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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1975
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Photos and narratives from your 40-year reunion are welcome.

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Woodie Adair [last updated September, 1997]
In Memphis working for Pony Express. Woodie does not list a contact address, but was an attendee at the class of 75 reunion in August 1997 and so is in contact with fellow classmates through whom you might be able to make contact.

Terri Aguilar ('74)
Graduated a year early in '74, but my heart is still with the class of '75.
Editor's note: See Terri's profile under the Class of 1974 listings.)

Mark Banks
Reported deceased.*

Sue Barnard [last updated February, 2015]
Hello Mustangs! Morgan Lynn (Class of '73) and I married in 1977 and were blessed with two amazing children, Daniel Lynn - 1982, and Melanie Lynn - 1984. I graduated from Memphis State with an undergraduate degree in Social Work and then later graduated from there again with a Master's of Arts in Teaching. We have remained in the Memphis area all these many years, currently living in Germantown where I teach for the Germantown Municipal School District. Best memories from my years at East: Square dancing in 3rd grade in the basement of the elementary school; slapping the ceiling in the annex during 7th and 8th grades (which low and behold was filled with asbestos); and the many band friendships during my high school years with my long time East buddies and my new Lester buddies. Loved being a Mustang!
E-mail not available.

Deborah Blakney [last updated August, 2002]
Deborah Blakney class of 75 originally scheduled for class of 76. Married to Eddie Allen also class of 75 for 20 years. We have 3 children, 18, 12, & 11. I'm currently employed as a Banking Officer for Union Planters Mortgage & Eddie works for the Corp of Engineers, St Louis District. I found this web site by accident. It's good to know and here from fellow alumni.

Darryl DeWayne Bolton - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Charles Cason[last updated August,2006]
Hello everybody!I'm still here in Memphis!After graduating in 1975 from East I attended Shelby State Comm College majoring in business administration and management. I graduated in 1979 with A.A.S.degree.I've been across country and back, worked everywhere from the U.S.Post office to Schering-Plough and presently at B.B.Kings Blues Club on Beale St.where I'm the Booking Mgr.for The Carl Drew Blues Band,M.C.,lead and background vocalist since 2002.My regular show time is Sat.and Sun. from 2:00 till 6:00 p.m. and Mon. nights from 8:00p.m. untill 12:00a.m.As for the month of August 2006 I'm performing on Sunday only from 2:00p.m. untill 6:00p.m.So yes I'm still into my music songwriting and composing. I recently recorded one of my originals entitled "It's What You Didn't Say" at Echo Records here in Memphis so you can be looking out for that.I have a book soon to be available entitled "Cocain and the Plot of Satan Against Mankind". I've not yet married,I have two grown kids;Marcus Cason,33 and Sheba Hoskins,32 and 4 grandchildren all of whom I am extremely proud. I am truely blessed!Visit me at <www.charlescasonandthemasters.com> and hey I'd like to here from you guys!

Kathy Caudle [last updated March, 2000]
I am so glad to find this site! As many of you may remember, Gary Holmes and I dated in jr. high. We ended up getting married. We have been married 20 years and have six wonderful children.(Yes we do know what causes that!) And, yes, they were all on purpose! They are: Erin, 17, Patrick 11, Andrew, 10, Emily, 6, Anna, 5, and Elizabeth, 3. We have a wonderful life and are in the process of building a house on 3 acres in the Mt. Pisgah area of Cordova. We would love to hear from any of our former school friends, and if anyone knows where to find Angela McFarland, I would really like to contact her.

Marta Cohen - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Kathy Cook [last updated February, 2003]
Hi Classmates and friends! I ran into a fellow classmate and he told me about this webpage. I sure was glad to see it. I've worked for a private medical lab for 24 years, where I am the manager. I've never been married...never found Mr. Right...but still looking. I hear some of you get together occasionally. I'd love to see all of you and catch up! Or hear from everyone!
Email me at

Mark Duck [last updated November, 1999]
After graduating from East, I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville . After graduating from UT I moved to Atlanta. In '93 I moved back to Memphis. If you want details of what happened in between, you have to e-mail or write me! I will tell you that i presently am in residential real estate. Let me hear from you.

William Frazier [last updated September, 1997]
National training director for home base public utilities, local phone, long distance, paging, cable, internet home security, cell (PCs), electricity and natural gas.
Bill was an attendee at the class of 75 reunion in August 1997 and so is in contact with fellow classmates through whom you might be able to make contact.

