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The East High Class of 1969
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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Ed Askew - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Micheal Baine [last updated August, 2008]

Bert Bates - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Glenda Betts [last updated March, 2005]
Hello East High friends,
It has been awhile and felt I should update my profile.
After graduating in 1969 I went straight to work in the customer service field.I always have been a people person.I got started in the office supply industry and then moved forward into the commercial printing field as a customer service representative.I worked for several printing compaines in and around Memphis for nearly 20 years.In that time I married twice and divorced.I have a daughter named Olivia by my first marraige.She is 27 now and has a four year son named Adam,who is by the way the love of my life! She is studying at The University of Arkansas in Mountain Home and is majoring in education.I am very proud of her.I also have a son that is 20.He works full time and goes to college in Harrison,AR.His name is Anthony. He is expecting his first child in June.
I married again on March 10,2001 to my first love,Don(Byrd)Talley We dated in the 70's.It was a beautiful wedding ceremony.Something I always dreamed of. "the fairy-tale wedding" so to speak.Here I was at 50,a grandmother,walking down the aile! Ha! I am currently working for Southwind Executive Suites.Hope to hear from you "Mustangs" All my best,Glenda Betts Talley

Tommye Bolding [last updated February, 2004]

Charlie Bowls [last updated November, 2004]
Well, after much procrastination, I have finally decided to fill this in!!! After graduation, I did the normal stint at Memphis State. After a first failed marriage (that probably never should have happened!), I enlisted in the Army and was discharged in 1978. After discharge, I went back to Memphis State and received my BA in Social Work in 1981. I tell people it too me parts of three decades to finally graduate from college (talk about procrastination!) and that the football team at MSU never changed!!! I'm glad that they are finally having some good years after all this time. I married Sheron Sherman (class of 69) in 1982 and moved to Nashville in 1983. We divorced in 1988 on friendly terms and I married for the 3rd (and last!!!!!!!) time in 1992 to Terry Foster, a lifelong Nashvillian. Neither of us have children, but we maintain a poodle that thinks she is a child. For the last 23 years, I have worked with veterans and their deependents, the last 16 with the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, better known as the VA. I work in the Fiduciary Section, finding payees and guardians for beneficiaries who are not able to handle their funds so that they will not be taken advantage of financially. My wife works for the IRS (she doesn't do taxes!!), and we have lived since 1996 in south Nashville at the Wiliamson County line. I occasionally see Mike Webb and Cameron Frechette, but not as much as I would like to. I still have a brother and a sister living in Memphis, but I don't get there as much as I should since my parents died. Anyone can feel free to contact me by email (), phone (615 834-8050), or by the old reliable mail (225 Burgandy Hill Road, Nashville 38211). I hope the group there in Memphis will be able to put together a class reunion because I am starting to miss everyone I knew at good old East High School. Class reunions are a staple of my wife's HS class, and during those reunions I get to see Martha Eggleston since she married a guy who graduated with my wife. I guess I have rambled enough, but I wanted to get as much info here as possible. I look forward to hearing from anyone!!

Jean Bradley [last updated August, 2006]
I am so glad to have found this website and to have a way to connect with my past. I am married to Chip and we have one daughter, Katherine. She is a senior in High School. We are back in Arkansas after a 4 year "adventure" in Alabama . I have had recent contact with Beth Enos and Diane Altick. I am sad that I have lost touch with many friends that I used to communicate with. I would love to hear from Marcie Sorrells Hubbard, Anne Heen, and Kay McCarty. I keep in touch with Libby Wilson's parents and still miss her. I think I missed a reunion or two. I would love to be in on the next one. Would love to hear from you !

Wesley Brooks [last updated June, 1998]
Graduated from Memphis State. Retired. Widower for 5 years (married 16 years). Raising 9 year old daughter, Elizabeth. Live in Knoxville, Tn.
506 Wesley Road
Knoxville, Tennessee 37909

David Calliham [last updated February, 2017]
Janet and I have been married 45 years and are happily retired in Vegas. See my professional summary on Linkedin. Best regards to all.

