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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1955
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Robert Blumer [last updated February, 2008]
I retired as a Colonel after 20 years in the Army Medical Corps, then in September '07 retired from the practice of medicine after 44 years. Married to Nancy Haynes ('58) for 46 years. Have three daughters, 3 granddaughters and 6 grandsons. Still snow ski, hunt, camp, and whitewater canoe.

Kay Booker
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Prior to her death, Kathleen Capon was a participant with our alumni page. The following was her last posting with us.

[posted April, 2001]
I graduated with the Class of 1955 and attended the University of Tennessee and came home to marry Bill Fritts in 1959 and then we moved to Philadelphia, PA where my husband worked for the National Toddle House Corp. We transferred to Baltimore, MD, then to Tampa, FL then to Miami, FL and last to Tallahassee, FL where we raised three children. Chuck Fritts was born in Baltimore in 1960 and lives in Atlantic Beach, FL and is associated with Reynolds, Smith and Hill Architect Firm. David Fritts was born in Baltimore in 1964 lives in Tallahassee and is the Receiving Manager at Winn Dixie Market Place. Debbie Fritts Nable was born in Baltimore in 1967 and works for the State Courts System and lives in Tallahassee as well. My husband of 28 1/2 years passed away in 1988. I worked for Florida State Government for 23 1/2 years and retired in May 2000. Now I'm still busy and enjoying two grandchildren. One is in Tallahassee and the other in Atlantic Beach and another is on the way in October, so I'll be trotting back and forth to Atlantic Beach. Hurry and get a reunion started!

Tom Bond
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Betty Burleigh
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Buck Buckingham
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Shirley Ann Cannon
Reported deceased.*

Claude O. Cockrell, Jr. [last updated June, 2001]
Went to East for three years and finished in 55. Later to Memphis State 1 semester and on to Univ of Miami (FL). Enjoyed my years there and still have fond memories of several things that happened . Have been in business for myself and have several business interests. Live in Nashville, and still working with international interests. Divorced, 1 grand child 2. Hard to realize that East is so far away and long ago. See it every once in a while, when in town. Very good to read about all of us.

Phil Cottam - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Jim Davis
Reported deceased.*

Marne Davis [last updated May, 2004]
After graduating from East High School, I attended Vanderbilt University. While at Vanderbilt I met my husband , Dewey C. Whitenton, who attended undergraduate school and law school there. We both graduated in 1959. We were married in 1960 and have lived our entire married life in Bolivar, TN. Dewey has been a Chancery Court Judge, 25th Judicial Division, Part 1, for the State of Tennessee since 1976. We have three children: 1) Carol, our oldest, works for 1st TN Bank in Memphis. 2) David, is president of Bancorp South Bank in Somerville, TN. 3) Joel, our youngest, is a Baptist Minister in Robertson Co., TN. Perhaps a high point in our family life was in 1981, when at age 12, Chip Orr came to live with us. He is now the Principal of LeNoir City Middle School. Counting Chipís son, we have 6 grandchildren. Besides being a mother and housewife, I served on a local Bank Board for 12 years and have been a Board Member of Bolivar Electric since 1985. For relaxation, Dewey and I love to travel!

David Derksen [last updated March, 2019]
I left Memphis after graduation and headed "West young man". Earned an Engineering degree at New Mexico State University and Masters in biz management at The U of Santa Clara in California. Worked for Kaiser, Bourns and Beckman and had my fun with "Corporate America". Involved in application engineering and sales management with electronic components. Started 4-Star Electronics Inc in 1988 which grew to a $10 million business. We operate primarily in CA and AZ. Expanded into NM in 2005 and moved to Las Cruces,NM (just north of El Paso,TX) Sort of "semi-retired" at this point.
Married to Lynn Derksen a Mary Kay Cosmetics Director. Have 3 sons living in CA - all married, 7 grand sons and one grand daughter.
For fun we hike in the mountains and I design and build or flip houses for a hobby - 41 so far! Do the same thing with "classic" and restoration worthy interesting cars. Just sold a 1979 Caddy with 29,000 miles to a guy in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. Meet more interesting folks this way!!
Fortunately, I'm still "healthy as a horse" and have not had the typical problems many folks get with the years. Traveling every year for fun. Try to go once a quarter, somewhere. This last year it was CA, AZ, FL and the Caribbean. Headed back to CA again this March. Hope to be the "last man standing" from the Class of '55!!!! 100 is my goal!!

