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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1971
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Debra Abendroth [submitted by sister in April, 1997]
Debra Abendroth began life at East as a freshman, having migrated from Wisconsin in 1968. After graduating from East, she earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Valparaiso University and then a master's degree in advertising from Northwestern. She worked in advertising in the Lake Tahoe area for several years before moving back to the midwest with her husband Gary, settling into their own business, and keeping busy with their three kids and a menagerie of pets. Debbie and Gary currently live in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. Their business, Action Floor Systems (a hardwood flooring mill), is located in Mercer. Debra apparently does not have e-mail, but one could try to relay a message via her sister at

Rebecca Ashcraft [last updated July, 2011]
Hello, I am alive and well in Florida!! I moved to Tampa, FL in 1980. I have 2 gorgeous daughters, Vanessa, 32 and Victoria, 25. Vanessa has my 3 grandchildren, they are absolutely wonderful. Julia, 12, she is my Jewel! Zakkary, 9, he's my little man, by the way the ONLY man in our family! And Allyson, 7, the little red-headed crybaby, but she is getting older and growing out of that (thank god!) I was married for over 20 years to the girl's dad, Charlie May, who passed away in 2008. Everyone knew and loved my mother Savilla. She and I lived together for the past 10 years, but unfortunately passed away in 2009.
I keep very busy with the girls and my grandchildren. I have worked in accounting for many years and have been doing taxes for the past 5 years for H & R Block.
My oldest daughter talked me into posting this and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me :-)

Clarke Bell [posted January 27, 2019]
Deceased. An obituary is available.

Deborah Bernardo [last updated May, 2009]

Joyce Betts [last updated March, 2005] [E-mail address updated April, 2011]
I have two sons, 22 and 25. And I am soon be a grandmother. Where has the time gone?! I have been married to the same wonderful man for over 30 years. I work in Memphis for a neurosurgeon. Life is good! Would love to hear from some of my old classmates.

Ed Bozeman [last updated July, 2006]

Terry Brough [last updated March, 2001]
I returned to Memphis in the Spring of '87 to change careers and became a stockbroker with Morgan Keegan. The prior 15 years I spent working for AT&T in sales & management. I was fortunate to meet Mary Claire, my wife of 21 years at the phone company. We've got three great kids. Jack is a freshman at Princeton. Christie is a gymnast and a sophmore at Ridgeway High School. Molly is a freshman at Ridgeway and a writer of some note. I'm active on the board of Kiwanis and still play racquetball to keep the blood circulating. If it's not lightning, I'll get a round of golf in. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, and catching up at our 30th. We really need your input and interests, so please don't hesitate to contact me or any other classmates with your suggestions.
Hope to see you soon!

Phyllis Burns [last updated April, 2000]
Married to Allan in '72 and have 3 daughters: Holly 27, Hope 25, Candace 23, one granddaughter Faith (1 year old). Now working as a registered nurse specializing in dialysis. Living in Martin, Tn. I do photography part-time. Learning spanish.

Cordelia Carpenter [last updated April, 2010]

Ann Cobb [posted February 17, 2008]
Deceased. An obituary is available.

James Devlin [updated January, 2000]
I have been married for the last 25 years. We have a son who is 22 years old. For the last 15 years I have driven a truck over the road. I remember the good old days at East High. We have moved back into the old neighborhood, and have found that several of the people I remember have come back also. The area between Poplar and Central hasn't changed that much. I would love to hear from anyone who graduated in the class of 1971. Does anyone know anything about a reunion? 2001 will be 30 years for us. We should do something.

Lyn Donald ("Lynette") [last updated August, 2012]
I recently retired from the Lansing School District and live in Lansing. I will be moving to Harrison Michigan next year when my husband retires. Would look most of my school chums up by yearbook BUT I let Connie (Bennett) DeMarco borrow it back sometime ago and she never returned it. That was graduation year 1971.

James Duck [last updated November, 1997]
Hi Jim Duck here, I went to East from '68 to '71. I attended Memphis State then went to graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis where I earned a MFA in painting. I now live in Los Angeles, Ca. and work as a scenic artist for CBS television. I look forward to hearing from old friends from East, I think I can remember having one or two.

