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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1974
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Terri Aguilar [last updated September, 2008]
Hello to all Mustangs! Larry Healy (class of '73) and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and continue to live in Memphis. We don't have children, but keep busy with our families, church (CUMC), pets, and jobs. I'm still full-time nursing (since 1977) and an avid cactus collector. I also enjoy outdoor activities, esp. motorcycling and nature watching. I get together with several EHS alumni on a regular basis like Beth Gooch, Susan Randall, Janet Thorpe, Terry Hawkins, and John Alexander. I'd love to hear from y'all!

Jim Barcroft [last updated February, 1999]
I attended all 6 years at East from 7th grade thru 12th. I was more involved in ROTC my soph through senior years. After i gratuated from East, I entered the United States Air Force of October of 74, and just recently retired from the Air Force in the rank of Master Sergeant, after 24 years of active military service. Of that 24 years i spent 18 years as a Air Force Training Instructor at Lackland AFB Basic Training. I am married to Debbie, and we have been married for 17 and half years, and have a 16 year old daughter. Also I have a step son, his age is 20. I have retired here in San Antonio Texas, and still work at Lackland, but work for the University of Memphis...go figure. Anyway I teach smoking cessation as part of a grant through the University of Memphis to the air force basic trainees... I enjoy sports, play golf, and enjoy boating, and just the great outdoors. I usually try and get back to Memphis at least once a year to visit family still living there. And another one of my past times is spending time on america on line... my address is
David Beard - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Oakley Bohannon [last updated July, 2009]

Laurie Chamberlain [last updated October, 2009]
I joined the military and that's how I ended up in Alaska. I've lived in Texas, Maryland, Hawaii, Georgia and Indiana. I fish and play golf. I have 2 grand kids Beau 3 1/2 and Chloeanne 2. I work for the State of Alaska DOT. I'm diovorced but kept my married name.(Schalavin)
I would love to hear about any reunions etc, my address is 3422 West 84th Ave, Anchorage, Ak 99502

Ralph Davis [last updated May, 2000] [E-mail address updated August, 2000]
Hello fellow alumni's. Just a little over a month ago I was back home in Memphis to visit my folks. Each time I come home I find myself doing work at my parents home. This time was no different. I made a few trips to Home Depot for construction material to complete some work that I had started. I passed East High several times and found myself and my mind wondering back into the past. One of the things that I wanted to do was to take a little trip through those hallways to see changes, if any. I never made that visit due to my time restriction but one of the things that I had to do was to hit the electronic search monster, the Internet, just to see if East High School had a web page. It does, so I'm reporting in. My name is Ralph Davis. I attended East High the 10th through the 12th grade. I was in the ROTC program, assistant to Mike Parrish, if I'm not mistaken of the name. Coach Alexander persuaded me not to take a third year of ROTC but to play football so I played football in the 12th grade, #70, offensive tackle. I damaged my knee and was put out for the season. You may remember me on clutches hopping from class to class. I did letter in football and for a long time wore my school jacket with the big "E" but I can't find it now. After I graduated in 74, I attended State Tech institute majoring in electronic engineering. Not satisfied with the instructions, two of my professors, which were retired Naval Officers, suggested that I join the Navy because of the highly technical electronic equipment. So I did. I retired from the Navy 1May2000 after 24 years. I've seen the world many times. Some I like and some I didn't. I was involved in the Saudi Arabia conflict, the Africa peace keeping, and my latest adventure was the Bosnia, Albania/Kosovo peace keeping. None of which were pretty sights. Believe me, America is beautiful. I live in California; I'm not married, and I have no children. Like I tell my parents, between my sister and five brothers, the Davis name is NOT in trouble of a long time survival. Right now I'm relaxing but soon will be getting involved with the civilianpopulation for work. It is indeed now and was then, a pleasure to be a Mustang. My e-mail address is:

James Duke Fletcher - Deceased. An obituary is available.
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Linda Griffith - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Robert Hardison [last updated January, 2010]
I miss hearing from my fellow graduates. I work for some cardiologists now in the billing department. I am still single and living in my parents house. Hope to hear from the graduates of 73, 74 and 75.

Mark Hendren [last updated May, 2005]
I actually graduated a year early, in 1973, but I am really class of '74. I live in Batesville Mississippi with my wife of 15 years. I have 4 "children" (3 of them in their 20's).I have been in picture framing for 30 years now, I suppose I'll make a career of it.
I'd love to hear hear from anybody out there that remembers.