Beth Gooch [last updated August, 2005] [E-mail address updated May, 2007]
I am still working as a copy editor at The Commercial Appeal. On Jan. 1, 2005, I married a fellow East High graduate, Lester Goldsmith.

Vanessa Granberry [last updated May, 2006]
I still live in the Memphis area (Cordova). I have been happily married for 16 years. We have an eight year old son, Justin who attends Kate Bond Elementary. I work for a chemical company in Collierville as an Executive Administrative Assistant. Please email me, I would love to hear from my fellow classmates.

Mary Hall [last updated October, 2009]
Mary Hall
Hello East High family, I am a 1975 graduate of East & have spent most of my adult life working as a case manager with a nonprofit collaborative. I retired from that position and took a position with county government in 2007. I am a widow with two successful adult sons and one athletic, talented, and brilliant grandson. I do a lot of volunteer work with nonprofit organizations, because I love helping others thrive and not just survive. I appreciate this website and wish others had the same thing. Be blessed everyone!

Ann Henderson [last updated March, 2015]
Hi everyone! I graduated from the University of Memphis (so weird to say that) and Ole Miss. I have been married to Lee Hart for 30 years and we have a 16 year old daughter. We moved back to Memphis 4 years ago, after 20 years in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm missing the warm weather a lot lately!!! Would love to hear from you!
For those of you who knew Don, I'm heartbroken to say that he died in 2013 of a heart attack. He is missed every day!

Terry Hawkins [last updated July, 1998]
I married for 16 years and have one son Justin 15 years old. I own European Tanz,a tanning salon in Bartlett, TN. My wife Jackie works there full time.
I'm working as Parts Manager at Covington Pike Mazda/Hyundai and have been there for 22 years.
I live in Cordova on 11.5 acres.
Please write me
Check out my web page www.eurotanz.com
See ya.

Robert Haynes [last updated March, 2010]
After graduating from East, I went to Mid-South Bible College (now Crichton College and graduated with a BA in 1979. That's were I met and married my wife, Connie, in 1978. Afterwards, I attended Memphis State and became a Certified Public Accountant and was employed for 5 years at a CPA firm in Memphis then had my own practice for 5 years. Now I serve as pastor of New Life Community Church in Olive Branch, MS and have been here since 1985. We have 3 grown children (born 1981, 1985, and 1987)and one super grandson (born 2009). Feel free to email me or look me up on facebook. I actually knew more people from the class of 1976 because I did the summer school thing after 10th grade in order to skip the 11th grade so I ended up graduating the same year as my brother Stephen Haynes.

Kathy Henry [last updated October, 2017]
Hey ya'll! Remember our motto? The class of 75 don't take no jive...how cool were we?lol. I received a business degree from Christian Brothers College, now University, in 1979. I was an accountant in Memphis until early 1991. I married and moved to Signal Mountain, just north of Chattanooga. I was married to a wonderful man, Don Williams, for almost 22 years, until his passing in December of 2012. We had a son,Glenn, who is now 25 years old. A special note for my closest friends in high school...my wonderful Mother passed away in 2008 at the age of 93. Holler for next reunion and I'll see ya there!!

Jack Ingram [last updated March, 2015]
John S. Ingram,AKA Jack; Married twenty-five years.
Reproduced: Two Boys currently attending college
Military: Army,Active, Reserve, National Guard now retired with 34 years of service.
Hobbies: Living the life of "George Plimpton"
Current Occupation: Driving a Flatbed OTR (2 Years)
Bucket List: Static Line Sky Diving, Hike the South to the North Face of the Grand Canyon.

Ervin C. Johnson [last updated December, 2007]
What a great website. Here is my life in a nutshell.
After my memorable time at East, I went to Memphis State,"Tiger High", on the 5 year plan, still hard to say University of Memphis. I became a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and spent four and a half wonderful years enjoying college and fraternity life. I moved to Atlanta in 1990 then moved to Los Angeles in 1998. After 9-11, I moved back to Atlanta and worked in management for Day Hospitality, Crowne Plaza Hotels and am currently working as a Director of Sales for a 400 room Marriott in suburban Atlanta. It is hard to believe that I have now been in the hotel business for 31 years. Atlanta is a huge and exciting city, but it is nice to go home to Memphis and see my family and get a rest from Atlanta traffic. I'm so happy I attended my 25th reunion in 2000. What a wonderful weekend !! Luckily, we were able to walk the halls of East High again, prior to the recent renovations. Who knew that we were exposed to Asbestos.
It looks like East High has really had some major ups and downs. We were fortunate to experience the good times.
Anyone who would like, please e-mail me and let's play catch-up.

