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Volunteers Sought to Place East High School on the National Register of Historic Places

How would you feel if they demolished East High School?

Volunteer to preserve East High by sending a message of your interest:

    Maybe you would be very sad for the loss. East is not only a major Memphis landmark, it has also produced many outstanding graduates: government leaders, business owners, CEO's, actors, athletes, and wonderful everyday folks like some of us. And it is a beautiful school building. So imagine how you would feel if it were torn down. If that feeling isn't so good, then you are someone who might think about making sure that never happens to East High School. The time to do that is now, not when it is too late!

    While East will never be replaced in your heart, now you can help make sure the school is never replaced on the hill at 3206 Poplar Avenue.

Join us in this effort. Write us and volunteer NOW.

    The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's cultural resources worthy of preservation.
    The East High Alumni Page believes East High is worthy of preservation and clearly falls within the criteria for inclusion on the Register.
    We are seeking volunteers to form a group to actually work on a project to prepare and pursue a nomination of East to the Register. If you are interested, please contact us today by e-mail at or by postal service. Your talents and skills are important for the success of this project.Photographers, researchers, draftsmen, typists, and more will probably be needed. You can help. Will you?
    As envisioned at this time, those involved would provide "hands-on" contributions to the project. Among the tasks required will be the collecting and writing of the history of the school and its significance to the community, photography of the school, a description of the architectural style and value of the school building, the acquiring or drafting of a site plan, etc. Any alumnus with experience with nominations for the National Register of Historic Places would be especially valuable in guiding the effort.
    Many of these tasks would require the members of the group to be in Memphis, but the group is not limited to those who live there. If you are an alumnus of East and find this an exciting prospect worth your time and effort, or have other significant interest in this project, please contact us.
    A nomination is in process for several other Memphis City Schools and it may be that existing nomination could be amended to include East. If not, or if that is not the preference of the group, an independent nomination may be pursued. If you are interested, please make contact today with The East High Alumni Page by e-mail at or by postal service

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