Debbie Hoehn [last updated August, 2005]
Greetings Mustangs! How thrilled I was to find this site and stroll down memory lane. After kicking around Memphis for a while after graduation I moved to the Gulf Coast where I met and married Danny and had four sons, Reid (21), Drew (19), Nick (18) and Ben (17). They are all quite a handful but they are my reason for everything. I am now a divorced, self-employed medical transcriptionist, working from home and living at the beach. I return to Memphis frequently to visit, as most of my family still lives there. I have so many great memories, and though I have lost touch with almost everyone, except occasionally my cousin, Charles, I still think about a lot of you, like Janet Richmond, Jimmy Reed, Pat and Ken Goodwin, Dennis Livingston, Ellen Goudy, David Smith and so many others, a lot who graduated in 1973. Football games, baseball games, Jr. High cheerleading, assemblies, the fire drills every afternoon for about a month, skipping class and trying to avoid Mr. Howell in the parking lot, just to name a few of the more educational things we did. Those were the days. I saw where Dawn LaFon is a Latin teacher and Holly Shelton an entertainer, Janet Richmond a "Mom" and thought - of course they are!! If anyone remembers me I'd love to hear from you, or even if you don't, drop me a line!

Sheila Jefferies - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.
Ann Johnson [last updated March, 2005]
I have been married to Dennis Rooks since 1974. I have two sons, Tremayne "Tree" Rooks and Trevino Rooks. Tremayne played basketball for East from 1989 until he graduated in 1992. I am proud that he is an alumni. Since June 18, 2002, I have been the Senior Administrative Assistant in Nursing Administration at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Deby Mccurdy [last updated June, 2010]
Hi! My husband Bill and I have been married 25yrs. We own and operate a True Value hardware store that has been in his family since 1923 We live in Sardis Ms. ya'll may or may not remember I loved being plays. I live across the street from panola playhouse. I've often wondered about Tina Countryman,Lisa Reid,Debbie Kist, Chuck Kist,Susan Randall,Todd Randall,Jimmy Reed,Janet Richond,Jodi Peters,Kathy shepard,Linda Shepard,Charlene Dunlap and the rest of ya'll. Bye.

Kaia Naantaanbuu - Deceased. An obituary is available.
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Steve Noblett [last updated January, 2012]
I attended from 7th thru graduation. After East I went on to Memphis State and Mid South Bible College (now Crichton College); and did post-graduate work at Covenant College in England and Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. I married an Overton girl, Vicky Harrison, and we've together for 34 years. We have two grown daughters and a foster son who graduated from East in 2008. We've moved around, but ended up in our old neighborhood of High Point Terrace where we love being part of the city again. I pastored of a church in the 90's and 2000's, and now run an organization called Christian Community Health Fellowship. CCHF is a national group that helps faith-based organizations like the Church Health Center care for the poor and the uninsured all over the nation. My senior year at East I was sort of a Jesus Freak. It took. I still am.

Patricia Phelps [last updated February, 1999]
I was very glad to find this Alumni page. After graduating from East, I attended UT Knoxville attempting to major in electrical engineering. But I actually majored in partying and didn't finish my schooling during those years. After leaving Knoxville, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. While there I worked for ATARI (does anyone remember it?)as a computer test technician. I had a chance to go across the street and work for APPLE, but nooo, I was loyal to ATARI, can you believe that. I returned to Memphis about 15 years ago, after the layoff at ATARI,(they wouldn't let me commute to Cambodia or was it Malaysia). I completed my BBA at the University of Memphis in MIS. I am currently working at(not for) FEDEX as a computer programmer. I am married to Ronnie Anderson. Our daughter, Shari is 15 and attends East (by her choice). My email address is: . Or you can reach me at:
2219 Amethyst Cove
Memphis, TN 38127
901-358-6607 home
Though I don't remember a lot of you and you probably don't remember me, I hope to hear from some of you soon! I attended East from 1972-1974.

Lisa Ortasic [last updated November, 2017]
I really enjoyed the Class of '75 reunion last year!
I miss you all, especially the band members, chorus members, and ushers. We ushered for everything from the MET to Todd Rundgren to Liberace, and band and chorus were a huge part of my life.
I've been married since 1989, and our daugher, who is 19 now, has never rolled a yard. Bill Roth taught me the art, Mark Clendenin provided the leaf shredder for nights we couldn't afford TP, and Steve Haynes spent his time diving under cars in his band uniform, hiding trying not to get caught. All I did was watch. Honest.
Thank God for this page, because I'm happily back in touch with people I never should have lost touch with in the first place.

