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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 2009     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Tyanna Graham [last updated August, 2009]
Hey Just letting everybody know I loved our high school year and I had fun with you all. Be Blessed and stay encouraged

Tevin Hughes [last updated May, 2009]
Hello to the dominating class of 2009. I just like to say its been an honor enjoying high school with you all and wish each and everyone the best of luck in the future...stay in contact with me...T.Hugh..591-5453...

Angel Richardson [last updated September, 2014]
Hey Im doing fine i graduated in 2009, Ive not to long ago graduated from Lnae College with a bachelors degree in computer science..i miss my old high school well later babes
E-mail not available.

Dianna Spencer [last updated August, 2009]
East high class of 2009 well done we made it LANE COLLEGE BOUND!!!

Alberta Turner [last updated June, 2013]

Marietta Williams [last updated May, 2009]
I am current out of high school. I am planning on atttending TSU.

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