Marilyn Dunn [last updated March, 2001] [E-mail address updated May, 2006]
Greetings from Georgia, y'all. I have been in the same house for almost 21 years now with the same husband (24 years) and my children are Summer 16, and Graham 14(in 3 weeks). I have been with the same company, Delta Air Lines, for 25 years as a "stewartress". I started flying international in '98 and I LOVE it. My favorite places are Rome and anywhere else in Italy and ditto for Paris and France. Sometimes I take my family with me if there's a long layover. In '99 I had a 3 day layover in Istanbul so I packed them all with me. On our second night we experienced the devastating earthquake there. Fortunately, our hotel withstood the 7.8 magnitude, even though the epicenter was 50 miles away, we definitely felt the earth move! Later that year over Christmas, I took the family with me to Zurich, Switzerland. We were trapped on top of a mountain for about 9 hours after Switzerland, France, and Germany experienced the strongest winds in 50 years, with gusts up to 105 mph. The only road on/off the mountain was covered with fallen trees for about a 2 mile stretch. We figured later the winds occurred just shortly after we had traveled that very road in our rental car. When we left for a 5day visit to Italy the following year for spring break, we jokingly told everyone to come see us in the Pompeii 2000 exhibit. I am happy to report there were no disasters of the natural or unnatural variey on that trip. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2001 for our 30th reunion.

Beth Eaton [last updated June, 2009]
Beth Eaton Washington

Elaine Evans [last update April, 2007] [E-mail address updated April, 2011]
Wow, it's been eleven years since I updated my bio on this web site. I have divorced and remarried since that time and have a different career. I am married to Larry Enis. As the saying goes, third time's the charm. I got it right this time. I have one stepson, William Enis, who is 20 years. I have been involved in the payday loan business for the past ten years. I audit, supervise and have ownership in 40 stores in four states.

Wade Gowan [last updated March, 2007] [E-mail address updated April, 2008]

Kathy Gray [last updated February, 2001]
Greetings to Class of '71!
This is a great idea; hope to see more classmates participate.
I graduated from Memphis State with a BBA in Marketing in 1975. I sold disposable diapers for Johnson & Johnson for a year in Memphis and East Arkansas before marrying Paul Savini and moving to the Atlantic City area for 7 years. We have 2 children, ages 22 and 19. We moved back to Memphis in '83 for 3 years, then on to a couple of other cities before resettling back in the Atlantic City area since 1989. I stayed at home and raised the kids for 12 years. Started working in a high school in 1991 and have been their Attendance Officer for several years. I'm retiring in October and can't wait! I've taken up golf as my hobbie and will pursue it further upon retirement plus hopefully some charities.
I converted to Catholicism years ago and lector and teach the 8th grade confirmation class at my church. I've become very devout and conservative. If only I had the wisdom in high school that I have now!
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the the 30th this summer!

Eva M. Hayes [updated January, 2002]
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Prior to her death, Eva Hayes was a participant with our alumni page. The following was her last posting with us.
[posted December, 1997]
Eva marred her high school beau, Chris Logan ('71). They live in Peachtree City, Georgia. Eva attended East 10th through 12th grades and now she works as a Teen Counselor.

Debbie Hays [last updated June, 2011]
I graduated from Ole Miss in 1974. In 1975, I married Keith Powers from Natchez, MS whom I met when I was a freshman. We started our married life in Baton Rouge, LA and lived there for 12 years. We moved to Oak Ridge TN where Keith was the President of Union Planters but then moved to Morristown, TN where he was the President/CEO of Regions there. I retired from the State of Tennessee when my husband took a job with a bank in Richmond, VA. We have two children, Brad who is 32,married and lives in Asheville, NC and Emily, 27 who also attended Ole Miss and now lives in Richmond, Va and is continuing her education at the University of Richmond. We're still Rebel fanatics and are very active in the Alumni Club here. Love Virginia!

Cindi Healy [last updated December, 2000]
Has it really been 30 years since we all left the "comfort zone" of those marble halls and entered the "adult world"? Shortly after graduation, I began a career in Banking, (which sometimes I think I'm still "beginning" that career). For the past 20 years I have been with Bank of America, both here in Memphis with 4 years (1984-1988) in Chattanooga. I have two great sons, Bryan-age 27 and Robbie-age 20, a Grandson, Michael-age 6 and a Granddaughter, Samantha, 4 months.
Last year, (1999) I remarried after being divorced for 12 years, and my what an adjustment it has been. But Jere is a wonderful person and husband.
Life is Good !!
Hope to see you all at the next reunion (Big #30 in 2001 !!)