Jodi Peters [last updated October, 1999]
I'm married with 1 son(Cody) who is 7 years old. I work in the membership department at Ducks Unlimited. I'm trying to help Susan Randall & many others get a "2000" reunion together. Hope to see ya'll there.

Lisa Reid [last updated September, 1997]
I live in Shelby Forest with my husband Jeff of 17 yrs. and our three children. Mike who is 16 goes to Millington Central High School, Beth is 11 and Jon who is 9 go to Woodstock Elem. I stayed home and raised kids, ours and his two from his first marriage until '94. I went back to school at State Tech and for the last few years I have been working as an IS Tech. I'm currently with Consolidated Systems Inc. on Hungerford Rd. I know that those of you that knew me probably find this very hard to believe! Yes I am the same airhead that never cracked a book except when I had to. Now I'm always reading, but it has to be about computers. I hope to hear from some of the old gang, it's been a long time since I've seen anybody from school. See ya!
Lisa may be reached via e-mail at .

Janet Richmond [last updated March, 2009]
Thought I would browse this site and discovered I had not updated my profile since 1999!!! I am still living in Bartlett. My daughter is now almost 13 (May) and girls are not as easy as boys, especially at my age. My son, Pressley, is now a married man of almost 3 yrs. and will be a Dad for the 2nd time in Sept.09. I am still married to Michael and thank my lucky stars everyday for him. I am working as a part-time cashier in an elementary school cafeteria and have been working for a catering company for 13 yrs. and loving that as well. Drop me a line if you are so inclined. I would love to hear from Jodi Peters-

Robert Seaton [last updated June, 2010]
I graduated from Concordia (Lutheran) College, Ann Arbor, MI. in 1978, then received my Master of Divinity Degree from Concordia (Lutheran) Seminary, St. Louis, MO. I have been in the ministry for 27 years now, serving churches in Louisiana, Mississippi, and now for 11 years in Cleveland, TN. I have been married for 26 years to a good Lutheran gal from Wisconsin.

Teresa Spires [last updated August, 2012]

Joy Tiffin [last updated June, 2010]
I'm still in the Memphis area, currently working for UT Medical Group.

Robert Harris Toler, Jr. ("Butch") - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Sandra Umfress - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

James C. Williams, Jr. [last updated: Mar. 1996]
After East, Jim went to Rhodes College. He's now on the faculty of the Department of Anatomy at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He may be reached by e-mail at:

Barry Willis [last updated Aug. 1996]
Barry went to East all twelve years. After East, he went to Memphis State. Later he worked for Memphis Magazine as managing editor and wrote the magazine's "Backporch" humor column. Currently, Barry is an associate editor with Towery Publishing. He's also written a book. It's a mystery parody entitled The Strange Case of the Lost Elvis Diaries. Barry lives in midtown Memphis with his wife, Linda. His brother Charlie was in the class of '68, and his sister Nora was in the class of '72. Barry can be reached via e-mail at:

Laura Wilson [last updated September, 2012]
Hi Everybody...Alot of changes since my last update.
2011 was a very bad year. After taking care of my Mom (she lived with me) for aprx 3-4 years, she passed in April 2011. The saddest day of my life. My husband had a mini stroke... he is fine..still trucking America's highways..I lost my job with G&K Services after 14 years..The plant moved to Arkansas...and then we lost our bassett hound we had for aprx 11 yrs that August. The Lord is good... I went to work for Pfizer and left after 3 weeks and joined International Paper. I am still there. I do commercial collections and responsible for aprx 200MM$ a month. Knocking them dead.. bringing the money in. Closing the months around 95-96% current. I.P. is happy I am empty nester...so I completely immerse myself in work. I come home to my babies...3 yorkies and I recently rescued a full blooded 8 mo old ShitZu. They keep my company til Marc comes in for the weekends.
My daughter is married and a nurse at Baptist Minor Med in Olive Branch.. My son is a father and works at Horseshoe Casino. I have been happily re-married for 15 yrs now.
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Courious on how life has been for you? Send me a email... yes..I still love music! especially Michael Bolton....awwwwwww (He is my man!) Take care and don't forget we now qualify for the"senior citizens" discounts! LOL

Malcolm Worsham [last updated March, 2007]
Hello Class of 74 and 73. Malcolm Worsham the official Outcast from North Memphis while attending East High is wishing a Happy 2007 to all. I'm presently living in Sacramento California and working as an Electronic Technician for the Federal Aviation Administration. I've been on the traveling road since graduating from State Tech at Memphis in 1976 going to Maine, South Carolina, Wash. DC, then out to California since 1986. I'm divorced now but life have been good to me. I get to Memphis at least once a year to visit family. I would love to hear from some of my classmates of 1974 and 1973. You guys took real good care of me during my East High days especially coming from another school district. Hope to hear from you soon.

