Commercial Policy of The East High Alumni Page

Please feel free to include your business and even a business telephone number in your profile. However, please do not make it a full-fledged ad, and please do not directly solicit business. If you would like to help sponsor these pages, we can discuss the possibilities. Please click here for more information regarding sponsorships. Or you may contact us via e-mail at

Sentences in profiles or other material submitted in violation of this policy are likely to be edited without notice to remove the part not in compliance with this policy.

Years ago, The East High Alumni Page was on a "personal" web page upon which one was not to place commercial material. Later that server was our "mirror" and the same rule applied to that particular hosting site. Although we no longer host our alumni web page on a "personal" server, we have become accustomed to the polite, non-commercial nature of the profiles. Therefore the above prohibition.

For a list of sponsors of The East High Alumni Page, click here to go to our SPONSORS page.

The East High Alumni Page is experimenting with advertisements on the periodically issued Mustang Roundup — Alumni Edition. Since the original Mustang Roundup carried advertisements, we are testing if they are as benign on the Alumni Edition as they were in the printed edition.

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