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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 2002     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Patrice Bibbs [last updated July, 2008]
Hello everyone, I am currently getting my master in psychology. I work at a mental health center. I am so bless, God has really been blessing me. Keep your head up & Keep the faith.

Cara Boyd [last updated May, 2004]
I am currently a rising junior at Hendrix College in Conway, AR. I'm a Pre-Law Politics major and I will be studying at Oxford University at England in September. I will be studying British politics and civilization. I'm doing great and I'm very blessed. Hope everyone else is doing fine too!

Tisha Carr [last updated March, 2008]
Hello everyone just let you guys know to keep your head and know that life is to short for all this mess thats out there now.

Joseph Chaney [last updated July, 2009]

Sankedra Clay [last updated September, 2004]
Hello my fellow mustangs, I am currently in Baltimore, Maryland at Towson University. I am a Junior, majoring in political science. I just left the University of TN-Chattanooga and I am doing well. If anyone is ever in the D.C. or Philadelphia area, let me know. "Nothing Worthwhile is Easy, and Nothing Easy is Worthwhile." Continue to strive and whatever you are doing do it well.

Monica Clayborne [last updated January, 2007]
Hello to all my fellow mustangs!!! I miss high school so much!! I have graduated from Lane College, the second college founded amongst HBCU's. My college is the only HBCU that was founded by African Americans and is still ran by African Americans! I am now employed with the college and I have plans on attending graduate school within the next year. I HAVE TO TAKE A BREAK FROM CLASSES FOR A WHILE. I am a member of DELTA SIGMA THETA Inc. OO-OOP TO ALL MY SORORS! Well thats all for now....if anyone will like to know more, email me. I hope that everyone is doing great and I wish you all the best.

Tara Doland [last updated May, 2004]
I'm not @ any college right now. That's the furthest from my mind @ the moment. 4 all those new or students that need a little bit of advise: put everything in2 ur studies, get everything done be4 hand, make friends, but- make sure that u put ur studies 1st, then friends. Because if u don't, ur going 2 regret it. Get ur senior pic in @ the start of ur senior year, don't wait until the final moment 2 put them in. You may not think that u need high school, but trust me, u do. Hey, ur only going 2 be in high school for 4 years, might as well give it all u've got, right? Well, that's all the advise 4 now.

Amber Echols [last updated August, 2006] [E-mail address updated May, 2007]
Wassup 2002! Dang, I can't beliueve it's been 4 years since we all graduated! But I'm at TSU in Nashville majoring in Electrical Engineering. For the past 2 summers, i've been in Louisville,KY working for the Army Corps of Engieers electrical section. I'm pretty sure a lot of yall done graduated already but since the engineering program at TSU is 5 years, I won't be coming out til December '06!!!! I can hardly wait!!! But if anyone wanna get in touch with me, just message me on facebook.com. Holla

Morgan Franklin [last updated May, 2005]
Hello fellow graduates of the mighty class of 2002. After graduation I attended Austin Peay State University located in Clarksville, Tn. I recently relocated to Memphis to finish my education at the U of M. I am currently a junior and enjoying living my life to the fullest. Feel free to contact me at my e-mail. Maybe we can go out and play catch up!!!!!

Tiffany Gardner [last update November, 2004]
Hello Everybody, I am doing very well in Norfolk,Virginia. I was attending The University of TN- Chatt after school, but I got married to my military man so I had to more even farther from my beloved Memphis. I am currently an approaching junior at Norfolk State University, majoring in Business Management. So if anyone is ever in the DC, Virginia Beach, Baltimore area give me a holla. It would be good to see ya. (I'm so glad to see everybody doing so well)

Trevor Gouldin [last updated November, 2008]
I'm in the D as they call it here, in school,working ,adn taking care of my family that's about it. Graduated twice and continuning my education so I can make big moola. lol

Adrienne Goodman [last updated March, 2006]
Hey to all my fellow classmates. I have recently became a mother to a 2 month old daughter named Aaliyah. Next month I start classes at Concorde Career College and get my degree in Pharmacy Technician. Life is really being good to me. I pray that each of you are achieving every dream possible.
Much love to everyone I knew and didn't know!
Can't wait to see each of you at the REUNION!

