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The East High Alumni Page presents:

Reunion Plans and Reviews
Class of 1975

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

The Class of '75 has several gatherings each year.
Notices of such meetings will be posted here as information becomes available.

40-Year Reunion
If you have photographs or narratives about your 40-year reunion you would like to share on these web pages, send them to editor@EastHigh.org.

FRI., Sept. 4, 2015
* East vs. Kingsbury @ Melrose Stadium - game starts @ 7 p.m. and our group will be recognized at half time
* Gather aftwerward at the Half Shell on Mendenhall (not sure what time the game will end, but those not going to the game could meet there aruond 9 p.m. and get a table)

SAT., SEPT. 5, 2015
* SCHOOL TOUR: Visit the old campus at 3 p.m. This tour will be FREE
* DINNER AT ALEX'S: After the school tour, we will head to Alex's Tavern in Midtown. If you're putting it in your GPS, the address is 1445 Jackson Ave, Memphis, TN 38107. We'll get separate checks and each person will pay for his own food and beverage.
SUN., SEPT. 6, 2015
* WORSHIP: East High grad Robert Haynes has invited us to New Life Community Church at 7197 New Craft Road in Olive Branch, Ms., where he serves as pastor. Any musicians who want to participate should contact Robert. The informal, nondenominational service begins at 10:15 a.m. Those who want to sit together will meet outside the front door at 10 a.m. 
* NATIONAL CIVIL RIGHTS MUSEUM: We plan to meet at the museum at 450 Mulberry at 4 p.m. Tickets for the tour are $15 and if you choose to go, you can pay at the door.
* DINNER AT CENTRAL BARBECUE: We'll meet at 6:30 p.m. at the downtown location of Central Barbecue at 147 E. Butler, 38103.

[posted February 22, 2015]
The East High Class of 1975 has set September 5-6, 2015, for its 40-year class reunion. Further details will be worked out over the next weeks and months.

Class of '75 Reunion Event Photos

    Snapshots from the Class of 70 and Class of 75 mini-reunion(s), July 27, 2002

PHOTOGRAPHS - Same day photographic coverage - new photos posted 11pm, August 5, 2000.

The Class of 1975 at reunion in 2000
Class Photograph Courtesy of Andreas Photography - Telephone 901-759-9529
For snapshots, click here.

[posted August 5, 2000] The East High Class of 1975 celebrated friendships and 25-years since graduation with three parties over the weekend.
A good group of classmates began the weekend at a party room in an east Memphis condominium complex. Plenty of food, music, and friendship filled the clubhouse.
Classmates, spouses, and children gathered at East High Saturday morning for one of the rewarding items on the itineraries of reunions: a school tour. The old East High spirit was in evidence, as one alumnus began singing the fight song and was soon joined by another. The memories appeared to be good ones.
Saturday night proved not only that the class valued the old friendships but that they could overcome adversity. Less than two weeks before reunion night, the restaurant schedule to host the Saturday night event called it quits after about 25 years in business. That's right, the Public Eye closed. The reunion committee, Beth Gooch in particular, scrambled to find a new location. Raferty's restaurant in Laurelwood was designated, and while the establishment was a little late in making the tables available, it did not appear to dampen the spirits of the class.
We trust classmates attending the reunion had a grand time and that those who did not attend will make every effort to be part of the fun next time.

[posted July 6, 2000] - Class of 1975 25-year reunion
August 4-5, 2000

Friday, Aug. 4, 7 p.m.
Party at Audubon Square Condominium Clubhouse

Saturday, Aug. 5, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Tour of East High School with Krystal lunch in the cafeteria (yum!)

Total cost for these two events is $20 per person.

Saturday, Aug. 5, 7 p.m.
LOCATION CHANGED to Rafferty's restaurant in Laurelwood
Dinner at The Public Eye in Overton Square at 17 S. Cooper
Private dining room reserved just for us!
Order food and drink from the menu, then pay your own check.

Reservation deadline is Wednesday, July 26
Mail your check for $20 per person to EHS Class of 75 Reunion
822 Thistledown Drive
Memphis, TN 38117

[previously posted] - August 4th and 5th, 2000, are the dates set for the big 25-year reunion of the Class of 1975. The Reunion Committee began meeting last summer to plan the event. Anyone wanting more information may call Beth Gooch at 901-683-3877.

Class Part of Joint Reunion for Classes of '73, '74, '75

For a review of the joint reunion held in June, 1999, including a link to pictures, please visit the '73-75 joint reunion page .

Coverage of first mini-reunion

Reunion Photogaphs (August, 1997)

The East High Class of 1975 had a ten year reunion, but didn't have a 20th year gathering. Apparently deciding that the big reunions were good, but a lot of trouble and too far apart, members of the class decided to begin having a series of less formal reunions. As one class member put it, they would try to spread the word and see who would come. The first was held on Sunday night, August 31, 1997, at the Shoney's restaurant just west of the East campus.
About 20 class members gathered that Labor Day weekend and although that is a small percentage of the number in the graduating class, it appeared those in attendance enjoyed seeing their classmates. Since this was the first of the mini-reunions, there was only about 6 weeks notice of its scheduling. Considering the limited time and that other class members may have had previous plans for the holiday weekend, the turnout seemed reasonable and it appeared the class may have had a good idea in more frequent and less formal reunions.
Those who attended this reunion tentatively decided to hold the next mini-reunion at the same place May 31, 1998. They talked about having a more formal reunion on one of the tradtional anniversaries or combining reunions with the classes just before and after their graduation year.
For more information about reunion plans, contact the class members listed below.

Next Mini-Reunion
To Be Announced

Information will be posted here as it becomes available

For more information:

Call Frank Udelsohn 901-683-9194 or

e-mail Beth Gooch at Gooch@gomemphis.com

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