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Welcome to The East High Alumni Page. Graduates, students who spent several years there but are not graduates of East, and current and former faculty are not only invited to check on old friends, memories of our high school and on current news of East, but to submit their own profiles, addresses, pictures, memories and class reunion information.

A plan to transition East High from a traditional high school into an optional only STEM focused high school is underway. Many details, as they are available, are provided on The East High Alumni Page. We are aggregating all the significant stories on a special East STEM page.

Information about today's East High School

East High Athletic Championships - The athletic director at East High is attempting to identify championships won by East High athletic teams and individuals during its history. If you were a member, or coached, a championship team, let us know and we will compile a list and forward it to the athletic director. District, City, Regional, State and other championships are welcome and information as to the sport (i.e. women's track), level (senior/junior high), and year of championship is needed. You may e-mail the information to (We know about the TSSAA list of state championships, but personal confirmation or correction of that information is welcome.)

Mustang Roundup — Alumni Edition
August 1, 2007 - Photo tour of East High renovations

Video welcome from the editor

Editor's welcome
Editor's Memo - a blog

Commentary: The thrill is not gone
Commentary: Keeping reunions affordable - A good example
Commentary: How many East High alumni web sites do we need? How many is too many?

An alumnus writes: "The good ole days at East bring back so many memories. I wish more people would put their profile in here so we could keep up with each other. We are all getting older now and for many of us this is the only way we ever hear from each other. So don't just read these profiles.....put yours in too!"


Let it work for you!
If you are an East alumnus, join us on this web site. Here are some of the hundreds of appreciative comments being made about The East High Alumni Page:
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Historic Look: The way we were, 8 days after creation of The East High Alumni Page on January 27, 1996. Click here to take a look.

Pass it along!  Please tell your friends from East about The East High Alumni Page. This page is located at It is listed on major web search engines. Profiles may also be sent to The East High Alumni Page; P. O. Box 11384; Memphis, TN. 38111-0384.

We try to keep up with what's happening with East High School and its alumni. Here are newspaper, television, and web news stories. The earliest so far is dated July, 1964 (though you may well find earlier material in our history sections). 
East High School in the News

You can help, send us information about East High that has been in the mainstream news media, or tips about newsworthy items.

Other Links:
East High School's official homepage.
The Peer Power Foundation
The Greater East High Foundation
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The East High Alumni Page seeks graduates of East to volunteer to serve as a board of advisors to our alumni page and also seeks an alumnus to volunteer as an assistant webmaster. Click here for more information.

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Reunions !!!!
After seeing The East High Alumni Page, an alumnus wrote to her class, "I was actually not even considering attending the reunion until I read all the updates on, now, I will DEFINITELY BE THERE!!!" (Emphasis hers.) The East High Alumni Page works! Put it to work for your class.

Several Classes have on-going mini-reunions or class dinners.
Also: Past reunion coverage in stories and pictures.

Click the button for details of these
and other reunions.
Let us know of plans for your upcoming reunion
Click here for Reunion details and coverage

Alma Mater

Click on the lamp to hear our Alma Mater

East High School, circa 1967

Memories: "The Good Ole Days" at East.

Do you know ...

        ... you almost went to Prescott High School?
        ... when the Annex was built?
        ... how many were in East's first senior class?

The answers are here for you as you look back at East High School   In the beginning...

Feeling the East High spirit by now? Double the dose, listen to a rendition of the East High Fight song that was used in the late 1950s and throughout the 60s and into the 70s. If you know of a better arrangement which sounds more like our band played it, or have a recording of the East band playing it, please contact
Fight Song


Historic Film of East & East Activities

a link to the historic video page

For many years it was hoped that someone would have film of East High in the early years to document the time long ago. Suddenly, about 12 years into the existence of The East High Alumni Page several films became available, including one that is believed to be the first day of school at East High in 1948! Through the kindness of alumni who wish to share memories of these moments with you, these films are now available for you to watch from these pages. Go to our video page to see what we've got. We should also note there are videos available from our "In the news..." page as well, but these are more recent videos about alumni.


East Elementary School

a link to the Elementary school pages

The East High Alumni Page received the fastest responses and one of the most heartfelt ones when we introduced our section devoted to East Elementary School. For the first 37 years of its operation, East was home to the first through sixth grades as well as junior and senior high. Many students attended only East High for their entire primary and secondary education. There were no elementary school yearbooks in those days but sometimes there were class photos. This section relies on you very heavily for contributions of photos, facts, and memories. Take a look at our childhood years at East on our East Elementary School page.


Special Honors

The East High Alumni Page joins a huge majority of the school's alumni in honoring the school, its faculty and staff, and fellow alumni. It comes to mind, however, that there are some few associated with East who stand out even from this august history, those who have achieved and excelled beyond the norm even among our prominent fellows, and those who gave their lives in military service to the United States of America. For these special honors, we have pages in recognition of their contributions. Please visit our Hall of Honor and our Military Memorial.

Hall of Honor page       Military Memorial page

East High Sports Championships
While the purpose of East High School has been the education of pupils in behavior and academics, athletics have been a big part of the student body experience. Many fine athletes have attended East. Here we recognize some of the people and teams who won State Championships (or finished as runner-up). See the list.

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