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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1993
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Kimbrell Allen [last updated August, 2002]
I am happy to see that East produced such beautiful, professional and educated people. Well, I did not become the famous "track star" that Coach Young was trying to make me into but it did provide a way for college. After graduating from East, I attend the University of Memphis on a Track scholorship. I earned a BA in Sociology.( I was going for Medical degree but Biology wore me out) I am currenly residing in Memphis with my Husband(Tim) and two sons (Desjuan and O'bryan). I am the training coordinator for Juvenile Court in the Child Support Bureau.( I still can not believe that!) I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Please feel free to e-mail me at

Chandra Baker [last updated October, 2005]
Hello all, I am now living in Anaheim, CA (about 40 miles North of LA). Anyway, I took a promotion out here with Boeing (graduated from Tennessee State University in 1998 with BS in Mechanical Engineer and Alabama A&M University in 2004 with MBA). Well since I travel about 75% of the time, there's not much time for much else. So I still have not had the opportunity to do the family thing (no husband or kids). Still taking my time on that :-) . But I must say that I am truly blessed, and can't complain not one bit. Please keep the victims or Hurricane Katrina in your prayers, and may your families and homes continue to be blessed! And feel free to contact me at anytime...I'm still the same ole Chandra from high school.

Sherita Banks-Flake [last updated November, 2010]
Hello Everyone!! God has truly been good to me. My husband, Derek and I, recently celebrated 15 years of marriage and we have three daughters (Taylor -16, Caela-13, and Makenzie-9). I graduated with a Bachelors in Education and Sociology from the University of Memphis, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Christian Brothers University and I am currently working on my Doctoral degree from the University of Memphis in Educational Leadership and Policy. I am a Mathematics Instructional Coach for Memphis City Schools and I am also an outside math consultant for other school districts and private schools. In my spare time I assist my husband with working with at-risk males, serve on SACS committees (giving schools accreditation), travel, and transport my children to their various extra curricular activities. Much love and blessings to everyone!

Marcus Beason [last updated July, 2008]
Well, hello classmates it's me. Lonzo Caffey told me about this page a month ago and I'm just now getting on it. Well lets start by saying it's good to here from you all. I'm doing great I was married now divorced I have two handsome men out the deal(Jamarkus-11 and Ladarius-10).A little about me can you believe,I am a Minister can you believe it my church where I preach is Mt. Pisgah C.M.E in Cayce Ms. I have my own truck line started with my friend Minister Sindy Hines of World Overcomers in Memphis Tn. I have started back in school at the University of phoenix studying Assoc. of arts and business and my B.S in pschyology. got two more years in that.I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon. "You know you are Blessed!" (901)-258-6644 cell.

KerSheena Bland [last updated August, 2008]
HEY ALL YOU MUSTANG FANS!! Hello everyone, I know some of you have been wondering where I am. Well, I'm still live in Florida. I moved here right after graduation. I just love it here. Don't get me wrong I will always love Memphis, but it something about being able to wear shorts in December I just love. I'm married to the man I started dating when I moved here in 1993. We both work for Baycare Health System at Morton Plant Hospital. We have 2 children, a boy 8-years-old named Tyrone (TJ)and a girl 2-years-old named Tyra. My family is my life. I love spending time with my children. I'm a big kid at heart, and they just love it. It was great to read the profiles of so many of my former classmates. My sister and I talk all the time about my years at East. Those were the days!! My heart was crushed to hear about Tederick. He will always hold a very special place in my heart. So, classmates remember to live, laugh, and love, but most of all PRAY!!

Bennette Bradford [last updated May, 2007]
Hello my East High family! I hope this reaches everyone in good health. My family and I are BLESSED. I'm still employed at Methodist University Hospital and a full-time student at Northwest Mississippi College pursuing a career in Nursing. Pray for me & my family, and I'll do the same for you and yours.
(P.S.) R.I.P. Lynn, Tederick, and Rasul.

Katrina Brooks [last updated September, 2008]
Wow!! Truly God is amazing! It was a pleasure seeing all of you again and your families this past reunion. God has kept us. I still reside in the Metro area. I'm married to my God given husband (Cedric Baker) of 9yrs and as of yet, no children. I graduated with an Assoicates in Science, currently working on my Baccalaureate. I work in dailysis with patients with kidney fauilure. But of all my accomplishments, I'm most proud of is my relation with our heavenly father. Christ is everything to me and my family and I pray he too has become of pilar in your lives. Looking forward to our next acquaintance. Love you all. God Bless!

