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The East High Alumni Page presents:
for alumni of
        East High School, Memphis, Tennessee        

The primary service of The East High Alumni Page is providing e-mail addresses and profiles of alumni so classmates and other friends can communicate. Providing services is not really part of our mission.  However, occasionally there may be a service we can provide for alumni that fills a need and, if practical to do so, we will try to provide it here.

Transcript Requests
All requests for student records / information will be submitted and paid for online.
Please see the Shelby County Schools site for more information or to order a transcript at:

For transcripts from schools that once were Shelby County Schools but now are muncipal schools, contact the school directly.

As for Shelby County Schools, including those that used to be Memphis City Schools (all of which became county schools), walk-in requests are welcome and may be paid for in cash or money order; however, please note that processing time will be longer for walk-ins using cash or money orders for payment. Mail and fax requests are no longer accepted. Requests by phone have never been available and remain unacceptable. Charges will apply when ordering student records. Please note the information below.
Processing Time: Please allow a MINIMUM of 7 - 15 business days to process student record orders.
Requests for information must be completed online and will be processed on normal business days during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM). Click the appropriate link button to request information.

Reunion Code of Ethics
After helping publicize reunions for more than 10 years and attending many to provide photographic coverage on these web pages, The East High Alumni Page proposes a Code of Ethics for Reunion Committees.
Read the code ...
Secret Ingredients for a Great Reunion
Suggestions from East classes and other sources for both material, venue, and features for a reunion, as well as reunion attitudes.
Read the ideas ...

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