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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 1989     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Michelle Alexander [last updated February, 2000]
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! I was searching for something totally unrelated and East High's web page jumped up on my screen. It must have been Divine Intervention. I am doing well since my East High Days!! After graduation, I went to Howard University in Washington, D.C. From there, I attended Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN & I graduated in 1997. Currently, I am in my last year of Residency in the Family Practice Program at the University of TN where I am Chief Resident (East High has got to represent!). I will graduate in June and then I will open an office in the Midtown area. I have been married for two and one-half years to a fellow Memphian that I met in D.C. He is a stock broker at a firm here in Memphis. I still keep in contact with my East High Pals and would love to get an email. I will definitely pass this web site along.

Prudence Allen [last updated December, 2005]
Hello all. Just wanted to update me file and let you know that all is well. I'm married to Cedric White. We have a 9 year old daughter Krystal,15 year old step daughter, and 12 year old little brother.

Christine Anderson ("Christi") [last updated May, 2002]
After graduation, I attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC),where I received my degree in Nursing. Also while at UTC, I met and married a wonderful man (who I am still married to after 10 years). We have lived in several states and have four beautiful children ages 1-7. Presently, I work as a crisis stabilization nurse.
I am so glad I "stumbled" upon this website! I'll be sure to pass it on! Feel free to email me at . I would love to hear from/about the 1989 "Academy" graduates again.

Roshun Austin [last updated January, 1998]
Go Mustangs! After graduating from East High School in 1989, I attended and graduated from Middlebury College in 1993. I spent my undergraduate summers here in Memphis working at the University of Tennessee at Memphis in the Biochemistry department. The summer of 1993, I lived in Los Angeles, CA and worked as Teach for America Corps member in the Unified School District. I taught school in Zachary, Louisiana from August 1993-May 1995(which is right outside of Baton Rouge). I was a teacher of the gifted. While teaching I was extremely involved in community. I went on to attend the University of Memphis' Masters Program in Urban Anthropology. I graduated with a Masters' in Urban Anthropology in August 1997. Presently, I am serving as the Executive Director of the Orange Mound Development Corporation, a non-profi,t neighborhood-based organization in Memphis, TN. We are involved in developing affordable housing and doing economic development in the Orange Mound community.
989 Tunstall Street
Memphis, TN 38114

Pamala Benton [last updated January, 2009]
Hello to all. After graduation I attended and graduated from University of Memphis (UOM) with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I accepted employment with Baptist Memorial Health Care, where I worked as a registered nurse for seven years. I later returned to the UOM receiving second Bachelors in Paralegal Studies. Currently working at Federal Express in the Legal-Litigation Department as a Paralegal. Married, with two children, Marcellus 14 and Vivian 11. Hope to see everyone during the reunion.

Connie Braddy [last updated April, 2006]
It is a blessing to hear from you and find that all is well with you also. I am a Sr. Account Technician at Union Planters Bank in Cordova. I am an active member of Greater Imani Church and Christian Center. I am a proud mother of a spiritually uplifting 15 year old son, Jerome who God is using to empower and inspire my life. We share precious moments with friends and family whenever we get the opportunity.

I'd love to join you in celebrating our 15 year class reunion.
Until then,
Be Blessed.

Vickey Burks [last updated October, 2005] [E-mail address updated March, 2011]
Whats up mighty mighty mustangs. Glad to know were moving on up with the web page. My daughter actually found you all after seeing her dads(Frederick Williams) profile. Married with 4 children Jeremy(Marvin Davis)son,Jasmine,Mercedes and Joi (2mos). Currently at home mom and don't want to go back to work. God has been good to me and I'm Blessed. I have alot of time on my hands at home with baby. Stay in contact. Still sexy!

Alec Chandler [last updated May, 2007]
What's up this is Chan. Sorry I haven't attended any reunions, maybe i can make the next one (I'll bring D Ross too.) After gratuating from the University of Tennessee-Martin in 1994 with a BS in Biology, I started working in Case Management and counseling teens and adolescents. I'm now living in St Louis Missouri. I have two boys: Alec IV (10) and Drake (4). Still unmarried, but I have a fiancee, Ronda.
All is well. I'm Blessed!! Chan the Man, Kappa Alpha Psi
Phi Nu Pi
To my boys on the HOOP Squad, Miss Yall.
E-mail: withheld

Corey Chatman [last updated October, 2008]
What's up class of A-T-9! I'm all choked up reading about the successful graduates coming up out the Academy, we always knew it was something really special about us. We're the best that ever did it and got away with it! I am married now with 7 kids, 4 boys and 3 girls; I am a state licensed master electrician, and the owner of CHATMAN ELECTRICAL ENTERPRISES, LLC, which is doing business in the New Orleans area as Champ Electric. All is well and I look forward to seeing all ya'll at our 20 year reunion.It's so hard to be a MUSTANG! Everybody can't do it!