Dorothy Herring [last updated September, 2010]

Karen Hooker [last updated February, 2001]
After graduation from East, I attended Ole Miss and graduated with a BS in Biology in 1975. I married Richard B. Brown, from Gulfport, Mississippi, in June, 1975 and moved to Gulfport where he began his private law practice and I started my career. I worked several years for NASA at the National Space Technologies Laboratories where the Space Shuttle Main Engines were developed, but, thankfully left prior to the Challenger explosion.
For the past 23 years or so, I have been in the Environmental Analytical Laboratory industry, where we test groundwater, wastewater, hazardous waste, soils, etc. for compliance with Federal and State EPA regulations against the Clean Water and Air Acts. I love this field!
Richard and I moved from Gulfport, MS to Kenner, LA (a surburb of New Orleans) about five years ago ....and love it here! We would love for you to come on down for Mardi Gras!
No children, just two pomeranian dogs (which act like our children)
My Dad passed away in 1992, but my Mom is still going strong and still lives in Memphis. My brother, Hank Hooker, who graduated from East in 1973, still lives in Memphis with his wife Carolyn and their four children.

Milo Hyde [last updated July, 2009] [E-mail address updated March, 2010]
My wife of 32 years, Roberta, and I live in Chesapeake, VA where I am a consultant to the Defense industry after retiring from the Navy and my last company after 26 years. My parents and my brother Paul (76) moved from east Memphis years ago to Collierville. I get back to town about once a year to visit. Look forward to hearing from anyone interested in catching up.

Vickie Isbell [last updated March, 2001]
When I graduated I went to Milsaps College in Jackson Mississippi. I met my husband, Wayne the first weekend I was on campus. We were married in May. After graduation we moved to Memphis with our daughter, Vickie Renee. Unfortunately, our daughter had Cystic Fibrosis and we lost her at the age of 7 1/2. We have another daughter, Karen Michelle who is now 22, married, and has a 20 month old son, David Isaac. By the way, my second daughter is named after two East High Alumni, N. Karen Hooker and Michelle Mullen.
I have been at the same firm now for apprx. 17 years and am the Vice President of Operations. The firm is an insurance producer group. My husband has recently started his own business. He is formulation chemist.
Most of you may know me better as the sister of Larry, Dennis, or Ronald Isbell. They are all alumni of East.

Chris Johnson - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

David Johnson [last updated July, 2007]

Theodore Johnson - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Julie Jordan [last updated July, 2010]

Ken Kassinger [last updated January, 2010]
My wife, son and I still call Palmdale (in northern Los Angeles County)home. I remain employed as a Senior Consultant with Kaiser Permanente, my wife is entering her 30th year at the Los Angeles County - Acton Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center as the Assistant Center Administrator, and our son is in middle school (we called it "junior high"). We had a blast when we last returned to Memphis for the 30th reunion, and look forward to seeing the city at the time of the 40th. I have managed to stay in touch with a couple of "old" classmates and hope to become re-acquainted with more next year. Until then, be well. Please drop a line if you'd like.

Jack Kenner [last updated July, 2007]

Karla Kennon - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Ruth Eugenia Klinke [posted January 24, 2010]
Deceased. An obituary is available.

Chip Kidd [last updated July, 2001] [E-mail address updated May, 2018]
Where to begin.
I married a girl (Vivian Caldwell) that I met while in high school (she went to Hutchinson). We both went to the University of Arkansas @ Fayetteville and we've lived in Austin, Tx. since 1977. We're actually due South of town in a small community called Manchaca. We have two girls: Kelsey is 17, Elizabeth is 14. They are the joys of our lives - of course. Viv teaches at the local elementary school - less than a mile away and I have a small real estate office, right across the street from her school. I could bore you with the ins and outs and highs and lows of the past 30 years, but all of you know what they are - you've lived them too.
We don't get to Memphis often (Viv's folks are in a small farming community in Eastern Arkansas; my family has moved) and I've lost touch with just about everyone from East. It's been fun scanning this web site, and trying to put faces to the names that are posted.
My best regards to all of my fellow classmates. I hope you're well.

