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The East High Alumni Page presents:

Reunion Plans and Reviews
Class of 1994

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Plans for & coverage of the Reunion of the East High Class of 1994 will be posted here.*

The proposed 15-Year Reunion in 2009 was canceled.

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[October 8, 2009] The reunion contact has advised the proposed 15 year reunion in 2009 was canceled.

Class of 1994 10-Year Reunion
See a few more photos from the 2004 reunion weekend--click here

If anyone would like to submit a report and/or photographs of the reunion for possible posting here, please send them to editor@EastHigh.org

The following was the information for the 10-Year Reunion in 2004

[last update September 7, 2004]

East High School
Class of 1994
10 Year Reunion
Schedule of Events

Friday, September 10th [2004]
5:30 pm A Tour of East High
3206 Poplar Avenue

Friday, September 10th [2004]
7:00pm Tailgate
East vs. Trezevant
4241 OK Robertson Road
near North Watkins and Old Millington Road* (see directions)

Saturday, September 11th [2004]
12:00pm Tree Dedication
East High School

Saturday, September 11th [2004]
7:00 pm Reception Dinner and Dance
Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport
2240 Democrat Rd

Sunday, September 12th [2004]
9:15 am Worship Services
New Direction Christian Church
6120 Winchester Road

Sunday, September 12th [2004]
1:30 pm Picnic

Class of '94 vs. Class of '93 Basketball Game [2004]
East High School
3206 Poplar Avenue

Make checks and/or money orders payable to:
East High Class of 1994 Reunion
P.O. Box 754251
Memphis, TN 38175

Basic Registration Fees:
Classmates: $75
Spouse or Special Guest: $35

Leila G. Causey 901-355-6990 lpgarner@hotmail.com
Jesse Clemons 901-761-2675 Jetboyclemons94@aol.com
Ovell Evers 901-650-8334 sagistang@webtv.net
Nycole Simpkins 901-266-4375 nycolelocke@hotmail.com

Directions to the Stadium
From: 3206 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38111-3502 US
To: 4241 Ok Robertson Rd Memphis, TN 38127 US
Driving Directions
1. Start out going Northwest on POPLAR AVE/TN-57/US-72 toward MARNE ST. (1.72 miles)
2. Turn RIGHT onto E PKWY N/US-70 E/TN-57 N. (0.73 miles)
3. Turn LEFT onto N PKWY/TN-1 W. (2.19 miles)
4. Turn RIGHT onto N BELLEVUE BLVD. (0.32 miles)
5. Merge onto I-40 E via the ramp- on the left. (1.98 miles)
6. Merge onto TN-300 N via exit number 2A- on the left- toward US-51/MILLINGTON. (1.30 miles)
7. Merge onto THOMAS ST/TN-3 N/US-51 N toward MILLINGTON. (2.99 miles)
8. Turn LEFT onto N WATKINS ST. (0.16 miles)
9. Turn RIGHT onto OLD MILLINGTON RD. (0.13 miles)
10. Turn LEFT. (0.11 miles)
11. Turn RIGHT. (0.12 miles)
12. Turn LEFT onto OK ROBERTSON RD/O K ROBERTSON RD. (0.17 miles)
Total Estimated Time: 24 minutes
Total Distance: 11.93 miles To view your driving directions, click on this link:
Driving Directions

MapQuest: Where to go, how to get there!

Submitted by,
Nycole C.Simpkins

[the following was previously posted August 24, 2004]

The fees have changed to: $75 for classmates and $35 for guests. ALL MONEY IS DUE THIS WEDNESDAY (AUG. 25th). Call Leila at 461-4147 or Ovell at 650-8334.

Contact Leila at lpgarner@hotmail.com or Ovell at sagistang@webtv.net.

[the following was posted February 24, 2004]

East High School   1994    10 Reunion

 Dear Classmate,

As many of you all know, it is time for the East High School Class of 1994 to celebrate its Ten Year Class Reunion. We invite each of you to attend this fun-filled weekend of September 10-12, 2004.  We are very excited about the participation and energy coming from the committee members.  A fun and exciting weekend has been planned. This is just the beginning for many more reunions to come, so mark your calendar for upcoming activities:


*Tentative schedule

Friday, September 10th
A Tour of East High
6:00 pm

Let’s return to our old stomping ground and reminiscence on the good ole’ days! Join us as we tour the senior hall, various classrooms and those special spots where we use to hang out! For directions, if you can’t recall, please call the school!