Karen Coleman [late updated February, 2009]
Hello Fellow Stangs of 1989:
Currently, in Nashville, TN with my husband of 1 month and counting (Cedric Walker). Through this beautiful union, I have a gorgeous 15yr old daughter. AND THAT'S ALL FOLKS!
In '94 I graduated from UT-Chattanooga. Pledged Delta Sp'93 (the Mighty DST)....shout-out to my sands+ former classmates, Yolanda "Yodie" Draine (Norman) and Christy "Pooh Bear" Laurant (Anderson). Career wise, I worked in State + Federal Gov't for 7 yrs. Joined the non-profit sector about 3 yrs ago and opened a resource center in Oct '05 (Youth Connections) for at-risk teens + young adults (ages 16-24) who are in or have exited foster care. In July '07, God expanded the vision literally and again in Aug '08. We opened a thrift store. Unlike many others thrift stores, we don't charge our teens $$$ to shop. It has 6 departments.... just check us out @ www.tnyouthconnections.net. Due to health reasons+ high stress levels in Nov '08, I left this stressful yet rewarding place in capable hands to returned to school to work on my MS-Guidance + Counseling @ TSU.
Other shocking endeavors: Retired choreographer of a dance ministry @ Mt Zion Baptist Church under Bishop Joseph W. Walker III (1999-2006). Fashion Consultant/Personal Shopper, which birthed "An Eye for Fashion" + "Style Me Inc" in 2005. No, I didn't receive best dress or most talented in school, but God will release your hidden treasures when you live to glorify HIM. And from all of the other testimonies that I've read tonight, He's still in the blessing business!

Cleveland Dunlap ("Chip") [last updated May, 2009]
What's up y'all. Oh my God! I can't believe this. I missed the reunion? Please someone let me know when the next one is. Twenty years ago, I was skinnier, smarter, and a stud. Now, I'm going on 39 yo and tired. Where do I start? After high school, I went right into the Navy and spent 9 years. I went around the world and met Yolanda at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia. What's up giiiirrrrl! After getting out of the Navy, I moved to San Antonio, Texas and went to the University of Texas, where I recieved my BSN. I worked at the Baptist Medical Center for nine years and went back to graduate school and got my Masters in Health Administration. Two years later, I went back and got my Masters in the Science of Nursing. I currently work for the Audie L. Murphy Veterans' Hospital in San Antonio, Texas as Nurse Manager of the Cardiac Medicine Unit. I have two children, Cordelle and Toni. I am married to my supermodel and wife, Dimitra ( luv ya baby). That's it. I have my ups and downs just like everyone else but that's why they call it L-I-F-E. Alec, what's up yo! Charles, where you at. Billy Smith, I saw on television playing for Memphis State. Anthony, I saw you too. We're a long way from those projects in Binghampton. I told you we was going to do it. Where is coach Mosby? Karen Samuels, thank you. You thought I forgot. I can go on forever guys but I have to go. Someone please let me know when the reunion is. I'll see ya at the top.
E-mail address not availabale.

Kellon Earl [last updated February, 2009]
You can reach me on my face book. Kellon Earl

Derrick Fox [last updated December, 2008]
I just celebrated my 38th birthday on Dec. 2, my wife (Jacqueline) and I also just celebrated our 5th anniversary on Dec.12. We have (3) GREAT KIDS! We live in O'Fallon, IL. I work for Wonder/Hostess as a Distribution Manager. I have been with this company since 1994. I can honestly say that I love my job. My family and I travel back too Memphis every chance we get, which seems to be a lot here lately.
It's great to hear that you guys are doing so well. Can't wait to see all of you. GO MUSTANGS!!!