Nikki Brooks [last updated May, 2008]
Hello Everyone, Just a quick update. I have relocated for the first time in my life. I now live in Evansville, IN. What a change. Life is still wonderful. Still married, and the kids are growing so fast. Rodney 11, Jhaymie 9, Makenzi 6, Nicholas 4, and Lauren 2. I'm going to do my best to make it to the reunion this year, I missed the last one. Thanks to Lynnesha for being such a great friend and keepin in touch. God Bless all of you. I look foward to seeing you all soon! Feel free to contact me.

Vicki Brooks [last updated June, 2011]
I don't know were to begin. Alot has happen since 1993. I attended University Tennessee Chattanoga and pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha then transferred to Tennessee State University after numerous attempts of trying to enter the Physical Therpy Program. At TSU, I met new friends and hung out with the best of sorors. I graduated from TSU recieving a BS degree in cardiopulmonary care afterward being discouraged from trying to entered physical therapy therapy school for the 5th time. Let me tell you GOD is good, because low and behold he open the door for the right physical therapy school to where I recieved my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in 2003. I am now marrried with two beautiful kids. Dillon and Haille. I am married two my boyfriend of college where we both reside in oklahoma where he is a practicing radiologist and I am now a practicing physical therapist who owns a Home Health Agency, Part Inspiration Soror Corhonda Dawson. You may find me on facebook. To all God Bless!!!

Mia Bruce [last updated March, 2008]
Hello everyone it is a blessing to be able to write this profile today. I am so glad to read most of your life stories and I am overjoyed to know that all is well with you. I am married to my best friend Terrence and we have 2 daughters Megan 5 months and Kalyn 5 . One son Terrence 4. I am a Health Science teacher here in Memphis at Trezevant Career and Technology with Mr Burchfield if some of you remember him from East Vo tech. Life is great and I can't wait to come to the reunion this year because I missed the last one. Through it ALL I am a better person because of Jesus and I live my life thankful and grateful to Him each day. As I remember the class of 1993 I have great memories (cheering ) that I can always hold dear to my heart. I pray for the families and friends of those who have gone on before us. Lets make everyday a great day. May God continue to Bless everyone and their family. Remember LIFE IS FRAGILE HANDLE IT WITH PRAYER. To my other best friend of 23 years Tosha Allen Thanks For being a sister thru it all. pRAY TO SEE YOU SOON
Mia C. Moore

Nakia Buchanan [last updated update March, 2005]
Greetings Mustangs:
For the past year, I have been living in the Vancouver-Portland area. I have been married for four years. I have two children, Gavriel Baruch-Ellis Anthony and Atira Elese Anthony. I substitute for Portland Public Schools. My husband is a music teacher in Vancouver.
Keep the faith!!!

Lonzo Caffey [last updated November, 2000]
What's up fellow classmates of East High School, class of 1993? This is your boy, Lonzo "Zo-Dogg" Caffey! I am having a Pre-Christmas/Birthday Party, Friday, December 22, 2000 @ Club Stewart's (formerly Hot Shots)from 9pm-3am.(Dress to impress!) For ticket information, please contact me @ . Hope to hear from you soon & see you at the party!

Umekia Carter [last updated December, 2002]
Hello everyone!! It is me "the little one". I am currently attending the University of Memphis working on my masters degree in chemistry. I am a chemist working in a local lab here in Memphis. I have no children yet but hope to have two someday. I have been really anticipating our upcoming class reunion. I have very little information about it but would greatly appreciate any updates of meetings, etc. I can be reached at the email address given. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Towanda Cox [last updated August, 2002]
Hello fellow classmates! I hope the years have been as kind to you as they have for me. I am currently working as a Family Services Coordinator for Porter Leath Headstart here in Memphis. I attended and graduated from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BS in Psychology and I am currently attending The University of Memphis to obtain my PHD in Clinical Psychology. I have a three year old son named Zion Tyonne and he is the joy of my very being. Never new loving someone could be this fulfilling and gratifying. It is true and uncomditional, those of you who have children understand and those who hope to have them can't imagine. Well anyway, I am looking forward to seeing all of my 1993 classmates next year at the reunion. My heart becomes overjoyed whenever I think about the years I spent at East High. I was in such a hurry to leave never realizing that those were indeed the greatest years of my life. I made a forever friend there and she is the godmother to my son, Danielle Rhodes Thomas and she has truly been more than a friend but a sister to me and I love her dearly, forever. Those of you who made friendships at East know they are forever and the most endearing. Well as stated earlier, I look forward to see you all. Much love forever class of 1993, and Chubby we love and miss you. Please feel free to email me anytime!

