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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High Class of 1999
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Andrea Austin [last updated February, 2003]
Greeting to all of my classmates that I haven't seen in years. I am currently back in Memphis during a one-year break from working on my Biology degree at Sewanee(The University of the South). I am planning to possibly transfer to U of M in the fall. That's about the biggest news so far. I hope all of you are well. Feel free to drop me an e-mail to let me know how things are going. Other than that, I'll see you at the reunion.

Quinten Barlow - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Shani Bell [last updated January, 2007]
I love this website!!!What's Up Class of '99! I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well, as for myself I graduated from LeMoyne Owen College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Shortly after graduation I got married, but I don't have any children yet.

Janetta Brewer [last updated July, 2009]

Catherine Brown [last updated March, 2001]
I am a sophomore attending Florida State University. I work for the track and field office. I am majoring in what I was doing in high school Sports Medicine. I would like to encourage all of you all to set goals, follow them and meet them. So in years to come we will have a networking system and all be successful. Stay Focused, Keep Praying , and Do Not ever forget me.

Jasmyn Cleaves [last updated May, 2004]
Hey C/O 99. It's good to see people doing big things. I will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to get my Master's degree in Environmental Engineering in the fall. I feel so old, my little sister is in college now. Much peace, love, and happiness to everyone.

Adrienne Cooper [last updated February, 2009]
Hey, everybody. I am so glad to know that everyone is doing fine. I am blessed as well. God has been so good to me these past 10 years. I have a beautiful son named Isaiah. I am a payroll specialist at AutoZone Store Support Center. Please feel free to contact me. I would love to here from you!!!!!

Teia Cox [last updated November, 2008]
Whats up class of 99'Well i will start this off rite im doing fine and hope you are to and lookin to see all of you at our 10yr reunion be good folks and keep god first. love you all k.i.t

DeAntoinette Dailey ("Dee") [last updated September, 2010]
E-mail address unavailable.

Jernario Davis [last updated January, 2007]
Hey Everybody! How's life treating you all? Right now I'm married with two kids and currently working as an Account Manager in Memphis. I'm still doing the art thing, recently getting my business off the ground with computer drafting...It's just so good to see everyone shining. I'd also like to say what's up to everyone who knows me. Ya'll need to holla at me for real! I miss u guys, but until then, I'll have to see ya'll at the reunion. Take care and be determined in everything you do! PEACE

La'Trese Davis [last updated May, 2004]
Greetings to all!!!
In a couple of days, I will be a graduate of Alcorn State University (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics). I will continue on my route to higher education. I plan to obtain a Master's in Applied Mathematics, and a Doctorate in Bio-Statistics at some university. I bestow blessings all.
P.S. to all in Greekland, I have finally joined you in Greekland. It was a long, hard road to Delta!!!!
Delta Epsilon Spr 04!!!

Terri Dowell [last updated March, 2003]
Greeting fellow Mustangs. I am currently a senior at Kettering University in Flint, MI. It is a 5 year program so, unfortunately I will not be graduating in 2003 like the rest of you. To all my peps ( you know who you were, whether male or female) I miss you guys. I come to Memphis often, so feel free to holla at ya girl. Peace and Blessings

Elise Eubanks [last updated December, 2016]

Greg Fleming [last updated November, 2004] [E-mail address updated March, 2005]
This the one and only G-flem. I am currently working at Family Home Health Agency. Feel free to email me. Still love life and God. God bless everybody.

Lawanda Fullilove [last updated October, 2008]
Hi all! Good to know everyone is well. After graduating, I attended Jackson State University. It didn't work. Had way too much fun!!! I later returned to Memphis and attended LeMoyne- Owen College for a very short and I mean short period of time. After that i worked a few odd jobs and found my passion. Barbering. AND I LOVE IT! Now I'm currently a Office Manager at Top Gun Body Shop and cut hair on the weekends. I havent had any children, but I do have a family. My future babydaddy,LOL, and his son:)Hopefully I can quit my office job soon and cut hair fulltime, if everything goes the way i plan. I am glad that everyone is happy and successful. See yall soon.Bye!