Norma Jean Joy [last updated September, 1997]
I have been employed with Boatman's Bank for 15 years. I have two children, Melanie and Chris. Melanie is a junior at the Univerisity of Memphis in Nursing. Chris is in the 8th grade at East High. Melanie also graduated from East High. My son will also graduate from East high. I'm single and also happy!!
Contact information pending. Norma was an attendee at the class of 75 reunion in August 1997 and so is in contact with fellow classmates through whom you might be able to make contact.

Lisa Kenny [last updated March, 2015]
In anticipation of our upcoming 40th reunion, I am updating my profile. I moved to Nashville almost 3 years ago when my husband took a job here. I have never lived anywhere besides Memphis and still bemoan the fact I cannot find my way around here! Three of our four kids were living here. My daughter, Lucy, her husband, BJ, and my grandson, Parker as well as my son, Parker and his wife, Carrie are here. Sadly, we lost Tim's son, David who died unexpectedly at 39 last February. I am so glad we had that time with him, living in the same city and will always be grateful. I teach part time in Spring Hill, still in the area of gifted. We live in a community that backs up to trust land and it is fun to see deer and turkey running around. Never had that growing up on Poplar!

Wade Koon [last updated January, 2013]
I'm still with Shelby County Schools in the Business Information Systems department. I am now the Director of the department. I have been here 25 years now. I still own a karaoke/dj service (River City Karaoke & DJ Service) as well as work with a non-profit group that I helped establish (The Noble Krewe of Hathor). We have now established a scholarship fund for high school seniors as well as raise money for local charitable groups that do not receive any significant funding from a national group or any governmental assistance. To date we have worked for the Church Health Center, the Animal Protection Association, the Dream Factory of Memphis, Alzheimers Day Services, Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, Ronald McDonald House and Dogs 2nd Chance. Life keeps me busy!

Shelia Lockridge [last updated August, 2000]
Hi, I am living in Olive Branch, Ms. where I have lived for the past 5 years. I work as a Supply Chain Specialist for FEDEX - I have been with FEDEX for 19 years. I am married to Freddy Rodriguez and we have 2 children Adam - 14 - attends Harding Academy in Memphis 9th grade and Julie - 9 -attends Olive Branch Intermediate School 5th grade. I attended East in 1973 - 1975.

Dale Denise Lofton [last updated September, 1997]
I've been employed with Kroger for 14 years. I have a son 21 and a daughter 6 years old.
Contact information pending. Dale was an attendee at the class of 75 reunion in August 1997 and so is in contact with fellow classmates through whom you might be able to make contact.

Pam May [last updated November, 2008]
Hello class of '75! I just moved home a couple months ago. I had been living in Phoenix, AZ for 16 years before the and Oklahoma City for 7 years before that. I got married after I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and moved to Oklahoma City right away. My daughter was born in 1988 and then we all moved to Phoenix in 1991 where she grew up and graduated high school. She is now 20 and also living in Memphis.
I have been working in the legal field for 22 years and obtained my paralegal certificate from the University of Oklahoma. I am now living with my family trying to find a job so that I can get my own place again. Anybody out there know any attorneys? I have been looking all over the state and would love to relocate anywhere in Tennessee - I have missed it so, am very glad to be back home, and would like to hook up with any "old" friends from high school.
I would love to hear from you!

Tock McRae [last update March, 2006]
I live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife, Ann (who is from San Antonio); we've been married since 1980. We have two wonderful daughters, Lindy (b. 1985) and Kathleen (b. 1986)--now both students at Vanderbilt. After leaving East, I went to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt, where I obtained a degree in History and a law degree. Ann (who is also a law school graduate but happily retired from practice) and I moved to Dallas in 1982 and then to San Antonio in 1988. San Antonio is a wonderful city -- we have really enjoyed living here and raising our daughters here. I attended the reunion of the Class of '75 held in the summer of 2000 and enjoyed seeing everyone who was there (except for a couple of people who don't like lawyers). After many years practicing real estate and banking law in law firms here in San Antonio, I went to work in 2003 as lawyer for a food company. I don't get back to Memphis alot, but some-- one brother still lives there (Duncan, Class of '73 moved to Florida in 2005). I still keep in touch with a few folks from the class, Lisa Kenny - Cindy Godfrey and Roy West (who graduated from Briarcrest) but would love to get an email from anyone from high school days--there are so many people I wonder about. Best Wishes to all Mustangs!