Tederick Dawson [last updated August, 2001]
Deceased. News stories and an obituary are available. Click here to read the obituary.

Prior to his death, Tederick Dawson was a participant with our alumni page. The following was his last posting with us.
[posted April, 2000]
Hello everyone, it has been a while since the great year of 1993. I have been doing so many things since that time. I am currently attending the University of Memphis, were I will finally receive my BS in chemistry in the summmer of 2000. I am a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. I pleaded at UT Chattanooga in Spring 1994. I PLan to enter Pharmacy school after graduation. I hope everyone is living out their dreams. I am still single and plan to be for a while. I look forward to our class reunion in 2003. I am looking for anyone with any ideas about it, because it is coming soon.

Adrienne Dee - Deceased. [last updated February 27, 2008]
An obituary is available.
Prior to her death, Adrienne Dee was a participant with our alumni page. The following is her last posting with us.

[posted May, 2003]
Greetings to my fellow '93 Mustangs. Currently, I am working at Methodist University Hospital as a Medical Social Worker. I graduated from UT Chattanooga in 1997 (B.S. Psychology) and UT Memphis in 2001 (Master of Social Work). There isn't much going on with me right now, just trying to enjoy life and the many blessings from above. Look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion this year.
Peace and Love to you all !!!!
P.S Any updates on the reunion would be appreciated; I've only heard bits and pieces. Email me

Moriah Easley [last updated May, 2006]
Recently, our dear old East High years have been on my mind. With all that's going on in and outside of the school, it is time to restore the spirit that made East the place! After many changes in my life, I am now in Memphis. I have a daughter that has truly changed my life. She is a God sent gift. After accepting my call to ministry, I know that the foundation layed at East was given under God's direction. It's time yall to help out! Feel free to email me at

LaVica Edwards [last updated December, 2008]
Hello fellow Mustangs...It was great to see everyone at the class reunion...Marty along with his crew did an awesome job pulling it together...I have been in Atlanta for about 4 yrs with my 3 children (Gerald-12, Katelyn & Kyla-9). They are the light of my life and they keep me busy. I recently graduated with my Education Specialist Degree from Piedmont College here in GA. I am an elementary teacher preparing for a middle school transition. "What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand."
-- Confucius
Happy New Year Class of '93!!
Stay Blessed and Prosperous!!!!!!!!

Demond Fason [last updated July, 2006]
Just wanted to let you all know whats going on in my life!
I am happily married (Lyric Fason)with one child(Demond "DJ" Fason 3yrs old)I am currently teaching at Humes Middle School

Lynesha Garner [last updated April, 2000]
Well, It's good to know that everbody's just peachy these days. I'm sure we all have worked hard to get where we are, Well if you haven't then I know I have. I currently reside in Nebraska City, NE with my husband (Tarus) and our 2 handsome sons(Kyron and Kieven age 3....yep twins). So far we are happily married and life couldn't be better. I am a Benefits Specialist (HR,you know) for a company called American Meter Company here in Nebraska. We make the utility meters for homes and businesses around the country. After graduation I went to Shelby State for a year and went on to odd jobs. I got married, we relocated for his job and here we are, just blissful. I am happy that everyone is doing so well for themselves. Feel free to e-mail me , I would love to hear from you. Congrats to all on your achievements and may God continue to bless you.

Jacqueline Gatewood [last updated March, 2008]
Hello Mighty Mustangs! I am proud to see how GOD has truly blessed everyone. I am currenly living in Memphis and I have been employed by International Paper for eight years and have spent the last year and a half in Europe (Krakov, Poland). I am currenly a Process Steward and lead the SAP implementation for order managment, billing and reporting functional areas. I received my BA in Operations Management in 1999 and by MBA from Strayer University in 2005. Let's all keep the family and friends of our classmates that have joined GOD's grace. I work hard, but I will always make time to connect with any of my fellow classmates. Feel free to drop me a note. GOD BLESS!

