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The East High Alumni Page

There are two ways to help The East High Alumni Page financially. Sponsorships, which are primarily for businesses, and private donations, primarily for individuals. For information, click below.


The East High Alumni Page appreciates the support of:
  • Clement Turner ('68)
  • Deborah Oestreicher ('70)
  • Lester Goldsmith ('70)
  • Ken Welch ('68)

Viewing and displaying alumni profiles on The East High Alumni Page is free, and East High (Memphis) alumni are invited and encouraged to participate. The donation and sponsorship opportunities are provided for those who which, on their own volition, wish to provide financial assistance to our alumni page. More details on each opportunity is available from the appropriate links above.

If you have a business you would like to promote while helping The East High Alumni Page, a sponsorship is designed for you. If you wish to make a private donation to support our web site, we have recently implemented a policty that will allow us to accept donations.

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At the present, one of the Web sites hosting The East High Alumni Page is non-commercial. Therefore, while we believe we can provide sponsorship announcements, we cannot permit advertising. Although our primary site, www.linkpros.com is commercial, we hope to keep our alumni pages uncluttered and dignified. We have a sponsorship plan. To avoid "commercialism" on the non-commercial Web site, please click on this link for more information.

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