Keyla Govan (Kelolo) [last updated March, 2003] [E-mail address updated August, 2008]
WASSUP, my fellow classmates!!! I miss u all so much!!! There are a few of you that already know what's going on or should I say went on in my life. After I graduated, I attended University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for a year. I decided to come home because it didn't turn out to be what I expected. When I came home, I decided to go ahead and reach for my goal which was to finish up my hours and get my Cosmetologist license. I succeeded. Shortly after that, I received some shocking news that said I had a bundle of joy on the way. I am proud to say that I have a 1 yr. old daughter. Her name is Kayla LeWanda Wallace. For those who know me on a personal level, u probably have a question wondering around in your head. The answer to that question is yes. Shortly after my baby was born, I started back doing hair. I've been doing hair every since. I sit back and think about my High School Years all the time. I wouldn't have changed anything. I had never realized that I was going to miss High School as much I do. I hope to see u all soon at the reunion. I would like to say hello to all of my friends. Hit me up if u can. The # has changed. E-mail me and I will give it to u. I love you, c/o`99.
Love always,

William Grandberry III [last updated February, 2002]
I don't know how to start this off without sounding corny so I will just do it like this! This is Grandberry or GB class of 1999. I am currently at Arkansas State University where I am still doing what I love, which is playing football and hopefully you will get to see me play on TV next year. And to my boys Joneau, Ralphael, Elbert, Theseau Taylor, Terron Siggers, and to everyone else that graduated or is at East High, I wish you the best. And if there are any single young ladies from East that likes to have a good time then write me on my e-mail.

Patricia Gwinn [last updated June, 2000]
Hello fellow Mustangs!!!!!!
I hope everyone is fine. I'm currently attending University of Tennessee at Martin, so far things have been going really well for me. I will aways keep everyone in my prayers. And hope to see you all when class reunoin time come around.

Kenya Harris [last updated October, 2000]

Rachel Hawkins [last updated December, 2005]
Hello my fellow Mustangs!
God is beyond amazing! While at LeMoyne-Owen College, He blessed me to study abroad in China, study Chinese for 2 1/2 years, and use the title of Miss LeMoyne-Owen College 2003-2004 to make a difference, and recieve my Bachelor of Business Administration. One of the best days of my life was May 8, 2004 - GRADUATION DAY! Since then, he has blessed me to return to China to teach English for 8 months; I LOVED it, but, being away from everyone and everything familiar was not always easy, especially when my grandfather died. However, through it ALL - God was there for me, and I love Him for that. I am currently studying International Affairs at American University in DC.
I pray that all is well with your homes, your families, and every aspect of your lives. I encourage you (if you have not done so already) to make God the center of your life no matter what the world throws your way.
As you can see, I write as much as I used to talk, but it's all good. See you at that 10 year reunion!

Barbara M. Hill [last updated November, 2000]
Hello, my fellow classmates. I'm currently attending Southwest Tennessee Community College where my major is Dietitic Tech. To the wonderful of Class of '99, keep God #1 in your life, keep your eyes towards the heavens, and he SHALL direct your path. And to my dog: Kaisha, Julia, Brandon, and Skip.....Keep Hope Alive! :)
God Bless everyone and you're in my prayers.

Quinisia Hill [last updated February, 2009]
It's been a long journey but we made it. 10 whole years and it time for us to come together once again and show'em how its supposed to be done. I really miss all the spades games and checking sessions!! I have used those skills I learned in school to whoop plenty of you know what in spades! LOL!!!! Any way I have used this time to better my life as well. Some of you may have known, when we graduated I was 4 months pregnant. I have a little gentleman. He is 9 years old and one of the best things that has ever happended to me. I graduated with a degree in Medical Assisting. My career is in Dialysis. I am currently working for a company that has me traveling to all of the diferent hospitals throughout the city. It is a really great job and I save several lives everyday. I am married my husband is a police officer. We got married in August of 2006. He is not a mustang!!! But he is a great man!!! He is the other best thing that ever happended to me. I couldnt have asked for anyone better. Anyway I really do hope to hear from you all and I cant wait to see you!! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND KEEP YOU!! XOXO MS. Q

Rosalyn Jackson [last updated August, 2005]
Hello Class of 1999!! It is good to know that my classmates are accomplishing BIG THINGS in life. Congratulations!!! I graduated with a MASTER'S degree in Criminal justice in December 2004 from UTC, and am currently working as a probation officer. That is the latest news about me.
To all of you keep on reaching for your goals, I believe in you. Remember, with GOD you can do anything!! To my beautiful sorors and handsome frat... BLUE PHI!!!! I will see you all in 2009.

