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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 1998     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
If the June 20-21, 2008, reunion took place, we would like to post a text report and photos..

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LaQuita Adkins [last updated January, 2007]
Hello again class of 98! I am in the planning process of our class reunion and would like any and all assistance and suggestions. Please go to www.myspace.com/easthighclassof1998 and vote on a date for our fist meeting. If there are any questions feel free to send me a quick e-mail. Thanks!

Autumn Ballentine [last updated April, 2007]
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!! I can't wait to see everyone at our class reunion. Who ever thought it would come this fast. It does not feel like we are that old. Well I hope everyone is doing well. I have had a RUFF few years. My Godmother passed, My little sister passed in Oct.04, and the little girl I raised is not a little girl anymore. She no longer stays with me. When ever I do have kids I am so praying for a little boy. I can deal with them better at that teenage stage. I am working at St.Francis Hospital as a unit secretary on the cardiac floor. I work nights and I feel like I am missing everything, now that I dont have a child to take care of anymore. I am single with no kids. but really enjoying myself:) I HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT THE REUNION!!! We all know that CLASS OF 98 WAS THE BEST TO COME OUT OF EAST HIGH.
(kind of like my name now:)
keep in touch

Antwoine Beard [last updated January, 2010]
Whatzup to the class of 1998(4-4).The Best Class that East High has eva produced!Much love to Dr.Winston& Mrs.Hightower!This is your quarterback & former track star Antwoine Beard.I went on to attend MS.Valley State where I'd majored in Phys.Ed & Special Ed.I'd also played football &ran track there.I'd also pledged Fall'99 of AlphaPhiAlpha Fratenity.To my fellow Beloved Mustangs,I really hate that I missed out on the reunion of the century but I guarantee that I won't miss anymore.Keep me posted on everything & everybody!During the past couple of years,I've had my fair share of ups & downs but I used alot of the things that I'd learned at East to get me through the tough times.I'd spent three years playing Arena 2& European Football.I'm retired my football cleats &now coaching football and track at Jackson Central High School in Jackson,TN.I also have my own AAU/USATF youth track club called The West TN.Stallions Track Club established in Nov.2007.One thing my butt Can Still do is DANCE!That Will neva go away!As for my marital status,I'm single but I'm expecting my first child.Big shoutouts to Blacc,Quincy Stephenson,Antonio Lewis,Antar Brown,Travis Clark,F.I.A.,D.L.M.,Da Boys & Girlz Track Teams,& to anybody else that I'd missed please don't hold it against me!Trust me I have much love for the whole class because we went through alot 2gether.RIP-Tasha & Chelle!Please don't be a stranger .I would love to heard from all of y'all!K.I.T

Kamauri Bell [last updated August, 2005]
Hello once again. As always I hope everyone is well. I would like to update my profile just a bit. I recently married a wonderful man whose name is Tony and raising my two year old daughter Amauri. I'm still in Nashville and working for Ford Motor Credit which is a very interesting job. I can't believe that it has been 7 years since we graduated. Well I hope that all is going well with everyone and please feel free to contact me at any time. May God continue to bless you and watch over you all.

Courtney Blakemore [last updated October, 2007]

Tasha Boswell [last updated August, 2002]
Hello!! Class of '98, this is Tasha Boswell saying Hello to all of you. I'm presently enrolled at UT Knoxville, I'll be graduating in May 2003 with a degree in Economics. I really miss everyone and hope everyone is doing well. May God Bless You All!!! Keep in Touch

Juran Bragg [last updated February, 2004]
Fellow graduates of 1-9-9-8...Its a new year in 2004, and so many things have changed but the majority still remains the same...I graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College in California with an A.A in Communications(yeah, i changed majors)that Chemical Engineering is just too much...I have 25 hours left at Arkansas State University to attain my B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies w/emphasis toward Communications...Black Jesus willing I'm finish by the end of the Fall semester, I will return(ANOTHER YEAR AND HALF OF SCHOOL IN JONESBORO) and work toward getting another B.A. in Physical Education.That said and done, I plan on heading back to California to enter someone's Masters program (ANOTHER YEAR AND A HALF OF SCHOOL IN "CALI") toward a Physical Education degree and become a (B-ball) head coach for a highschool program or start off as an assistant coach for any college level program. I still have hoop dreams(though i don't play at the moment) cause I can still preform so going overseas to play is still an option, but incase Black GOD wants different for me I have a few Degree's too fall back on......Still black and still out like Dr. Winston...May GOD BLESS/PROTECT

Shondra Brown ("Shun") [last updated January, 2007]
What's up class of 1998, I am still living in Memphis, and I have two beautiful daughters. Since graduation I have received my associates degree, and I am currently working at Baptist East. I hope to see you all at our upcoming reunion, I look forward to seeing everyone.

