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The East High Alumni Page presents:

     The East High Class of 1986     
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

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Yolanda Collins [last updated August, 2003] [E-mail address updated November, 2003]
Hello Fellow Mustangs,
I 'm still working hard as a Registered Nurse. I 've been doing this now for almost 14 years. I 've changed specialities several times to keep from being bored or getting burned out. The foundation at East High School truly helped me transend into my profession smoothly. Mrs.Hightower and Mrs. Freeman are still the bomb!! Nursing is a wonderful career.( and the pay is great!!) Please support nursing because we all will need someone to care for us or one of our love ones one day. The shortage will never get better until more of us enter the field. If you 're worried about seeing blood, you really don 't have to.(smile). I'm also still single with no kids. My nephew is probably as close as I 'll get. But, I like it that way because I can take him home when he starts tearing my place.(smile).May God Bless each of you.
Yolanda Collins, RN, BSN

Brenda Duncan [last updated March, 2012]

Tony Gentry [last updated August, 2010]
I haven't been up to much, just working everyday. I've been married three years, i have a twenty year old son who still lives in Memphis. I also have a eight month old grandson, yeah i'm a grandpa. I know i haven't been to any of our class reunions, but if its in god's will, i will not miss our twenty-fifth reunion, you can bet that. I'm looking forward to hearing from some of my classmates. Always remember that the class of '86 don't take no [editorial deletion].

Karen Hill [last updated December, 2012]
Time sure flies! 26 years? Impossible! Well, in that amount of time I have completed college, worked as a Social Worker in various capacities, had a daughter (now teenage), and lost and gained weight! Didn't get married yet, so yeah, I'm SINGLE! Presently I serve as the program specialist for a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of families with a baby in neonatal intensive care. Very rewarding work on many levels, both personally and professionally speaking.
Thanks to social networking I have been able to stay in touch with several of you, and on some occasions I actually get to hang out with you! I love connecting with my fellow Mustangs,reminiscing about the old days,chatting about daily news, or planning for the future. Even cooler is working around fellow Mustangs (shout outs to Valencia Mormon-Nelson, Cord Williams, Yolanda Collins, etc).
My future hopefully will include resuming my education and expanding my career horizons. Memphis is still my launching pad and with that being said, if you are ever in town, feel free to look me up. I'd love to hear from you.

Gerald Jones ("Prince") [last updated December, 2012]
Here's to the Class 1986! May the whole of you all be blessed! What has Gerald been up too? Well, I am the father four (4) childrens & am married to the same beautiful girl I dated in school. We have been together over twenty-four (24) years. Tell me who is blessed if I am not blessed! LOL. Again, I wish your all good health & all the joy life has to offer.

Tim Jones [last updated February, 2009]
What's up East High
I am currently living in Memphis with two kids and will be getting married soon. After graduating from East I attended Knoxville College for three years before joining the United States Marines. Moved back to Memphis attended Southwest for a brief moment and join the United States Army. I have just completed an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy at High Tech Institute in November 2008. I am currently working at First Tenn Bank in which I have been employeed for over ten years. I don't do loans so don't ask for one. Before joining the bank I was owner and operator of Jones Locksmith in which I still do on occasion. I have enjoyed hanging out with members of the "Class of 86" these past few years and it has been a blast. Last year we went to Destin Fl. and had a good time. God Bless you all and stay in touch with one another.

Jim Bill Lynn [last updated November, 2010]
Currently residing in Searcy, AR. Married to the former Julissa Lopez of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. Three children, Jordam Del Carmen Lynn (born:1989), William Byrd Lynn II (born:1991) and Thomas Lee Francisco Lynn (born:1994).
After a long career in distribution and corporate operations for Wal-Mart Stores serving domestic and international roles. Career with Wal-Mart has been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles and also in a 2006 Ribert Greenwald documentary on the company. Returned to the U.S. as a Director for Yarnell Ice Cream Company and helped facilitate the turnaround of that company.
Made the transition to sales with Gwatney Chevrolet in Jacksonville, AR (near Little Rock) in 2006 and is currently the top salesperson at that location.

Steven Fitzgerald Moss [last updated May, 2011]
Friends and East High Classmates:
My prayers go out to all my 1986 classmates and the entire East High family. If you are reading my 2011 update, thank you. There are many classmates I have thought about over the years...i.e. my first girlfriend and her cousin, my basketball teammates, coaches, teachers, and great Principal Mr. Bynum. I pray all of you are well and have healthy, happy families. Currently, I am an IT business analyst (Project Manager) in the education arena (K-12). Traveling for work resulted in me relocating to Chicago back in 2004 to present. I have much love for Chicago in the summer time, not so much during the winter months.
All that said, gents and ladies, I would like to invite you to support my personal charity St. Jude with your donations. St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family’s inability to pay. http://www.stjude.org
Take call all and feel free to email me at [the address below].
Best Regards Mighty Mighty Mustangs,
Steven Moss c/o 1986

John Saulter ("Big John") [last updated June, 2002]
Hello, to all my class mates.

Xaviery Story [last updated August, 2002]
I am currently married and living in Boise, ID. My email is .

People who attended East with the class of 1986 but were not graduated from East.

Sandra Jackson [last updated May, 2008]
Hello... I attended East High during my 8th grade year. I remeber my teacher Ms Shrewsbury. She was great. Been married for 15years. 3 teenage children 17, 14 and 13. Still remeber old Friends, Laverne Diggs, Karen Hill you guys are always in my thoughts when I visit my hometown. Prayerfully you guys will find me and we will meet again!! Im loving Atlanta..... Great Talking to ya!

Robert Salm [last updated March, 2018]
Good to see that this website is updated and full of our wonderful memories and news about East High. I attended East High School in the Spring and Fall 1983 semesters and transferred to Germantown High School, where I graduated in 1986. During my short time at East, I fondly remembers classes with computer teacher Mr. Suggs, English teacher, Mrs. Howard, and chemistry teacher Dr. Hudson. I also remember a semester in JROTC where we had to dress in our uniforms on Wednesdays and did drills out on the football field. I believe that the teachers and students at East helped mold my career into what it is today. I freelance as a graphic designer in Chicago [website: www.robertsalm.com] and design and maintain websites for small businesses.

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