Christopher Jett [last updated August, 2005]
Greetings Class of '99!!! I have finished my Master's degree in math, and I am headed to the A-T-L. I will be entering Georgia State University's Ph.D. Program in mathematics education. Since I've decided that I wanted to teach, this is the best route for me. Besides, I am tired of proving hundreds of complex theorems. Congrats on all of your accomplishments. I look forward to reading more about your success and seeing you at the class reunion. Love you much.

Jessica Johnson [last updated October, 2006]
Greetings to my fellow MUSTANGS! I am proud to say that I Graduated from UT Chattanooga with a B.S. in Education & Child and Family Studies. I was married in the summer of July 05' to a wonderful man of Phi Beta Sigma. I have plans to return to school to get my Masters in Education Administration with an endorsement in ELL (English Language Learners). Life I must say has been GOOD even through HARD times. I encourage all of us to continue to pursue all of our dreams. Many Blessings to each of you!!!!!
A shout out to those wonderful ladies who participated in my beautiful wedding!!!!! Stephanie (Woods) WATKINS, Rosalyn Jackson, and Tisha Moody!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!
Jessica Mason

Camille Jones [last updated June, 2008]
Hey to everyone!!! I'm so glad to know that we all have done so well in life. I'm also glad I found this site, I didn't know it exsisted either. I have truly been blessed since graduation. After graduation I attended Lane College and during Winter break I found out that I was going to be a mother. My son is now 8 years old and God has been mighty in both our lives. In 2003 I gave my life to Christ and it's been all good since that day. I'm currently working on my degree in Bussiness Mang. and a degree in Accounting here @ Memphis. I invite you all to be my special guest @ Deliverance Temple COGIC(not Temple of Deliverance)LOL @ 3585 North Watkins(Frayser Area)@ any given Sunday. Most importantly, I encourage you all to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior!!! I can't wait until the reunion!!! C U soon and God bless

Crystal Jones [last updated April, 2008]
Hi! It's wonderful to see how well everyone is doing. I'm so glad we have this site to keep up with one another.
As for me... After high school, I attended Middle Tennessee State University where I earned a BS degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I returned to Memphis married my sweetie, and worked in Corporate and Sales Recruiting for a few years.
Today, I am a stay at home mom in Atlanta, Georgia. My husband and I welcomed our daughter, Ariel, in August of '06 and our son, Micah Jr, in March '08. I'm not sure when or if I'll be returning to work. For now, I enjoy being paid in smiles and giggles. I'm happier than I could ever imagine!
Be well!

Michael Jones [last update May, 2005]

Tolbert Jordan [last updated October, 2007]
Hello East High Alumni, I am a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I was married in December 05 to Senetra Johnson of 98. I will be heading to Tennessee State University to work on another degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Life been GREAT, bought a house in Nashville, TN and doing wonderful and no kids at the moment. I work for Metro Nashville Public Schools in Guidance. I hope all of you are being blessed. See you soon!!!

Jennelle Lockett [last updated December, 2008]
Hey everyone!! Wow how time goes by. After graduating I took some time to find myself and decieded to attend ITT Tech in Memphis. It was really one of the best desions I have made. Finishing with an AAS in Computer Drafting and Design I been able to work with alot people in alot of diffent fields. I have a beautiful daughter that I credit for keeping me grounded and focued. I recently reloctad to Nashville for a better career opportunity. And it been all good ever since!!

Deidre Lofties [last updated October, 2006]
I'm so happy to see that everyone is doing great!
Let's see I had a son in 98, we graduated in 99, went to LOC shortly after that for about a year. Had a few family issues and decided that I need to truely grow up and I started working and got into the accounting field. So in the summer of 02 I met the man of my dreams and we dated until he proposed in Nov. 05. Kenneth and I got married in Memphis on Aug.12 of this year.
We relocated to Woodbridge,VA right after the wedding and are doing GREAT! He's and engineer for Lockeheed Martin and I'm a Sales Specialist for Feld Entertainment.
I can't wait to see everyone...
Be Blessed!

