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The East High Alumni Page presents:

The History of East High School
East High School, Memphis, Tennessee

The East High School Faculty, 1948-49
Including Elementary & Junior High

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East High Faculty, Spring 1949, Photograph

Front Row, Left to Rigth: Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Pitt, Miss Rosamond, Mrs. Hendricks, Miss Jackson, Mrs. Mendenhall, Mrs. Stansberry, Miss Tyus, Mrs. Sutton.
Second Row: Mr. Holland, Mrs. Cupp, Miss Wills, Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Daws, Mrs. McKinnon, Mrs. Walker, Miss Stone, Mrs. Graves, Mr. Cole.
Back Row: Mr. Snider, Miss Loftin, Mrs. Crump, Mrs. Hord, Mr. Siler, Mrs. Prater, Mrs. McMahan, Miss Reed, Miss Childress, Mrs. Hyde, Miss Keith, Mrs. Roth.

Discrepancies: The following were listed as faculty in November, 1948 but are not pictured: Mrs. Cockrill, Miss Mitchell, Miss Farmer, Mrs. Bouldin, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Moss, Sgt. Kessler, Mrs. Westlake, Mrs. Doty.

Pictured above (Spring, 1949) but not listed as faculty in November, 1948: Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Cupp, Mr. Siler, Miss Childress.

Sources: Mustang Roundup, May 24, 1949, November 24, 1948

1948-49 Grade, Home Room, & Teaching Assignments

Name Home Room Teaching Assignment(s)
Mr. Snider Principal
Mrs. Hord 1-1
Miss Cockrill 1-2
Mrs. Daws 1-3
Mrs. Mendenhall 1-4
Mrs. Walker 1-5
Mrs. McMahan 2-1
Mrs. McKinnon 2-2
Mrs. Roth 2-3
Miss Tyus 3-1 Elementary Red Cross Sponsor
Mrs. Sutton 3-2
Mrs Stansburry 3-3
Mrs. Prater 4-1
Miss Mitchell 4-2
Mrs. Collins 4-3
Mrs. Hyde 5-1
Miss Farmer 5-2
Mrs. Bouldin 5-3
Mrs. Graves 6-1
Miss Reed 6-2
Miss Rosamond 7-A Girls' Physical Education
Mr. Holland 7-B Coach & Boys' Physical Eduation
Mrs. Pitt 7-C Speech, Social Studies
Mrs. Hendricks 8-A Music, Director: Glee Club
Mrs. Keith 8-B Art
Miss Crump 9-A Latin & English
Miss Stone 9-B English & Math
Miss Wills 10th Grade Girls English
Mr. Cole 10th Grade Boys Science & Math
Mrs. Holland English, Social Studies, Sponsor: Junior Red Cross, Mustang Roundup
Mrs. Jackson Librarian
Mrs. Moss Home Economics
Miss Loftin School Secretary, Typing
Mr. Siler Math, Sponsor: Student Government, Safety Council
Sgt. Kessler ROTC
Mrs. Westlake Cafeteria Director
Mrs. Doty Associate Cafeteria Director

Source: Mustang Roundup, November 24, 1948

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