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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 2001     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Alexia Allen [last updated August, 2005]
Hello Class of 2001. This is yo girl Alexia. I'm doing fine. I currently work at the Hilton Hotel in the V.I.P. loung.I'm loving life and I hope everyone else is also. Feel free to email me so we can catch up.
Go To www.webspawner.com/users/alexiaallen/ for more info about me, Alexia

Johnathan Beckford [last updated August, 2005]
Whazzup to the crunkest class ever to go to East High. I'm doing great I miss each and everyone of you. I'm currently in the United States Marine Corp and I've been in over 4yrs and I'm currently on my second enlistment. I currently live in Oceanside,California an hour away from San Diego and Los Angeles respectfully. I just bought a house in California for 395,000, but plan on selling it in about 3 years. I went to Iraq twice in about a year and six months and was one of the first marines over there trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein. I really miss Memphis and East High School because I haven't been back in about two years. I can't wait to see you guys again and if anyone wants to contact me they can reach me by e-mail or my phone at (760) 725-4851 between 7:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST time. Alright Class Of 2001 Holla Back!!!

Sherika Blevins [last updated November, 2003] [E-mail address updated June, 2008]
Hello everyone. I am currently at Bates College, which is located in Lewiston, Maine. I am currently a junior with a major in neuroscience. I am very content, and yes there are nothing but white people here. Out of 1700 there are maybe 60 of us (including Jamaican and africans). Anyway feel free to email me and let me know how you are. Take care.

Rodricus Bowles [last updated October, 2005]
What up fam!!! This ya boy Lil' Rod, the one that ran track for 30 years at East. Naw, but 4 real, I just finished school at UT-Martin and I am currently a Senior Health Fitness Specialist for Health Fitness Corporation. I still live in Memphis at the moment and probably will be here for another four years. Life has been good and I can't complin about anything. Finally getting paid good for all those hours I put in at school. Anybody that wanna get in touch with me can hit me up on my email and holla at me. By the way, ya boy is also a member of the greatest fraternity in existence..PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INC. BBLLLLUUUEEEEE PPHHHHIIIII!!!! UUUU KKNNNOOOWWWW!!!! Im out. One

Irena Brooks [last updted August, 2012]

Brandi Brooks [last updated May, 2004]
Greetings to the wonderful class of 2001! It's me, Brandye! First, I would like to say thanks to all my fellow classmates who took time out of their day to contact me during such a tragic time in my life. That really meant alot to me. However, I'm doing fine and just trying to live life to its fullest. I currently reside in Buckhead down in the ATL where I attend the American InterContinental University @Buckhead. I am a junior double majoring in Business Marketing and Fashion Design. I transfered from UTC because Chatta-no-where wasn't talking about nothing. Just a word of advice to anyone who is even considering UTC (great school, very dull town). Hit me up in a email (BrandyeGyrl1@yahoo.com) or something because I have lost contact with alot of you guys. I wish ya'll my best! Holla!

Michael Burton [last updated February, 2002] [E-mail address updated December, 2007]
Straight from Stankonia its ya man Mike holding it down for all my people from 2001. Representing the M-town in Chattanooga right now. I'm currently majoring in Pre Physical Therapy. As an intern I'm working in the Athletic Training room. Last semester I was in the Equipment management room. You know, getting to know everybody. That was my work study job, and on Sundays I worked in the UC. I only had 12 hours last semester.I guess my Jamaican hair gave me a whole new mind state of working. But Chat ain't the place to be if you're looking for something to do. So, on the weekends me and my roomate, Carl, hit Atlanta or Knoxville. Get at me though. If your college experience is like mine, you realize that the best people were right in your face senior year. These girls in Chat are crazy. Lady mustangs where ya at?

Kristen Cannon "Red" [last updated November, 2007]
Hey everyone, this is Kristen, BKA, RED. I went to college at The University of Tennessee where I graduated in 2005 with my degree in Early Childhood Education. I also went to pursue Business Administration. In 2007, I opened a daycare center in Knoxville, TN and hoping to start a chain. I am also working to begin my event planning business, so things are going well. I am very active in my community organizations as well as church so I keep busy!!! I can always be contacted via e-mail, or hit me up on facebook. Look foward to keeping in touch with fellow graduates!!!

Candias Carr [last updated October, 2001]
Hi fellow East Hiigh students and alumni's. My name is Candias Carr, I attend Arkansas state University in Jonesboro Arkansas. I'm a freaskman nursing major. I'm writing to say hi and to let the one who didn't go to college or who are preparing to go. College is the best thig that can happen to a person. For the one's who don't know me I was captain of the cheerleading squard my 12th grade year.And as the basketball team says the one who sold her school out because Iwentwith and still go with antonio Rambo(Hamilton). But I love them any way. REMEMBER LOVE EAST. GO MUSTANGS!!!!

