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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 2004     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Louis Baker [last updated November, 2004]
Hey there class of '04 how you been doing. Well ya boy is doing it big. I am stil in tha M-town gettin my education on at Lemoyne-Owen College. I am carrying a 3.5 gpa something I have never carried before. I plan on tranferring to Tennessee State in the Fall 05 to get my degree in Business Adminisration with a Minor in Management. I hope that the class of 0 is doing what is needed to be done. Keep your head up and strive for the best. SOUTH MEMPHIS

Amber Baxley [last updated October, 2007]

Larry Benson, Jr. [last updated October, 2007]
Whats up fellow 2004 Graduates. Its ya boy, Mr. East 2004, coming by to show some love. I attend Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. I am on a golf scholarship and working in the Champs/Life Skills program in the Athletic Department. I guess my email address is on here, hit me up.

Jamie Brooks [last updated January, 2007]
Just to update, I was in Memphis for a little while, but after Michael came home from Iraq, I moved back to this area. As a matter of fact, I LIVE on base right now. My little munckins are older now, I'm working (no more housewifery for me!), and Mike is in school. There were a few bumps along the way, but it was smooth sailing afterwards. Holla at a sistah! There are no busses out here! I miss Memphis!

Demetrice Cobb [November, 2004]
Hey everyone!!!! This is demetrice cobb. I am still in Memphis and I will be attending Lemoyne Owen college this spring. I will be majoring in criminal justice. Pretty soon I'll be in Hollywood pursuing an acting career. Well that is my dream and I have a lot of confidence in myself. I am a determined young lady. I have many dreams I have to follow. In order to follow those dreams I must have faith. God has given me faith. He says I can do anything I put my mind to do. I will put my mind to having an acting career. That is what I am doing. Hopefully I will be in Chicago at Colombia College of Fine Arts soon. Well hit me up at holla at yall soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s I hope D.C. is doing fine at TSU

Danielle Darden [last updated August, 2005]
Hey everyone! this is Danielle Darden. The class of '04 how you been doing. I am still in Memphis getting my education on at Southwest Tennessee Community College (union). I am carrying a 3.5 G.P.A. I plan to transfer to Antillean Adventist University in spring 06 to get my degree in Forensic Science with a Minor in Chemistry. I hope that the class of 04 is doing well. . Keep your head up and strive for the best. Please hit me up at my email address, I check it all the time.

DeShawn Davenport [last updated October, 2005]
What's good fam. I am currently holding it down at Christian Brothers University. I am majoring in Finance and Marketing focusing on International Business. I hope everyone is doing good and staying in school. I will you all the best and with God in your life nothing can go wrong.

Terrika Fultz [last updated May, 2005]
Hello, Mustangs it has alomost been exactly one year since we have parted. (Do you feel grown up?) In so many ways I miss walking through the halls of East High, for five long years that was my school and stiill is. No matter what problems may have occurred I always will have love in my heart for East High School. I have so many memories good and bad. Currently I am atteding the University Of TN- Chattnooga wereI am a Psychology major. As always I am working hard and staying focus. College life has a way of changing a person and I have to say that my change has been for the better, because I am truly bless. Blessed I am. No More "mean" girl I did not think I was "mean" in the first place, but to you who thought so much love to you. All SMILES!!! I often talk with my good friends from East.
Well I have to go because I was never one to run my mouth and I am currently studying for my finals but before I go I want you too remeber God loves you and that He has your best interest at heart so when times get hard lean and depend on Him, because He will see you through.
Keep in Touch T. Denise Fultz

Shaundria Halliburton [last updated November, 2004]
Hi, everybody. I am at the University of Memphis with the rest of East High. I really miss everybody that I don't see on a regular basis. At school, I am taking Criminal Justice, so that I can become a crminal lawyer. Life at the UofM is cool, even though I don't stay on campus. I have seen quite a few people from East here. But I miss everyone that I was close to more than anything. So, if you guys get a chance write me and I will surely respond ASAP. To all of you stay strong, stay in school, and don't give up when times are harder than what you're use to. I'll HOLLA!!!!

Deandra Hardaway [last updated November, 2010]
Hi Mustangs! Hope all is well with you guys. I just moved back to Memphis November 2010 from Chattanooga, TN. After high school I moved there to attend UT- Chattanooga. I received my BS in Finance from there in 2008. I also pledged the Mighty Theta Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and served as president and step master for the 07-08 school year. I currently attend University of Phoenix online seeking my Master of Science in Accountancy and am scheduled to finish January 2011. Now if only I can get a job in this crappy market. I wish you all much sucess and look forward to seeing you all. None like dem good ol hi skool dayz! C/O '04.

Jacquelyn Housley [last updated March, 2006]
Wuz up East High, We had some good times. I was just reading this thang and OHHHH My God. I am currently in Memphis visiting and Attending A Fashion design College in Texas with my own crib. Ya'll Know doin it Big for Class 2004 Gots to. Patrick and Milton, I remember ya'll and who could forget. Milton Winston you wasn't all that so I don't know why you thought you was the Next Ginufine in High school. Patrick Man you was my Best (Guy) friend, How could a girl like me forget you. I use to kick bricks with you somin awful in High school. One of these days I wanna see you again, If it's cool with you.
Until the Reunion Keep it Hott 2004,
Cause ya'll know we were the crunkiest!!!!!

