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The East High Alumni Page presents:
East Elementary School
Memphis, Tennessee

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For 37 school years (1948-1985),1 East included an elementary school, grades 1-6.
   While technically it was East Elementary, most of those who attended would have told you they went to "East High School." For several years, a kindergarten, apparently private, operated within East, giving some students the opportunity to say they attended East High for 13 years (without repeating any grades!). East Elementary School was a wonderful place, just as was the high school, and for that matter, the included junior high school. Those who attended East Elementary may find they miss the recollections provided in later school years by the Annual (yearbook), since for the most part the elementary was not included in the high school yearbook and no similar publication existed at the time for the younger classes.

This section of The East High Alumni Page is dedicated to East Elementary School. Since there is no central depository of photographs or other memories, we even more emphatically ask for submissions of class pictures, teacher names, and recollections for this section. How and whether this section develops depends upon you!

1. The date of operation of East Elementary was corrected on this page. It was correct on the "full history" page.

Miss Rose Parkinson    Miss Rose Parkinson, Principal

Almost from the beginning, Miss Parkinson took the leadership role at East Elementary, apparently joining the faculty in 1949. For a few years, she was listed as assistant principal to high school principal J. P. Snider but then her title was changed to elementary principal. Regardless, in close cooperation with the high school principal, Miss Parkinson was the administrator of the elementary for 23 years. The name(s) of the principal(s) for the elementary school after 1971-72 are unknow to us. If you can supply that information, please contact the editor.

We have information that a Ms. Walker may have  become principal of East Elementary in 1972. Anyone who can confirm that and/or has additional information, we would like to receive it at editor@EastHigh.org.

Miss Parkinson welcomes elementary students to school.


Right: Principal Rose Parkinson welcomes students to school.

Below: The east side entrance to the school, which was primarily used as the elementary school entrance. For many years, students of all grades could enter just about any school entrance and make their way to their respective areas. In the mid to late 1960s, however, this entrance was reserved for elementary students only.

The east side entrace to East, the entrance used by the elementary school.    

East Elementary Teachers & Classes

Elementary school teachers profiles, if any have been submitted, will also be listed in the faculty/staff page.
Since school  yearbooks do not include pictures of the elementary school teachers, individual pictures of them are welcome. If  you have such pictures or any East Elementary pictures to share, please contact us at editor@EastHigh.org.

If any East teachers, elementary or otherwise, become aware of The East High Alumni Page, we'd very much love to hear from you. Contact us at editor@EastHigh.org

We would like to build a kind of on-line yearbook for East Elementary, but our resources (pictures, information) are very limited. If you have East Elementary pictures, information, or school pictures from when you were in East Elementary, we would be interested in receiving them for possible posting. Please contact us at editor@EastHigh.org

Select an Elementary teacher to see a page dedicated to her classes:

(If the teacher's name is not a link, then we have nothing yet to put on her page. Also, we are sure we do not have all teachers listed, we are counting on readers to tell us of elementary teachers they remember.)

Ms. Allbright - 2nd grade teacherMs. Allbright - 2nd grade
                  Mrs. Baldridge - 6th grade
                  Mrs. Bouldin - 5th grade
        Mrs. Martha Lou Buchanan - 5th grade
            - obituary
                  Mrs. Church - Kindergarten*
                  Miss Cockrill - 1st grade
Mrs. CollinsMrs. Collins - 4th grade
                  Mrs. Cox - Kindergarten*
                  Mrs. Creason - 1st grade
Mrs. DawsMrs. Daws - 1st & 2nd grades
Mrs. DrakeMs. Drake - 4th grade 
               Miss Farmer, 5th grade teacher.

Miss Farmer - 5th grade

Mrs. Fontain - KindergartenMrs. Fontain - Kindergarten
                  Mrs. Frick - 6th grade
                  Mrs. Gladfelter - 5th grade
Mrs. GravesMrs. Graves - 6th grade
                  Mrs. Greaney - 5th grade
                  Mrs. Harston - 3rd grade
                  Ms. Elizabeth Head - 4th grade
                  Mrs. Hodnett - 5th grade
                  Mrs. Pauline Hord - 1st grade - obituary
                  Mrs. Martha Hanna - 6th grade
                  Mrs. Howell - 2nd grade
                  Mrs. Hyde - 5th grade
Mrs. Hallie JamesMrs. Hallie James - 6th grade- obituary
Mrs. JohnsonMrs. Johnson - 4th grade
                  Elizabeth Kenkel - 5th grade
                  Mrs. Lane - 5th grade
                  Mrs. Lerner - 2nd grade
Mrs. McKinnonMrs. McKinnon - 2nd grade 
Mrs. McMahanMrs. McMahan - 2nd grade
Mrs. MendenhallMrs. Mendenhall - 1st grade 
                  Mrs. Murray - 4th grade
                  Miss Mitchell - 4th grade
                  Ms. Moore - 2nd grade
                  Mrs. Newell - Kindergarten*
Mrs. J. Patterson - 3rd grade teacherMrs. Jo Patterson - 3rd grade - obituary
Miss Laverne Patterson Miss Laverne Patterson - 5th grade
                  Ms. Margaret Pitman - 2nd grade
                  Ms. Powell - 5th grade homeroom

Mrs. PraterMrs. Prater - 4th grade
                  Mrs. Radcliff - Kindergarten*
Miss ReedMiss Reed - 6th grade
Mrs. RoebuckMrs. Roebuck - 3rd grade
Mrs. RothMrs. Roth - 2nd grade
Mrs. Scuggs - 1st grade teacherMrs. Scruggs - 1st grade
                  Mrs. Shell - 6th grade
Mrs. StansburryMrs. Stansburry - 3rd grade
Miss StovallMiss Peggy Stovall - 6th grade
                  Mrs. Strickland  - 3rd grade
                  Mrs. Strode - 5th grade
                  Mrs. Stryker - 1st grade
Mrs. SuttonMrs. Sutton - 3rd grade
Mrs. TaylorMrs. Taylor - 6th grade
Mrs. Trenor - kindergarten teacher/owner Mrs. Trenor - Kindergarten*
                   Mrs. Turley - 6th grade
Miss TyusMiss Tyus  - 3rd grade
Mrs. WalkerMrs. Walker  - 1st grade
                  Mrs. Watkins - 2nd grade - obituary
                  Ms. Yancy - 6th (?) grade
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Safety Council (Safety Patrol) 1956-57


Remember the Safety Council (Safety Patrol)? As we best recall, the patrol consisted of 5th and 6th graders.  Here are the boys on the 1956-57 crew. In those days, the patrol marched to and from its assigned street intersection positions in military style, held students on the curb with a large red flag, and walked into the crosswalk to keep traffic stopped as children crossed the street.

In a brilliant concept
, the 1956 Mustang, the East High yearbook, had a photograph inside the front cover of elementary principal Miss Parkinson welcoming elementary students into the school and inside the back cover high school principal Mr. Snider with East graduates as they exited the school. Below are reduced size versions of those pictures. Our salute to the person(s) who conceived of these photographs and their placement. For those who were so fortunate, it was a wonderful place to get 12 years of education, or for some who attended kindergarden in the building, 13 years.
East Elementary Principal Rose Parkinson watches elementary students as they arrive at East. High School Prinicipal J.P. Snider watches graduates as they exit East High School.

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