Regina Cheers [last updated July, 2006]
Hi Class of '01. Wow! Its been 5 yrs now. Doesn't seem that long. Anyway, I hope all are you are blessed. We have 5 more yrs before most of us will be together again. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Accounting from UT- Martin, Spring 05! I am currently working at Direct as a claims adjuster. I am also pursuing my MBA at the University of Memphis. I want to give a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-PHIIIIIIIIIIII to all my Blutiful sorors and frats! The Blue and White Fam is taking ova! Feel free to email me. God Bless!

Donald Christian ("D-man") [last updated June, 2002]
Well wassup to all on this line or just checking out the site those who were anybody know who I am d_man so wassup any of u just wanna leace me a message or drop me a line and what am I doing now is just attend college at jackson state university the only one here with me now is my boy james crawford j_smuve but it will b on here in the fall u know marvin and julius r coming here for the fall and by the way jsu is off da chain so holla for now love always
D_man class of 2001
Never forget those who didn't make it u know who they are so just keep them in your memory forever so bye_bye

Dontrell Craft [last updated February, 2004]
I play football at U of Northern Iowa. I'm currently a redshirt sophmore. I just finished Juco prior to coming here. I've been enjoying, having fun and basically just doing me like always. I still kick it with the same homies, I miss a lot of people from the class of 01. I hope everyone is doing good for themselves. All I'm a say is look for me in the 2005 or 6 NFL Draft. It's ya boy Trell Craft 1 luv.

James Crawford [last updated May, 2002]
What's the bizzle, this is "jsmuve", bka, james crawford, just trying to keep my head over troubled waters, doing what I got to do to maintain. I am down in the dirty out skirts of Mississippi at Jackson State University doing my best to keep my grades normal and trying to stay away from making babies. I hope everybody is on easy and surviving. take it easy. PEACE AND LOVE.

Michael Fields, Jr. [last updated September, 2010]
What it DO 2001. This is Mike Fields Jr, the lil dude that ran track for East from 7th grade till graduation. I am now a graduate of Arkansas State University,married wit 2 kids Michael III and Marquese. I work at CYS and I am GOOD. holla! A Phi A
TRE Club

Rebecca Freeman [last updated July, 2006]
Hi Class of 2001!! this is Rebecca! I hope everyone is fine and livin up to there expectations!! I just recently got married to Ronald Porter in April!! our weddin was absolutely gorgeous!! We had alot of u guys to attend and we thank u for the support!! u all keep urself together and stay up!!!!

Shatylon Glover ("Shay") [last updated April, 2011]
Wow, why am I just now finding out about the page ten years later. Hey yall its your girl "shay". Man ten years has flown by just like I thought it would. I think about my days at east alot. The good, the bad and the ugly. And even though times were never perfect I wouldn't change a thing. I majored in Electronic Engineering Technology and I am currently working on my masters in Health Informatics and Information systems. I'm starting my own cleaning business which will be up and running Mid June of this year."Pray for me". I will be married six years this november and I have two gorgeous children; Daniel and Ariel who are 5 and 3."Mommy loves you". I am living blessed and stressed free. I am not where I wanna be in life but I am a lot better than I used to be. To all my mustangs that have passed your memory will always live on and to my class of 2001 I love all of yall and I miss you more than I thought I ever would. Keep God first and hit me up if you wanna say wzup! Later!

Taj Harris [last updated September, 2002]
Attending the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor.

Tee Hill [last updated April, 2007]
Hello fellow alumni/alumnus of East High School. I am currently in the beginning process of constructing an alumni association. If you have any feedback feel free to e-mail me.

Ashley Hodges [last updated August, 2005] [E-mail address updated March, 2007]

Angela Jones [last updated October, 2001]
Hey i'm fine how ya'll I'm at nowhere
E-mail: No valid e-mail address available

Homer Jones [last updated August, 2003]
What's UP Folk It's Ya boy Homer J. Got that A.A.S.(Assoicate In Applied Science) In Computer Engineering Technology. I am a Computer Tech At Best Buy Wolfchase. I do house calls. 1 Luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaQuilla Jones [last updated January, 2005]
Well it has been 4 years since I have been at good old East High. I am a 4th year senior at Temple University studying computer Science. I hope to graduate one day. Nothing interesting has been going on. I still hang out with the same people although some have been added or deleted. It is all good though.