Marilyn Lee Drake
Reported deceased.*

Frank Edwards [updated November 3, 2010]
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Prior to his death, Frank Edwards was a participant with our alumni page. The following was his last posting with us.
[posted September, 2004]
Just came through Charley (Friday the 13th.), with my two pups in the bathroom. I lost a lot but am grateful to God that we are alive and well. Can't keep a Mustang down Charley!

Sid Feuerstein - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Pat Goins
Reported deceased.*

Carol Ann Greaves
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Billy Grisso - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Kay Haglin - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Bill Hanna
Reported deceased.*

Sara Hamer [last updated March, 2019]
In 1953 Sara Hamer met Jim Chumney, student senior, at East High school. Their romance began early. Sara dated Jim and followed him to Memphis State College. The week after she graduated from East High in 1955 she entered college at MSC. The two continued steady dating for two more years. In 1957 Sara, student senior, married Jim the day after he graduated from Memphis State. Four years they enjoyed the military life in Texas while Jim served as an Air Force Training Officer. During the years two daughters were born. When Jim finished his military service commitment the family moved to Houston for three years for Jim to earn a Ph.D. at Rice University. Following his graduation from Rice University they lived in Lafayette, LA and Jim joined the U S L faculty to teach history. The next year the family returned to Memphis and Jim joined the faculty at Memphis State University. They were blessed with a third daughter and Sara, a stay-at-home mother, spent her time raising the children with volunteer church activities and serving as a PTA president. In 1986 she began her career in accounting with the Shelby County Trustee and later the Chancery Court Clerk & Master's office until retirement. Sara and Jim are proud of the three daughters' achievements as Presidential Scholars at Memphis State University and two of them being Herff Scholar graduates from the University's C.C. Humphreys' School of Law to practice as attorneys. They also are grateful for a daughter earning a M.A.T. degree and choosing a teaching career. Over 21 years Sara used her accounting skills as Treasurer of political campaigns to help elect daughter Carol to public office. In retirement Sara has enjoyed family history research and the five grandchildren. She is most proud of Jim's fifty years as a college professor and his twenty-three years serving as a military officer for our country. The Mustangs 66 year romance is remembered as Sara and Jim celebrate 62 years ! of marriage in 2019!
Contact for Class of 1955:

Tom Hartzog - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Rae Jean Hay - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Gene Hirsh
Reported deceased.*

Margaret Colleen Hollie
Reported deceased.*

Wayne Hollingsworth
Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Margie Ann Hood
Reported deceased.*

Bobby Houston
Reported deceased.*

Richard Wellington Hussey
Reported deceased.*

Jimmy Jayne - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Kakie Jones
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Charlie Joe Kochenderfer
Reported deceased.*

Janet Kraemer [last update February, 2008]
My husband, being in the Army, moved with me and our 4 sons around the country and infected me with the travel bug. When my 20 yr. marriage broke up in '75, I started college & graduated with a BBA from Memphis State U in 1980. My degree got me a job as Advertising Mgr. in Memphis and after 5 yrs. quit that. I owned the Pancake Shop on Summer for 3 yrs. Then I bought the old Rebel Drive-In on Macon Rd. & ran it for 10 yrs. When that sold I retired and went back to traveling. My favorite way to see this beautiful country is to work at the National Parks for a season & really get to know the surrounding area. Now my youngest son & his wife have a baby due. This precious one is now consuming my life. I am in the process of relocating to Arlington, TX.

Monte Kirven - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Bobby Lancaster - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Bootsie Lane - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Wylma Louise Land
Reported deceased.*

Gerald Allan Ledbetter [updated March, 2019]
Retired from my engineering and managing. I'm now a piano player, mostly for the seniors. Still married to Toni Wilson (since 1958). She's a retired science teacher. We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. They stretch from California to North Carolina, from Oklahoma to Louisiana. One granddaughter and one great-grandson live in Memphis.

Arthur B. Malkin Jr ("Tim") [last updated February, 2004] [E-mail address updated July, 2008]
Married Lee Harmel Malkin EHS class of 1962
    Amy Malkin Filderman
    Laura Malkin Tanenbaum
    Arthur S Malki
Grandchildren 8 (ages 3 to 9)
graduated Cornell University in 1959 with a BS in Agricultural Ecomomics
Owner and operator - Malkin Farms
Shelby County Agricenter Commissioner - 23 years Leadership Memphis - Class of 1985
Past President and Trustee - Temple Israel, Memphis TN
Past President and Trustee - Memphis Jewish Federation
Past President - Dixie Homes Boys and Girls Club
Central Board Member - Boys and Girls Club of Memphis
Past Board Chair and Board Member - NCCJ (National Conference of Community and Justice)
Past Trustee - Union of Reform Congrations
Past Trustee - Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati,OH
Vice President - Malkin Management and Investment Co MMIC Inc.