Margaret Calliham ("Peggy") [last updated November, 2008]
First order of business is that I go by my full name now "Margaret". After graduating from East, I went to William Woods College in Fulton, Mo.,then tried a semester at Memphis State, dropped out and started the first health food resturant in Memphis "Petanjali's". I then moved to California, and lived on a commune where I met my first husband. After traveling around the country, including living NYC and upstate NY, and ARK. I landed back in Memphis. After a really bad birth experience in AR, I became a nurse in 1978 (MSU), then a Nurse-Midwife in 1986 (MUSC). I am still fighting for women and children's health in the inner city of Memphis. Now married to second husband, Mark Taylor, for close to 22 years. 3 Children :Luke Kende age 35 (yikes!), Sarah Taylor age 19, sophmore at MTSU, and Ben Taylor age 17 3/4, H.S. senior.
Passion: Health of Women & babies, living life as an ordinary radical (Christian).
Travels: Amersterdam, Belgium, France, Italy, with mission trips to Afghanistan, Kazakistan, and India.

Douglass Caughley [last updated December, 2017]
Hi fellow Mustangs,
I recently found this group of former East students. I was in the graduating class of 1969. Some may remember me as being fairly quiet at school, alway hated being shy.
After graduation I attended Memphis State and Evangel University. In 1971 I lost my 1-S deferment changing universities and ended up in Vietnam. I married Patricia Jones (Messick class 1970) my lab partner at MSU in 1974. We have two daughters Lauren 1979-1998 and Heather 1983.
We lived in Germantown until 2001 when we moved to Paso Robles, CA with Tenet Health Care Corp. In 2003 we moved to Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 2008 found us moving to Overland Park, KS. In January of 2011 I lost my wife of 36 years to cancer.
Almost four later I met Olivia, a retired teacher, from Texas and we married in 2014. In 2017 we were on the move again. We found a nice community in Granbury, Tx to buy as our retirement home.

John Chambliss [last updated November, 2005]
Still married, still a Telecom manager, and playing music on the weekends with the Rhythm Hounds in Memphis. My son is now 16 and daughter is 14. So far, they are much better than I was as a teenager although my son is pushing it. Planning on winning the lottery soon, so I hesitate to update my email address, but I will anyway.

Alex Conaway [last updated September, 2004]
Hello fellow Mustangs. I still live in Memphis, and have been happily married for 25 years to a younger Mustang, Mimsy Loeb. We have three children, Gordon at the University of Georgia, Shea at MUS, and Mary at St. Marys. I am gainfully employed in the investment management business, and after having made every mistake in the book, am still employed. Life has been good to me, and I thank my lucky stars every day. I have made many mistakes along the way, but hey, life is a comedy, and I try to stand back and laugh at the missteps. Unfortunately, I dont always succeed in this endeavor. After being directed to this page by Bill Milligan (Mustang 1970), I am so saddened to see the obituaries. I have never really had a strong desire to reconnect with my high school peers until seeing this. I now realize our journeys together through those years was so precious.

Biff Concklin - Deceased.
An obituary entry is available. Click here to see that entry.

Pat Copeland [last updated July, 2001]
My name as known when I attended East High was and still is Pat Copeland.
I began classes in the seventh grade and graduated in 1969. I have been living in San Francisco since 1973, but have visited Memphis on four occasions with more to come in the future.
I look forward to hearing from my friends that I share so many memories with while attending East High as I have lost contact with many of you.
Best wishes always
Patrick Copeland

Doris Council [last updated November, 2004]
I got married right out of high school, had a daughter, and promptly got divorced. I've been very happy ever since.
My daughter, Melody, is an RN in the emergency room in a hospital in Acworth, GA. I have a handsome son-in-law and three super athletic grandsons.
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Belhaven College in May 2002 (better late than never) with a Bachelor in Business Administration.
I'm currently a Management Technician with the Department of the Navy in the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Division.
I'd love to hear from any of you who remember me.