Timothy Terrell Gatewood [last updated November, 2008]
Now see fellow Mustangs!
I was chillin. Just finished talking to Aki, aka Easy A, when something said..."Check the Eash High Profile Page".
What do I see (Besides Corey "Bunny Rabbit" Chapman)? My very own cousin trying to call me out. You all know that I was always the smart Gatewood, right? If it wasn't for her shellshock from war and the fact that she can fire large weapons, I'd tell her a thing or two. Love you girl!
Everything is well with me. Hope all is well with you guys.
Hit me up to catch up!

Yulonda Gatewood [last updated February, 2009]
Greetings to all. I can't wait till the 20 year reunion. Thank you to those who are taking the lead on getting us together again. Go Mustangs!
I am still on active duty. They love me; what can I say. Things are very tense for me and the military in general, but we go on.
Life's good and blessed. That is all for now. See you all at the reunion.

Kenitha Hicks ("Nita") [last updated May, 2008]
Hello everyone! I am so excited that I found this page. I was checking out information on East because I wanted to send my son there for his high school years and wanted to see what was going on. Little did I know that I would find this page. Again hello everybody! I was so excited when I saw the names that were on here. It was a pleasure to to have been in the presence of all of yall back in the day( remember Mustangs strive with Pride cause it aint no half stepping). I as most of you have stated am doing fine. I am married and have been for 9 years. I have three wonderful children, Lamarcus 13, Brianna 4 and Morgan 6 months. I work for Hewlett Packard(HP)where I have been for 11 years. I am a logistic supervisor and I run inventory control for them . I have recently gone back to school to get my Bachleor's in Business and will specialize in Human Resource. Going back to school after 20 something years is harder than I thought, but will be well worth it to get my degree. I am pulling a strong B+ in both classes and yet striving for that A. I missed the 10 year reunion, as I did no know we had one, but I do not plan on missing the next one. It was great catching up with you all, especially Mr.Gatewood, Mr.Hobson, Ms. Burks and Ms. Macklin. Feel free to email or call me if you would like, I can be reached at ...

Kenneth Hobson [last updated July, 2010]

Julian Holston (Black - Cat) [last updated March, 2000]
Hello, fellow Mustangs. I did a tour in the Marines for 5 yrs, released in '94. I've been married for 10 yrs (MAy'90). My lovely wife name is Patricia. I have four childrens age ranges from 8 to 14. I presently attending ITT-TECH for Computer Systems Network Techn. I presently work contract for Ameritech which has merged with SBC. The work I do here is Network Staging for many companies that has a Network backbone(server).

Kenneth Houston ("k-dog") [last updated February, 2004]
hi fellow mustangs I'm doing just fine by the grace of god/I'm married with one son which is my twin.May god bless u all

Kendrick Joyce [last updated May, 2009]
Whats going on fellow Mustangs? Here's a quick update. I live in Nashville. I am an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Meharry Medical college. I am still a dreamer and a believer. I still have the same core group of people that keep me grounded. I love God and I continue to strive to be better each day. Peace.

Eric Kelly [last updated August, 2005]
Damn...where do I start? Gary Turner called me and hooked me up with this page. He (Gary) is doing great! I almost started crying while I was reading you guys' profiles. I miss all of you soooo much! Then I got to the dude with the g-14 classified profile and damn near choked. Naw im just playing,,,,much love to u bro.....anyway,,,I miss the "academy"..c/o 89 put out some top notch people..as for me I went to Lambuth College in Jackson ,Tn on a football scholarship,,as u can tell from my spelling and typing skills ,,I didnt finish,,after returning home,,I entered S.S.C.C to continue my education,,,I was hired by the Memphis Police Department in 93',,,(I know ....I know I couldnt belive it either,,,after all the stuff I did in h.s. ,,,I passed the background check......lol) I married my" dream girl" in 94' she is about to finish her doctorate in education and is a Memphis school teacher ,,we meet while working @ the "plantation" err,, i mean fed ex,,she has given me the most beautiful children,,,my son Christian John 10 yrs old and Terica Letrice 6yrs old ,,my son wants to go to east so he can follow in dads foot steps,,about three years ago I got into real estate and now I work with G.M.A.C. Realty. I would love to get up to date pics of everyone and their families ,,oh yeah everybody is invited to my house for drinks see ya soon,,,ek

Rhonda Lamon [last updated March, 2003]
What's going on Mustangs?! I cannot believe it's been nearly four years since our class reunion. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait until the next one.
I am currently living in Virginia Beach Virginia, and working as a television producer for an ABC affiliate. Yet Memphis is still HOME and will always be!
My email address is . Take care!