Frances Lehr [last updated August, 2010]

Lisa Liebenrood [last updated April, 2011]
Since graduating from EHS, I attended Memphis State, married and had 2 sons, John(77) and Jeff(80). We lived in Memphis, Bartlett, Laguna Hills, California and Germantown. When the boys attended middle school, I got involved in politics and ran for alderman for the City of Germantown and served 8 years on the board. Politics sometimes takes it's hostages, and my marriage was one of them. We divorced after 22 years. Life is good, though, no regrets. I owned my own business, Traditions, Inc., an awards and engraving company. I got tired and sold it! My boys are both married and living in Germantown. I am blessed to have them close to me. I have one grandchild and another one due the weekend of the 40th reunion! I am retired and loving it!

Chris D. Logan [last updated December, 1997] [E-mail address updated December, 2008]
One of the benefits Chris received by attending East from the 7th through 12th grades was the opportunity to meet Eva Hayes ('71). They became high school sweethearts and eventually became husband and wife! They live in Peachtree City, Georgia. Chris is an airline pilot.

John Manzione [last updated September, 2008]
I am currently involved in getting my website, XtremeCamera.Com off the ground. One of our classmates, memphishooter, stopped by a couple of months ago.
Living in New Hampshire. Married, 2 grown daughters. No grandkids yet. Turning 55 in November.
Would love to hear from classmates.
I hope you're all enjoying your lives!

Jeff McGovern [last updated August, 2003]
Still working with my sauce company Feverish Foods selling an exotic, gourmet sauce ,Yellow Fever locally at Easy Way stores,Superlo, Charlie's Meat Market, Folk's Folly, and a few other Memphis venues also in New Orleans and Nashville.
I do occasional artwork and design projects logos etc.
I would love to find copies of old Mustang Roundup weekly newspapers with those awful cartoons I was somehow allowed to submit.
Does anyone have a copy of that " underground " edition we called " The Last Roundup " ????.

Pam Medford [last updated September, 2010] [E-mail address updated April, 2016]

Harmon Miller ("Bubba") [last updated November, 2003]
Some things never change. I still live in Memphis and have not been able to shake the nickname "Bubba". But... I remarried last year to a super woman, Baila. My 3 kids are all in college. I've got a new home and soon hopefully a new career. I'm easing out of home remodeling and going to home inspections, shifting from brawn to brain. I took up songwriting as a hobby a few years ago and it keeps me tormented. I'd love to hear from any and all from our class. It was fun reading everyone's profile and catching up a bit!

Suzanne`Miller [last updated December, 2010]
I currently teach at Pass Christian Middle School in Pass Christian,MS.I attended the U. of Tennessee @ Martin and the U. of MS. I hold a BS and an M.Ed. I am married to Glenn Ishee and we have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. We survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I also train school districts in the use of Thinking Maps and am awaiting the release of a documentary about the Pass Christian School District called "The Minds of Mississippi" of which I wrote the initial grant and served as a consultant for the filming. Music is still a big part of my life as is my faith.I do visit the Memphis area frequently. My Mom and sister live there. I am a published poet and writing is truly the place where I find healing and joy. I would love to hear from former classmates, even though I feel I am between 2 graduating groups. I skipped a year of high school.I am also a 2nd Degree Senior Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Jimmy Mounce [updated January, 2019]
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Prior to his death, Jimmy Mounce was a participant with our alumni page. The following was his last posting with us.
[posted January, 2011]
Well a new year has come and we're all a little older. I hope all of you are in good health and doing well. At the end of this past November I hit the mandatory age for federal law enforcement retirement. I'm taking some time off before starting a new career because it's way too early to retire. If anyone is going to start planning a 40th Reunion I'm willing to help out. If not I'll see you when I see you.

Michelle Morgan [last updated July, 2010]

Michelle Mullen [last updated August, 2002]
I attended East High from 7th grade through 12th grade and then graduated from U of M with a BA in journalism in 1975.
Somehow I ended up in the medical field (a "friend" talked me into going to x-ray school) I have worked for the past 18 years at the VA Medical Center, primarily performing ct exams. Dorothy Herring Wrobel tried to recruit me to work for her several years ago and I am still recruitable for any kind of career change. Dorothy invited me to come to her and her husband's fishing lodge in Alaska this year, but a car accident prevented me from going so we are planning it for next year. We could have a mini-reunion at their lodge if anyone is interested---yeah!
Sorry I missed the 30 year reuninon and would love to hear from anyone who attneded.
My hobbies over the years have included volleyball (till my knees gave out), canoeing, camping, sailing and scuba diving and gardening. Last year I went to Antigua and Montserrat with some pals and most of my diving has been on liveaboards in the Carribbean.
I bought a house about 9 years ago from one of our class mates, Randy Smith, who is a great friend of my brother-in-law, Jim. You will get 2 versions of any of their hunting and fishing adventures and then you have to decide which one to believe. My house is a fixer upper and it still hasn't been fixed too much in 9 years, so if there are any carpenters or electricans out there, let me know. I think I would be quite happy living in a nice shack on the beach with a golf cart or Segway for my mode of transportation. In the meantime, I would love to hear from any of you.