Gary Crawford [last updated May, 2017]
Awarded a music scholarship at Memphis State and attended for one year. Left college to work full-time in order to help support my family. Left Memphis in 1980 and moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas where I met my wife in 1982 and we remain married to this day. I am currently retired and had great career in the transportation industry which began in Memphis and a clerk typist. I progressed through management reaching VP of Pricing for two different companies. Retired two years ago and we will never leave Texas. Great place to live. My fondest memories are of my two best friends, Edward Askew and Keith Bowsza. I know Edward is not longer with us but I lost contact with Keith years ago. If anyone knows anything about him, I would appreciate hearing from you

Chris Crump [last updated August, 2000] E-mail address updated March, 2002]
Hello fellow Mustangs. After East I graduated from the University of Tenn at Martin in 1973 and obtained a master's degree in 1991. I was commissioned in the Army in 1973 where I served until retiring in 1995. I have been married to the former Tina Brown since 1975 and we have two sons, Dainel 22 and Edward 16. I have taught high school (JROTC) for the past 5 years. My family and I currently live in Gastonia, NC just outside of Charlotte.

Nancy Doyle - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

John Duck [last updated August, 2005]
Chuck Dunn [last updated March, 2007]
Greetings to the Class of '69! I graduated from Washington & Lee University in 1973, and from Vanderbilt Law School in 1976. After law school I spent a year in the Territory of American Samoa in the South Pacific. I joined a law firm in 1977, and in 1980 a friend and I started a part-time equipment business. I left the practice of law in 1985 to grow the business. Today I am single and happy in Nashville, Tennessee. My son, Andrew, is now 24 and lives in Washington, D.C. My daughter, Molly, is 21 and a junior at Clemson University. I still own the wholesale equipment business (www.mtadistributors.com), but fortunately have more time for cycling and travel.
Bill Ellis [last updated May, 2011]

Beth Enos [last updated September, 2008]
Finally settled in Portland, Oregon, 17 years ago, after moving around a lot. I have 5 kids--a blend of adopted and foster kids. I teach law at the local law school. I don't get back to Memphis very often, but I miss thunderstorms and good BBQ. Best regards to all.

Jim Garner [last updated May, 2009]
Spouse: Deborah L. Garner (married 28 years)
Children: Jordan age 23; James age 22
Jordan graduated from Yale in 2008 and James is a junior at Colorado.
Occupation: Citi - General Counsel Consumer Banking North America.
Home in Westchester county, commute to work in the city.

Sandy Gates [last updated December, 2008]
I am living in Memphis, am married, and have 3 children. My husband is a seminary professor, so we live our life in semesters! My oldest child is a teacher at White Station High School. The middle child got married this past summer to his high school sweetheart. He is a private investigator and is still attending college. My youngest is in the 10th grade at White Station. The school believes they are the first sibling teacher-student group the school has had--plenty of parent-child relationships but first brother-sister one. I refuse to allow my son to be a student of his sister because I do not want to get called to the office because of a knockdown, drag out fight between the 2 of them! I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and I sometimes adjunct at the University of Memphis in their nursing program. My working depends on how many students are enrolled. It's a 2 day/week job that's right up my alley!
Since graduating from high school, I went to college and ended up with 3 degrees. I had a nursing career for awhile before getting married and promptly getting pregnant. Since that time, I have basically been a stay-at-home mom with a few part-time jobs sprinkled here and there. I was lured out of that existence 4 years ago by U of M. We lead a rather pedestrian life, but we like it. We have lived in Europe twice which was cool--great experience for our kids.

George Grear - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Lynne Goldberg [last updated August, 2008]
We are old! How is it posible that we're talking about a 40th high school reunion? It seems like just a couple years ago that Jan Preston, Debbie Mason, Bob Layman, Kathy Wilkins and I, along with a mess of others, TP-ed several houses in the Gardens and some angry homeowner turned his sprinklers on us....What a classy bunch we were!
I went to Mizzou, graduated in journalism from MSU and after a 2-minute marriage ended up in St. Louis where I remarried (Larry), worked at the Post-Dispatch until '79 when I "retired" to raise Adam (27) and Abby (25), both of whom graduated from Bradley University and are currently single and living/working in Chicago. I went back to work as an editor/writer in '98 and for the past two years I've been the Special Events Coordinator for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.
Life has been very good...with the exception of losing my dad in '89 and my mom in '01; great kids, happily married almost 31 years. I don't get to Memphis very often anymore but manage to keep up with Bob. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I wouldn't be surprised if you all have forgotten....It's been 40 years after all!