Tiffiany Macklin [last updated March, 2005]
Hi everyone. Boy, it's been a long time. You may not remember me, I wasn't really one of the popular ones. I missed the 10 year reunion, but will not miss the next one. I have been married to a wonderful man for 5 years now. I have three beautiful children; Angellica(18 yrs, who is also a graduate of East High c/o 2004), Bradley(13 yrs) and Cequoia(11 yrs). I am curently working at Juvenile Court of Memphis & Shelby County as an Executive Secretary to the Director of Child Support Services. If you do remember me, drop me a line or two. See ya!

Christopher McAllister [last updated September, 2002]
Greetings and mad love to all my Academy friends. It is a great pleasure to see that East High and technology have come such a long way since our days a few years ago. After high school I went to Duke University, played lacrosse (which I had only played a little during 2 summer visits up north) and lettered as a freshman, pledged Kappa Alpha Psi, and graduated in 1993. For a short time I was in Memphis in the Fall of 1993 Teaching at a performing arts school. Then I moved to Washington, DC in January 1994 because Kevin Reed (co 1989), decided to go to Howard Law School and I was thinking about going at the time. He said DC was a great place to have fun, make business connections, and consider law school.
I went to DC and worked for a stock brokerage house until I was approached by a business friend who worked for the federal government and knew I was technical. We talked, and before long I was working for a federal contractor. A short time later I underwent a year long investigation, was classified Top Secret/SCI, and began working for undisclosed classified organizations at non-disclosed locations for the government.
I worked in closed circles at a global level until December 2000 when I moved to New York for greater career challenges in the commercial/non-classified/unclassified world. Some say that I moved to DC when Clinton moved in, and that when he floated to New York I decided to check it out myself. I will say that DC during the Clinton years was fantastic.
When I first moved to New York I lived in Brooklyn for one year, before moving to midtown Manhattan in February 2002. Iíve spent most of my time in New York designing global WAN network backbones (i.e. computer infrastructure design (what else?)).
I had an office in World Trade Plaza and was on my way to my office for a meeting on the morning of 9/11. It was extremely surreal. I never had any great love for New York prior to arriving. Itís not the south, but I knew it was where I wanted to be from a business perspective. Since 9/11 though, things have been different, and Iíve certainly found a new respect and passion for New York. Ironically enough my brother (Edward McAllister Ė co-1992) was actually working in New York that same morning. It was strange and euphoric trying to make contact with my family and friends outside of New York, while also trying to find him and make sure he was ok.
Now I am in New York building a foundation for my business. I am a music producer and song writer, and have designed my business around music technology. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to touch base. I truly enjoyed reading about everyone elseís experiences over the years and thatís why I took a minute to give some feedback on my time. You can reach me forever at .

Aki McKinzie [last updated January, 2010]

Rod Merriweather [last updated April, 2006]
I am currently living in Memphis,TN. After high school I attended UT at Martin where I trippled majored in Management, Marketing,and Finance. I Received my MBA from Strayer University. I currently work in Pharmaceuticals-Yes the legal kind. I sell meds for Ivax Laboratories. Prior to that I worked as Corp sales manager for Marriott hotels. I am blessed and thankful for all of my experiences at a early age. Those experiences allowed me to receive numerous awards like who's who and Memphis 40 forty executives, and the opportunity to sit on several organization's Board of Director positions. Hey But RIZOD is still Real.

DeBorah Miles [last updated April, 2009]

Kimberly Milow [last updated July, 2009]
I finally found the page!! Here's the 411. I have been married 10 years as of this past May. I teach for Memphis City Schools and I love my job. I have a 2yr old, 15 yr old step-daughter, and a baby due this Monday 7/20/2009 (thus my absence from the class reunion). But I will definitely see you all at next reunion. You can find me on facebook. Continue do well fellow Mustangs!!

