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East High School, Memphis, Tennessee
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As best we can determine, The East High Alumni Page first went on line on or about January 19, 1996. The entire "site"  consisted of a single page, listing a few alumni who the editor knew.  The first page from the early days of this web publication that we have preserved is dated January 27, 1996. During the first 8 days, the web site grew to a few pages. The subsidiary pages have not been preserved in their original state, so the hyper links will not work.

It's difficult to read, meager in content. We've restricted it to 600 pixels across since that was what it was the resolution for which it was designed, a resolution that has for the most part been replaced with higher specifications.   You may use your browsers back button to return to this page. To see the January 27, 1996, version of The East High Alumni Page, click take a look at us as of Jan. 27, 1996.

By February 8, 1996, we had dispensed with the red text and made it somewhat easier to read with white text. By late February, the class year list was in the familiar tabular form in which it remains to this day, although by February 24 there was data for only 9 class years. We haven't tried to find the graphics that went with the subsequent, yet early in our alumni site history, pages. If we do, we might put some examples of those home pages here for your review, too.

Additional historical versions of the home page:

May, 1997 Version of The East High Alumni Page

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