Susan Hadaway [last updated January, 2009]
I am working on the reunion and hope to see everyone there June 12 and 13. My email address is

Patricia Duncan (Patt) [last updated October, 2005]
Deceased. An obituary is available.

Prior to her death, Patt Duncan was a participant with our alumni page. The following are her last two posting with us.
[posted July, 2004]

Gary Jameson [last updated March, 2019]
Deceased. An obituary is available.
Prior to his death, Gary Jameson was a participant with our alumni page. The following is his last posting with us.
[posted July, 2004]
Hi ya'll Gary here, lets see where to start, talking about myself is a bit out of character I prefer keeping a low profile. Shortly after graduation from East I married Marsha Hunt an East grad,tried night school at Tiger High but with long work hours and kids coming that didn't last long, never was the studious type anyway.Marsha and I were married for 23 years had 2 great children,Heather mother of 2 gorgeous kids and rick (who I named after Rick Dees in the morning) who is married to a great gal and they are working on their first. I,m a general contractor like my father before me and love building,life's been a hoot. I met fell in love and married Sherry Baby as I call her and she included a son, who has become a best friend. We do alot of traveling I guess that's what we have most in common. My other love is my Harley, there are motorcycle rallies somewhere in the world every weekend of the year, what a way to see the country. I still hang out at Picwic Lake alot of the summer but mostly for the kids now but thats the way of things.I wish our class had had a 30th reunion but maybe we,ll get together soon, I've heard of a bunch of East Grads. being spotted at the Half Shell once a month I would like to know when and maybe some of we 69'ers could join you, I still love to throw down on any occasion. I would love to hear from any of you guys, take care hope to hear from Ya'll soon.

Tommy Layman [last updated September, 2008]
I googled and found this wonderful website. Who is responsible and I want to thank them. I have been working in the Bay Area now since our 10 year reunion. I come back to Memphis at least 2x per year to visit my mom who still is in the area. I have two sons, one 19 and about to enter 2nd year at CalPoly, and another who is a Senior in High School. If only I oculd turn back the clock to be at East again with the experience we all have. What a hoot.
Would love to catch up with all those who want to contact me at my email listted. Glad to see that Diane Walton is still in touch with the best dentist (and by marriage math teacher) in the world! And Maynard, by goodness, I agree with your about the wonderful weather in the SF Bay area!
Look forward to seeing you all at the next big reunion!

Jenny Lind - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Randy Matz [last updated March, 2007]
I live in Atlanta, have been married so long I hardly remember when I was single, and have two fine children. My son graduated as an engineer from Vandy and is attending seminary. My daughter attends Auburn and plans to be a nurse. Met my wife in college and weve been married 28 years. Ive had plenty of work related experiences (Ive been an attorney for over 30 years), but I wont belabor or bore you with them other than to say work is not what is most important. I am excited about the future and the prospect of getting to see you at our next reunion (If we have one!)

Kay McCarty [last updated May, 2009]
I'm still in school after all these years!!! I'm a 7th grade English teacher at James Madison Middle School in Roanoke, Virginia. Danny and I have been married 37 years and our three children have all left the "nest." We play a lot of golf, but we have terrible scores. Danny plans to retire in three years and I think I'll go out with him. We have no plans to relocate unless we move closer to our children and that'll be tough as they are spread all over the place.
Our oldest son, Robert, is a pilot in the Air Force and lives in Greenville, SC. He's married to the first Dr. McGrath in the the family, Lindsay. They have one little boy, Martin, who'll have a sister in July. Kathryn, our daughter, is married to Dr. Mark Feldmann and is moving from Charleston, SC to Richmond, VA. Kathryn will teach at Collegiate School while Mark is doing a fellowship in Plastic Surgery. They have two children, Kate and Matthew. Harrison, our youngest son, is finishing medical school at Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. He is still single and very poor!!!
The years have been good to us and we love living in Roanoke. We don't get back to Memphis as often as we would like, but our families are aging and lots have left the area there. Have a wonderful 40th reunion and I hope lots of our former classmates attend.