David Meyer [last updated May, 2004]
I graduated from the Memphis College of Arts and went to work for an advertising agency for about 8 years. I have been working for myself ever since. My company is called Meyer Creative. My wife, Liz, is an art history teacher. We have two daughters, Anne and Sarah.

Dorothy Moore [last updated May, 2010]
My Name is Dorothy Moore, I am Happliy Divorce, I have 1 son and 2 grand sons. I am a Teacher with Memphis City School. If You want to contact me You can at [the address below]. Please contact me about our class reunion.

Beverly Mullinax [last updated July, 2015]
How can it be 40 years since we graduated???
I am updating since there have been a few changes since I last posted. In 2010 I married a wonderful man, Art Costello. He is a widower and the father of 3 grown, married children, with 5 grandchildren. We are in Austin where I still work as a CRNA and he has recently had a book published.
I ran across this web site when "googled" the address of East High School for a credentially application. I have nursing degrees from Memphis State (cannot get used to the Univesity of Memphis yet), ADN, Union University, BSN, and Xavier University of Louisiana, MSNA, which is a Masters of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology. I was a RN for 15 years before going back to become an anesthetist. I lived in Memphis until I moved to New Orleans for graduate school in 1995. Kind of shocking to think I have a graduate degree when I missed at least one day a week of school our senior year! I now work as a Certified Nurse Anesthetist in Austin, Texas and love both what I do and this city..

Susan Randall [last updated April, 2007]
It's long past time for an update, and not only mine I see as I read through some older postings. I've changed my job and my email but the place remains the same, Memphis, TN. Seems like a good place to come back to for lots of folks. I am in my 25th year of marriage, have a fourth grandchild and lots of fabulous contacts with EHS alumni, many of those who didn't graduate from East but have survived to tell tales of those wild 70's. Living here gives me joyous surprise encounters, and I'm looking forward to more in our future...see ya'around!.

Bill Roth [last updated October, 2009]
Hey there fellow Mustangs,
I am living in Nashville TN. My wife Debbie & I have been married for 25 years & we have 4 children, ages 21, 12, 12, & 9. I work for O'Charley's Inc in the Information Technology department primarily help our restaurants stay in touch with our home office & each other. I just found this su=ite a few weeks ago & am excited to hear from you. please drop me a line

Dennis Rooks [last updated October, 2007]

Barry E. Sims [last updated September, 1997]
Contact information pending. Barry was an attendee at the class of 75 reunion in August 1997 and so is in contact with fellow classmates through whom you might be able to make contact.

Richard Stahl [last updated August, 2007]
After finishing school I took a cross country cycling excursion across the United States. I met a Navy girl. We moved some 20 times and finally settling back in Memphis. We have 3 children, one just graduated from Ole Miss. I am an Architectural Space Planner with Belz Enterprises for 20 years. I have seen a few Alumni in recent years and have finally decided to register. I cycle alot now and enjoy exercising and traveling. Call me - Lets ride

Vernice Thompson - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Janet Thorpe [last updated September, 1997]
I live in Lanesville, Indiana; work at the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development in Louisville, Kentucky. My husband's name is Vern. I graduated from Univ. Of Memphis and Univ. Of Louisville.
Janet may be reached via e-mail at .

Deborah Tolbert - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Pam Turner [last updated January, 2007]
Pam Turner [last updated November, 2006] Graduated from East in 1975. I'm a Senior Analyst at Schering-Plough in Logistics by day and I work as a part-time Counselor/Advisor at Southwest Tennessee Community College Macon campus. My husband,James and I have been married since 1976; but,we never had children. We are active in the church and my father is still the pastor.

Frank Udelsohn [last updated May, 2003] [E-mail address updated May, 2007]
Hello. I graduated East in '75 then went to Memphis State. I worked at two radio stations in Memphis in advertising before moving to Arlington, VA (DC area) in '84 where I worked in Customer Service at several companies. I moved back to Memphis in '92 when I married my wife Bracha, who is from the New York City area. I currently work at a kosher deli in the Schnucks Grocery at Truse Parkway. I hope to hear from fellow East Grads-please e-mail. Thanks.