Sally Oeding [last updated August, 2003]
After graduation I attended MSU and received a degree in Music. I taught piano through the Suzuki program at the University. Then I had my first young life crisis and went back to school for a degree in Electronic Engineering. I designed elevators, then controls for automotive assembly conveyors, then conveyors for FedEx. Time for the second life crisis. I became a licensed financial advisor with American Express Financial Advisors. I was eventually able to combine my teaching and design experience to train advisors on a national level. That took me to Portland OR where I lived for 2 years. Due to family illness, I moved back to Memphis to take care of my grandmother and Mom. My grandmother died in 2001 age 104. I moved with my Mom to Fairhope AL with plans to retire. The stock market had different plans so I worked with some advisors out of Birmingham AL, commuting every other week. Too far to drive. Time for the mid-life crisis. I now work for Target in Daphne AL. I am waiting for the market to recover so I can finally retire and enjoy the area. My sister is building a house on the Bay and my brother lives in Destin FL. I am ready for time to enjoy the water more.
I would love to hear from any of the group. I have not been able to attend any of the reunions and would love to find out what is going on.

Ingrid Ortiz [last updated January, 2018]
After graduating I went to Southwestern at Memphis (now Rhodes) where I roomed for four years with another East High classmate, Pat Turner. I went straight from Rhodes to law school at Emory. I worked as an attorney for Federal Express and later for First Tennessee Bank. I am married to a fellow attorney from San Francisco and have two children Caroline, 32, who is in her last year of a residency in anesthesiology in Connecticut and Will, 29, who works as a financial analyst at Jernigan Capital in Memphis. I also have two stepchildren Sven, 35, and Blair, 29. We live just north of San Francisco, in the beautiful town of Tiburon. Hated to miss our 40th reunion but my husband and I were on a two and a half months long bicycle trip which took us from Stockholm to Rome. Hope to make the next reunion.

Nancy Reynolds [last updated August, 2009]
After graduation, I attended Rollins College in Florida, then transferred and graduated from Vanderbilt. Have been married for 31 years to Jeff Thompson, a Memphis lawyer. We have three grown kids and are now enjoying the empty nest stage of life. I've been a stay-at-home mom, worked for a nonprofit in town, and now have a flexible part-time job at UT. It surprises me how few classmates I run into around Memphis, but I do see some occasionally. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to update profiles - this is a great website.

Jerry Richmond [last updated May,2007] [E-mail address updated July, 2010]
Hi All,
It's been a long time since I have been able to find out about many of you. So good to see so many of you have posted information about yourselves here.
After graduation at East I attended Christian Brothers University (then "College") where I obtained a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After that I went to work for Union Carbide for 15 years. Following that I worked at Cummins Engine Company for 5 years and now I work in the telecommunications business (been there 12 years) for a company called Tellabs.
I'm married (25 years this year if God is willing) with two children who have just finished college and one yet to go (a son, and two daughters).
I would really like to hear from any of you who may care to write to me. I'd like very much to hear how you are doing.
Best wishes and hope to hear from you soon.

Dan Roberts [last updated September, 2010]

Deborah Eileen Rothschild - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Ralph Savage [last updated September, 2011]
I have been working in the Commercial Real Estate market since moving to Orlando, FL in 1981 and started Savage Properties, Inc. in 2003. I have been marrried for 34 years to Debi Savage who is a music teacher at a christian school and have 4 daughters, Melissa, Meredith, Elizabeth and Alexandra. I have 3 grand children and another on the way.

Harold Alan Segal - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Linda Sharpe [last updated February, 2001]
I'm presently working on our 30 year reunion, to be held sometime in the summer of 2001. I'm currently CSO[Chief Spending Officer]of the Maxey household. I've been married 28 years to Jerry [who I met at Lambuth University (college)]. I have two children, Jennifer and Brian. Both graduated from Miss. State University and have relocated to Memphis, which makes me happy. I have lived in Miss, Mass., Illinois, Texas, and Okinawa, Japan. I have migrated back to Memphis to roost.
I'm looking forward to our 30th reunion.