Steven LaCeedric Kirkwood - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Monica Kinnard ("Red") [last updated October, 2001]
I am currently at Tenn. State University which is supposed to be the party school. I am majoring in Chemistry with the concentration of Biochemistry. I have currently joined the Pep Club here at TSU. I am not on any squad but plan on being a Tiger Gem or Sophiscated Lady. I do not have any children and I am doing fine. I thanking god everyday for waking up and you should too.
             See you soon
             "Class of 2001"

Jennifer Madison [last updated May, 2005]
Hello my fellow classmates. Those that remember me know me as Jennifer Madison. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and everyone that took cosmotology knows who he is. I have two children Darrion and Danielle Nathan. I also am currently a nursing major at stcc.I wish everyone much success!

Antionette Mckinney [last updated August, 2009]
Hello my fellow classmates, Just checking in to read everybody updated pofile. Me and Daniel(dan-dan)R still together we been married for 2yrs, but as u all know we been together for 9yrs and still keeping going luv is in the air. We have 2 boys a 17months and a 5yr old he will be 6 in October. I'm still working at porter-leath as a headstart teacher, my husband is a cook at a very good place on Bell street. I attend grand canyon university online getting my B.A in business admin with a consentration of managemant hopefull I will be done in 2010 but we r doing wonderful I could not ask for nonthing better. I hope to see u sooner but if not please email me We would love to hear from you guys LUV and May GOD Bless each and everyone of u and your family

Blue McNeil [last updated July, 2006]
Wuts up class of 2001.this michelle also known as blue. I got a handsome son named shyne markese (DONT HATE)I'm doing great still working on a physical therapy degree while raising my lil stunna.

Lizzie Moore [last updated August, 2005]
Hello my fellow class mates for that don't know me or remember me when I attended school I went by Lizzie Moore but I now go by Lizzie Hill. I'm married to wonderful Navy man and I have (2) beautiful daughters Kaelah 3 ; and Kamryn 71/2 months. I'm a homemaker at the moment going back to school soon to become a Medical Office Assistant. Well I was just stopping through to wish everyone a blessed and happy life.

Angelia Morey ("Angie") [last update May, 2005]
Whats up to my fellow class. I have been doing great. I attended tn tech of memphis where I recieved my nursing license. I am working as a LPN(licensed practical nurse) at Methodist University. I have been there for 2 years working hard. As you remember I have two kids Destiny who is 5 and Asia 4. I miss everybody especially those who were close to me. So email me and let me know how u are doing.

La-Toya Parrott [last updated January, 2007]
Hello everyone this is La-Toya Parrott. First I would like to start by saying congrats to all with there success in college and in there careers now. I am currently living in California, I am proudly serving my country in the worlds finest AirForce. My rank as of now is E3, I went STCC for 3 years completing a double major in Hospitality Management culinary Arts, and Food and beverage. I am attending college now on base at the Airforce Community college and looking forward to completing my bachelors in 1 year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon, 10 year class reunion is approaching fast. Best wishes and always walk with GOD.

Marsha Patten [last updated September, 2010]

Courdria Pointer [last updated May, 2002]
Hello everybody I am currently at the University of Memphis majoring in Fashion Merchandising. I am studying and working so I can leave memphis to study fashion in New York. Many people from East attend the U of Memphis like Charon, Takita, Ronald, and others.
Everything has been going great down here. I hope every one is having fun where ever they are and I hope everyone is successful in what they are doing.
bye    Courdria aka Rone

Ronald Porter, Sr. [last updated September, 2008]
Well it's Me Mr. East checking in with everyone! I'm doing Great right now. My son is 4 going on 15 and got a little girl on the way. If anyone got a GUn they wanna sell holla at me cause I ain't taking any BS with this Baby Girl! LOL! Naw just kidding. Other than that I'm about to finish up school and thru GOD's blessing I will continue to be successful and blessed. Hey holla at me when you can. My email is active and will for ever be active and you can't forget it. Oh...yeah I can't forget to plug this Bec and I are still married and it's been like 2 1/2 years now. Peace and till then TTYL!!!

Jennifer Puryear ("Lil Black") [last updated November, 2003]
This the one the only Jennifer Puryear saying what's up to everybody in the almighty class of 2001. Well as of right now I am attending New Wave Hair Academy but I was at Southwest majoring in Nursing but I decided to put that off for a minute and go on and make that money doing hair. Don't worry, I will be back in Nursing school making that extra money. For all my friends and real ones WUZZUP and for all my haters and losers, ya'll know what ya'll can do. If ya'll want to hit me up and chat, you can e-mail me at Gyniphyr_314@yahoo.com,or J_baby4life@blackplanet.com. If you have AIM(aol instant messenger) you can hit me up at JSHAE03. HOLLA BACK and see you in 2011!!!!!!I Call me if you want to know how I'm doing if you ain't got nothing to say don't call

Alicia Robinson [last updated December, 2008]
hello classmates.... i'm doing fine. as of 2008 i have 2 daughters and 1 son. they are amazing and a trip! i am working at fedex right now until i finish school. im not married yet (thank god)and i still live in memphis. i am trying to work in the field of Computer Aid Drafting and hopefully i am well on the way. As for my friends (u know who u are) i luv yall! if you would like to get in touch with me email me at [see below]. 2001 baby!....