Jimmie Manning [last updated May, 2005]
Wuz up mustangs I like to say things are going ok and hope all doggs are doing very good and like to say hey to karo,lil darren,t.handy,buckey,t.henry,shun odum,aaron,bicana reed,mimi,lil chris,marvin g-berry,lil fly on the low end,tasha taylor,mrs.barnes,a.gates,lil bila,james robinson d.o.g click,everene,and I end with my main man mr.victor"simp"simpson I miss u man and every time I go past east I think of u man so I like to say thanks for all the advice you have giving me one life one love.r.i.p my man.

Shaundralyn Matlock [last update August, 2006]
Well Hello to everyone! This is so exciting! I just wanted to say hi and give you all an update on myself. Well I am currently working as a Sales Representative for a company named Boral and part-time at Jarrett's. I am a graduate of the University of Memphis, and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I will be returning to school to pursue nursing because I am not really happy with my jobs. I am getting married on January 1, 2007 to a man hand picked by God for me. I am happy and I hope that you all are happy too. Please feel free to email me whenever.

Deidra Maxwell [last updated April, 2001]
I would just like to say hello to my fellow alumus of East High. I am currently attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and everything is well. Feel free to write at .

Alicia McClinton [last updated July, 2008]
hi everyone. Congrats on all your accomplishments. I live in St. Louis now working as a chemist. I got married in 2005 to my college sweetheart but no kids yet. Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Greg Mckinley [last updated July, 2004]
Whats up !!!!!!! Iam a graduate of tsu !!!!!!!! I will see everyone at the reunion until then holla!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rickie Means [last updated February, 2012]
Wow! Wonder if anyone ever visits this site. Oh well... I'm married with 2 kids now. I work for the Memphis Grizzlies (funny how I see some of you guys up here) and member of New Direction Christian Church. Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated. That pretty much covers me in a nutshell. See ya'll around!

Quan Miller [last updated March, 2007]
Hello Class of 1999!! I am attending University of The South. My major is Biology, Pre-med with a minor in Theatre Arts. I am having fun right on top of the mountain. Let me tell you, college is all about time management. I miss my friends at East. I love you guys. !!!WOW!!! UPDATE: I moved back to Memphis and changed my major, which led me to graduate from Tiger High with a BS in Nursing. I am now a RN in the Emergency Department (fun times). I recently moved to Pennsylvania. A totally different place from TN. I am so proud of all your accomplishments. Reunion time is coming!

Tisha Moody [last updated June, 2001]
What's up class of 1999!!! I miss you guys. I attend the University of Memphis and my major is Biology. Hope to see everyone soon, don't forget me! My email address is .

Chon Nevilles [last updated May, 2008]
I'm curently working as a case manager working with mental ill children. I have a 2 year old daughter. I can't wait into next year for the class reunion.

Keysha Ray [last updated June, 2008]
I graduated from University of Memphis with a B.S. in Chemistry and second one in Microbiology. Also I am a memeber of the lovely Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.! Currently, i attend University of Tn Health Science Center and i am working on my Master's in Cytopathology Class of 2009.
As of today i am single and do not have any children.
Stay blessed! I miss you all. Reunion is only a year away!

Bianca Reed [last updated February, 2009]
Hello everyone!!!! I must say it's definitely been a long time. Wow!!! I am so very proud of evryone and all of your accomplishments. I attended the U of M, and because life actually kicked in about 2 1/2 years of attending I dropped out. But, please don't get it twisted I plan on going back to get my degree. I currently have a good job at Technicolor here in Memphis. I have been married now for 3 years, come June 17th. And I just recently had my first child in September and his name is Dillon. Can you believe it I'm a mom? I must say being a mother and a wife is a job in itself, but I love to do it. I am excited about catching up with you all, so please email me. God Bless and remember what ever storm you face it is only a test.

Sha Riley [updated January, 2006]
Greetings, All!! I hope you all are doing well. Just checkin in to say, "Hello." See you all in a few years.

Marcus Roberts [last updated December, 2000] [E-mail address updated October, 2008]

Anwar Robinson [last updated December, 2002]
hope things are going well in life,and school for class of 1999. i"m here at louisiana state university trying to do my thing,and get done with school. good luck to all,and may god bless.

Herman Shaw [last updated January, 2007]

Kelvin Shorter (Brick/K-Rock) [last updated September, 1999]
1st I would like would like to say WHATS UP to all members of the buckest class out of East 1999. Well I miss most of you all (including you underclassmen). I am actually in college at this moment, Tuskegee University to be exact. So far college is allright but this is just the beginning. Everybody take care, keep your head up, and have the will to do anything except give up.
P.S. Larry "PhatC#$%er" Banks keep your business open and I have a few lined up for on the holidays. But serious do your work and come to school.
To everyone MUCH LOVE and I'm out.