Michelle Burgess [last updated January, 2005]
Hey now...If anyone has heard from Anthony Singleton, Class of 1996, send me an email at . I am trying to locate him. Thanks.

Regina Carpenter [last updated February, 1999]
I'm now attending UTM with some of my fellow East High Alumi. And boy are we having so much fun, well I am. What I have been doing nothing much but enjoying life. I am majoring in nursing. After receiving this I am thinking of going to graduate school. I don't just have much to say but if you would like to contact my you can alway call or write me at
(901) 587-8196
B222 McCord
Martin, TN 38238

Monique Clayton ("Mo Mo") [last updated January, 2008]
Hello Mustangs,
I would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year and enough blessings to last you throughout it. I am very excited about the upcoming reunion and looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm sure it will be nice to play catch up with yall OLD folks (LOL). It doesn't really seem like 10 whole years have gone by, but I hope that each one has treated you all well!!

Ladeia Cox [last updated November, 2008]
Hello to all my old classmates of the mighty Mustangs. Dis is Ladeia!I want to say i really enjoyed myself for our 2008 class reunion.I have a lovely family of three, yes three! Desmon, Demarcus and Ms. Trinity well it you please send me some pictures of your family and some old school pictures.Again love you guys and wish u well.

Adriane Dortch [last updated November, 2003]

Danyel Echols [last updated February, 2004]
I'm currently residing in Atlanta and attending Georgia State University majoring in Computer Information Systems.

Shanndolyn Garrett [last updated March, 2007]
Hello, fellow Mustangs. I am a proud graduate of the University of Memphis. I still reside in Tennessee where I am now married to an absolutely wonderful man and I have two children that are 1 and 3 years old. I am looking forward to reuniting in 2008 and seeing how well everyone is doing because we all know that the Class of 1998, was the best and the brightest to come out of East. Love you all and God Bless.

LaShondra Gladney [last updated October, 2007]
Hello 4-4...this is Shon, I hope that everyone remembers me. It has been a long time and things have changed for the better for me. I finally left Memphis in 2001 and joined the United States Air Force. I am now a sergeant with 3 beautiful children Tanaya(4)Jionte'(1)and Jeausean(6mos). I have a wonderful husband whom I met in the country Turkey. I have been hoping and praying that we were going to have something so that everyone could try and meet up once again. I miss all of you that I was close with. I am currently in San Antonio, Texas working at the basic military training base. It has taken me sometime to start school with all the babies and everything but I am currently taking classes towards my degree in engineering.If you get the time I can be reached at

Teneshia Green ("Dr. Green") [last updated April, 2007]
Hey classmates,
As you all know, we ARE planning the reunion of a lifetime. Well, this is when we have to work together. If you know anyone that knows anyone we need contact information. Please email Quita B, Shunterance, Shay Hall, or myself with your contact information so that you can be included in the loop in participating in our ten year class reunion. The more we know the more we grow. Please if you have phone numbers, email address, anything, we need them so you can get information on the reunion. Looking forward to hear from you!!!

Shastie Hardeman [last updated March, 2007]
Am now working at Homewood Suites by Hilton off Poplar, am head of Accounts Payable at the hotel and I also doing hair. I have one(1) child name Arielle, she is 5yrs old and will be 6yrs in June.

Michelle Harris [last updated October, 2006]
I currently am single and living in the Raleigh-Bartlett area. I have a 6 year-old son, who is bright, entergetic, and a handful at times. I am a fulltime student at Southwest,majoring in Psychology. After high school I attended school for a year a then had my son;then I took 2 years off and returned to school. I have been working in the Mental Health feild for 5 years now. I worked at SRVS for 3 and a half years and now I am currently working for Spectrum Support Inc. I have been with them for a year and a half now. I have made the deans list in college and I was chosen for The National Dean's List Association for 2005. It has been a long ride, nevertheless it's been an interesting one. If anyone is intrested in contacting me my Numbers are as follows: Home:(901)384-3516 and Cell:(901)281-7886

Lynora Hayes [last updated November, 2009]
Just checking in with everyone. I hope all is well. As for me, life couldn't be better. I got married Friday, June 19th 2009 to the love of my life. He is not a Mustang, but I love my Boo all the same. Email me. Happy to hear from all alumni.

