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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1988
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
Class Reunion Information-click here
20-Year Reunion Wraps Up. Photos & text reports wanted..

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Coleen Allen - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Keith Austin [last updated March, 2010]
I cannot belive I missed the 20 year anniversary...it looked like a blast! I'm currently living in Central California. I'm currently a sergeant with the Kings County Sheriff's Department...finishing up my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice so that I can teach at the community college level...I'm married to a wonderful woman who pities me enough to keep me around :)...we have two beautiful daughters Asleigh age 10 and Kyleigh age 8...It was good to look back and see so many names I was familiar with...I mean Cali is cool, but there is no place like home!...I'm coming home this Fall and would love to get reaquainted...hit me up at 559-816-6188...maybe now that my info is here, I'll be sent some sort of notification for the 25th reunion?...sounds good to me...peace...Keith...

James Burnette [last updated May, 2009]
The best way to get in touch with me is through Facebook. Perform a search for "James E. Burnette".

Toni Bynum [last updated February, 2008]
Things are okay. I have 2 daughters (NaTika 17 & Undryka 15). I'm a Certified Respiratory Therapist and soon to be mother of a high school graduate.

Jerome Coleman [last updated May, 2008]
I currently reside in Southeast Shelby county,I'm married have (2)kids,Jerome and Cameron (16&2),me and my wife have been together for 11 years,married 5 years,I'm employeed at G@K Services have been here going on 21 years,my current title is Production Manager,but I spent the bulk of my time in the Service Department,where I started out as a route sales rep.and got promoted to be a Route Manager in 1999.I would love to hear from some of my classmates that I haven't seen or heard from in a long time,if email is your thing my email address is

Timothy Harris ("Tim") [last updated March, 2008]
It's SO hard to be a MUSTANG!!-LOL! What's going on everybody?!? I was just contacted by April Smith (Shelton) about our 20th year class reunion. Can you believe it's been that long? (Whew!) Anyway, I went to Tenn. Tech University after high school. It was a culture shock to say the least. Then I came home and got my B.A. in Public Relations from the U of M, (Memphis State for the real soldiers!)I am currently working on my Master's in Public Administration.
I have a wonderful son who's 16 now, (...going on 50!). I currently work in Administration at MCS Board of Education. I also have my mortgage loan originator's license (for you future homebuyers and real estate moguls out there!) I am very active in my local church, and look forward to greater levels of service in the public sector. Everyone please stay positve, stay prayerful, and expect great things at all times! ---Tim

Latonya Hayes [last updated June, 2008]
Hello to everyone from the class of 88. I am still residing in Memphis with no plans to leave. I have two children, a son 19 and a daugther that is 17. I am currently divorced and just enjoying life. I work full time as well as go to school full time but I still manage to enjoy what life has to offer.

LaSonja L Hodge [last updated November, 2008]
Hello, fellow graduates of 1988. At this time, I am still currently residing in Memphis,Tn. I am a divorced mom of two girls, one of which graduated from East High School in 2006 and is currently at the U of M where she is a junior. My other little girl is currently attending East High School where she is a freshman. I am currently employed as a Legal Assistant/Collector at The Mendelson Law Firm here is Memphis,TN.

Kim Holman [last updated February, 2008]
Class of 1988. I'm excited about the reunion in June. I have two daughters, ages (10,13).
I am a nurse. My previous profession was a social worker. Please contact me via email. We are having monthly meeting and working very hard. Let's keep in touch.

Frederick Houston - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Jimme Earl Hudson - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Kimberly Jones [last updated August, 2010]
I'm located in Memphis, currently working for Methodist Healthcare, I'm divorced with one son who in the US Navy Reserves and have one grand-daughter.

Michael Mormino [last updated March, 2006]
Hi-De-Ho Mustangs! Michael Mormino here. Kristina and I are living in Atlanta after moving to Paris, France for a few months while Kristina studied medieval French manuscripts and I attended Le Cordon Bleu, the noted French cooking academy.
I'm a Development Chef for a major natural foods company. I develop new food products and create the training guides and nutritional data for them. Kristina received her PhD in French this year and is teaching at Georgia Perimeter College. She's on the Board of Directors for a local professional theatre company.
After 20 years of couplehood (coming up on 12 years of marriage), we still have no kids but we have two Italian Greyhounds (Stanzi and Josie) who keep us very busy.
Before we settled down (which is well before we went to grad school and an ACF appreticeship), I had a clown / magic / juggling company and performed with a travelling Renaissance theatre troupe called the Silver Sphinx Players. I did a couple of improv comedy shows a week for a couple of years with a troupe called the Overton Square Pegs at the Comedy Zone in Memphis and wrote a few comedy sketches for local TV.
I'm doing a bit more juggling and performing these days. I occasionally emcee for a local burlesque and vaudeville company, which you can see at www.bigcityburlesque.com.
------Web Sites worth visiting--------
www.culinary.homestead.com - Compostella Culinary Development, my Food Science consulting company.
www.capocomico.homestead.com - The old site I ran while living in France. www.shivermetimbers.homestead.com - Photos of me, Kristina and a bunch of piratical pals at Kris' PhD party, which had a pirate theme. Arrrrrr, mateys!
There ya go, kiddies. More than you ever wanted to know about me. What the heck are YOU doing these days? Drop me a line, willya?
Michael Mormino