Allyson Gray [last updated June, 2010]
Hello, everyone. I'm still praying and living a blessed life. I continue to live as a stay-at-home Mom/ Homemaker, ya'll. But now the kids are ages 13, 3, and 2; and I am a full time Graduate Student at the University. My major is Counseling Community Mental Health. One day soon, I'll be Doctor Allyson. Also, We just bought our first home (as homeowners, not renters) in April. I attend the University of Memphis. I always tell my eldest daughter to enjoy being a little girl, 'cause you dont get to go back to it. I'm starting to forget what it was like to be a kid, myself. Then I start remembering my days at East High school; learning math, kissing boys, worrying about clothes, and studying in class with no air conditioner for five years. Ahhhh, that was the good old days. I'm stronger for the experiences.

Julia Griggs [last updated June, 2008]
Hello, to all my fellow classmates. I pray all is well with you. It was pleasing to see how well the class of 93 was doing at our ten year reuion. So, I am looking forward to seeing all of you in August. I am currently working for United Airlines in Chicago as a flight attendant. I have been flying for the past ten years. It has been a wonderful experience, but now my foucus is on school. I still fly full time and go to school full time at the University of Memphis, currently a junior majoring in communication with a concentration of broadcasting and television media. I am currently single with no children and yes, my life is great. I wish you all continue success. Remember, be blessed, be true, be you!

Tricia Hall [last updated August, 2009]
Just an update....I completed graduate school at Howard Univeristy in 2008 with a Master of Social Work degree (3.93 GPA). I still in the District of Columbia suburbs (and I LOVE it!)I am currently the Minister of Music at the Abundant Life COGIC in Washington, DC (and I LOVE IT!) And finally, I am an adoption social worker for the District of Columbia Government....My next move? Law School at Georgetown University with an emphasis on Child Welfare Law. God has been better than good to me....better than great! He has blessed me in ways that I could never imagine, and I walk in the victory of his Resurrection everyday....God Bless You All and ALWAYS remember Jesus!
Tricia A. Hall, BS,MSW
P.S. Check out my church's website!: abundantlifecogicdc.org

Telly Handy [last updated August, 2006]
Hello fellow classmates!!
I'm glad to see that everyone are doing good for themselves! I'm here at Lester School as an G.O. Secretary. I have 3 healthy boys (Darius)13, (D'Angelus)10, and (Kevin)9. I'm also looking forward to becoming a Travel Agent. No!! I'm not married yet! I'm not in a hurry either!! I'm still the same Telly, except, I've learned the THE FACTS OF LIFE! I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL SOON!!! EVERYBODY TAKE CARE!!

Yolanda Hawkins [last updated October, 2007]
Hello everyone just thought I would drop a line and say hi. Sorry I missed the reunion, I heard it was really good. I still have my one daughter that I had our senior year, Myko(about to be 15 next month, who is currently a 9th grader at East High). I am still in Memphis, no other place like it. After high school I went to cosmetology school and finished( Ms. Phd). I am currently getting ready to start my MAS training this month. Well that's about all I can think of right now. I hope each of you are doing exceptional in your personal life as well as your spiritual life.BE BLESSED! Oh, one more thing! I am now a parent and child advocate for a couple of schools. I want to say this to all of you who have children in school. Listen to your children, get involved, KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. I can not stress the importance of parents being involved enough. It makes all the difference. Our children are our future and it's up to us to protect, nuture, and guide them.

LaFlatis Jackson [last updated April, 2007]
Hello Mighty Mustangs, I miss you all so much! I miss the great school days we all shared together. I'm a proud parent of one child (Angelica R. Allen. I'm single and very happy. I've been an employee of Memphis City Schools since 1995. I'm at Coleman Elementary. I've been a member of Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) since 2005. Feel free to call me at 901-502-8379 or email me. Remeber "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." Helen Keller

TaMishka Jones [last updated July, 2009]
Hi there. I'm TaMi'shka L. Jones, a proud graduate of the AlMIGHTY CLASS OF 1993! I'm located in Memphis, TN and currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree from ITT Tech. I don't have any kids and haven't been married. I still the same ol "no nonsense" Mimi, but with a few changes for the better with maturity.
If you want to contact me my address is 1488 Livewell Circle; Memphis, TN 38114.

