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Obituary Policy
of The East High Alumni Page

Obituaries are posted on The East High Alumni Page for alumni, faculty, former faculty, staff, and former staff of the East High School, Memphis, Tennessee. Upon occasion, the obituary of others closely associated with the school may also be posted (i.e. a police officer who served as a crossing guard for the school for 20+ years). Except in rare circumstances (maybe the editor has personal knowledge of the death or knows the family), the posted obituaries must be from obituaries published in mainstream news media. Usually such published obituary needs to be available to The East High Alumni Page independently (in other words, we need to be able to look it up ourselves after being informed of its existence). Upon occasion, additional information supplied to us may be included on the obituary page. The East High Alumni Page attempts to verify each obituary as being that of the identified East High associated individual, however while we typically use multiple elements of verification, we do not require the same standard we would if we were a general circulation news media publication preparing a news story. Any allegedly incorrect information in a news media published obituary which is also posted here will not be changed until and unless the original publisher circulates a correction, unless the editor of The East High Alumni Page has personal knowledge of the error.

If apparently reliable information is furnished to The East High Alumni Page about the death of an individual whose obituary would otherwise qualify for posting but we are unable to verify the death based on our methodologies of attempting to confirm the association with East High, an entry may be made on the appropriate class directory or faculty/staff directory page as the individual having been "reported deceased" and a mainstream news media obituary is solicited.

Effective February 13, 2018, since most people have long had broadband internet access and most computers can handle large html pages with images, photographs of alumni that appear with published obituaries will now be included with obituaryies posted here. A photos accompanying the obituary of a faculty member is published with his/her obituary and it is available to us, we are open to posting a version of that photograph and have done so for many years.

As with all content of The East High Alumni Page, the editor(s) reserves the right to edit or decline to publish all submissions at his/her discretion.