Larry McDaniel [last updated March, 2016]
After graduation from East, I attended Samford University in Birmingham, AL for a year and then transferred back to MSU and obtained a BS in Civil Engineering. Went to work for Dallas Water Utilities for 28.5 years and retired in 2001. I retired to take another job offer that I am still enjoying - General Manager of Dallas County Park Cities Municipal Utility District. Lord willing, I plan my second retirement next year. Kathy and I have been married for 27 years and our blended family includes my oldest son Taylor (36), who owns and operates a car wash and is married and has a little girl; Kathryn (33) who graduated from Ole Miss and works for an international mechanical engineering company, currently officing in Shanghai, China; and Chase (32) who is tending bar and enjoying life!
Built a home 10 years ago in Heath, TX, a suburb of Dallas, on a golf course, so I would have something to do once I retired. Life is good and God has blessed me beyond my dreams.

Frank Novitzki [last updated August, 2008]
Greetings mates - hope to see you all in June.
I am happily married to Jane Alphin of Buchanan, VA. We have 4 boys and one girl (the youngest), ages 29, 28, 27, 26 & 26. In Dec. 2008 I will reach the 30 year milestone of Federal civil service as an engineer. The first 29 were nearly evenly split with the Corps of Engineers, Defense Logistics Agency & Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Memphis. In Nov. 2007 we moved from Memphis to Richmond, VA where I am the Assistant Chief Engineer at the McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Julian Phillips ("Bubba") - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Jan Preston - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Maynard Robinson [last updated March, 2009]
I should have graduated in 1968, but got sick and graduated in 1969 at 107 lbs. I went to MSU and worked at the Law School full time my last two years. I always thought I would go to Law School. My brother Jim got out of the Navy after two years and began MSU Law School....Sooooo I thought I would join the Navy for the GI bill and come back and go to Law School. However somehow I wasn't listening to the recruiter and ended up on the path to fly and had to go through the "Officer and Gentleman" program. Wow, did my life changed abruptly!! Due to some prodding by the crazy, mentally ill Marine Drill Instructor I found out something I never knew and that being that I was very smart and a great jock...it was all about doubting one's abilities which I did at East.
I arrived in California in a pickup truck with a TV and two boxes: talk about Forrest Gump goes to San Francisco?.......then I began to live and travel in Asia and never stopped. Went to grad school in Monterey, CA and got a degree in Strategic Planning and Intelligence. Moved to Iceland and Norway for years....then married a crazy girl from Berkeley and moved to Washington, DC, then back to Palo Alto.....more grad school....more Asia and the Middle East. Then I moved to Italy for 4 years (yeeehawwww!!)...when I lived in Naples, Italy. I had to work in London 3- 4 days a week...figure that out?!! Then some flying in Desert Storm in Iraq and some quick trips around some other un-fun places in the Middle East. Then more school and on to Vermont to teach at Norwich University. There I knew that it was time to get out and find another career. Oops, forgot about Memphis State Law School didn't I....?
One of my best times was working with a close classmate at Memphis State who was in the FBI....we worked together finding Pollard, the Israeli spy and Walker, the Russian spy.
Because some smuck beat me up at East I got a couple of Blackbelts in Japan and became a master skydiver and master scuba diver.
Along the way we adopted a great daughter and we retired in Palo Alto, CA.
I became the kindergarten helper/field trip driver. Then I decided my crazy wife...really was crazy. Got a divorce and my daughter and moved to magical Santa Cruz, CA and now I am vice principal of a very small rural public high school on the ocean where the town raises flowers. My daughter is now in Chef School and a cool and confident lady. Today, I look at those unplugged "boys" at school and reflect back to my days at East.....lol
Life is good. I went to Ireland this summer which was my 75th country visited...6 continents thus far... and I hope to see 100 countries before going to the "happy hunting ground". Still looking for a great lady who knows that Cambodia is not a seafood.....Often I return to Memphis to check on Mom and hangout with Ellen, my sister. My brother Jim recently retired in Alabama after 30 years working in New York City. Last I heard he was hanging around the Dairy Queen and looking for out-of-state license tags....