Vanessa Jones [last updated August, 1999]
Hello everyone! It is so great to hear of how well everyone is doing. I graduated from The University of Memphis (Memphis State, they changed the name) with a B.A. in Social Work in May. I plan to attend U.T. Knoxville School of Social Work to receive a M.S. and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Marriage and Family Therapy. I'm currently working as a counselor in child sexual abuse at the Memphis Child Advocacy Center. I would love to hear from you all! Feel free to Email me at any time. May God bless you all and keep you on that upward path.

Wali Dawud Langford [last updated February, 2002]
I thank god for all his help in my life and all the lesson of life that his has blessed me to have lived. My heart felt reget goes out to the family of my good freind and classmate Teddrick Dawson. Thank God for time that he allow you here with us, we are all better people.
I recently got married, in july of 1999, to Cassandra Roberts-Langford. We have two health boys, Wali II(3years) and Imhotep(8months). I have passed my shebly county electrican master exam and Cassandra has been excepted into state tech nursing program. I am in the spot. But my e-address is

Rasul Madyun [last updated June, 1999]
Editors note: Mr. Madyun is reported to have died November 19, 2006, in Washington, D.C. We have been unable to located a confirming published obituary. If you can provide an authortiative reference, please contact us at editor@EastHigh.org.

Peace to all of my people from the mighty class of 1993. It has been a while you all. I'm currently working in Industrial Chemistry, at a chemical plant named W.M.Barr. I am now in several community service organizations. I pledged Alpha Phi Alpha during my stay at Lemoyne-Owen College, from which I graduated with a B.S. in Biology. I'm currently trying to enter Med school by the year 2000-2001. I'm also an Assistant Imam (Islamic minister), and I speak at various confernces around the country. Thank you to all of my old friends who were an inspriation to keep on moving forward. Feel free to contact me at any time, y'all. You know the deal. PEace and blessings to all. Much love. P.S. Also, If anyone needs some artwork, as it was in School, so is it now. Art is still a huge hobby of mine.

Kim Marks [last updated December, 1998]
I graduated from Dillard University, in New Orleans, with a BS in Chemistry, in 1997. I was initiated in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Fall of 1995. I am presently living in New York. I work, as a consultant, for Anderson Consulting and am on assignments in various cities around the country.
1141 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Edward McAllister [last updated September, 1998]
Hi! I am currently stationed in Dover, De as a member of the US Air Force. I am married to class of '91 graduate, Miata Aakbar-McAllister ('91) and we have a beautiful daughter, Shani Asiyah. Feel free to contact me to let me know what the rest of you have been up to.

Tamara Moore [last updated July, 2018]

Octavia Lynn Nelson [posted January 26, 2005]
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.
A story about the death is also in our news section.

Andrew Patton [last updated November, 2005]
What's up fellow mustangs!!! Man where do I start.. I graduated from Rust College in 97 with a B.A. in Communications. While attending Rust I missed out on pledging but in the fall of 2k the pretty boys of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,Inc. decided on Dec 9th, 2000 at 12:19am that I had what it took to stroll into Kappa land.(Hendersonville Alumni Chapter ace klub in da house) Believe it or not I accepted my calling to preach the gospel nearly two years ago. I've preached several times in the Nashville and Southern Kentucky area. I've completed a few hours towards a master's in business. My true passion is ministry and writing a book on the affects of Racism and Christianity... Be on the look out for that!!!! A brother got married and I have two children Ryan (4)and Kaelin (9)
My wife and I are expecting a little girl in late March. Currently I am a search consultant with Management Recruiters Inc. (Nashville,TN.)So I've went from being a hood rat to a Ghetto Faboulous Preacher who happens to have a little education... And they said it couldn't happen out of South Memphis!!!!!! May God bless all of you Sorry I missed the reunion!!! I pray that if this email finds you that you have dedicated or rededicated your life to God's will..

Cedric Porter [last updated August, 2003]
Sup peeps? I'm currently chilling here in da Ville working as an Advanced Server Specialist (blah...I configuire Servers and peer-to-peer attached Storage among other junk) for Dell computers and sidelining as a consulting network speacialst for companies. I have a girl, but we're not married yet. I'll probably get the ball and chain sometime next year because she's been sweating me about that. No kids yet either. Byron Jackson (Killa B) told me about this site so I figuired I'd put in my two cents as well. Other than that, I've been maxing. Hope all is well with er'body. Holla back!