Roy West [last updated September 1997]
I am an account executive for Data General Corporation selling computer systems in a three state area. Married with three children.
Roy was an attendee at the class of 75 reunion in August 1997 and so is in contact with fellow classmates through whom you might be able to make contact.

People who attended East with the class of 1975 but were not graduated from East.

Susanne Bailey [last updated February, 2011]
I went on to Immaculate Conception for my last two years of High School... but I still miss lots of you. I then went to the University of Georgia, where I majored in Graphic Design. After college, I moved to Boston for an adventure, and figured it would be a good place to break into my field. I have enjoyed it, but didn't plan on staying... but I met this handsome Chemist... and now, 2 children later (Ben - 22, Emily -21), I'm still here! I am a graphic designer and also got a really fun gig as a decorative painter for Cheesecake Factory Restaurants from 2005-2008! I helped paint about 6 of them. See - you never know what might happen if you try :). I enjoy hiking, biking and most adventures that good friends invent.

Mark Burns [last updated April, 2001]
I attended East from the 1st grade thru the 8th grade. I would have been part of the class of 1975 if we had not moved.
I got married while living in Illinois, yes to a Yankee! I have three teenagers, two girls and a boy. I live in Ruston, Louisiana. I'm a process engineer at WPS Industries in Ruston.
I have a lot of good memories from East. I'm looking forward to hearing from someone that remembers me!

George Dandridge [last updated January, 2007]
Where to begin...This is an update of my profile. I have seperated from my wife and am divorcing. In the mean time, I moved back to Memphis where I ran into another alum from over 30 years ago, Alyson Newton. We began dating, fell in love and are now living together with high hopes for our future together.

Peter Davis [last updated June, 2012]
I stumbled across this website by accident, and had a great time reading profiles. I finished high school in Whitehaven (Hillcrest) and graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa (Business Administration). Grace Youmans and I have been married 30 years this Christmas night (2012)and have two sons. Josh is a captain in the Marines Special Forces, and Jonathan is still in college. I switched careers from Business to teaching about the time my 50 year mid-life crisis hit and love it! Sixth grade - Language Arts and Social Studies. Those kids keep me energized and challenged. Isn't it amazing how time passes - it certainly encourages you to evaluate your priorities and values. I am blessed to have God first, family second, and work third. Thanks for all of you who shared - was fun to hear what is and/or has happened in your lives!

Michael Lamar Jones - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.
[Editor's note: it is unclear if Michael Lamar Jones graduated from East High in 1975. If you have definate knowledge of his graduation school and year, please contact editor@EastHigh.org.

Robert Williams (Bobby) [last updated June, 2012]
Living in Intermountain West, doing community activism and selling a few books & comic books; rediscoved chess (nerd always) and have helped Univ. of Utah Chess Club refer to www.uofuchessclub.org to accomplish alot.
I did not ever get married or into a deep relationship; I have no children, that I know of.
Still remember East School, when you go to a school for 8 years, it stays a part of your life. I graduated from Columbus Lee High (Columbus, Mississippi) in 1975, but always felt I was part of East High. Thank you to everyone that was good to me at East.
Sorry I did not come to any of the reunions(low on dough). Hope Frank Udelson, my locker mate for several home rooms, and all of you are doing well.
Best Wishes and Good Luck
Robert (Bobby) Williams

Anita Wolfe [last updated January, 2000] [E-mail address updated April, 2007]
I've lived in Houston, TX since August 1982. Employee of Exxon for the past 17+ years (now the newly merged ExxonMobil Exploration Company), as Planning Assistant. Single, no children. Lived in Nashville, TN for 2 years while employed with International Harvester. I visit my family in Memphis two to three times a year. Looking forward to the 25-year class reunion.



* Entries with the "reported deceased" designation indicate a reunion committee or other persons believed closely associated with the class have indicated they have information they believe quite reliable about the death of the individual so designated. The East High Alumni Page has not received sufficient documentation to verify the information and therefore does not confirm the death or that the individual who died is the one of the same name who attended East High School. Such reports without confirmation should be taken with a degree of skepticism. Anyone with documentation to confirm the report or with information to refute the report is strongly encouraged to contact the editor of The East High Alumni Page at editor@EastHigh.org promptly. Please see our obituary policy.

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