Regina Hayslett - [last updated May, 2005]
I was browsing the website, and noticed my profile had not been updated in a long time. I graduated from UT Marting in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science in Social Work. I am currently a foster parent recruiter/trainer with a private therapeutic foster care agency. I am single an have no kids. It really is great to hear how well everyone has done.

Jamesha Henderson [last updated June, 2008]
MUSTANGS MUSTANGS MUSTANGS!!!! I must say I had a FREAKING blast with all of you this weekend. For all of you that decided not to come or could not make it...you would have known why EHS Class of 1998 is "A Class Above The Rest". We went too hard this weekend. Desmond, I love you man you had all of us dying at the IHOP Friday/Saturday morning. BJ and Connell you two always shut the party down but when you all both passed out at Lil Terror house LOL...all I am going to say it check myspace for the photos LOL. Kenyetta, Teneshia, Tennille, Tish, Monique...ya'll my dawgs you know we went TOO hard at all of the clubs. What in the heck did we take a case of Red Bulls before the day started?? LOL. Just everybody man. Everyone is looking good, families are beautiful, successful and in good health. We are a blessed class man. For us to come together and go hard like that all the way to about 4AM Monday morning??...I have no words for it. NO DRAMA. Let me say it again..NO DRAMA folks this weekend. I LOVE IT!!! Well since we are doing 5 yr reunions now all I have to say is...2013....VEGAS....BE READY because if you thought this one was something--I think the boys may have some tricks up their sleeves. I LOVE MY 98 MUSTANGS!!!!!!! Keep doing what you do and KEEP GOD FIRST!!! MUAH!!!

April Denise Hibler [last updated September, 2004]
Just an update! A sistah is proud to say that after SIX YEARS at The University of Memphis, she is FINALLY graduating on December 18, 2004 with a B.A. in journalism! The journey has been tough, but it has been worth it. From Boise, Idaho to Allentown, PA, meeting LL Cool J and seeing the President and John Kerry speak in the same week. It's a journalist's dream!
And the name change is just a technical thing. I am not married, divorced or anything like that. I am glad to see all of you doing well. Stay positive.

Rashell Ranea Hill - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Burgess Jeffries (BJ) [last updated February, 2008]
Long time since I've been on this page. Well, first of all I have graduated from Tuskegee University with a Mathematics Degree. I am current getting another degree in Math Ed @ Miles College in Birmingham, AL. I currently teach at a private middle school in Birmingham, AL. The previous three years were spent teaching math in the public high schools. I do plan on going back to the city school system within the next two years. January 31, 2008 will mark my second year as a homeowner. What else.... I am single with no children (trying to keep it that way for just a little bit longer). Can't wait to see everyone!!!

Angela Johnson [last updated May, 2003]
Hi this is Angela. I graduated from East High in 1998. I was a Allied Health Optional Student. I took Patient Care from the bomb ass teacher and rowdy Mrs. Hightower.(I love her) I was also in H.O.S.A. and served on the Parliamentary Procedure team. I went to the Univ. of Memphis for 2 yrs. Then I went to STCC where I am now. My major is Business with a concentration in MIS(Management Info. Sys.) I plan to go back to the Univ. of Memphis and finish so I can get my Bachelor's degree. I work for First TN bank. I've been there for 3 yrs. and counting, and I'm also a mother of a 4 yr old daughter named Jala Alicia Cox. (Yes I was pregnant at graduation and no one knew but 3 people cause it was my business :)) To all my fellow 98' Mustangs I hope life is treating you'll well and always remember to keep God first and love yourself and everyting else should fall into place. Take care.

Senetra Johnson [last updated March, 2005]
I am a graduate of Tennessee State University with a BS in elementary education. TSU is also where I'm pursuing my masters in administration and supervision. I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, where I teach 2nd grade at Alex Green Elementary. I am engaged to another fellow Mustang, Tolbert Lee Jordan III, class of 1999.

Tewaner Johnson [last updated January, 2008]
Hey everyone. Has it been 10 years already? We are getting old! Well I am still in the Navy. My daughter and I live in Pensacola, FL where I teach basic IT skills on base. I am not too fond of the place- kinda slow and I wish I had stayed in VA. Things are going pretty well. I am almost finished with my Bachelor's (finally!) and will be starting on my Master's soon. Hope everyone is prosperous and blessed and I hope to see you all in June!