Harris Ivy [last updated October, 2005] [E-mail address updated November, 2005]
Hello everyone! I hope everybody is doing good. I've been doing great. I'm currently in my second year at the University of Memphis and I'm majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. I miss hanging with everyone I hung out with, but I'll always remember you guys. Remember to have fun, but stay focused. I want to see all of my classmates on tv with the rich and famous.

Kristina Johnson [last updated October, 2007]
Hello Mustangs! This is Miss Johnson, here to fill you in on what I have been up to since graduation. I have enrolled in The University of Memphis where I am now a Junior majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am still a gospel rapper with the group The Great Commission, and I have been on at least 3 albums since 2004. At church, I am a Kindergarten Sabbath School teacher, youth and young adult choir member, and member of the Youth Praise Team. I am currently thinking about recording a solo album in which I will most likely rap and sing original music.
I would just like to send a "Thank You" to all my TRUE friends from East High. Our memories and friendship make me miss East High (at least a little bit). Until 2014 (or when I randomly see u guys), put God first and man 2nd!!!!

Zanndrea Jones [last updated November, 2010]

Patrick Houston Jordan [last updated May, 2005]
I'm currently attending the University of Memphis this fall. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering but i'm thinking about changing it to Computer Engineering.I'm just enjoying the campus life and the new experiences such as people and responsibilities.Things are really looking good for me but I still have to stay focus and achieve my goal in life.
VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM OF 2004....Shotout 2 ya!
Personal: I will never forget,Willie Williams(Bestfriend),Lil Hugh (Nobody lol),Rocky, Otay, And the whole crew...You know how we kicked it and held it down for the C/O 2004.I'm going to miss you cats even though I still see yall, CHECK YALL.lol I Love the whole class and I hope we meet again as grown, better people...Crystal Sawyer, I Love You and you really made a difference in my life. We are both attending the same school unfortunately.LOL! Whenever you look on here just remember that you never have to worry about me because regardless of what we go through, there's a FUTURE waiting for us.I'm here for US!etc. LOVE U BOO!
If anyone has a question or concerns,etc from that ELITE CLASS OF 2004, Crunkest class!!! I can be reached at or .If additional information is needed/wanted then email me then i will give it to you. I HOPE EVERYONE STAY IN TOUCH BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE TOUCHING MEMORIES THAT WE NEED TO KEEP ALIVE. THANKS.

Willie Lane [last updated August, 2013]
I am currently married to a beautiful queen by the name Milochette. We also have a handsome 5 month old baby boy by the name of Aaron Julian and a beautiful 4 year old baby girl by the name of Angelina-Rose. I work at Enterprise Holdings (main job of course), and I also do part-time work for the La Baguette. I thank God for blessing me with the opportunities that He has blessed me with and there's not a day that goes by that I don't tell Him that. Be blessed!

Frederick Miller [last updated August, 2005] [E-mail address updated June, 2009]
Whatz up class of 2004. I am at the University of Memphis majoring in Education. I'm enjoying the college life, but I miss those days at East. Hope to see all yall again here or there in life. Remember keep your head up and stay focused. With much love FRED Keep in touch

Shelton Oliver [last updated November, 2004]
What up out there this is ya boy Shelton Oliver, "S.O."
I am currently attending the University of Memphis, seeking a major in Finance. I am a walk-on reciever for the football team, mabey I'll be on scholarship next year. Don't worry RENEGADE is still doing what he do, and as soon as something come through I'll be on 106 and park, Rap City the basement, and everything else. For all yall who I never really talked to in High School I'll keep you updated through this web cite. Be looking for a change in at least the next 3 months. Yall be safe out there and watch out watch out for them haters cause you know they watching you. Halla at ya boi!!!!!!!

Reuben Otey [last updated January, 2006]
What's good everybody (I Miss YA'LL). I joined the Navy last November. Me and Sable got married,and we live San Diego, CA. Everything is going great. I'm still crazy as hell, actin a fool 24/7. If you want to hit me up my email address:

Ashley Pugh [last updated May, 2005]
I am attending Southwest Tennessee Community College. The Macon campus. I up here with Jasmine M.,Big Tank, Jordan Robinson c/o 03, Mario White, Jammie Brooks, Marlin Marsh and no Dwan black but is not with me she goes to Lincoln University in St. Louis. Just writing to see how is everybody doing. Hit me up at

Deneice Richardson [last updated April, 2007]

Tiffany Rogers [last updated October, 2006]

James Sanders [last updated November, 2004]
What's happenin ya'll!!! This is the one they call BIG JAMES. I'm doing good for myself I hope ya'll doing for yourselves. Keep ya head up mane. Stay real. And I'm out.
P.S. I wanna give a shout out to Dr. Bradley's 2004 7th period Pre cal class. The crunkest of them all.

