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The East High Alumni Page presents:

East High STEM Principal Position Available Announcement
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Principal - STEM
East High
Memphis, TN
Administrative - Principal - Senior High
Job Number5400007668
Start Date12/05/2016
Open Date12/05/2016
Closing Date

Sets the school’s strategic vision, mission and programs for an innovative high school redesign and implementation. Promotes best practices for college and career readiness. Develops ambitious performance goals. Directs daily operations of the school. Ensures compliance with Shelby County Schools (SCS), state, and federal policies and regulations. Ensure an innovative and engaging climate for the staff, student learning, positive parental involvement, community partnerships, diversity, and a rigorous curricula resulting in high student achievement. Manages unique programs including creating a national model of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with an emphasis on transportation, distribution and logistics (T-STEM) for the Optional School of Engineering and T-STEM programs. Celebrates and leverages the historic high school’s legacy


Working Job TitlePrincipal - STEM
Job Posting TypeAt Large
Salary TypeAnnual
Additional Job Information
1.Provides strategic leadership: 
a.Establishes and communicates procedures aligned with district, state and federal policy, mission and vision. Provides purpose and passion for the school with an emphasis on T-STEM principles. 
b.Leads a college and career-based high school focused on technology, and life skills. Supports activities including dual enrollment courses for college credit, consistently using technologies, and focusing on communication, creativity, collaboration, leadership and critical thinking. Emphasizes differentiating instruction based on need, student interest or choices and using assessments to guide instruction. 
c.Builds a diverse school body that exemplifies a sense of belonging in which students treat each other with trust and respect, participate in extracurricular activities, and includes a student induction process. 
d.Creates a local, regional, and national model focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in Transportation Based Careers (T-STEM)?extending beyond school days such as a summer transition program for rising 9th graders and a Virtual T-STEM Academy that meets in the evening and on Saturdays. 
e.Infuses T-STEM core skills and values throughout the curriculum - emphasizing critical inquiry, research, problem solving, intellectual curiosity and social responsibility. Creates an environment that includes a staff open to change, an environment rich in learning resources and opportunities, project-based learning, personalized learning, differentiated instruction, and effective technology integration. 
f.Keeps abreast of innovations and ensures the staff remains current. Encourages T-STEM best practices centered around staff-created curriculum.to enable learning by solving real-world problems, field experiences, STEM competitions and strong emphasis on hands-on inquiry such as T-STEM internships. 
g.Collaborates with the Curriculum & Instruction, Advanced Academics, and Career & Technology Education to supervise effective problem-based learning across the curriculum with a specific focus on T-STEM careers, classroom instruction, lab opportunities, entrepreneurial experiences, interdisciplinary instruction, student autonomy, and student reflection on their own learning. 
h.Reviews and supervises all school programs, athletics, clubs, special services, projects, events and publications. Provides leadership and support to volunteers, parent-teacher organization officers and members, and others. Coordinates activities with other SCS schools; attends special events, assists in supervising school-sponsored events and encourages teacher participation in school activities. 
i.Provides information on careers for the Optional School Engineering and T-STEM participants. Supports career-related student organizations with an emphasis on T-STEM careers 
2.Promotes professional development to ensure continuous improvement and high-levels of educator effectiveness, satisfaction, and professional conduct. 
a.Provides individual support and resources to teachers in the development of T-STEM knowledge and in the implementation of best practices in T-STEM teaching. 
b.Builds a continuous improvement culture. Encourages educators to view evaluations as an opportunity for professional growth. Ensures frequent, specific, high-quality feedback aligned to the District?s and school?s mission and vision, for effective instruction and national best practices. 
c.Models performance based management and continuous improvement. Uses achievement data to collaborate with the staff to assess program effectiveness and to develop strategies for improvement. 
d.Recognizes and celebrates improved educator and student performance related to school vision and goals. 
e.Supervises school staff: Selects, trains, evaluates, counsels, disciplines, and terminates when necessary. 
3.Leads all Operation Activities of the School. 
a.Oversees the budget with transparency and in the best interest of students and staff. Adheres to state statutes and SCS accounting policies to ensure judicious management of all school funds. Approves expenditures. Seeks, secures and administers school-level grants. 
b.Supervises the selection and inventory of instructional materials, supplies and food services and the maintenance and utilization of facilities and transportation for both academic and non-academic purposes. 
c.Oversees the preparation of records that are required by law, Board policies and administrative directives. 
4.Establishes and maintains positive relationships with teachers, staff, students, parents and the community. 
a.Fosters a safe, respectful and orderly environment. Maintains high conduct standards focusing on high student expectations, parental communication, prevention, and when necessary, discipline which complies with due process and student rights. Manages attendance control, including communication with parents. 
b.Utilizes SCS and community stakeholders to provide resources for the school. Establishes a community presence, engages students in STEM service learning, and spreads practices through professional activities. 
c.Maintains partnerships with universities and other institutions such as collaborative curriculum development, dual college credit opportunities and engagement of faculty as guest lecturers. 
d.Actively involves families in their children?s education. Recommends support programs when needed. 
e.Promotes the school and programs within SCS and the community to achieve full enrollment by adopting an entrepreneurial approach to marketing, partnerships and programming. 
f.Responds to inquiries, concerns and complaints from teachers, students and parents. Maintains effective working relationships. Works to resolve administrative, instructional and behavioral problems.
Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master's Degree in Educational Administration or Supervision or closely related field plus an additional 8 years of progressively responsible experience in teaching and administration or supervision, five (5) of which were in a supervisory capacity, or equivalent, for a total education/experience of 14 years. State certification in Administration/Supervision at the secondary level, Educational Leadership or an equivalent certification as defined by the Tennessee Department of Education required. Experience as a principal at a STEAM or STEM school strongly preferred. Strong academic background in science and/or technology preferred. 
Degree Equivalency Formula: 
Bachelor's Degree= 4 years plus required years of experience. 
Master's Degree= 6 years plus required years of experience.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Demonstrated understanding of Tennessee-adopted standards and instructional practices including T-STEM curriculum. 
Knowledge of current curriculum, instructional practices, trends, principles, materials, and equipment used in modern public school education including T-STEM curriculum and effective technology integration principles. Ability to apply them to the needs of the school. 
Ability to translate the school vision of creating a national model focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as used in Transportation Based Careers into actions and results. 
Demonstrated ability to create processes that provide a personalized learning environment for students and teachers. 
Demonstrated history of raising student achievement. 
Demonstrated expertise in developing marketing plans to recruit and retain a diverse student body. 
Demonstrated ability to inspire and lead teams to achieve ambitious student achievement goals. 
Demonstrated history of dynamic leadership skills with a diverse range of experiences in an urban school setting. 
Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills at a high level. 
Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate comprehensive instructional programs.

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