Korhonda Randolph [last updated January, 2006]
Hi, All!
I am blessed. In 1998 I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in systems science engineering. My 8-year old daughter, Kyran, and I live in the ATL area along with my fiance, Takirra. Currently I work for AutoTrader.com.
Drop me an email to let me know about your well-being.

Lisa Randolph [last updated November, 2007]
Hello, to all my classmate the girl is still doing her thang. I have 3 daughter with Ass. Degree and now is a Surgical Tech. For the past year i've been living in Columbia, Sc.But i'm back and and is relly enjoyin my yesteryears. So to all God bless and keep the sprite.

Kima Ransom [last updated March, 2008]
Hello Mustangs! I have been very busy and blessed since I graduated from East High Academy :) After graduating from East, I went to the Univ. of Memphis and earned a B.S. in Education. Three years later, I graduated from the Univ. of Miss. with a Master of Educ. degree. I also received my Master +30 from the Univ. of Memphis in Library Science. I have been a teacher for Memphis City Schools for eight years. I am also a mother. My son's name is Miles Smith. I really enjoyed the ten year class reunion, and I am looking forward to the fifteen year reunion. Stay safe and blessed. EEEEE-YIPPP! TO ALL MY SGRHO SORORS!!!

Bo Reddick [last updated February, 2000]
What's up, fellow Mustangs. I stumbled across this website, and I'm glad I did. All I have to say to the class of 2000 and on is enjoy your days at East High School while you are there. Me, I couldn't wait to get out. I was so focused on leaving that sometimes I forgot to have fun where I was. Don't be like me. I know you get tired of going to school every day, and you are ready for the next level; but always make the best of the level you're currently on. You're be surprised how much easier it will make the next level. To my fellow 99 graduates and those before me, God Bless you in all that you do. Stay on top of your work at school! Those of you who know me know that I did not do my work like I should at East High School, but I am doing it now. So, put God first and everything else will fall in place!

Danielle Rhodes [last updated July, 2002]
After graduation, I attended University of Tennessee at Chattanooga ('98) where EARNED a BS in Chemistry and pledged Delta Sigma Theta (Spring 95 #6). After graduation I worked for William's Refinery and decided that working was not the thing for me at the time so I went to the University of Memphis ('00) where I RECEIVED a MS in Biology with a concentration in Microbiology/Immunology. Because I still haven't really figured out what I want to be when I grow up I am now attending UT-Memphis College of Pharmacy working on my Pharm. D. Degree. Recently (June 1,2002) I married a Navy man who is now about to pursue a degree in Art with a concentration in Architecture. I look forward to hearing from ALL of my close friends and I hope to see you at the class reunion next year!!!

Cassandra Roberts [last updated February, 2002]
Hello Friends, It is nice to see all of my dear classmates are doing wonderful things. I am Cassandra Langford, yes it is true I married the one and only WALI LANGFORD. I currently work @ HealthSouth Hospital in Memphis as a Physical Therapist Assistant,however I curently enrolled in Nursing school @ STCC with plans to attend University of Memphis in the Fall of 2004 to earn my BSN. Wali and I have two handsome little boys Wali Dawud Langford II and Maxwell Imhotep Langford with no plans for anymore children. Wali is cuurntly a Master Electrician and works @MLGW. Oh, need an electricain please call him. Look forward to seeing all of you @ our 10th class reunion in 2003.

Andre Rogers [last updated September, 2010]

Howard Smith [last updated March, 2006]
Be blessed my friends. We made it through another one I hope to here from yall soon so HOLLA back.