Keith Mitchell [last updated August, 2005]
It's me Keith Mitchell. Believe it or not I just found out the we have an Alumini page and I am so excited. After I ended my break-dancing career (just kidding, I still break-dance),I received my B.A. degree from the University of Memphis in foreign language. I am currently not singing with the Voices of Binghampton (Kevin Davidson and the Voices)so that I may concentrate on my graduate studies. I am currently a Spanish teacher and a graduate student at the University of Memphis. I am still not married (but have been praying for a wife) and have no children. I am a member of "New Direction Christian Center", and have aspirations of starting my own business. My memories of East are some of my most cherished. I am so blessed to be a part of this endeavor. God bless you all and feel free to contact me anytime for I am always anxious to hear from you.
P.S. "Shout out" to all the old rap masters from the class of "89."

Monika Munn [last updated March, 2006]
What's up East High Academy...Ha, Ha that's what we use to say. Man, it was great to read everybody's profile, good to know we are all hanging in there. I ran into Eric Kelly and his family at O'Charley's and he told me about this website, so hopefully we can somehow get together oneday and do lunch or dinner. Well as for me, I did marry right after high school, but we divorced 5 1/2 years later and from that marriage I was Blessed with a beautiful daughter and almost 16 years later I've been Blessed with a handsome son, just a little shy of 7 weeks old. I know what was I thinking, or was I thinking? But overall, life has been good and yes I am still employed at Time Warner Cable here in Memphis, which is where I've been for 11 years. Hey everybody continue to be Blessed and keep in touch.

Yolanda Norman [last updated June, 2009]
After East High, I attended the University of TN at Chattanooga where I received my Bachelor's in Business Administration, Human Resources. I pledged Delta Sigma Theta at UTC. Years later, I obtained my Master's in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University. I am currently working on my Doctoral Degree in Health Administration from Central Michigan University. I plan to defend my Dissertation this fall.
I am currently employed as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at First South Credit Union. I also teach human resources and healthcare courses on an Adjunct Professor basis at Belhaven College. I absolutely love what I do!
I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage, Aug '09. I have two sons, 13 & 10. Outside of work, church, and monthly Girls Night Out, my world revolves around my boys!
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and blessed! Looking forward to our upcoming reunion!!
Many Blessings,

Nicole Parker [last updated August, 2005]
Hi all! This is Nicole Parker, now better known as Nikki. I've been in Memphis now for 4 years, and although I'm enjoying being near my family, I can see why I left!!!
I'm working at a property management company, and trying to decide what I want to go back to school for. AND, I'm pregnant!!! I'm due December 30, but since it's my first I'm sure he or she won't decide to show up until the 5th or so! My fiance would love to move us to Toronto, but I want to wait for a bit.
Well, I would have loved to see you all at the 10 year reunion, but I wasn't able to make it down. I hope to see more of you guys now that I'm here!

Tametrius Reddick [last updated February, 2009]
Hi All, I was searching for information about a 20 year class reunion and found this web page. Nice to see profiles from c/o 89. I received a BSN from University of TN,Memphis 1994. I currently work as a Nurse Manager in Omaha,NE. I have been married for 13 years to a wonderful man who has taken me to a couple different states, but it's all good. I have a 7 year old daughter that keeps me very busy with her activities. I look forward to the 20 year reunion.

Jim Ridley [last updated November, 2008]
Jim attended East from 1984 - 1989. He's a second generation East High graduate. His mother, Barbara McNulty, graduated from East in 1967 and his uncle, John (Mac) McNulty graduated in 1964. Jim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with BB&T Bank in North East Tennessee. I have been working in the financial and investment planning since 1994 after obtaining a B.S. in Finance from the University of Tennessee. See everyone @ the XX, (that's 20 for the MIT people) reunion!

Cliff Schmidt [last updated February, 2004]
Hey cool East High People!
I had a CRAZY fun time with everyone at the ten-year thing. I know we're doing something for the 15th...right?...right?
I'm not so good at doing the bio thing on the Web site. So let me just say, I'm up in Seattle and would seriously love to hear from any of you - drop me a line!

Billy P. Smith [last updated November, 2008]
Please continue to think outside the box and you will remain happy. I love you all..go mustang.