Debbie Sherman - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Glen Smith [last updated July, 2010]
Deborah Rodgers Smith (class of 70) and I have been married 38-yrs this past Jan. We are now living in Rossville, TN and enjoying the small town lifestyle.
Still very active in our chruch along with hot air ballooning. Chris our oldest son graduated from Middle TN Sate is married to Summer Yancey and we have a precious grand daughter, Aniston. Our youngest son David is at University of Memphis, Majoring in business and will graduate in 2011.
I have worked all my life in logistics and Logistics/Traffic Manager for Interstate Hotels & Resorts Company of Arlington,VA. I work out of our branch office in Rossville.
Cell Phone 901-481-2497.
Keep in touch and God Bless!
A speecial thank you to KEN WELCH who has been so faithful in keeping this website up and running all these years!

Kathy Smith [last updated June, 2000]
I'm still in Memphis and I must say I'm glad I am, it's such a little big town. I run into people from the past quite often. I work with one - Terry Brough and live down the street from another - John Tashie (spelling ?). I have a wonderful daughter (grown, married and the mother of 2 wonderful grand children [girl almost 4 and boy 5 months]). Grand kids are the best I can spoil them rotten and then send them home for their mother to handle. I still live in the old East area, though I must admit it has changed quite a bit. I drive by the school every morning and it is quite different. The beautiful field on the west end is now some kind of a sports complex for the neighborhood but at least its clean and it looks like they spent quite a bit on all of the facilities. The school itself still looks the same except for the steel doors instead of the glass panel doors. I'm an Assistant Vice President at Morgan Keegan and Co., Inc. and I have been here for 9 years in the Research Department. I have been married to Billy for about 12 years, I really can't remember what year we were married but I do remember the day and I guess that is the important part. Well I wasn't going to write much but I guess I got carried away. From what I understand work has been started on the reunion for next year. I guess the page will be updated as things progress. Everyone take care and maybe we will all be together next year.
Kathy (Smith) Ervin
323 Wilkinson Pl.
Memphis, TN 38111

Vivi Spicer [last updated July, 2001] [E-mail address updated May, 2003]

Sandy Stephens [last updated March, 2011] [E-mail address updated April, 2012]
After almost 18 years in Florida, have survived several hurricanes, the real estate market bust, Deep Horizon oil spill, loss of my lovely horse and now the most devastating,the recent death of my sweet husband, Ken. Still the beach is white as snow, the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and if it wasn't for the spring-breakers, it would be heaven. Time to leave Florida and head back north to regroup and start anew. Life marches on. Hope to be in Mphs for our 40th reunion.

Martha Taylor [last updated August, 2005]

Ronnie Thornton - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Lynne Tillman [last updated April, 2010]

Peter Turnbull [last updated July, 2001] [E-mail address updated May, 2003]

Pat Turner [last updated November, 2004]
After graduating from East, I attended Southwestern or what is now called Rhodes. I finished early with a BA in Psychology and a Special Education certificate. I have have been married for 28 years to my husband, Mason. We have lived in the Tampa Bay area since 1978. We have 2 daughters. Alicia is 22 and Brandi is 18. Both attend USF. Alicia took a year off from school to tour with Nick Carter during his solo career from the Back Street Boys. Alicia plays electric bass. Brandi will be running the country soon. My husband is still in radio. He is the morning guy and the Program Director for one of the Tampa stations. I run our charity. We have spent the last 10 years raising and distributing funds to families who find themselves in need during the year, but primarily we help during the Holiday season. While homesick for the South (Florida is NOT the south), we have discovered the mountains of North Carolina. Both Mason and I ride motorcycles and love the get away time. Two of my brothers still live in Memphis. I lost my other brother in 1999.
No fancy titles here except Mom and wife, but have had an incredible 3 decades of meeting celebrities that could fill a book. hmmmmmm might be an idea there.
Have enjoyed discovering the website.

