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The East High Alumni Page presents:

Reunion Plans and Reviews
Class of 1970

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Plans for & coverage of the Reunion of the East High Class of 1970 will be posted here.

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2020 Reunion  Plans
2010 Reunion Photos
1990 Reunion
2002 Mini-Reunion
2001 Mini-Reunion Photos

New Date for 50-Year Reunion: June 26 and 27, 2020

[December 10, 2019]

New Date for 50-Year Reunion: June 26 and 27, 2020

A committee is working on a 50 year reunion for the East High class of 1970. 
The events will begin on  Friday evening with a casual get-together, drinks and food. On Saturday a school tour and Krystal lunch.   Then a GRAND PARTY Saturday evening!  We may have the party in a host hotel, so you may want to stay there.  More information very soon on that.
Meanwhile, we are working to locate all 189 official graduates of the East High School Memphis, TN class of 1970 as well as associated people who attended with our grade at various times over 12 years, even if they did not graduate in 1970 with us. Presently we have 20 classmates not located. [update: as of December 22, 2019, there are 12 classmates who have not been located]

Our class has its own Facebook site, The East High School Memphis TN Class of 1970 and we definitely want everyone who is on Facebook to join! Simply find the site and request to join.

Help find "missing" classmates:
189 Names on Program for Graduation Night 14 of 189 not located (as of December 10, 2019) [as of Dec. 22, twelve remain missing]

  •     Aldinger, James Thomas          
  •     Beecham, Mary Joyce (sister Donna Louise Beecham, class of 66; sister Judy Beecham class of 68)
  •     Chaffee, Mary Marlene    
  •     Collums, Jackie Diann    
  •     Davenport, William Ellis Jr.
  •     Gooch, Marilyn Belinda 
  •     Green, Jamie Claudette
  •     Green, Jeannie Paulette   
  •     Hanna, Linda Jo   (Morrow) (sister Charlene, class of 73)
  •     Hicks, Margaret Elizabeth   (Dunn) 
  •     Johnson, George William        
  •     Stuart, Robert Bruce  (brother Allan, class of 71)             

Previous Reunion Postings:

Snapshots from the 2010 reunion - new photos added August 15
Class of 1970, 40-Year Reunion, July, 2010

[Updated July 24, 2010]

Same day coverage: photos of the Friday and Saturday night events are here!

Add to the reunion memories and share the fun of the reunion with other classmates who could not attend. Submit a narrative about the reunion and your photos of it for inclusion here. Contact editor@EastHigh.org

[updated May 26, 2010]

Friday July 23rd - Bar B Q Dinner at Paul McDonald's House 251 Goodwyn St. starting 6:30
Saturday July 24th - Heavy Hors d'oeuvres at Holiday Inn Memphis East 5795 Poplar starting 6:30 with disc jockey
More details to follow
Question contact Suzette (Goldstein) Malkin
Kim Gordon

Snapshots from the Class of 70 and Class of 75 mini-reunion(s), July 27, 2002

[posted July 29, 2001, text revised April 4, 2002] The last informal mini-reunion of the Class of '70, held July 28, 2001, was quite a success, with more than 30 people attending. A few photographs of the event are below.

Narrative & Photos of the 30-Year Reunion
PHOTOGRAPHS of the Reunion August, 1990

You may submit your photographs or narritives of the reunion for inclusion here.
Contact us at editor@EastHigh.org.

Extra Biography Booklets Available
Watch for plans for mini reunion in '01
[posted August 4, 2000] - Class, we printed a few more biography booklets from the efforts of the 30 year reunion. $10 post paid.
Look next year (2001) for a Saturday night gathering at a restaurant, dutch treat, a sort of mini reunion! If successful, we'll continue yearly. See contacts below for more information.

Class of 1970 Reunion Concludes: They did it right

     June 25, 2000 - The East High School Class of 1970 concluded its 30-year reunion festivities last night with a party in the pleasant setting of the Embassy Suites hotel in east Memphis. The turnout continued to be good very good. Reunion committee members report about 70 class members attended reunion events, and along with spouses and/or dates, the crowd Saturday night was about 100 people.
     The affair, promoted as "semi-causal," resulted in women looking mighty fine in cocktail dresses and the guys wearing everything from jacket and tie to one reunion committee member wearing his 1970 thin plaid(?) paints, alleged by some to be polyester.
     A professional photographer was available to take pictures for those who wanted additional personal memories, a buffet dinner was laid out, later in the evening a live band began to play oldies, and announcements of honors and awards were made. It appeared a lot of laughs developed when the classmates squeezed together for a class picture made by the photographer. Perhaps squeezing together ought to be a requirement at all reunions.
     During the announcements, the reunion committee was introduced and warmly thanked by applause for their outstanding efforts. Those with new accomplishments were recognized, and through nominations from the floor and applause, the varoius awards were conferred. The class chose Tommy Gardner as least changed and Bubba Holt as most changed. John Tashie was recognized as having the youngest child, 12-weeks. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we believe it may have been Lee Anne Heiss who had the oldest grandchild, age four. Of the class members, Wanda Long, appeared to have been married the longest with 30 years of marriage tallied so far. Tom Tullis, who lives near Boston, was recognized as the one having traveled the farthest to attend the alumni events.
     Special guests of the class were former faculty members, Buddy Morton (band), Elizabeth Reagan (English), Lilliburn Vollmer (business technology, typing), and Linda Clements (speech). Classmates were obviously delighted to visit with their teachers.
     It appeared the Class of 1070 did it right.