Crystal Sawyer [last updated November, 2004] [E-mail address updated June, 2012]
What's up everyone? After graduating from East High School with the estounding class of 2004, I accepted the African American Scholarship offered from the University of Memphis. Majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Spanish, I plan to attend UT College of Pharmacy. Upon completion at UT College of Pharmacy, I plan to move to Century City, California and continue Pharmacy at the Century City Medical Plaza. Although we may be apart now, just remember what we (Class of 2004) established at East High School:
"Never did we try to follow because we are the leaders of tomorrow."- Class of 2004
Trust in God ALWAYZ and don't forget where you came from cause it paves the road for where you're going.
B.B.Click 4-LIFE!!!!!
Crystal Sawyer
Email me at [the address below], I check it all the time!

Tadasha Scott [last updated November, 2004]
What's up everybody! This is T Scott on the mike and I'm just writing to check up on you mighty mustangs. Words can't express how much I miss everybody. One thing I can say about college-it's nothing like high school.It has been really hard for me, but I'm hanging in only through the grace of God.I tried to be a cheerleader, but they told me that I was too fat.Oh well,better luck next year. I am living on campus at The University of Memphis and no, Lakevia is not my roommate.(Thank you Jesus!!!!)Alot of people from East goes to school with me like Rachel, Angelicia M.,Felicia M., Josh W.,Pat H, Crystal S.,Jonita,Zanndrea, Austrailia, Keshaun, Natasha, Nikita, Erica M,Dorcas A.,Whitney & Jameta S.,Herman & Sherman,Shelton, Kevin F.,Courtney M., Shelby J., Camilla Henderson and some more people that I just can't name, anyway I'm about to go out with one of my little junts,so feel free to email me anytime at
Good luck to everyone and my God continue to bless each and every one of you. Love ya!

Dasha Smith [last updated May, 2010]
After graduating from east high, I attended Southwest Tennessee Community College, gave birth to my son Jaylen & still earned my degree in Hospitality Management with dual concentrations in Culinary Arts & Food and Beverage Management. I have completed internships for several prominent foodservice providers. I now work for Aramark and plan to climb the ladder of success with this company.

Anastasia Stigall [last updated August, 2006]
Whatz up class of 04!!!! Im still in da M-Town doin my thang as usual. Im currently goin to the U of M. Even though many things happen throughout our senior year we still stand strong & united as one. I know many of you thought that Id still be with Boga & we'd have a child...NEGATIVE!!! Im very much single because my education is far more important than any young man & having a child @ this point in my life it would only make it harder for me to achieve my goals. Keep in Touch & much luv!
E-mail: not currently available

Arionna Taylor [last updated November, 2004]
I am attending The University of Tennessee at Martin. Number One your away from home and Number two if you need help you can get it. On the contrary there are more things to get involved in than you would think. I am currently in a sorority entitled Gamma Kappa Pi, it is a local sorority here at UTM that is very involved with the community. I am also in the Black Student Alliance, Student Government Association-Freshman Council, and Up 'Till Dawn, which collects money for St. Jude. Any way enough about me and if any one wants to K.I.T. then hit me up on my e-mail address.

Brian Taylor [last updated November, 2004]
Hi everyone! Right now I'm out here at Tennessee State University just hanging out with a few alumni members of East High School. As of yet I do not have a major but I plan on having one in an area I love to do so pray for me guys aas I will for you all!!!

Ashley Upchurch [last updated January, 2009]
Hello Everyone, Things are going well but times are hard right now . With the grace of God we all can stand trials and tribulations at times . President Obama, I think is going to do us some justice.Anyway, how you guys doing . I miss all of 2003-2004 because you all became a big part of my life . I currently work at Fedex as a Gate Captain . But soon I will Be leaving for New York to do some things. Pray for me and hope things work out . I Love You guys and wish you all the best. NO MATTER WHAT KEEP YOUR HEAD FOCUSED ON WHAT TO DO BECAUSE YOU CAN DO IT. That's if you want that for yourself .    Peace, Its Been Good . K.I.T

Kerrie Wadlington [last updated October, 2005]

Erica Wilkins ("Granma") [last updated October, 2012]

MiMi Williams [last updated November, 2005]
Heelllooo every1. this is MiMi. i wasnt very liked at school by a lot of people but i still love all that didnt like me. i am now livin in arizona right down the street from phoenix. i have been here since june 01, 2004. i really miss memphis a lot. out here there's not a lot of black people out here and its so expensive. im lookin into coming back home in january of 2006 and maybe sooner. i am still datin ralpheal pirtle and we are doing very well. he is still in memphis. i just want to let every1 no that i miss u all and i cant wait to come back and hopefully be going to memphis state or rust college with jerome jackson. so peace out and much love to u all no matter how bad u treated me or tried to make me look bad. i forgive whoever it was who didnt like me bcuz i am really a cool person.

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