Stanley Rogers
Reported deceased as of 2015 *
If anyone has documentation of his passing and could send a copy, we would like to post it on The East High Alumni Page.
[last updated August, 2008]
Just wanted to add the two and a half weeks in Europe over Christmas Holidays to my travel list. Climbed the Matterhorn and spent new years in Amsterdam after side trips to Wies Austria, Venice Italy,Frankfort Germany, Paris and Rouen France. The food, scenery and adventures always make it worthwhile. Hey,who wants to travel somewhere ??

Sheron Sherman [last updated March, 2005]
After the last 10 years spent in Northern California, I recently moved to Jacksonville, FL so that my 14 yr old son, Dusty, could attend a Performing Arts High School studying piano. Daughter, Jennifer (28), recently married and lives in Nashville after having received her Masters - Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Married to Peter Kovacic for the last 15 years and amicably divorced from Charlie Bowls (69), I am a CPA with a MS - Accounting and have worked in the entertainment field for 20 years. Was the CFO of Benson Music Group in Nashville for four years and currently run a Platinum award winning record/mail order catalog company. I have two sisters who also attended East High, Debbie (71) and Alice (73), and both live in Nashville. My brother-in-law, Hampton Pitts (68), has been happily married to Debbie for over 20 years.

Frances Smith [last updated October, 2005]
I have been a veterinary technician, a casino dealer, and am now driving a school bus at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks (in Missouri). I lived in CA for quite a few years, three separate times. My brother and mother still live out there. My life has not been very exciting since graduating, but it has been interesting.

Tom Smith [last updated December, 2004]
After graduating from East I did the usual stint at Memphis State. Afterwards, I left Memphis and spent time living in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Miami, El Paso, Cleveland and New Orleans. In the late eighties I returned to Memphis for a time to be Special Projects Director for The Memphis Flyer. Presently, my wife Janet and I and our twin daughters Lauren & Alexis live in St. Louis. I can be reached at

Diane Staples [last updated February, 2009][E-mail address updated July, 2009]
I live in Germantown and have have raised three great kids, twins 33, boy and girl and a daughter that is 27. I am a widow and have worked for Tyco in Memphis for the last 8 years.

Anne Stern [last updated June, 2019]
Our 50th Class Reunion was awesome and it was great seeing everyone. I now Have two grown children and two beautiful grandchildren. My husband of 43 years will finally retire this year and we will continue our love of travel. So far we have been to Israel twice, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Normandy, and Amsterdam. Our next one we hope to be in Croatia. The problem is when you have the time and the money to travel, your body starts to fall apart. I guess you could call me the titanium woman. Anyway, we all looked pretty great at the reunion and I say we should all get together again for our 70th birthdays.

Rob Stone [last updated January, 1999]
Life has been good. Married 21 years to my wife Beth whom I met on a blind date. We live in Mid-Town Memphis with our 16 year old son Clifton and 14 year old daughter Marie as well 2 dogs and 5 cats. To support all this I own a real estate company which keeps me busy managing,leasing,appraising and selling residential as well as commercial properties.
E-mail: or

Donna Thweatt [last updated March, 2000]
I have been married for 30 years to Rex Hollaway. We have 2 grown sons, Tim (25 years old) and Ben (23 years old) They both live in Austin. No daughters-in-law or grandchildren. I am a nurse and coordinate clinical research in women's health at UT here in Memphis. Once we got the boys raised and on their own, we moved to house on a lake and life couldn't be better. Can be reached at