Yoshi Johnson [last updated September, 1998]
Hello to all my 1998 Mustangs. I am doing well. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi planning to get my Master's in Sports Administration and Management. I am also currently employed as a Hall Director for the university and am enjoying every minute of it. I have NO kids, but I have a wonderful christain man in my life who I plan on spending the rest of my life with. We have been together for two years strong and we can't be stopped. I already have a job waiting for me when I graduate in August 2003 and am so blessed that God has carried me this far. To all of you out there, I wish you all the best and am glad to see that so many people are doing well these days. You know I got to give a big shout out to all those Lady Mustang "Track Girls." You know who you are and I love you all. Big up to Coach Young because I know he is still holding that winning tradition down. Don't be a stranger ya'll, so if you see ya girl walking in Memphis one day say hi and see you all again at the reunion in 2008. :)
E-mail: none provided

Dana Jones [last updated January, 2003]
I'm living in Memphis,I Graduated from Tennessee Tech.in 2002. I'm working 2 jobs in my field, which is Graphic and Printing Communications. I miss all my Classmates. I currently live with My Huband.

TaWanda Leake [last updated December, 2008]
What's up my fellow classmates. I must say that we put it down for our 10yr reunion. I know that I missed a lot of you at the meet n' greet. But, I caught up with the rest of you the entire Saturday. It was really nice seeing all of you. The Class Above The Rest shut Memphis Nites Down that Saturday night with our boy Fooley on the Mic. To my girls Andrada, Verlinda, Pam, Camillia, Erica and Kitzy. I missed you there. I'm hoping that we meet at the 15yr class reunion. My God continue to bless each and every one of you until with meet again. Have a Happy New Year!

Antonio Lewis [last updated January, 2007]
I had a son, Antonio Aaron Patrick, Jr. aka "AJ", with my girl, Heidi, in October 2004, and we recently had a daughter, Chase Renee', this past May (2006). Right now, I'm a barber at the Shane Clark Barbershop in West Lafayette, IN (home of Purdue University). Check out my website--http://antoniolewis.home.insightbb.com/--and my MySpace page--www.myspace.com/atl79.

Nita Mandanna [last updated November, 1998]
I am now away at college after graduating from East High School.

Candace McConnell - Reported deceased as of March 13, 2012.*

Brandy McGhee [last updated June, 2013]
Hey Yal! this Brandy, I am married now for 11 yrs I have two children, Brandon13 and Kyla 10. Still in Memphis. i attended some of the functions of our 10 yr but HATE I missed out on the shananigans of the what happens in Vegas trip! anywho... Keep me posted on the up and coming events. and no, I am one of the few not on FB. Good day.

Desmond Miller [last updated June, 2008]
Just checking in. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who shows up this weekend. It doesn't seem like its been 10 yrs already, but you know what they say; Time flies & life is short. I graduated in 2003 from MTSU with a B.S. in Computer Science and currently reside in Nashville, working for an Engineering firm as a Jr. Software Developer. What up '98 Mustangs?!?!?! Hope everyone is doing well.

Shannon Mitchell [last updated February, 1999]
Well as of 1999, I am currently at the University of Memphis. I also am seeking a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. In addition, I am engaged to an East High alumni, but not from my class. I have been traveling thus far to different places within the Continental U.S.

Danielle Murrell [last updated April, 2007]
Hey Everybody, how are you all doing? Its so good to read about everything that is happening in your lives. Well, I graduated from UTC with a degree in biology, however, I don't want to be a physician anymore, but I still want to go into the healthcare field. I have been married to Katral Rainey for four years now and we have two, that's right, two beautiful daughters, Laila (3) and Lauren (7months)and we live in Richmond, Virginia. Motherhood is wonderful and I look forward to talking with all the other mothers at the reunion-sisters, we WILL sleep again!!If you want to you can email me and I will send you pictures of them. God has been very good to us to allow us to make it this far. I can remember just wanting to be 16 so that I could drive and now we are 26-28 years old-what a blessing! Thank you Kenyetta for letting me know the dates because as soon as Girl Scout cookie season is over, I will be going on a diet!!But what will I do come Thanksgiving and Christmas?!!!LOL
Talk to you all later.

