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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 2000     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Robert Arnold [last updated October, 2000]
I would like to say hello to all the current students, falcuty, staff, and alumni of EHS. I am currently in Atlanta, GA attending Morehouse College. I am a rising Junior majoring in English. Now that I have been through so much in college, I really miss those wonderful days at East. To all those graduates of 2000; keep striving for success, and to those who have yet to come; try harder and you will get there much quicker.

Aisha Averyhart [last updated August, 2007]
Hi everyone! I hope that all has been well since we left the halls of EHS. I've been very blessed. I graduated from UTK with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. (Hi fellow East High engineers!) I'm currently working in Clinical Research and enjoying life. Take care everyone. Godspeed.
E-mail: Not available

Arthaniel Bailey III [last updated June, 2001]
I am currently attending the University of Tennessee at Martin. For those of you who don't know me or not that familiar with me, I am th guy who made the winning touchown in the State Chamionship. I had some of the best time of my life at East. Ever since the seventh grade I have attended East and I enjoyed every minute of it. From playing sports to meeting some of the best friends in the world. In a way I was happy to leave, but now that I look back on those years and if I had another chance at doing it again I would do everything thing the same.

Anita Birse [last updated November, 2004]

Adrianne Bolden [last updated February, 2002]
I am currently attending memphis state and southwest Comm. College. My major is business and education.

Brandon Bougard [last updated August, 2005]
Hello Mustangs!!! Since graduation I have graduated Xavier University of Louisiana majoring with a BA in Political Science Pre-Law with a concentration in History. Life has been good. No kids, No wife.I moved back from New Orleans and I am currently a Financial Center Manager for Wachovia Bank in Memphis. I will be attending school in the fall for a BS in Nursing.
To all my friends at East I would like to say What's up and hit me up when you get a chance- The cell number is the same.... Email me if you need it. Peace, Love and Happiness Brandon Keith Bougard- East High Football Homecoming King '00

Franchester Carter [last updated March 2, 2010]
Deceased. An obituary is available.

Prior to her death, Franchester Carter was a participant with our alumni page. The following is her last posting with us.
[posted October, 2007]
Hello Everyone. I am Married. I am a student at Remington College majoring in Criminal Justice. I am In the middle of opening a gift store (Vester's Gift Store) opening soon. And will be opening a bail boud company in a few months.

Kristen Chalmers [last updated October, 2008]
After graduating from Christian Brothers Univ. with a degree in English in 2004, I began a career with the Memphis City Schools System. I am currently teaching English and Creative Writing to middle schoolers, and it's generally wonderful. I don't have any children (biologically), but my students are my children (as well as my niece and nephews). I hope everyone else is doing well!

Arvelia Chambers [last updated November, 2000]
Currently I am attending college at the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy, in Saint Louis, MO. My current address is 4576 Parkview Place St.Louis, MO 63110. The best memory I have from East High School is when I became President of the Student Council. I had so much fun while I held that office and I would advice anyone with the time and leadership skills to take on the duty and sore. I also met a guy at East that I just can't get out of my mind and if he is reading this he knows who he is.

Bridgette Craft "Miss Craft" [last updated February, 2001]
I am currently attending The University of Tennessee majoring in Pre-Pharmacy and Surgical Technology. I will never forget avoiding the cameras to skip school every Friday. The teachers that I will miss the most are Mrs. Woods,Mrs. Moore, and Mr. Woodard. I remember those days in English Class reading plays and sleeping in History and Math class. I will alway look back on my days at East High School as the most dullest times in my high school years. One Love, Miss Craft........
P.S For all of those who didn't make it because of the T-CAP you messed up the graduating class of 2000. For all of you who are taking it know Go to the T-CAP session THEY'RE FREE!!!!!!!

Antonio Davis [last updated November, 2007]
Well, I thought it was time to give an update on my profile. I am still in Memphis. I graduated from University of Tennessee with degree in Finance and most recently graduated from Union University with my Master of Business Administration (MBA). I am thinking of starting a PhD program in 2008, but haven t decided yet. I am currently working as a Financial Analyst. I have a house in the Cordova area, but no children yet. All in all, I have been blessed. I hope all of you have as well. Feel free to email me if you ever want to catch up.

Erika Denton [last updated September, 2000]
Hello!!! I was known as the 1999-2000 Miss.Mustang (Miss. Yearbook) I attend The University of Tennessee at Martin where I will be majoring in Business Adminstration and minoring in Criminal Justice. The Class of 2000 always intimidated...but never duplicated

Leondra Early [last updated August, 2005]
It's nice to know that so many people from our class have graduated from college and are doing well. I did move back to memphis after I graduated but decided to move back to Texas. I currently work in the financial field of banking and I am still planning on going back to school to get my masters degree. For anyone that pledged anything congrats, and for all of my zetas----Z-Kitty. For anyone that wants to reach me to say hi, e-mail me at

Lakesha Farmer [last updated May, 2005]
Hello Class of 2000! I graduated from Grambling State University in May 2004 with a B.S. in Biology. I am currently a Pharmacy student at UT Memphis. I am not married yet, but I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl. I hope that everyone is doing well. See you around!