John Lee McWhorter ("Mac")
Reported deceased.*

Louise Ava Munson
Reported deceased.*

Irene "Renee" Orloff [last updated July, 1998]
I married Nick Felice, my high school sweetheart. On July 13, 1998 we will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Nick is retired now and we have three children: Nick (38) Mark (37) and Kathryn (28).
I would love to hear from any of my old classmates.

Ethelda Owens
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Tunie Pelts
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Charlotte Ann Pfeiffenberger
Reported deceased.*

Margaret Powers - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Jack Rice - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Jacki Rini - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Bob Ritter
Reported deceased.*

Norma Rodgers - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Jim (Russ) Russell [last updated February, 2019]
From East High to Univ. of Tennessee to Univ. of Southern Illinois, and Northwood Institute. Served my time in the Army. At present we are retired and living on a golf course in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We have 2 children living in Dallas: Jim born 1967 and Jennifer born 1969. Jennifer is married with 2 children and working for Fidelity Investments. I retired from General motors Corp after almost 30 years. That work was an education within its self, We started in Memphis at Prior Olds then to Lansing Michigan then to San Diego with Headquarters in Los Angeles. I got laid off for 4 months during an austerity program and hired back in to The Chicago Zone with Headquarters in South Bend, Indiana from there to be an assistant Zone manager for Oldsmobile. Olds decided to Close the Cincinnati office and I became the manager of the General Motors training center in Cincinnati. While In Cincinnati My Wife June and I became interested in Stained Glass and opened a large studio and had a wonderful time doing that for 11 years, but finally decided to retire and have more fun. We now live on the 10th Green at the Diamante Golf Club in Hot Springs Village, AR, 71909-7734 We recently celebrated 51 years of marriage.

Rose Louise Sawyer
Reported deceased.*

Joseph Shearer (Joe) [last updated July, 2018]
Jean and I are still alive and well living in Bartlett Tenn and a Electrical Engineer for over 55 years also. Retired from City of Bartlett and Nas. Phone 901-381-2625.

Shirley Ann Smith
Reported deceased.*

Billie Jean Snider (Willie) [last updated February, 2019]
I married the love of my life Feb. 1, 1958. He was in medical school in Memphis at that time. He graduated in 1960 and proceeded to work toward cardiology as his career. We started our family sooner than planned as I was supposed to work while he was in school. I did work as planned but on my on November 5 1958 instead of going to work our first child was a few weeks early. It was 21 years to the day that I was born. Did I come of age in a big way. I went back to work when Kathy was 7 months old and got pregnant again and Libby was born April 5, 1960. I was getting ready to go back to work you guessed it I got pregnant and our son William Kirkland Bowman 111 was born August 20 1961. It was obvious I was Not supposed to work well not outside the home. We had 3 more blessed events Julie March 28 1963, Becky Jan. 5 1965 and finally Jennifer Aug.10 1967. In the meantime Kirk finished Med school in 1960 . This was followed by internship, residencies in internal medicine, a fellowship in renal disease in George Washington University in D.C. and finally back in Memphis fellowship in his final choice cardiology. He finally went to private practice in Madisonville Ky. in Trover Clinic . This was three months before our last little girl was born. We were in Madisonville for 5 years but moved to Cape [Cape Girardeau, Missouri] in 1972. My husband was a well respected and beloved doctor and practiced until he turned in 1995. He worked at reviewing charts for people with cardiac problems for disabilities. retiring in 2006. Our family has multiplied and divided so that now we have 12 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. I was always a great grandmother so now I am a great great grandmother. In addition to working at home I have always stayed busy with volunteering at girl scouts being Pta president at every school they were in.The last 24 years I have been delivering meals for our Senior Citizen Center and Kirk has helped ever since he retired. I also have been a volunteer at St. Francis Hospital at various capacities for that same 24 years and I am there everyday for something Kirk also helps me with some of the things I do there. I am a very blessed woman. Kirk and I celebrated 61 years of wedded bliss on Feb 01 and on Feb. 07 Kirk turned 89.We both are still very active and go to the gym several times a week. He uses the machines and I enjoy several kinds of classes.