Ernest Nathaniel ("Lil Nate") [last updated May, 2009]
Hate I missed the reunion!!!!! I'm now a proud dad of a baby boy Ethan Jordan Nathaniel(1.21.09)

Marcus Overton [last updated December, 2008]
Wassup my fellow classmates. I hate I missed the class reunion, but If any of yall remember me please feel free to email me. or call (504)303-9099

Carl Patten [last updated February, 2008]
This is Candyman aka KINGPiN. I am currently working as a Consultant with Accenture in Atlanta, GA. Following college at MIT, I went to do a Masters of Diviniy at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta. I decided to stay in the city after graduation and make it my home. If you are ever in Atlanta on the weekends, then feel free to hit me up. My contact information is below.
Cell: (901) 292-5330.

Gregory Perry [last update October, 2007]
Hello everyone. Im doing great and I wish you all great success.Feel free to hit me up on my email anytime.

Sommer Randolph - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Marco Reed [last updated November, 2011]

Erika Robinson [last updated July, 2006]
Greetings Once Again,
Well I just graduated from Ohio University with a M.Ed. degree in College Student Personnel. I will be moving to New Hampshire in July to work for Dartmouth College (ivy league) as an adminstrator. I am still active with my sorority (Skeee Wee). I will be in the working world 3-5 before I return back to school for my Ph.D./J.D. I hope to be president of a liberal arts college in my lifetime. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel. So far I have been to Barbados, Hong Kong, Fuzhou China, and next week I will be going to Jamaica. It is amazing to go to different parts of the world and to see that there is definitely life outside of the US. I encourage you all to do it some time.
Peace and Love,
Erica Robinson

Rogers Robinson [last updated May, 2008]
I would like to say what's up to everybody that know me! for those that don't sorry! LMAO!! Get at me at the reunion!

Shanika Rowlett [last updated April, 2008]
Greetings to all mustangs alumni!! I hope that everyone is doing well and moving closer to their dreams. Its time for the reunion. I am now married to a Melrose Wildcat by the name of Kelly Hunter. We had our first child together last June. His name Kelaeb (Caleb) Donnovan Hunter and he will be a year old this June. He is my heart and life's joy. Kelly and I celebrating our one year anniversary in April. We reside here in Memphis and I still work at Methodist University Hospital and he works for a fiberglass company in Olivebranch. So far life is good and I hope that everyone is saying the same. Hope to see you at the reunion mustangs!!!

Tramaine Rogers [last updated July, 2007]

Natasha Rossell - Deceased. An obituary is available.
Click here to read the obituary.

Tiffany Snyder [last updated April, 2006]
I was looking back over this page and felt the need for an update. If you get a chance, check out -http://www.easthighalumni.com/Members.asp- as well. Interesting updates too.
My last post said I had graduated with a B.S. in Pol. Sci and would be attending law school, yeah, well, that didn't work out, but I'm overjoyed that it didn't. After working on getting in the law school for two years and being unsuccessful at it, I found my way into the Master of Arts program in English back in Chattanooga. I absolutely love what I'm doing right now. I will be graduating in May with my degree and teaching Freshman Composition beginning in Fall 06. I've loved this program so much that wondered why I didn't major in English in undergrad, but then I realized that at that time, I was choosing my course for my life instead of letting God guide me like I should have and that He has me exactly where I should be at the exact time He meant for me to be here.
Before coming back to Chatt, I loathed that idea, but I love my big town/little city and I doubt I will ever move back to Memphis though if God tells me to, I can only obey. It's awesome to see so many "success" stories, but I suppose greatness is infectious and it disperses like a fire.
I'm still in love and can't complain one bit about the course my life has taken. No kids for now, but that's just the time being. As previously mentioned and you probably all remember, I helped raise my brother's kids and though that experience matured me, I've enjoyed my time away from parenting. I know that experience prepared me for something greater, but that time hasn't come yet. Kids are wonderful blessings, blessings I've not yet received.
Congrats to all the degrees obtained, kids produced and careers started. I wish you all the best.
Be the you God intended and enjoy life.
ciao TNS

Kenyetta Suggars [last updated March, 2007]
Whats up alumni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to check with everyone and let you know that we are on the ball with the class of 98 reunion. The dates have been set for Thurs June 19-Sun, June 22, 2008. Get in where you fit in! The puzzle won't be complete until every piece is there and that means YOU!!!! I have recently sent out the notes of the Dec 22nd meeting (2006) (our first meeting for the reunion). IF you have not received that email, please send me an email ...Other than that, I am still in Cali throwing up dubs on one hand and the M on the other :-) It was great seeing those that I saw in Dec and can't wait to see the rest of you soon. Take care and God bless!!!