Cornitta Elizabeth Hobbs [last updated July, 2010]
Hello to all my high school friends and family. Hope everyone is doing and living blessed.

Bobby Jackson [last updated July, 2013]
Yo wassup my good people?? Havent seen some of you all in forever! All is well on my end, just busy doing all the "adult" stuff the while we were in high school we couldnt wait to get to(how dumb were we lol).Still in the city working & taking care of my little one. Ran acoss this while bored at work & it looks raraely used, but if anyone happens to see this just HMU

Brandon Jenkins ("Big") [last updated October, 2005]

Quinetta Johnson [last updated January, 2005]
I am currently a senior at UTC as a Biology Pre-Med student. I hope to graduate this coming spring or summer. I plan on attending UTMem medical school very soon. I am doing very well as far as academics go. I am a member of the Beta Beta Beta Honor Society. I can't wait to graduate and get back to my home town.

Linnett Key [last updated February, 2003] [E-mail address updated May, 2013]
This Linnett Key. I graduate 2002. I go to Austin Peay State University. I am currently on the track team. I am doing well. I miss Memphis alot. Especially East High School. If you're ever in Clarksville, TN or Nashville hit me up.
Thank you.

Daniel King [last updated September, 2004]
Well im a sophomore at Jackson State University. Im majoring in Marketing and i play in the "Sonic Boom Of The South" the band at the University were i just crossed the drum section "War-N-Thunder" So i say do well to all my former class mates and if you see this give me holla thanks and im out

Ashley Landers [last update July, 2008]

Crystal Lester [last updated March, 2008]
Hey Class, I attended Lake Forest College in Lakeforest, Ill and majored in Biology . Almost 6 years later I have enrolled in Chiropractic school at Life University. This decision came up spur of the moment, but then again what callings are planned?

Crystal Locke [last updated July, 2009]

Sudi Rudi Muhammad [last updated November, 2005]
Wassup to everyone. Right now I am currently enrolled @ Southwest, about ready to take another turn. Sick of being in school just to et put in a nursing program, think imma try taking a nursing test to be a LPN in a yr, pray 4 me. N'e ways, everything is good, have good friends, living healthy, can't complain. Trying to do right in life and become successful. To everyone else i wish yall the best.

Joi Rhodes [last updated January, 2017]
Hello East Mustangs!! I am still (and forever will be) proud to be a MUSTANG!!!! I fully enjoyed my years at East High and after graduating from the University of Rochester (NY), I returned home to teach high school chemistry. I hope that everyone is doing well and accomplishing their goals...remember it's never to late to be great!!

Jamille Riles [last updated October, 2005]
Wassup to all my D-Boys and D-Girls from da class of 2002. Dis ur boy Lil Mille just chillin in da North with my hood fellows.I hope everybody been doing well cause i know i have. I miss those days at East High cause everybody i kick it with was cool as a fan.Im attending this year at Tennesse Tech in Memphis .I have no kids or a wife so all of u sexy babies dat graduate wth me dat is single now come holla at boy.Big shouts out to everybody who i was very close to ,U KNOW WHO U ARE, MUCH LUV BABY.
"Don't get Mad GET MONEY"

Keva Robinson [last updated February, 2004]
Hi,to all my fellow classmates and faculty at East High School. I am currently a sophomore at The University of Tennessee at Martin. I am majoring in economics and minoring in finance. I am enjoying my time here at the university. I hope that this message finds all of my classmates doing well and adjusting to life after high school. Well I do not have much to say but God Bless everyone that I ever came across during my cherished moments at East, and I hope to see you guys if not soon at our 10 year class reunion. "LOVE AND LIVE LIFE"

Henry Sutherland [last updated October, 2006]
We'll I'm currently in Iraq serving my country proudly as a United States Soldier. It's been fun but the time for me to get out is close so it's time to move on and do something different. I've seen all the world I need to see it's time for me to settle down somewhere and just chill. May God bless you all

Johnson Sun [last updated September, 2004]
How is everyone doing from the might class of 2002? Well I'm still in Memphis. I'm seeking a fine art degree at the University of Memphis. I'm currently employed as an art teacher at the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering. I'm still working on cars. Well I do miss everyone, but I'm enjoying life. God Bless.