Samantha Fulton [last updated July, 2007]
Hi everyone! I am now residing in Memphis Tennessee. I never left. I gradauated from the University of Memphis with a degree in English and African/African-American Studies. I am now attending graduate school at the University of Memphis to get my Master's in Instruction and Curriculium so that I can teach high school history and English. I am a proud wife and mother of two son's, Isaiah Mal'k and Kingston Matthew. I am currently working at DHS as a case worker. I was and continue to be saddened by the death of a very close freind who was a part of our class , Crystal Monique Mickens-Wells. My email address is below if anyone wants to contact me.

Tori Harris [last updated November, 2003]
Hi to anyone reading this page. I am currrently residing in Staten Island, New York. I have three beautiful children: Ti'Reak(6), Ti'Anka(4), and Tierony(2). I am currently engaged to be married in 2004. Although I have left Memphis I cherish the memories of the school where I laughed ,cried,and learned life lessons. My e-mail address is

Jamie Hart [last updated May, 2005]
Hi,everyone I guess I should put a little info in this space, so here goes. I have a son, Jalen (3). I am newly graduated from the University of Memphis with a BA in psychology (Spring'05). I will most likely be working for Youth Villages or AGAPE (depending on who makes me the best offer)here in Memphis. Good bye and God bless.

Janayah Hicks [last updated January, 2010]
Hi everybody! I hope everyone is well. I've been blessed with 3 wonderful girls and im engaged to be married in February 2010. I'm an LPN and I'm attending The U of M working on my BSN. Feel free to e-mail me or contact me on facebook!

LaQuita Kearney [last updated March, 2014]
Hello Mustangs. I truly hope all has been well with each of you. I have been well. I have been in the health administration field going on 10 years this year (2014) and I am a mommy to a son and a daughter. I hope to be able to keep up with events on this site and find old friends. Stay blessed everyone... c/o '00

Chantell Kneeland [last updated August, 2005]
Hello All, I hope everyone is doing very well in their lives. Here's what going on as of now in my life. I recently got married and I also have a little one Karlos Melvin 4mths as of Jun 19. I live in VA (still in the military) hopefully i'll be moving soon but who knows other the those wonderful new events in my life everything is the same... Well take care and God bless...
E-mail: not available

Adrian Lowery ("Fuji") [last updated October, 2008]

Glenn McNeil [last updated May, 2008]
Wassup everybody...I just wanted to say hi. I am currently working for the city. I work in the City Court Clerk's Office, maintaining the traffic tickets and citations that are given out. Everything is going good. I've lost track of most of you but, managed to check up to a few of ya'll (Thanks to Facebook & mySpace!!!)

Crystal Monique Mickens - Deceased.
An obituary is available.

Marva Neal [last updated December, 2011] ] [E-mail address updated September, 2017]
Hello everybody, I am doing well. I am married and a devoted homemaker of five children. I enjoy how God has blessed me tremedously and hope only for the best for everyone. I am proud to be an alumni of East High. I love all of y'all- take care.

Annshawn Peppers [last updated October, 2005]
Hello to the class of 2000. I finally dedided to fill in this blank spot. I still reside here in Memphis and have been a employee of UT Medical Group for the past four years. I recently got married in June and I can say that I have been enjoying the married life. I hope that everyone is doing well if you need to contact me please feel free to e-mail.God Bless!

Gladis P. Sanders [last updated February, 2004]
Hello Fellow Mustangs,
This is Gladis Sanders, the former 2000 Miss East High. Well, after graduation I attended Christian Brothers University where I received my B.A. in Pscyhology on Dec,2003. As of right now I'm taking a break from school and plan to enroll in nursing school in the fall. I don't have any kids nor have I married. However, I have been in a wonderful relationship with my college sweetheart of four years. I really miss the fun days and teachers at East High especially Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Hightower, and Mr. Paige. Well good luck to all of and whatever you do don't lose sight of goals because real dreams do come true!

Erika Sandoval Ruiz [last updated March, 2015]

Miska Shaw [last updated January, 2007]
Well, you guessed it.. I am still in school. I recently started law school at Washington University in St. Louis. I haven't had to work this hard since Ms. Coleman's AP Chemistry class! Well, I hope everyone's life is going according to plan. Peace.

Carey Shelton Jr. [last updated June, 2008]
Currently I help my mother run a temporary agency and I work at Methodist "G-town" in the materials managment department no kids not married and Im currently attending the U of M to get my master's in bussiness admin. "Who woulda thought i'd be doin that"!!! LOL
E-mail: not available

Jameka Ritrece Taylor [last updated April, 2006]
Hello my fellow graduates! I truly miss being a student at East High School. I enjoyed being a cheerleader, HOSA member, and the Most School Spirited! After departing East High School I attended THE University of Tennessee at Knoxville. In May 2004,I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. There, I pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Shout out to all the Devastating Divas and the Bruhs! Currently, I am a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at the Regional Medical Center (The Med) for the past two years. Hopefully, I will never have to see any of you all in the ICU. I am a first semester student at the University of Tennessee at Memphis pursuing a Masters in Nurse Anesthesia. Not married. Definitely no kids. Enjoying life to the fullest! I hope everyone is doing well and hope to see you all in 4!

Deirdra Thaxton [last updated February, 2001]
I attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where my major is accounting. I am not married, nor do I have any children. I'd like to give a shot out to the class of 2000. Hope everyone is living life to the fullest and being all that you can be. To the "Click" (CKCJ), don't let these people 3 you out! Much love! :->

People who attended East with the class of 2000 but were not graduated from East.
Harmony Carrigan [last updated January, 2018]

Marcellus Taylor [last updated August, 2002]

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