Rena Tate [last updated January, 2017]
Rena Tate now Rena Oliver married with 1 daughter. Currently residing in St. Louis, Mo.

Robin Taylor [last updated July, 2007] [E-mail address updated June, 2008]
Hello, hello, hello fellow classmates of 1998. It is almost that time to where we will see each other after ten years (for some of us). Time sure does fly. Well, things are going well with me. I am a family woman. lol... Still married (4 years) with 2 boys (2 1/2 years & 2 months). NO GIRLS! Congratulations to those who have gotten married over the years and have had children. Marriage to me is great and motherhood is a blessing, I love the lifestyle. I am excited to see how everyone is doing and eager to see how some have matured over the years. GOD has had to humble me and I am trully grateful for it. I hope that all is well with each of you and hopefully I will get to see you in the upcoming year. Take Care and may God bless you and your family.

Shirleatha Taylor [last updated February, 2002]
Hey everyone, I miss you all and this is what's up with me, I'm at UT Martin getting ready to graduate REAL SOON with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, that would make me a Registered Nurse on May 11, 2002 (graduation day). I'm very busy and my daughter is what keeps me on the move. She's 15 months old and into everything. For those who don't have any kids yet I'll tell you, your whole outlook on life will change, between my education and my daughter nothing is more important to me right now. Good Luck and God Bless you all. Knowledge is power, get as much of it as you can..............

Aisha Thornton [last updated August, 2006]
Greetings C/O '98!!!! Since my last update, I graduated from TSU with a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction (Aug.2005). I currently teach 8th grade American History and 9th grade World History at Georgian Hills JHS in Frayser. I just bought my first home in Southeast Shelby County, so I've had a busy and exciting summer! Still SINGLE & FABULOUS!!! Best wishes and thoughts on past, present, and future endeavors. See you all in 2008!

Lakeshia Townsend [last updated February, 2008]
Its finally here guys, whats up with the date and location spot? Cant wait to see all of you!!!!! Motivate in 08!

Felicia Truitt [last updated November, 1998]
Hello! This is Felicia Truitt graduate of class of 1998. I am currently attending University of Tennessee @ Martin. College life could't be better than this. I live in a crimeless atmosphere, I have good teachers, my grades are wonderful , and I am on my way to success. I hope my fellow classmates are performing outstanding academically and socially. See you all whenever we may meet again.

Kimberly Tucker [last updated May, 2005]
Hi to my fellow class of 98 !!, It is so wonderful to read that you all are doing so well. To tell a little about my self I got married right out of high school and that did not last long, I have no children and I am currentlty enrolled at Remmington College majoring in Criminal Justice, I want to Congraulate you all on being so sucessfull, and I hope you all stay blessed in what ever you may do in life, also keep your faith in God in what ever may come your way, Love to the BEST class that came out of East !!

Nicole Walker ("Nikki") [last updated June, 2008]
Hey Mighty Mustangs!!! It's Nikki. Hope everyone is still blessed and highly favored. I'm still here in Memphis and making it work for me. I know some of you didn't see me at graduation but I did graduate, I was pregnant with my first son Aaron(9 yrs.). And since then I have had two more children Jaylon(7yrs) and Miracle(3yrs), I've been married and divorced, and am currently single. I am in the process of writing a grant and starting my own non-profit organization, a domestic violence outreach facility to aide victims and their children with acclimation into emotionally and physically healthy living. Other than that I'm just spending time with my babies and loving life. Just found out the reunion details hope to be there with ya'll.

Otis Wallace ("O-Dog") [last updated February, 1999]
What's up to all my fellow classmates of 1998. O-DOG finally creeped on the internet to holla at ya'll. I'm majoring in Architect because I can draw my ___ off as ya'll know. Basketball is tight down here
E-mail: none

Daniel Walton [last updated October, 2006]
Hello to all East High gradutes. Its been a long time since we all left the big castle, but I'am glad to see how good God has been to most of you. I currently work for my church's childcare and I'am also a minister. Been a rough road since my mother past but I'am living and growing day by day. Hope to See you all soon. 4-4 REPRESENT!!!!