Joneau Singleton [last updated December, 2000]
I am currently in the military stationed in Hampton,VA.Single no childs and enjoying life!
Well I would like to say hello to the class of 99' and all my friends that I knew while I attended East High.Am currently in Virgina.I wish the best to my class and all of East High Graduates.
P.S I would like to give a hola to Ralph,Chris,William,Twon,Terron,Greg and my favorite teacher Mrs.Woods

Dermel L. Smith [last updated December, 2005]
Hello my fellow classmates! I also had no idea this webpage existed. I hate to sound repetitive but I am to so proud of you all! You all are really setting it off in your careers. I attended University of the South (Sewanee) with Ifabiyi, Andrea, and Quan. I met my husband there and we have been married for 3 years now and we have a son named Jaylon. My husband graduated from Sewanee with a chemistry degree and when we got married we moved to Mobile, Alabama where I finished my degree at Spring Hill College with a BA/Pre-Pharm concentration. I'm waiting to attend Pharmacy school because my husband recently graduated from University of South Alabama(in Mobile)in Chemical Engineering and is now working at Lockheed Martin in Texas where I am currently. I was working in the pharmacy at Walgreens and use to my degree to move up in the company. I am now a manager at Walgreens. I never thought I would be working at Walgreens but they pay me good money to do what I do, plus they will pay my way through pharmacy school as long as I give them 2 years of service upon graduation. I have a CD coming out soon!!! I have been working with professionals to get my CD completed. Please email me to let me know how you all are doing. I look forward to hearing from you!
Memories: I remember all the programs that "Essence" was forced to sing in without our permission but through that we traveled singing and got excused as if it was a school function. I'll also never forget that hilarious class skit that class of 2000 did of us. That was funny!!
P.S. Essence need to have a reunion! "I don't really want to stay, I don't really want to go. Can we get it together" Escape HA HA HA! They know what I'm talking about!

Jerri Smith [last updated October, 2006] [E-mail address updated April, 2017]
I am so glad to have come across this alumni page. I am also very proud of how well my classmates are doing. Y'all keep this up. God is GOOD!!!!!! I am currently in my senior year at UT Memphis Health Science Center where I will be getting my bachelors' in Medical Technology in May 2007 (took long enough but dang it I'm doin it). Single and no kids. I hopefully will be attending the University of Texas in Houston to get my certificate in Medical Dosimetry (keep your fingers crossed). I cant wait till our reunion. Just 3 more years to go. MAY HIS PEACE BE WITH YOU 'TIL WE MEET AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNN (pokin' fun at Ms. Hawkins)
God bless. Jerri c/o 99

Karmen Starks [last updated February, 2003]
Hey, everyone this is Karmen Patrice Starks. After graduating from East I went to Panama City Florida for two years and then came here to Tuskegee University although I live and work in Auburn. I've been cool just waiting to graduate. Everyone feel free to email me because I lost touch with so many people and it would be cool to hear from you all!

Terrell Sutherland [last updated August, 2005]
Hello, to the Class of 1999. It's been 6 years since, I've seen some of you. I miss East High. Also, the good times that I had at 3206 Poplar Ave. Looking, towards the future when I return home from my intriguing expedition. To, my crew I'm visioning a reunion like no other. One Love To All, Peace. TDS
If you ever need to contact me. Email me here at

LaTasha Taylor [last updated August, 2005]
Greetings from Seattle, Washington! You might be wondering how I ended up 2,410 miles away from Memphis...See what had happened was...After graduating from East High school, I accepted my full academic scholarship offer to Tennessee State University in Nashville. Five years later, I graduated with a Bachelorís degree in Aeronautical and Industrial Engineering and a minor in Biology. A strong desire for more education (as if 18 years wasn't enough), I accepted my full academic scholarship offer attend graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. I am working on my Master's/Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering with an emphasis in Astrobiology. This summer I am working/vacationing in Los Angeles, CA at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I want to thank all the people God has placed in my life for the purpose of molding and shaping me into the woman I am today. And one more thing...I said I would not embarrass my siblings like this, but I can not resist. The Taylor Klan is almost gone...Much love to Lauren E. Taylor ('04), Augustus Taylor, II ('05), and Austin Taylor ('07).