Kathryn Taylor ("Lovie") [last updated November, 2008]
What's up fellow mustangs, I have missed you all so. After attending the most supportive and challenging high school in the country, I attended Southeast Missouri State University on a track scholarship (thanks Coach Young). I received my BS in Psychology then my MS in Clinical Psychology from Emporia State University. In between programs I represented for Dorothy as Miss Kansas USA 1997 (no, I don't have toto).
I am currently an actress/producer/motivational speaker in LA. Its a hussle and a major grind but I'm blessed to do what I love everyday. I co-own a production company KaShKe Productions, have a stage show I tour around the country and just produced my first film short "Homeless Destiny." I also have a movie coming out in Dec called "A Good Day to be Black & Sexy." I hope to one day incorparate all those years of education into my film career; but until then I'm trying to get my star on the hollywood walk of fame, ok Im trying to make my 1st million too. I feel really blessed to be an East High Alumni. My experiences and friendships there have motivated and molded me into the person I am today. I am so proud of everyone, but not surprised. What else would you expect from a graduate of "East High Academy!" Keep striving and Keep It Real. I can't wait to see everyone again at the 20 year reunion.
God Bless, "Lovie"
Check me out at: www.kathrynjtaylor.com and www.kashkeprodcutions.com

Yolanda Thigpen [last updated August, 2008]
Hi East High Academy Class of 1989,
I am so happy to see how well everyone is doing. I really look forward to our 20th year class reunion. It's hard to believe it's been that long. I am a graduate of the The University of Memphis with a BS in Psychology and a graduate of Tennessee State University with an MS in Guidance and Counseling. I have a beautiful, 4 year old, daughter who keeps me busy and entertained. My East High years were so special to me, I look forward to reconnecting with everyone.

Gary Turner [last updated December, 2005]
It's great to see everyone doing so good in life but after my first short profile i decided to give you a little more info about myself but not as much as the brother with the hush hush special agent type goverment job {now i thought i saw him bouncing at a strip club in new jersey just kidding},at the present i'm in and out of memphis all the time after i finished college in 92 i wanted a job doing alot of traveling so i started driving a truck over the road doing this time i also married but thank god it didn't work out but god did bless me with an active son. I'm still driving over the road and keep in touch with a couple of u's erry now and then.I'm not a member of any church but do attended sometimes god bless u all take care hit me up sometimes.

Kimeli Wade [last updated January, 2007]
I'm horrible at keeing in touch and updating profiles! I moved back to Memphis from Ohio in 2001, and worked for the county for a couple of years. Currently I'm working for the state as a secretary for 3 judges. My daughter is 8 years old. She takes Tae Kwon Do (yellow belt) and drum lessons. Hopefully, I will finish college before she does! We're members of New Direction Christian Church. Look forward to hearing from all y'all!

Latacha Walls [last updated November, 2002] [E-mail address updated January, 2009]
First of all, I would like to say HELLO to all of my fellow East High Class of "89" Alumni. My God it is so wonderful to hear that everyone is doing fine. As for me, I have been working at Brother International as an Adminstrator Assistance for the shipping and receiving Dept.
I have been married for 2 1/2 years. And I have a handsome 3 year old son, named Demiko. It would really be nice if we all could get together for a 15 year class reunion.

Frederick Williams ("Fred") [last updated February, 2004] [E-mail address updated April, 2009]
Yes, I am married with four children living with me but I have three other that don't live with me (my daughter lives in Memphis with her mother - Vicky 89 and my sons lives here with their mother). I am doing great because I know the Lord as my savior. May the Lord Bless and Keep you all!! Without him you cannot do nothing!!! Jesus is the answer!!!!! If anyone need to contact me please email or call me at (907-428-6412). My home emails are sgtfred83@homail.com or lavwill33@yahoo.com.

Rotunda Williams "Rodie" [last updated November, 2010
I pray all is well with each one of you. It is good to be reminded of just how SPECIAL you all are. I miss you all. May God continue to Bless and Keep us all...until we meet again.
     Peace Be Unto You,

Elisa Wilson [last updated November, 2002]
East High Academy! Wow! It's great to see that so many of you are doing well. I really miss my years with you. For those of you that didn't know, after graduating I went to RPI in upstate New York. Didn't like it there... too cold. Besides, there's no place like Memphis. In 1997 God blessed me with a handsome little boy. Justin is now 5 and 4'2" with the temper of his mama (if you can imagine that!)But, I soon got tired of Memphis again and moved to the ATL. Atlanta is plentiful in jobs and after a week of being there I landed a nice job as a Database Developer. I loved it, but Justin didn't. He missed his grandmama. So, I'm back! But now in a different field... Property Management. E-mail me anyway. God bless you all.

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