Clinton Ward [last updated August, 1999]
What's up fellow Mustangs!!!!!!!!!!
I am currently attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I am also majoring in Electrical and Computer Enginneering with a minor in Mathematics. I'll graduate in probaly 6 years. I also have a Co-Op with Kimeberly-Clark were I get to travel and work in different cities every other semester for the next 3 years. They also pay EXTREMELY well, so I'm straight. Good luck to every one and I wish you the best.

Alisha Warren [last updated January, 2007]
Hello Classmates, Im so glad that all of us have succeeding in many ways. Its a blessing that life teaches you so many things but its those life lessons that make you stronger. I havent had anymore children I have my 2 boys that keep me in a stitch all the time laughing and everything Brandon is 7 and Brian is 1 now how time flies. I thank God for them everyday they are truly a blessing. Im still a Certified Surgical Technolgist and in Nursing school plan to complete in 2008. And im still funny old Alisha still down to earth and also straight to the point. Hope to see you guys at the reunion be blessed Always

Jeremy Watson [last updated May, 2005]
Whats up everybody, it makes me happy to see that everyone is doing so well. After highschool I joined the navy and after an honorable discharge I established residence in Charleston SC. I guess that I was running from my problems but now i really would like to return and find my parents who i have seen only once since high-school. Now i am doing much better and I am a drum and bass dj and trying to start my own production label. I also plan on going to school to continue the electronics training that I recieved in the Navy. I also have a beautiful woman of three years and i am planning to marry her soon. I would like to say to everyone to be strong and keep Jesus in your life at all times.

Andrea Williams - [last updated October, 2006]
Hello, fellow members and friends of the Class of '98. I just wanted to stop through and say hello and give an update of what I am doing. I have graduated from the University of Memphis with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Right now I am considering pursuing a M.A. in Public Administration, but still have not decided. I have a son who will be 2 in Nov. and I read the other profiles and I have to agree that it has been a joy and a struggle to be a parent, but I am blessed everyday to be able to do it successfully. I am still very close to a few '98 graduates, mainly Alberta Johnson, Verlinda Robinson and Chiketa Lewis. I wish everyone much success in life and keep on doing you and take care. Can't wait to see you all at the reunion. Last but not least I want to say R.I.P. to Natasha Rossell. We became cool in college and we both majored in criminal justice. I just want to say that we miss you and I'll never forget you.

Erica Williams [last updated October, 2009]
Hey c/o 98.....It has been along journey. But I attended APSU(Austin Peay State University) along with latarsha settles,odell brooks,katara jackson,and i think shanika rowlett came aboard later on...Currently working two jobs in my field which is nursing.I have caught up with mostly everyone thanks to facebook,and my space.I am single with no kids as of yet.....If you know me I dont tell my business to quick,but all I can say is that I am truly blessed to be here on this earth.Be blessed.TO ALL my girls from school F.I.A,and DLM love yall and hope to see or hear from you soon.

Reginald Williams [updated May, 2013]
Deceased. An obituary is available. Click here to read the obituary.

Prior to his death, Reggie Williams was a participant with our alumni page. The following was his last posting with us.
[posted April, 2000]
Yeah, Yeah, it's that L.O.C. Blacc still sitting in the back drinking yak. I'm currently at The University of TN -- Martin where everything is everything. I'm Majoring in Computer Science, working and kicking it. Much Luv to Chi Phi Lambda (I.D.O.G.....). Plenty luv to everybody I kicked it with in high school and everybody I kick it with now. A word to my dawgs; Stay in the Game. Use it to your best abilities. I'm gone.........

Antigua Woods [last updated September, 2004]
Hello classmates! This update is well overdue. I was in such a hurry to get to Dillard University, but I only stayed a year. I came back home, and graduated in 2002 from the University of Memphis (B.S. Biology). I got married not long after that. I am currently enrolled in the cytotechnology program at UT Memphis, and scheduled to graduate May 27, 2005. My husband and I are currently living in Bartlett, were my husband works as a police officer. We don't have any childrem yet, but they're in our plans.

JaVita Wooten [last updated August, 2005] [E-mail address updated March, 2007]
It's good to see that so many people are doing well these days. I am doing well myself. I graduated from UT Knoxville in May 2003 with my B.A. in Urban and Regional Planning and Development. I am still residing in Knoxville, although I do travel quite a bit with my job. I am working for DeRoyal Industries, a medical supply company in Powell. Yes, I seem to have gotten stuck here, but my job is moving me to Nashville later this year. So, that is something to look forward to. I am also looking forward to 2008! See ya then...