Commentary: The East High Alumni Page is thankful to the Reunion Committee and the Class of 1970 for the gracious invitation to attend the reunion events and to record the festivities and place those pictures on our alumni web site. It was a pleasure to meet those of you I did not know and a delight to see those of you I have known to some degree. We hope the stories and pictures help remind you of the fun of the reunion and the good friends you have in your classmates, and encourage you to keep in touch and get together as often as you can.
Again, thank you.
-- Ken Welch

School Tour Well Attended

[previously posted on June 24, 2000] - The party continues. Members of the Class of 1970 gathered at 3206 Poplar Avenue at 10 o'clock this morning for what amounted to an open house at our old school. A good crowd attended, estimated at nearly 50 people. Class members and their families were free to roam the halls, visit classrooms, the auditorium, the gymnasium, cafeteria, office, and the annex. The former students were heard discussing their old teachers and various episodes of academic achievement, academic lack of achievement, and mischievousness. Classmates were also sharp on their memory, finding a what is believed to be a "new" stairwell and a few other changes.
One of the surprising delights was some finding their own names on the checkout cards in books in the library. One alumnus found that the book had been checked out only twice since she read it more than 30-years ago.
The reunion committee continued the first class arrangements, providing iced soft drinks at the front door of the school and with the sound of the Civil Defense siren at noon, a Krystal lunch was available in the lunchroom.
Reunion activities conclude tonight with a gathering at an east Memphis hotel.
Beginning Event Promises Fun Weekend

[previously posted on June 23 2000] - The East High School Class of 1970 is reuniting this weekend to celebrate its graduation 30 years ago. Festivities got underway tonight at the home of a 1970 alumnus Peggy Turley. A good turnout enjoyed food, drink, and each others' company inside the nice home and on the patio, located about a quarter mile from East High's campus. The reunion committee, Lester Goldsmith ('68) in particular, set aside a memoralbilia room, with a large graduation picture of the class and various other items from 1970. The hostess was kind enough to provide a computer and allowed The East High Alumni Page to be displayed for any who might be interested.
The reunion events and continue tomorrow with a tour of East High and a Krystal lunch at the school. The culmination of the reunion weekend comes Saturday night when the class gathers at an east Memphis hotel's ballroom.
Look for same day coverage in text and photographs right here on The East High Alumni Page.
The East High Alumni Page wishes every member of the Class of 1970 a happy reunion!

Previously posted items about the reunion are listed below.

Unlocated classmates list

The following members of the Class of 1970 have yet to be located as of April 11, 2000. The Reunion Committee asks anyone that can assist in locating these classmates contact the committee promptly.

Terry Bryant
Marlene Chaffee
Jackie Collums
David Goldnetz
Marilyn Gooch
Lee Herron
George Johnson
Linda Hanna Morrow

Patricia Moore
Molly Sieber
Jack Thomas
Bob Turnage
Linda Wade Casey
Ronnie Ware

Class of 1970 Reunion Committee Contacts

Kim Gordan E-mail: kimalgordon@us.zurich.com

Lester Goldsmith phone: (901) 365-6212

Suzette Goldstein Malkin E-mail: malkinsg@aol.com

Nell Meador E-mail: nemeador@hotmail.com

[a previous posting of August 30, 1999] - Event begins Friday 23 Jun 2000. It's an informal gathering beginning at 7pm, location announced soon. Light food snacks, beer, wine, and soft drinks available while we reacquaint and socialize. View numerous pieces of 1969-70 school and period articles, displays, and memoribilia. Your booklet containing short biographies, addresses, and phone numbers of all our classmates will be distributed and all the while rock and roll records of the 1960s wil be playing.

Expect to be sent to Mr. Griesbeck's office if you are tardy reporting to the school Saturday 24 Jun at 10am for a memorable visit. East High is now air conditioned so tour in comfort! A Krystal lunch will be served and we'll finish at 1pm.

We searched for 7 weeks before selecting the Embassy Suites Hotel, 1022 Shady Grove/Poplar Avenue/Ridgeway Rd. to have our grand party. Included are a fine meal, cash bar, and live band playing 60s music at this elegant hotel/ballroom/atrium; certain to make more memories. Awards and farewells near the end. The beginning is 6:30pm, 24 Jun 2000.

Please note that a gargantuan golf tournament, the Fed Ex/St. Jude Classic, will be in progress and motel accomodations could be tight. You are urged to make motel reservations now. Contact some of the commitee if you want assistance.

Kim Gordan E-mail: kimalgordon@us.zurich.com
Lester Goldsmith phone: (901) 365-6212
Suzette Goldstein Malkin E-mail: malkinsg@aol.com

Cost announced soon.

All Interested Persons Invited!

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