Erica Rogers [last updated July, 2012]

TJ Rodgers [last updated November, 2003]
Yo what's up class of 2001. This is ya boy big T. Well, this has been a time for me. I was currently enrolled at Northwest Community College in Senatobia, Mississippi. I was supposed to play ball (football) down there, but i got into some trouble with some peoples and you know how that goes, they kicked me out. But thats cool though cause i am at Southwest right now trying to get everything straight, and by the spring i will be at Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss.. Of course i am going to play ball, get my degree in sportsmedicine, and have lots and lots of sex,(lmao). Well, i feel as though I've talked too much so i guess I'll see ya when i do. God Bless

Calvin Shields [last updated January, 2008]
Well people how ya'll living this is calvin and did the college thing the end didn't work out so i came back fast foward a few years I have a 7mo old daugter I now work for MCS as a building engineer and everything is cool. if ya want hit me up with tha e-mail and i'll get back at cha

Countress Smith - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Erica Smith [last updated March, 2005]
I would like to say hello to the Class of 2001!!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I am doing well. I attend the University of Mississippi (0le Miss). I am a senior majoring in Legal Studies (minor in Biology and English). I hope to pursue my career in Law with an emphasis on Sports (Entertainment) or Malpractice Law. I am just enjoying life to the fullest,and trying to stay in my books so I can get out of school. To any alumni who read my message please feel free to contact me...I would really like to hear from my classmates. Also to the class of 2002, Brandon Jenkins is on scholarship for the football team here at Ole Miss. So now East High has one more person added to the SEC (Southeastern Conference) list. Well it's been a pleasure to visit this page.....Class of 2001 I miss you guys so please hit me up!!!!! Remember that life is not easy, but the good you make of it makes it easier..... .....

Marcus Stout ("lil Fly") [last updated April, 2010]
Whats up all my East High veterans. This ya boy fly and i know its been along minute. Well first let me start off with the school year. It was fun exciting and a life long learning experience. I left Memphis and started pursueing my rap career. I moved to Meadville Pa. and started doing shows and working on a group album. I went to the Erie Business Center in Erie Pa. I majored in computer tech. and programing but changed my major to comp. marketing and prog..I withdrew because of family issues with my 1st daughter. But shes okay and an angel. I currently still reside in Pennsylvania and really been working hard on my rap project and production. Im now a producer and artist and have really big plans this summer.I dropped a mixtape called Flizzo the Lyricist 1 in Memphis. In 2007 it did great. For the ones that know then fasho you know im coming...... Be on da look out for Flizzo the lyricst 2 "This summer is mine and i say to you all when you hear me in this hiphop rap game know that the emporer has arrived. Fly/Flizzo O im coming home to claim my rap throne trust me its mine!!!!!!!!"

Antroine Townes [last updated January, 2005]
Wassup, this is ya boy TWONE. I just finished my math degree at Morehouse College and now I am finishing my mechanical engineering degree at Georgia Tech. When I was at Morehouse I pledged PHI BETA SIGMA Fraternity, Inc. (BLUE PHI....YOU KNOW) I'm currently the president of the chapter at Georgia Tech. Everything's going well...congrats to everyone holding it down. Feel free to email me at . I have an apartment in ATL so if you're going to be in the area, hit me up.

DeeDee Williams [last updated January, 2009]
What's up everybody. Hope all is well. I am currently a junior attending Christian Brothers University for my BA/Masters in Education. I have been in the Army Reserve for 8 years now. I have been overseas twice and just got back recently Dec 08. I work at Kings and Queen Daycare as a daycare teacher. DeeDee loves the kids. I am currently in a relationship of 1 year with no children.If you want to hit me up my email is [listed below].My number is 901-830-1541 to help plann class reunion because it is approaching soon. As always Class of 2001 is forever the crunkiest. Life is great.

Jessica Williams [last updated November, 2002]
Hello Everyone it's me Jessica Mary I currently attend Lane College in Jackson, Tn majoring in History with an intent to teach. I love it here and meeting all the new people I was the 2002-03 " Miss Elk" pagent winner and soon i will be competing in The ALPHA PHI ALPH PAGENT I hope evryone is doing well.

Zavion Williams [last updated March, 2006] [E-mail address updated May, 2009]

Richard Zubulake ("Zubie") [last updated November, 2005]
Taking a late start of my education. I completed my AA degree at Des Moines Area Community College. I will be attending Iowa University in the fall of 2006.

People who attended East with the class of 2001 but were not graduated with it.
Arthur Sallis - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Cheree Warren [last updated November, 2005]

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