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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The East High School Alma Mater
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Pick 2!
It's not a lottery but it may be a winning strategy

Traditionally one of the key elements of proud alumni of a school is loyalty and support of that school. East High may need that more now than ever before!

The East High Alumni Page hopes the school's alumni, especially those living in the Memphis area, will pick 2 activities of today's East High school and support them. The first suggestion is to support far better academic performance by the pupils overall. East used to be a top academic high school with graduation rates approaching 100% and impressive ACT and SAT scores. We need to support, we need to demand, that level of success at East High. Whether it's contacting the principal and members of the school board to encourage and insist on that restoration, or better yet, volunteering to tutor or provide some other practical support, we should be involved.

Secondly, pick another activity which interests you and support East's involvement. If it's sports, attend a few games every year and let the coaches players, cheerleaders and others know alumni from all the years support good sportsmanship and that character building athletics can provide. If it's music, attend the concerts and recitals, or for the marching band you can also go to the football games and make sure the band knows you are applauding them. If it's engineering, computers, or other technology, contact the faculty sponsor of the Technology Student Association and see how you can help.

The East High School web site lists various clubs as well as the sports with which East is involved, as well as faculty e-mail addresses. Those interested in possibly mentoring or tutoring might contact the principal's office, the school system headquarters mentoring section, its tutoring office, or The Greater East High Foundation. Christ United Methodist Church is involved in both tutoring and supporting the football program, you might contact it if you wish to work through a faith based organization.

The East High Alumni Page encourages you to just Pick 2! It may bring you even closer to your school and make you feel good about giving back to it.

Pick 2!

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