Theseus Taylor [last updated April, 2010]
Hello everyone! Its been some years and I don't know where to start. Well I've been to all 48 states truck driving that was not my thing until I found drilling been doing it for about 4 years. Also i'm married with 2 kids. Nakiahia and Theseus jr. and my wife Dionne. Well have fun everyone and I will see you all around have a nice day

Hermanda Tinnon [last update May, 2009]
Hi class of "99" It has been ten year and my family and I are doing fine. I have three children one boy and two girls. Since school has been out I have been from one college to another. From major to major but I think I found the right school (STRAYER) and the right major (ACCOUNTANT). I work at Methodist Healthcare as a Medical biller. I am very blessed and I thank the lord everyday for that. You can contact me at

Reginald Tuggle [last updated September, 2004]
Hello, my East classmates. I am currently an officer in the United States Air Force. My duty station is F.E. Warren AFB (Wyoming). I earned my political science degree from Tennessee State University (Summer 03'). I hope to see everybody in 5 years.
Alpha Phi Alpha
"Solider Slim"

Billy Walker [last updated August, 2002]
it's me the 1 who had allllllll the girls in high school. i'm so BLESSED God has really been good to me. i was in Indianapolis In. for the past two and a half years and now enrolled at TSU. please halla at your boy whenever you get a chance.

Kristin Walker [last updated January, 2007]
It's been a while since I checked in, so I have some updates. Since Hurricane Katrina, I've been back in Memphis continuing to work on my Ph.D. at the University of Memphis. I am working as an organizational development consultant for a healthcare recruitment and placement firm (all healthcare professionals, contact me!), and I've started my own business (Savvy Sorts - www.savvysorts.com). As you can see, my life might get a bit hectic at times, but I love what I do (all of it) and am excited about things to come. Send me an email just to say hi or something.
I can't believe we are going to have a 10 year reunion in a couple of years! See you then (or around)!

Takisha Wallace [last updated September, 2008]

Julian Ward [last updated March, 2008]

Taurean Washington [last updated June, 2008]
Well here I am on my third combat tour to Iraq. Since seeing any of you last I have become, for the most part, someone none of you would recognize. I am married to the former Ms. JoAngela Yount. We have two children, Keyara, age 7 and Cyren, age 3. I have since lived in Texas, Arizona, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Alabama, Missouri, and Iraq. I have been with the Army since graduating and I have been a mechanic as my primary job since joining. I have also worked in mortuary affairs, aerial intelligence, security, training, and contracting. I have recently become a Warrant Officer which is an officer that specializes in a specific field. I am in Badgdad this deployment with an Engineer unit of about 400 men and women from all over the globe that is responsible for Route Clearance and general construction which basically means that when everyone else is running from an IED, they go poke a stick at it. You gotta love them! We further repair roads, biuld facilities, security stations, irrigation systems, etc. My family is living in Germany where they have been for the last five years (wow that seems like forever in this context). Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend our reunion though I am so looking forward to it unless it is at year's end 2009. I have an associates degree in intelligence and one in technology. I have a bachelors degree in liberal studies and I am working towards a masters in clinical psychology. I am doing as well as can be expected. I am pretty skinny now. Actually, I have been skinny since about two months after high school. I still enjoy soccer and I added running to my list of things I enjoy. This morning I did a run where I placed 7th. 7th may not seem like much but you have to realize that I was competing with people who run 5 days a week weather they want to or not. A soccer tournament begins tonight that I hope to compete in against, well, a lot of other countries represented here. I coach my children's sport teams when I happen to be in the same country as them. I have coached them in soccer, t-ball, and even cheer leading (yes me!). My family and I ride ATVs whenever we get the chance to through some of the most beautiful lands you can ever imagine in Germany. I'm afraid that my children have been afforded many more opportunities then I have these last few years. They both speak basic Deutsche (German) and have traveled to more countries then I knew existed as a child. I have gained a high interest in investing which has put my wife and I in the top 4% money wise according to a couple of national surveys. I have been featured in Kiplinger magazine once and they would like to do a full story should I ever find time to return to the States. I have written a few financial articles for papers local to wherever I happen to be sleeping for a period of time. I have written a few children's books that have yet to be published because I don't have the time to honestly shop for a publisher. I had learned a little Arabic but I am afraid that I have lost it since last deploying here. I have only seen a few other members of the Class of 1999 since leaving. I saw Reginald Tuggle at a dining facility in Balad, Iraq about 2 or so years ago. I see Ree B each time I return home and I have seen Natalie and Patricia a time or two. Should anyone have interest in contacting me, you can reach me on yahoo messenger pretty regularly; username: yosiahadam. I do not have a telephone number as you can imagine but should anyone take an interest in writing to me, my address is: FSC, 54th EN BN APO AE 09322 here in Iraq.

