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The East High Alumni Page presents:

East High School ROTC in Veterans Day Parade
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee


East High Junior ROTC march in the Memphis Veterans Day Parade, November 11, 2014. You may need to scroll left-right,  up-down to see all those participating. This is a large image.

You may notice open mouths among the cadets. It was common among various Junior ROTC elements in the parade for the participants to be chanting as they marched. The only chant by this unit distinguishable by this editor was "East High School Mustangs." This photo was about a block from the start of the parade, more spectators were gathered further down Second Street. If you attended East High at any time, you may recognize that EHS patch on the cadets' right shoulder. It is believed the same as it has been all throughout the history of East High ROTC.

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