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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 1982     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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50-Year Birthday Party for Class May 31, 2014!.

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Waymon Anderson [last updated June, 2012]
Hi gang I know it's been a long time sine we saw each other but I just want to say hi and yes I have 5 girls ages 33,31,28,24,20. 10 grandkids and the best life ever. You can email. Me:

Mary Bolden [last updated March, 2008]
Hi everyone I stumbled upon this web site as I see all of you did, I am married and we have one son he's a senior at East this year which is how I found this site I am employed with the USPS for 21 years. Most of you I get to see from time to time but I would love to see more of you when we have our reunions. "PEACE OUT I LOVE YOU GUYS"

Pamela Boyd [last updated November, 2003]
I am still living in Memphis, Frayser area.
Looking to here from some of my classmate. E-mail me at

Marcus Brown [last updated November, 2001]
Former President of East High School Class 1982
Member of St. Luke Baptist Church as a Trustee and Busines Manager
Owner of Complete Computer Services, Inc
3100 Walnut Grove Suite 403 (901) 327-8120 (9 Years)
Marriage to Sylvia Langston Brown 11 Year
2 Children Brittany Nicole Brown (age 14 and Marcus F. Brown II (age 8)
God Bless.

Gregory Broyles [last updated July, 2007]
Greetings... It's been a long time since i've walked down the halls of EAST HIGH and coming to this site reminded me of all the good times i've had with all the classmates that i've grown with throughout those years while attending, all the wonderful teachers i've come to love during my time as a student, and most of all, just being one of the "MUSTANGS"!
I would like to take this time to give some shouts to some special people who made a difference in my life during my high school years, i've never was able to tell them "thank you" so i would like to do this if I may...
Thank you to Mrs. Becky Cooper for teaching me important skills in Food Management And Productions classes. It's because of you I decided to become a professial chef for 12 years after i graduated, (i'm now working now as a Quality Control Techinian for a major steel company in Memphis). Mr. F.H. Brown who taught me that very important lesson of how to conduct myself when applying for a employment for the first time. To Coach Robert Manning for wanting me to play basketball for EAST HIGH but there was one problem... I didn't know haw to dribble the ball but at least he was willing to give me a chance to learn the game and maybe even join the team. (and also not flunking me in his class when we both know he should had!)There are many names I could name who made a difference in my life while attending EAST HIGH but those are just a few.
I still live in Memphis, in the same area i was born and raised, still one and a half miles from the school. I see a lot of my classmates from time to time but i would love to hear from you too...Forever Mustangs!!!

Greg Frazier [last updated April, 2000]
Hello graduates Class of 1982.I just creep up on this site and glad I found it.I am employed with Sears,Roebuck AND Co. (Auto Center)4570 Poplar Ave.for 16years Iam one of the Customer Service Manager.I am married to Lavenia Mays with two teenagers, Lavenia employed with Methodist Hospital as Surgical Tech. I see alot of graduates as well as teachers bring their cars in sears for certain services drop by or e-mail me.

Dewayne Johnson [last updated January, 2011]
Hey all my east high family just keeping you all posted on what's been going on since high school my wife Mrs.Reagina Johnson of 25years past away to a better life on July 16,2008 she is truly missed. We shared three amazing boys together one who is a Memphis Police Officer since 2005.We also have seven wonderful grandchildren.Also a lot of you may already know i'm the proud owner of D.J's Custom Welding and Design Authorize Dealer of Tailer Parts Plus located @ 2992 Summer Ave Memphis,Tenn. 38112 phone number(901)314-6029. Yes! i'm still in the Binghamton area trying to give back to the neighborhood.Just to let you know some of the services we provide D.J's offers bar-b-que grill rentals for those class and family reunions,we also sale bar-b-que grills and a full service parts and trailer service/ sales,repairs and rentals.So stop by and check us out or just give a East High Mustang shoutout to let me know what's new or what's going on with the class of 1982 would like to surely keep up with what's going on with everyone. hope to hear form you all really soon until then God BLESS & TAKE CARE SINCERELY YOUR MR.DEWAYNE JOHNSON(901)314-6029

Charles Patrick Ransom
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Mae lee Saulter [last updated May, 2009] [E-mail address updated May, 2014]
It is nice to see names of old friends, I am a mother of one boy just turned three his name is Adrain. Still in the binghampton/midtown area now a widower, been at the VA Hospital for twenty years working that grave yard shift. Hope to see you guys soon, peace out

Chris Edward Stevenson (Mack)
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Michael Taylor [last updated July, 1999]
I graduated from East High Class of 1982. I am a graduate of Christian Brothers University and State Technical Institution at Memphis, where I majored in Information Technology Management. I am currently employed at Federal Express in the Information Technology Division.
My e-mail address is

Dennis Terrell [last updated August, 2003] [E-mail address updated December, 2004]
I an an active duty Senior Master Sergeant (E-8). I have been serving in the US Air Force since September 1982. I am in the Information Management career field. I am currently stationed with Training Air Wing FOUR, at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, as the Supterintendent, Air Force Mission Support. My previous assignments have been at the American Embassy London, England; RAF Mildenhall, England; the Pentagon, Washington, District of Columbia; RAF Lakenheath, England; Ramstein Air Base, Germany; and, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. My wife's name is Susan. My e-mail address is

Belinda Valentine [last updated August, 2011]
Hello to the Class of 1982, I am Belinda Valentine Merriweather, I am Married with 4 kids 27,25, twin, 24. I have 5 beautiful grandkids that I love and adore, I have worked at my job for 36 Years. Just wanted to to say hello.

Gregory Webster [last updated October,1998]
Hello fellow East High graduates. I just found this site and glad that I did. There are a lot of you out there that I would like to hear from so send me an e-mail sometimes. I still live here in the Memphis area working for the federal government. I am married to Lizzie Noble and we don't have any kids yet. It was so good to find this page.

Danny Young [last updated February, 2013]
Hey classmates this is Danny young, I just wanted to update to let you know that I'm doing good. I'm still working for the City of Memphis. My son (Jermey) is doing well he is 31 now and I'm still married to Georgia, we been married for 27 years now also the grand kids are doing great. I am working at Hickory Hill Community Center and also a manager at Lester pool.

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