

For Reunion Ideas and a proposed Reunion Code of Ethics, see our
Services page.

To have information about your East High School  reunion listed or to have pictures and/or a narrative about a reunion posted, please send the information to editor@EastHigh.org.

A Reunion for $10 per attendee? You betcha! Germantown '69 did it in 2009 - Read how by clicking here.

For a commentary on keeping reunions affordable, see the Editor's Memo

Do you have a computerized listing of the full name of the members of your class as they were known at East that you are willing to share with The East High Alumni Page? Such lists are used to help identify alumni if, for example, they are in the news. If you would like to send a list for use by The East High Alumni Page, please include the graduating class year to which the list applies and send it by e-mail attachment to editor@EastHigh.org

If you have any left over copies of class biography booklets from a reunion, The East High Alumni page could use one to help identify alumni.If you'd care to donate such a "booklet," please contact editor@EastHigh.org

Best wishes for a
great reunion!

Go Mustangs!

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This page is Sponsored in part by Alumni Honors. Please select this banner for more information about Alumni Honors.