Jane Stidham
Reported deceased.*
Pelda Stringer [last updated December, 2004]
Pelda (Pel) Stringer - 2009
I graduated from East in 1955. East High sports were my favorite subjects. I attended Louisiana State University, Dallas Bible College, and Dallas Theological Seminary. I live in Tulsa, OK with my wife, Linda. We will celebrate our 48th anniversary this year. I have 3 grand children. I served in the USAF Res. for 6 years. My unit, the 65th Troop Carrier Squadron, was called up during the Cuban Crisis. My wife and I were gloriously converted by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 1962. I have been president of Stringer Nursery, Inc. in Tulsa since 1977. I still have the nursery but I am partially retired and most of my time is spent in writing Christian literature on a non-professional level. I have written several gospel tracts, booklets and books, one systematic theology (551 pages). My latest theology book (194 pages) titled, There s No Such Thing As . . . is self-published and offered at my cost. I have been teaching theology in Southern Baptist Churches for the past 8 years. For recreation I enjoy competing in Senior (Olympic) Games

Beverly Taggart
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Joan Thompson ("Jody")
Reported deceased.*

Charles Upchurch - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

John Vookles [last updated March, 2019]
We have a new address: 1813 McLean Grove Dr. 38112 Phone 901-666-2111 In the Summer and Fall, we are in Glenville NC -- 400 Valley View Trail 28736 Phone 828-743-0345 My cell is 901-355-4265. I would always enjoy a call from any East High friends.

Beth Wagner - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Johnny Walker
Reported deceased.*

Harry Walton [last updated August, 2003] [E-mail address updated September, 2008]
After East High I graduated in Landscape Architecture at University of Georgia. Married Sally Madison of (White Station HS)Memphis and then served 2 years as a Lt. in the U. S. Army Artillery. We have 2 children, Mimi Davis and Philip Walton, and have 4 grandchildren. We are retired. I retired from the Corps of Engineers and Sally from the Arthritis Foundation. We enjoy the outdoors, camping, hunting and fishing, are active in the Raymond United Methodist Church and other volunteer activities. For the past few years we have really enjoyed camping and fly fishing in northern Arkansas. Family and friends are very important in our lives.

Margaret Ward [last updated March, 2019]
Moved to Plant City Florida in 1965. Husband-James(decesed), four children-Michael deceased, Melodie, married with three boys and 1 granddaughter, lives in Englewood Fl; Lorrie Gipson, married with two girls, one married and one still in college, lives in Lakeland; Mark, lives in Lakeland, married with one daughter, husband Jeremy, two children. Lives in Tupelo Miss.

Phillip Wright
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Ernestine Zemp ("Ernie")
Reported deceased.*

People who attended East with the class of 1955 but were not graduated from East.

Johnny Doggett [posted April 24, 2008]
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Tom Kimbrough [last updated April, 2010]
I began as a 6th grader the first day our new school opened. Everything was so clean and bright. I can still smell the sawdust and fresh paint! Having attended the old Pentecost-Garrison School for Boys, I was in awe of all the pretty girls. Girls that got even prettier as the years passed.
I loved football with Coach Welsh in the 9th grade, and Coach Holland and his gang in the 10th. My parents moved out of Memphis so I was shipped off to board at Baylor School in Chattanooga, where I graduated in 1955. I had a wonderful time at Vanderbilt for 3 1/2 years and still plan to get back there and graduate.
I'm Married to Joy Travis Kimbrough. We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.
I've been envolved in real estate here in Memphis all my working life, and presently manage an office for Crye-Leike, Realtors.
I'll always be a true red and grey mustang!!

Tex Sullivan [last updated January, 2008]
Retired to a small ranch in the hill country of Texas. Retired from Alaska as a teacher and Episcopal Priest. Fill in for Episcopal Churches in the area. Finished high school at CMA in 1955. Graduated from SMU in business, U. of Wyoming in Ed., and Drury University with a Masters in Ed. Finished Hunter Hall School for Minstry (now closed) and was ordained in Wyoming. Most of my work was with Native Americans in Wyoming and Alaska. Have two children in Austin, TX and two grandchildren.
My memories of East are amoung the finest. What fun!! If you are thru our country call: (254)471-3106



* Entries with the "reported deceased" designation indicate a reunion committee or other persons believed closely associated with the class have indicated they have information they believe quite reliable about the death of the individual so designated. The East High Alumni Page has not received sufficient documentation to verify the information and therefore does not confirm the death or that the individual who died is the one of the same name who attended East High School. Such reports without confirmation should be taken with a degree of skepticism. Anyone with documentation to confirm the report or with information to refute the report is strongly encouraged to contact the editor of The East High Alumni Page at editor@EastHigh.org promptly. Please see our obituary policy.

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