Nuggie Treadwell - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Diane Walton [last updated June, 2008] [E-mail address updated April, 2012]
Hello friends. Since graduation from East, I have graduated from Vanderbilt in 73, then after some years in banking in Memphis and Nashville, returned to Univ. of Memphis for MBA in '86. Have worked in various areas of banking since. [A brief stint selling Apple computers at my brother's company] Married another Mustang for Class of 69! in '92.
Mom turns 90 this year -Hope my genes are as good!
Ran into Susan Boswell Thom at a mutual friend's mom's funeral!!! Also hear about Tom Layman from dentist Dr McClain...husband of our math teacher.
Olivia Young Fisher keeps in contact via Christmas newsletter. Also run into Cameron Frenchette occasionally through a mutual friend. Frank and Kathy Pike are also friends we see occasionally

Clayton Watson [last updated February, 2015]
I am employed as a commercial real estate broker, since 1982. Some days I get "broker" as a broker, some days I collect a commission check. I always try to have fun!
I have one daughter, married off and living in Nashville.
I still embarass myself on the tennis court. Hell, I wasn't good enough to be on the East High tennis team!
In summary, I am glad to be alive and enjoy good health.

Kathy Wilkins [last updated September, 2016]
Since graduating from East I was married 43 years to Bill McMath who passed away in 2014. We have two daughters and a granddaughter who all live in Memphis. My stepson and his wife live in Lake Charles, LA with two sons, a daughter in law, and one grandson. Yep.that makes me a great grandmother! Yikes! Having lived in Memphis all these years, I often run into an East High classmate at a local event or the grocery story and enjoy catching up.
I have a TN and FL real estate license, both in retirement. I have been with Marx-Bensdorf, Realtors since 2010 and am Office Administrator.
As a class reunion committee member, Id like to invite you to participate in the planning of our 50 Year Reunion in 2019. There is as much or more fun in the planning as the actual event. Please contact me at 901-786-8855 or [the e-mail address below].
Monetary contributions for the reunion are always welcome!

Libby Wilson - Deceased.
An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.


People who attended East with the class of 1969 but were not graduated with it.

Parks Dixon [last updated February, 2017]
I've been prodded by Kathy McMath to make this entry having seen her along with a few other 69er's at Jinny Lind's memorial service.
After MUS and UT Knoxville (where I met Beth) I remained in Memphis, married for 42 years. In 2010 we moved from midtown back into Mustang territory, Poplar @ Highland. Our son Will and family also live in 38111 but our world traveling daughter Ellis has been living in Lisbon for close to five years. Although I am still working Beth and I do get to travel, usually dragging our golf clubs behind us, even to Portugal.

Janet Douglass [last updated May, 2009]
I attended East from 6th grade thru part of my 10th grade year and then we moved to Florida. I actually graduated from King High School in Tampa, FL in 1969. I found out about this website from a fellow classmate, asking me about the 40th reunion.
I have been married for 37 years to Tommy Thomson and we lived in East Memphis for a few years, then moved to Desoto County in MS and love it down here. I have 3 children, Melissa (34) lives in Chicago, Rachel (29) lives in Southaven, and has my only two grandchildren, Scott (4) and Houston (2) and a son Thomas Thomson Jr. (25). I am a church secretary in Olive Branch, for ten years and before that a secretary in a Catholic school in Southaven for 10 years, but before that I was a stay at home MOM. I love my life and am very BLESSED. If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you.

Stephanie Horvath [last updated March, 2012]
I left East sadly in the middle of the ninth grade. I have thought of you often. I graduated from High School in Atlanta. I am still living in a suburb of Atlanta today. I started my own Interior Design firm in 1978. I still have the company today but don't work! I married my husband Mike in 1972 and we have three children, and five grandchildren. Still can't believe I am a grandmother! My husband is a CPA and has his own firm here. My son lived in Memphis for about two years but I didn't know anyone's married names to even begin to know how to catch up. Went by the school....and the old stomping grounds! I wish I could have finished school there and stayed in touch with you guys. I really loved my friends there!

Barbara Sheppard [last updated October, 2008]
Hi all - Tho I didn't graduate from East, I remember many of you who were at East Elementary and were in the class of '69.
I'm a registered nurse and retired. Married for 36+ years and mother of two adult sons. I'm also a quilter!
Wishing each of you well -
Barbara Sheppard Haener



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