Gary Van Valkenburgh [last updated June, 2008] [E-mail address updated April, 2010]

Warren Vann [last updated May, 2003] [E-mail address updated November, 2016]
After a semester of college in Memphis, I earned an Electrical Engineering degree at Utah State University. I've been working in computer graphics and processors for 27 years in California, Utah, and Colorado. I have 2 fabulous college age kids who taught me everything I know about life. I live with my wife Nancy of 4 years, an artist and library administrator, in Colorado. Due to the "bubble" break, I'm presently "re-inventing" myself in the field that's been my hobbie for years, construction. Who knows exactly what's next, but change is life. I used to play volleyball, but now I ref soccer with kids my own age (12-15) for exercise. Like Terry Brough, I avoid lightning since I'm the tallest pole on the field and we have some hellacious lightning here. I'm not as shy as I was in high school. Send a note and I'll "talk" your ear off. I visited Memphis for bar-b-que for the first time 2 years ago, but haven't heard from anyone from EHS since I left in '71. I wish more people had found this site. Its great to read the stories and disconcerting to read the obits. I guess "y'all" have aged too, huh? :-)

Richard Vernon - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Martha Walker [last updated June, 2016]
Hello, Martha here. Just updating my info. Still living in Normal Station with my husband of 21 years, Robert Smith. I have 4 grandkids now; Adam 12, Andrew 10, Victoria 8 and Elizabeth 3. I love reading about everyone and being on the Facebook site for the '71 graduating class. Love to everyone.

Allen West [last updated May, 2011]
i married barbara dunlap in 76. i live in memphis and have 5 kids and 3 grandkids.

Mercer West [last updated March, 2003] [E-mail address updated October, 2009]

David Williams [last updated May, 2011]
After graduation from East High School, I attended the University of Memphis and received my B.A. in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations. Upon graduation from the U of M, I became the first marketing director for Playhouse on the Square - eventually working in marketing for Opera Memphis, Towery Publishing, Morris Advertising Agency, and eventually VP of Marketing and Community Development for St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis. After receiving an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver I began my own consulting firm working with nonprofits that serve disadvantaged populations. My private consulting practice continues, but I am also now the President/CEO of Leadership Memphis. In addition, I serve as board chair of the Memphis Public Library and Information Center, and am a past board chair of Playhouse on the Square. I am remarried to Penney, a nurse practitioner. No kids. We have two sweet dogs, Steinway and Bella. We live in South Bluffs and enjoy the downtown lifestyle very much. Every so often, I still get together with friends and we play a club here or there - classic rock - under the band name, JAVA. You'll hear me on keyboards and vocals. Thanks to all the East High School graduates who are working to make Memphis a better place - and who are making a difference in the communities wherever they live...and hope those who have moved away will always think of Memphis as their home.

Jimmy Williams [last updated March, 2015]

Mark Williamson - Deceased. An obituary is available..
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Susan Withers [last updated May, 2011]
I am married for 37 years and have two children. One son 34 and a daughter 31. I am retired and care for my father-in-law and help out with my mother. My husband and I moved to Texas in 1975, then moved to Louisiana and moved back to Memphis in 1990. I graduated of Univ of Memphis. My husband is an attorney. I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Stephanie Witherspoon [last updated August, 2000] [E-mail address updated December, 2005]
Since I have not lived in Memphis for many years, I found this site to be informative and fun. It would be great to hear from others and learn what they have done since graduation in '71. I currently live in Eugene, OR where I have been for 17 years with my husband and 3 children (ages 23,19,and 15). I have no family left in the Memphis area and have lost contact with most of our classmates as my life has taken me to various places around the world and country since graduation. I work as an occupational therapist - primarily with the elderly. Now at 47, I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!! Is that called mid-life crisis?!?!
I would be interested to hear from others and to know who else may be out in the great Northwest.

People who attended East with the class of 1971 but were not graduated with it.

Johnny Gray iii [last updated June, 2012] [E-mail address updated August, 2015]
Past owner John gray and son grocery. 1971 gratuate castle heights military academy.

John Martin [last updated January, 2010]
Discovering this site has been a true pleasure, from reading some of the postings about life at East I find my own thoughts of those times posted For me, moved on from East before graduation but always considered myself apart of the class of 71. The best way I could describe life after attending East it has been an adventure. For now home base is Thailand but mostly work in the Middle East. Pay mortgages in Georgia and Tennessee but seldom venture back to the State these days to spend any real time. My US kids have are just about to finish college and for the most part or on there own. They come visit me instead of me traveling to that far away land.
Good Good Memories !
John Martin

Scot Storer - Deceased. An obituary is available..
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