Sharita Taylor [last updated May, 2003]
Hi, you don't know just how much I miss each and every one of you. I am currently enrolled at UTC in Chattanooga, TN. Being here has really made me appreciate Memphis. I can't wait to go home. I am doing well and I hope that you all are doing well too. Good luck to all of you. You can e-mail me anytime at

Denisha Nicole Teliatiferro Deceased. - An obituary is available.

Quinton Turner [last updated April, 2012]
Hello everyone. I live in Tulsa, OK. I graduated from Lane College in 2009. I got married and divorced, but was blessed with a son.I am currently going for my masters in healthcare administration. I work for a company assisting the mentally challenged. Yeah Big Q grew up!! miss yall and cant wait to see you all again. Remember to smile because you never know what people are going through and they might need a smile. smiles also keep frowns away. be safe, smart, and be bless my mustang family.

Barry Vanderable [last updated November, 2002]
I am currently at Johns Hopkins University, where I am in majoring in Biomedical Engineering. If you are ever in the Baltimore, Maryland area drop me an email and we can get together.

Tommy Washington [last updated November, 2005]
I'm currently finishing up my degree in Biomedical Engineering with a chemisty concentration and I'm going to take a break before medical school by going to get my masters(at least) in Tissue/ Polymer Engineering. I live in Milwaukee, WI but most likely I will be coming back to memphis once I graudate, or at least TN. I am currently single paritally because I'm too busy for a relationship and also because I have yet to find the right woman. Looking forward to the class reunion.
If anyone is wondering how I'm doing just send me an email

Angela White [last updated November, 2009]
ey fellow mustangs I still reside in the Eastside of Memphis. I hold a lot of medical certifications,diplomas, degrees, etc. Im taking a short time off from school. Plan to attend Belhaven or Univ fo Phoenix to finish up. I am an Office Manager for an acupuncture clinic. Currently no children, but I have 4 god children. I am grateful to GOD for where I am in life and the special man I now share my life with. I hope everyone is doing well. Keep your faith and keep moving forward and most importantly remember nothing can be accomplished without GOD being number 1 in your life. TO ALL MY OLD FRIENDS EMAIL ME SOMETIME SEE YOU IN 10YRS LOL

Jennifer Williams [last updated September, 2008]
I am currently a nursing student at Baptist College of Health Sciences. I have seen a couple of old faces here that made me wonder about other old faces so I decided to update my profile. I am still a phlebotomist and I am still doing well. My family is doing good and I have been truely blessed. Can't wait to see you all at the reunion!!

Sherrie Williams [last updated December, 2010]
Im married now and getting ready to start dental school..and im looking forward to opening up my own office.. so wish me luck.

Marcus Wright [last updated May, 2005]
Life is good! As a member of the United States Air Force I am proudly serving my country as a Aerospace Propulsions Journeyman (Jet Mechanic). I enjoyed my time at East High and will continue to keep in contact with the many friends I've grown to know.

TraMaine Vornes [last updated June, 2010]
Hello everyone, I'm not all too sure anyone would remember me. I did only my senior year at East. And there are a few that I remember. All the same I would like to say what's up too everyone sending my best wishes. I'm currently in Marion, AR. I'm Married now for 6 years with four children. I'm the Youth Pastor of Raising the Standard International Ministries and currently venturing into the screenplay writing field. Hopefully by out ten year reunion which is only 2 years away, we all will have seen something I've written in theaters. Stay blessed and should anyone come across Dani Chorne, tell her I said hello. Oh and I think I may have the only existing video tape of our senior prom. If interested in a copy, hit me at my email. I can't guarantee you'll see you but for the most part you might.

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