Christin Webb [last updated January, 2008]
Saying hello to all!!
Things have changed drastically since my last posting. I am still working at MLGW, but I have been promoted to the Community Relations Department. I basically get to educate the public on the various programs and services of MLGW (NO-I can't get you a discount or an extension - LOL!)I am the proud new mom of Jasmine Christi-born Sept.1, 2007. Motherhood is wonderful and beats any other challenge I've ever been presented or probably ever will be presented. I'm working on my MBA and hope to finish by 2009. Anyways...the reunion is getting close. I'm glad everyone is doing well.
Stay focused and blessed!

Terri` Webber [last updated November, 2003]
What's up everyone!!! It may have been a minute since you've heard from me. I am a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana; I graduated on May 10, 2003 with a B.S. of Psychology. I am currently living in Boston, attending Boston University for my MPH in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Hope all is well with everyone. I wish you peace and blessings.

TyRon Wells [last updated February, 2004]
Hi former classmates of East High School...especially to the class of 1999. I am a graduate from The University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems. Currently, I am employed by Computer Support Services Corporation - Systems Engineer, a vendor for Memphis City School System. Hopefully I will start graduate school this summer or fall to get a MS in Information Systems or MBA. Remember to always strive for excellence and keep God first in everything you do! Until next time.......................

Eunice Whitney [last updated May, 2009]
Well I am pleased to say that I am married Omar Sutton Class of 1996. We have one son together and four combined, two boys and two girls. I am now the proud owner of my own website design and administration company Sutton Set Day. I am also the current Website Administrator for both StyleCraft Home Collection and New Growth in Christ Christian Center. My husband and I still reside here in Memphis. Omar recently signed his pro Mixed Martial Arts contract as a fighter with Team Vortex.
You can check out our websites at www.OmarTheDevilDog.com and www.SuttonSetDay.com

Micko Wicks [last updated January, 2009]
Class of "99" I have been doin good i hope u guys been doin teh same. After high school i went to the military im currently back i in memphis na and u kno its that year so its our time to come back to those days when we were kids o my fault young adults so where ever the party take place just be prepared to have a good time i have a 3 yrs. old lil boy and his name iz Jeremicah Woods. So im here u can get at me at [see address below] I can't wait to here from u guys and may god bless u and have a bless new year and let all problems go .

Julee Williams [last updated October, 2010]
I still live in Memphis. I am a Certified Medical Assistant. I work at Miller Family Medical Center as an Medical Assistant. You can email me at willnicky@yahoo.com or contact me at (901) 358-3404.

Stephanie Woods [last updated December, 1999]
What's up Class of 99, I pray everyone is doing fine. I just have to first congratulate the football team-they went all the way!!!!!!!!! Currently, I am at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education. Everything is going ok. I wish you all all the success life has to offer, God Bless You all!!!!!!!

Victoria Wright [last updated December, 2001]
Wasss up everyone! First of all I would like to say that I miss you all. I am now currently attending the University of Memphis as a Psychology major. I am a transfer student from the University of Evansville so I am readjusting, getting to know everyone again. I hope that all is well with everyone and many of you are in my thoughts daily. E-mail me soon I would love to hear from you all.

People who attended East with the class of 1999 but were not graduated with it.

Candace Bacchus [last updated October, 2005]
WOW! Everyone's doing such wonderful things! I attending East for 9th and 10th grade and dcided to attend boarding school in NH at Phillips Exeter. After that i received by BA from Emory University ('03C) in Atlanta and am currently Financial Administrator at Children's Hospital in Washington, DC and completing my Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown University. I recently married (Feb. 04) and welcomed a little one to the world this June. I keep in touch with Lewis Brown regularly; he attended Emory and is at Georgetown Law here in DC. Best wishes to you all and please feel free to email me.

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