Martavious Stevens [last updated February, 2003]
What's up c/o '93!? We getting old yall, its been 10 years since we've been together and alot has changed for everyone. I'm working for an air conditioning and heating company called Mills-Wilson-George,Inc. here in Memphis, i'm a sales engineer for two years now. I'm married as of August 2001, (no kids); but still wild as if it was still '93. I hope to see all yall at the reunion this year and wish everyone a good year. Email me at marty@mwgsales.com PEACE ALL
P.S.S. R.I.P. to my man chubby we miss you dog!!
Memories: Our '93 football squad (8-2) and senior cut day, it was the bizzness

Talise Taylor [last updated May, 2006] [E-mail address updated August, 2008]

Chandra Thomas [last updated December, 2000]
Hello, fellow graduates! Since my last update I have graduated from Austin Peay State University in clarksville, TN. I am currently employed as a Residential Case Manager with the Department of Children's Services. Please feel free to contact me at . I would love to hear from you. Take care and may GOD continue to bless your every endeavor....

Kenneth Thomas [last updated July, 2006]
Hello Fellow Mustangs and my dear friends of class of 93'. It is 2006 and all of us should be in our 30's or older. This is the time in our life where we stop living for ourselves and start making a differnece for the next generation to come. I'm currently still residing in the Memphis area (Southaven, MS to be exact). I'm still working for VP Buildings Inc. a pre-engineered metal building company as a Software support/Project manager. I am still married to my wife and I have 2 beautiful daughters (Mia 8, and Kayla 4). Reading everyone's profile is so wonderful to know that we are out here making a good living for ourselves and family. Let's keep this going on. Lets stay safe and keep moving forward in life. GO EAST HIGH FOOTBALL!!!! Support the booster club.

Ponnie Valentine [last updated October, 2006]
It feels good to be bless my fellow mustangs. My life has been full with challanges but thats what makes me strong. I went on to play basketball at JSU and meet some wonderful people doing my college years ( The SWAC BABY). I have two daughters Nikyra & Kiara Valentine who I love to death. 4Real! My life has been good. I graduated from JSU and now I'am coaching/teaching. I was teaching/coaching at Trezevant High School. And yes, we did win the Jr. High Boys Basketball Championship 06'-07'. But Know I'am back home where I belong and will be working beside coach Mosby, Coach Turner and Coach Taylor this year. Damn! time waits 4 no 1. Good things comes for those who wait. GOD is good all the time! Get at me. My email is

Robert Valentine III [last updated July, 2006]
Hello whats going on it's been a good while since I have seen or talked to anybody that I graduated with ...Well here goes I have 3 wonderful children and one on the way Christina Robin Valentine 6, Robert E Valentine IV 4 and Logan Elise Valentine 2 I attended Lane College in 1993 and left School To get into the Car business, after the car business I started a Painting and Building maintenance company with much success ..Now I'm finally Living out my dreams I have just recently enrolled In Commercial Aviation at The University of Memphis "I'm gonna be a pilot" so look out I hope to hear from you guys soon I can be reached at 9014849384 Talk to you soon

Kevin Wade ("Tappdaddy") [last updated August, 2005] [E-mail address updated November, 2011]
Whats really good. I am in Chattanooga TN. just being my .I am a barber/hairstylist, and now waiting on my first due in March just like his Daddy etc. But All-in-all everything is good.

People who attended East with the class of 1993 but were not graduated with it.
Renee Harris [last updated March, 2006]
Hi Everyone!
Although I didn't graduate with you guys, I still remember most of my Jr High & High School days at East. If you do remember me, one of my bestfriends was Chandra Baker (Who is still my bestfriend!)and my favorite entertainer was Michael Jackson (and still is...). Anyway, I live in Los Angeles, CA and love it! I originally came here b/c I caught the acting bug, after I graduated with my B.S in Healthcare Adminstration (Thanks to Ms. Hightower) from Tennessee State University. After 7 months of hustling, I realized that it wasn't my passion, then I went back to school to recieve my MBA in Global Technology Management. Now, I work for a biotech company called Medtronic and work in the clinich research department. Other than that, I'm single, no kids, serve God faithfully and moving closer to the beach in 3 weeks!
Be Blessed!

Kim Settle [last updated June, 2008]
Hello Everyone,
It's been a long time since I attended East, but I had so many fond memories. While at East some of you may remember me from playing tennis. I am now living in the ATL and working in accounting. I graduated from J. C. Smith University with BS in mathematics and Georgia State University with a BBA in accounting. I will be attending seminary in the Fall. My life has had its share of challenges and changes. It's wonderful to hear so many of your life stories and the many directions you lives have taken. It's amazing to see how our dreams have manifested since attending East. May God bless you all and keep living and pursuing your dreams. Feel free to email me.

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