Friday, September 10th
Meet and Greet
150 Peabody Place
Suite 119
8:00 pm
(901) 543-8800

Reacquaint yourself with those classmates you’ve lost contact with! Come out to one of downtown Memphis most favorite spots as we fellowship with those friends of the past. This event will feature light appetizers with plenty of fun and games for the adult! You don’t want to miss this…

Saturday, September 11th
Tree Dedication
East High School

Due to the tragic wind storm of 2003 in which the campus of East High School lost several historic trees and other landscaping, The Class of 1994 will dedicate a tree to refurbish the campus.

Saturday, September 11th
Reception Dinner and Dance
Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport
2240 Democrat Rd
7:00 pm

Join us as we socialize with classmates, faculty and staff of our alma mater. This event will consist of special presentations and recognitions, remarks from our past classmates and a four course meal for your eating pleasures! Immediately following the reception, a dance will be held featuring all the top songs on 1994!

Sunday, September 12th
Worship Services
New Direction Christian Church
5777 Winchester Rd.
New Site: Old Service Merchandise across from Hickory Ridge Hall
Time: TBA

Come along as we worship with Dr. Stacy Spencer and his church family at New Direction Church Center!

Sunday, September 12th
Class of '94 vs. Class of '93 Basketball Game
Mitchell High School
658 W. Mitchell Rd. 38109
Time: 1:30pm

Food, fun and games for the entire family!!!!! Watch the basketball players from the Class of 1994 "destroy" the players of 1993 on the court! This will be an event you don’t want to miss!! For more information on participating in the game, please contact Jesse Clemons at 901-761-2675.

Method of Payment and Deadlines
Basic individual registration fees:
Classmates: $100*
Spouse, Special Guest: $50**

*The classmate registration includes: Dinner for the reception, BBQ Buffet for the picnic, Class of ‘94 Souvenirs, Souvenir Booklet, the East High Class of ’94 Scholarship Donation, and additional fees for rental facilities and preparation.

**Spouse registration includes: Dinner for the reception, BBQ Buffet for Sunday Picnic, Souvenir Booklet and the East High Class of '94 Scholarship Donation.

The first payment ($50) is due on May 1, 2004
The second payment ($50) is due on June 1, 2004

A $25 late fee should accompany registration fees after June 1, 2004. The final registration deadline is June 30, 2004.

There will be limited on site registration available. For more information, please contact Nycole Simpkins @ 901-266-4375.

Make checks and/or money orders payable to:
East High Class of 1994 Reunion
P.O. Box 754251
Memphis, TN 38175
Fees may also be given at Executive Committee Meetings (Call contacts for more information.)
Receipts will be sent by mail.

Hotel Accommodations
All communications related to hotel reservations should be made directly to Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport. Reservations can be made by phone @ 901-332-1130 or www.selectmemphis.com. Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. Please refer to the enclosed brochure for more information.

When making reservations, please mention "East High School Class of 1994" in order to receive the reunion rate of $79+ tax per night.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations of registration and requests for registration refunds must be submitted in writing and received no later that July 1, 2004. Refunds will be issued after the Class Reunion. Any refund requests after that date will be considered on a case-by-case basis with appropriate documentation.

Leila G. Causey 901-355-6990 lpgarner@hotmail.com
Jesse Clemons 901-761-2675 Jetboyclemons94@aol.com
Ovell Evers 901-650-8334 sagstang@webtv.net
Nycole Simpkins 901-266-4375 nycolelocke@hotmail.com

Souvenir Booklet Pricing Information
This is a great way to market you business and show your financial support by awarding a East High Class of 2004 graduate with scholarship funds in pursuit of post-secondary educational goals!

$60 Full page
$35 One-Half page
$20 One-Fourth page
$10 Business Cards
$2 Patron

Please make check(s) payable to: East High Class of 1994

Deadline for all ads and patrons is August 1, 2004


East High School

Class of 1994

Memphis, TN

September 10-12, 2004

Registration Form




Street  _______________________________________________________Apt __________

City ____________________________ State _____________ Zip ________________

Phone (      )___________________________ E-mail _________________________________


Alternate (        )___________________________


Items Price Qty Total
Classmate Registration


Spouse/Guest Registration


Late Fee (After June 1, 2004)


T-shirt Size S M L XL XXL 3X 4X


Official Use Only

Date Recv'd Amt Recv'd Method of Payment

Please mail to:

East High Class of 1994 Reunion
P.O. Box 754251
Memphis, TN 38175

In the space provided, please briefly answer the following questions:

What was your most memorable moments during your high school years?______________________________


What was your funniest moment?_______________________________________________________________


Who were your favorite teachers (up to three)?____________________________________________________


Please list special achievements that you have accomplished or outstanding recognitions that you have received?_________________________________________________________________________________________

Circle the committee you are interested in working with: 

Registration  Decorations Video/Slide show Saturday Dinner program Memorabilia display Other__________

*As information is made available to The East High Alumni Page

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