Terrance Sanders [last updated July, 2010]
Hi fellow mustangs!my name is Terrance Sanders born and raised in Memphis Tenn.I actually graduated from East HS 1988. I transferred to East 3 months before graduation.I came from Sheffield HS it was very painstaking to say the least. I must admit you guys made me feel at home. You guys probably don't remember me I had the tallest hi-top fade in Memphis 87-88 they called me "Kid" from kid & play.
Actually my fade was bigger than his.But,I wanted to reach out to all Mustangs and thank you all for making me feel, like I belong at East High School.Sincerely
I'm married with to my high school sweetheart.She's from Memphis,she graduated from Overton HS class of 1990.We have three beautiful daughters ages 19 in college,17 senior in high school,&13 jr.high school.I chose to raise my kids in California.Although they were born the two oldest in Memphis,Tn.My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this past March 2010.It seems just yesterday we were married March 23rd,1990.Mane it flies by life.I wanted to know if there's plans for any reunions soon for the class of 1988.If so, keep me in the loop.I don't want to miss that one.PEACE LIVE IN IT OR REST IN IT. TERRANCE "TEE PHI ONE" SANDERS.

William Scott [last updated July, 2004]
I'm currently an operations trainer for FedEX Trade Networks. I'm also a small business owner.I mentor people that are interested in owning their own business. Married for 12 awesome years to my wife Kay and we have 3 beautiful daughters.

April Shelton [last updated March, 2008]

George Smith [last updated May, 2012]
Wow!! It's been a long time. Hate I could not come to the reunion but I did see the video and it look like a blast.
I move to Chicago back in 95 and after stints with the USDA and Baxter, went into pharmaceuticals (the legit type). I now work for Fresenius Kabi as the Senior Validation Engineer.
I am married with twins (Kayden and Alexandria) and also have a son (Jide)in grad school down at Ole Miss.

Elizabeth Thomas [last updated October, 2008]
Hi to all the mustangs. I just wanted to give an update on me and my family. Well I am a mom for the 2nd time to a beautiful little baby girl named Izabella. My Oldest Courtnei is a senior at Whitestation. My baby is now a year old. and my oldest is 17 yrs old. Ive been married for almost 13 years now and its the happiest of all time. I live in Seattle WA. Its Wet, Cold, but there are mountains and water all around. I am a massage therapist and a account resolution specialist and am raising my child so im a pretty busy person. I miss the food in Memphis! Anyone know where to get some good bar b q in Seattle? I know you dont cause we aint got none. HAHAHAHHA

Kenon Veals [last updated August, 2011]
My name is Kenon Veals, u know me. I am married to Toya Tornes-Veals(Memphis)and I have 3 children(Walter, Joshua, and Amari). I now live in Canton, Ms., which is about 20 miles north of Jackson. Recently, the Lord blessed me to not have to work outside of the church I belong. We now own a Multipurpose facility that houses a daycare, banqueting halls, and children recreational/educational programs.

Jessica Ward [last updated April, 2008]

Thomas Watson [last updated November, 2004] [E-mail address updated March, 2008]
Truly, it is so great to see a website of this sort for the "Mighty Mustangs." Hats off to the web designer.
I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am married and have a son- 6 years old and a daughter- 18 months old. My professional career as a sub-contrator for the government is doing extremely well. In addition, I am also preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have the opportunity to visit Bountiful Blessings Church of God In Christ, please take it.
I look forward to seeing all of you. I pray God's abundance to you and your families.
God bless you,

Tonya Winton [last updated June, 2008]

Angie Wright [last updated March, 2008]
Hi to everyone especially class of '88! Been a while since I've thought of high school years. Things are going well for me and my family. I have 2 girls and 2 boys ranging from 20-8 years of age. Been happily married for 10 years now to a good, strong, loving man. I look forward to seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion. No. I cannot believe that we've out of school that long! Anyway, you guys take care and hope to see you soon.

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