People who attended East with the class of 1974 but were not graduated from East.
Mark Eason [last updated October, 2000]
I attended East from 3rd grade though 8th grade. My Uncle, Dr. Leslie Eason, was in the first graduating class at East. I remember his picture in the Library. He is listed in the obituary section on this site. I do not have the annuals with me so forgive me if I get a name or 2 wrong. In 3rd grade, I was in Mrs. Strickland's room. In 4th grade, I was in Mrs. Prater's(sp)room. We were awesome kick ball players and were know as Prater's Raiders. 5th grade was a split class. The teacher went on to teach at St.Mary's. She ended up being by sister's(Leslie) teacher. Susan Scott was the tallest girl in our class. She was abused by all calling her Jolly Green Giant. I have seen her from time to time when I am back in Memphis. In 6th grade, I remember Allen, Bacon, Frances and Gail Dunn. I remember her dad coming into the class and talking politics with the teacher. Gail's dad later became Governor of Tennessee. I heard that Gail went to Vanderbilt, got married, and has children. 7th grade was when they intergrated the teachers. The science teacher was the 1st African-American teacher I ever had. After 2 minutes in his class, color disappeared and he was just a teacher (hard and a good one). I remember the penny soccer games behind the Jr High annex (Penny in the drainage grate scores one goal). 8th grade was confusing and interesting. I was in a band called Pineapple A-Bomb. We bombed at the talent show (I don't think we made it past audition). Murray was in the band. Shot my first 22 rifle at his parents farm. I remember eating lunch with Allen. His locker mate made up a lunch of cracker, peanut butter mixed with saw dust and nails to get back at someone stealing his lunch in class. The locker mate took Allens lunch and Allen took the remaining lunch he thought was his. I remember the way Allen looked when he bit into the crakers. The nails were sticking out of his mouth. I remember the time the cafeteria workers when on strike and the food improved. There was a boy we called Pudge. I remember him accidentally sitting though the glass in the downstairs art display case. He should have died. The glass over his head did not fall. He walked away without a scratch. I remember the walk-out, more like a sit-out. I don't remember why, but we sat outside for 20 minutes. There were about 600 of us. I remember Mrs. Taylor's math class. I saw her at a state of union speech for Tennessee and was introduced as a principal. I remember Wendy who sat in front of me in Mrs. Taylor's math class and then hearing about her mysterious death on a Florida beach 5 year's later. I believe Wendy was a Jr. High Cheerleader. There was a science(?) teacher whe we accussed of smoking cigars in her car doing lunch. Her car was smashed by the Coke truck in the parking lot. The driver was backing up and didn't see her car. When he hit her car, he could not figure why he was not moving so he gunned the engine. Her car went hopping into the wall. It was totalled. I remember Bill Shepard visiting John Tillman, my next door neighbor. Bill was Cybil's brother (Yes, the model, TV and movie star). John is a dentist in Johnson City, TN. He played Basket Ball for East. He is 6 foot 4 inches with bright orange/red hair. He called me "Dead Bird" or DB for brains of. My 7th grade friends called me "Secret Squirrel". They were so nice to me. One day they picked me up and sat me in a water fountain. I had a wet lap for half a day. Hopefully I saved the best memories for last. I remember carrying Dawn LaFon's books out to the car for her. I remember our first date (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, my parents driving us, and her/your pink fuzzy sweater). I remember racing to your class room door to walk you to your next class. I remember when you showed me your bridge (3 teeth?). I remember suprising you and carrying your books to the car after I was transferred to MUS. I remember you telling me about being in the musical. I remember how it felt breaking up in 9th grade. Later, I always enjoyed seeing you when you worked as a Librian at the Highlands Branch.
Well, in 9th grade I went to Memphis University School. I graduated in 1974 from MUS. I went to King Colleg in Bristol, TN and majored in Biology, and then went to East Tennesee State University and majored in Accounting (Med School didn't like my C in Organic Chemistry). I married a wonderful, beautiful, smart woman, Beverly Norris, from Virginia. We have 1 daughter Martha. As my Mother-in-Law says, "She is an imporvement on both of you". Beverly teaches high school math and science and is head of the science department. I own my own accounting firm. We live in Abingdon, VA. It is a wonderfull place to live. May all my fellow classmates have wonderfull and exciting lives.

Lynn Pyeatt - Deceased. An obituary is not available but news stories about her death are..
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Jim Ray - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

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