Angela Wright [last updated January, 2005]
Hello everyone, I know this profile is long overdue. I've checked out the website a couple of times and have enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things my classmates are doing. And I have to say, that I am truly proud of my class! Well, as for me I graduated from The University of Memphis in '02 with a BA in Communication and a son named Jalen!! Although, he was not in the my plans I take pride in knowing that he was in God's and I am honored to be his mom. After graduation I began working as an Account Executive at International Paper (with Quita B.) and working on my MBA in Marketing - again at The University of Memphis. However, as fate would have it I was laid off from IP and then halted the MBA study and picked up education. I am now teaching at Westwood High (Geometry and Algebra I) and finishing up my masters in teaching. I want so much that I drive myself like crazy -- so of course this is not my final educational or career destination (I hope). I still plan to attend law school in Atlanta (recently took the LSAT and did good) and I want to finish up that MBA I started. Hopefully, I can get it all in without killing myself, and while managing to be a good mom for Jay (who'll be attending kindergarten in the fall - my doesn't time fly).
I would also like to say that while reading some of these articles I found quite striking the underlying prejudice that those without kids seem to have towards those with kid(s). I'd just like to say that it's not that we lost our minds, but rather that we found ourselves in a situation were a choice had to be made. And that choice was to either take on the responsibility of parenthood or to dismiss it, and each of us chose to take it on. It has neither been easy nor glamorous, but for all I've learned and gained I'm grateful. I've learned how to be less selfish and how to love unconditionally. I learned that there are several ways to success and I've learned that I have within me the power to realize all my dreams and achieve my full potential even with the extra responsibilities of motherhood. I would not suggest this path not even for myself, but it has been amazing to see God working through me to shape this incredible child that will surely one day make a difference in this world. So, if there is anyone reading this that feels like or once felt like I did - ashamed of what I considered a mistake - hold your head up and know that God placed those/that little one(s) in your life and know that although it was not in your plans, God, the creator of all, knew when he created you that you would create this life...it was ordained. So, take that child and turn out a masterpiece! My class voted me most likely to succeed and without a grain of doubt I know that no matter what socio-economic or any other status I reach my greatest accomplishment will be Jay.
I love you all and wish you all the best--
Mindfulness and compassion to each of you--
Angela J. Wright

People who attended East with what was to be the Class of 1998 but who are not East graduates.

Marcus Taylor [last updated January, 2012]
Hello Mustangs I am in Richmond, TX a suburbs of Houston, TX. I am in the Texas Army National Guard as Active Guard and Reserve soldiers. I am an expert in Logisitics and Transportation. After I left East I went on to Melrose and on to Vanderbilt University. I later left Tennessee to pursue a new environment so I moved to Texas to attend and enrolled in Texas Southern University whereas I played football and track. I left Texas Southern to play Football for the Houston Thunderbears Arena football Team later joined the Tamp Bay Bucs organization as a practice squad member. After injuries I joined the Military married my College Sweetheart and had 3 beautiful children.
E-mail: not available

Valerie Pruitt [last updated December, 1998]
Hello to all the Mustangs who have moved on to new and better things. Well as you know I didn't graduate with you all, but East will always have a place in my heart. I am at UT of Martin and my roomate is Robin Taylor. My major is Criminal Law I think I want to attend law school in Memphis. Well please email me sometimes.

Tre Pugh [last updated July, 2004]
Hello to all that knew me and those that didn't. My name is Tre and I was in the seventh grade with alot of yall. Me and Terald Cole hung tight. But I wanted to tell you all what i'm doing now. I stayed in Tennnesse after leaving Memphis and eventually went to TSU but left to pursue a Miltary Career. I currently stationed in Tampa, Florida and awaiting the trip overseas. Wish me luck, Tre.

Adawa Robertson [last updated October, 1999]
I'm attending Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. My major is Biology/Pre-Med and my classification is a Sophomore. I enjoy being in Hotlanta because there's always something to do. There's a party everyday of the week. Atlanta is a very progressive city as far as the employment of African Americans in executive positions. Eventhough,I didn't graduate from East all of my high school memories involve East. East is where my heart is.
E-mail: withheld

Mark Dale Thayer (Lil Wolk) [last updated October, 1998]
What's up everybody. I know you proably don't remember me but I'm Mark. Hit me up at 4071 St. Pierre blvd apt.1
E-mail: no address provided.



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